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A Complete Body of DOCTRINAL & PRACTICAL Divinity deduced from the Sacred Scriptures
John Gill

"Having completed an Exposition of the whole Bible; I considered with myself what would be best next to engage in for the further instruction of the people under my care; and my thoughts led me to enter upon a Scheme of Doctrinal and Practical Divinity. Doctrine has an influence upon practise, especially evangelical doctrine, spiritually understood, affectionately embraced, and powerfully and feelingly experienced. Where there is not the doctrine of faith, the obedience of faith cannot be expected. " - from the Author's Preface

This majestic work was the last great writing of Dr. John Gill. Published in 1769 just two years prior to his death, it is arguably the most complete body of divinity ever written. Packed with biblical wisdom and unpolluted by worldly philosophy, this complete systematic theology represents some of the most vigorous, robust defenses of truth and clear statements of doctrine ever recorded in print.

Gill's 'Body of Divinity' is a work without which no theological library is complete. His grand old doctrines of grace, sweep all opposition before them. -Dr. William Cathcart

Included Essays on

-Of the Being of a God

-Names of God

-Personal Relations in the Deity

-Of the Internal Acts and Works of God

-Of the Covenant of Grace

-Of Christ as the Mediator of the Covenant

-Of Creation in General

-Providence of God

-Of the Sin and Fall of Man

-Of the Corruption of Human Nature

-Manifestations and Administration of the Covenant of Grace

-Of the Law

-the Gospel

-of the Incarnation of Christ

-His State of Humiliation

-His Resurrection

-Priestly Office

-Spiritual Reign

-Of Redemption by Christ

-Propitiation, Atonement, and Reconciliation

-Of the Worship of God

-Of the Object of Worship

-Of the Fear of God

-Of Trust and Confidence in God

-Of Spiritual Joy

-Of Christian Fortitude

-Of Godly Sincerity

-Of the Nature of a Gospel Church

-Duties of Churches to their Pastors

-Of the Office of Deacons

-Of Baptism

-Of Public Prayer

-Of Singing Psalms

-Duties of Husband and wife




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