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NUTS FOR BOYS TO CRACK: Earthly Stories with a Heavenly Meaning
John Todd

John Todd (1800-1873) was a master teacher. He published about thirty volumes, all of which were re-issued in England, and several of them have been translated into German, French, modern Greek, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Arabic, Armenian, Turkish, and Tamil. His "Lectures to Children" have been printed in raised letters for the blind, and used as a schoolbook in the colony of Sierra Leone. Of some of his books several hundred thousand copies have been sold, and several of his shorter pieces, notably "Hafed's Dream," were for many years favorites for school readers.

His books FEED MY LAMBS and TRUTH MADE SIMPLE are sermons for children which have become very popular once again after being out of print for more than 125 years.

This book is filled with stories that will cause boys and young people to think about the heavenly meaning found in earthly stories. This book, like all John Todd's works, will both entertain and inform. Todd loved children and he sought always to speak their language without being silly and childish. He always had eternity in view and desired that all who read his books would be brought into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

RICHARD NEWTON, himself the 'Prince of Preacher to the young' (according to CH Spurgeon), said that he learned how to teach children from reading one of the books of John Todd.

WILLIAM G. BLAIKIE, in his outstanding book called 'For the Work of the Ministry' said the following about John Todd, "In preaching to the young, some American ministers have been highly successful; such men as Dr. John Todd and Dr. Richard Newton have attained the first rank in this department of work."


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