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Extracted from the Diary of the Rev. Philip Doddridge
Philip Doddridge with Introduction by J.W. Alexander

Although best known for his classic work THE RISE AND PROGRESS OF RELIGION IN THE SOUL, Philip Doddridge (1702-1751) never rose higher than he did in these meditations centered around the Lord's Table.

We have included an excerpt from this precious volume which you can view by clicking on the word SAMPLE MEDITATION.

This timeless volume published over 250 years ago is made even more precious by the informative introduction written by James W. Alexander of Princeton.

In the words of Alexander, taken from his Introduction:

"The fragments which fill the ensuing pages are like the filings of gold or the dust of diamonds. They are not specimens either of reasoning or of style: they were never meant for the eye of the stranger. But they reveal to us, in a most pleasant manner, the views of their eminent author, in relation to this important part of his ministerial work. They serve to show how far he was from lapsing into a lukewarm, official, customary, routine, in his approaches to this holy table. Especially do they remind us who are office-bearers in Christ's house, that our public utterances, to be warm and efficient, must flow from an inward fount of feeling."


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