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GRACE: The Truth, Growth and Different Degrees
Christopher Love edited by Don Kistler

“Christopher Love was a brilliant young Welsh preacher and rising star in the world of Puritan ministry,” wrote the late J.I. Packer. Love was highly regarded by his peers. He was a staunch Presbyterian and a Covenanter. The American preacher, Jonathan Edwards, read Love and had his books in his personal library.

Thomas Manton, a fellow Presbyterian and Love’s good friend, preached at Love’s funeral to a huge audience. Love’s wife wrote 140 pages of memoirs about her husband. “His family looked upon him as a Moses for meekness and a Job for patience,” she wrote. “He lived too much in heaven to live long out of heaven.”

Here are Love’s 15 sermons on grace, taken from 1 Kings 14:13: “Because in him there is found some good thing toward the Lord God of Israel.” The Puritans saw a God who looked for “some good thing” in His people. The “hall of fame” in Hebrews 11 is full of people who, for all we know, only did one good thing, and yet they are held up as models of faith. That indeed is grace, and that indeed is amazing!


Editor's Introduction by Dr. Don Kistler

Sermon 1. INTRODUCTION on 1 Kings 14:13

Sermon 2. The Doctrine Stated from 1 Kings 14:13.

Sermon 3. Some Have Only the Beginnings of True Grace from 1 Kings 14:13

Sermon 4. What is the Least Measure of True Grace? 1 Kings 14:13

Sermon 5. God Takes Notice of the Least Beginnings of Grace in the Hearts of His People 1 Kings 14:13

Sermon 6. We Must All Labor to be Strong in Grace from 2 Timothy 2:1

Sermon 7 What are the Marks of Strong Christians? from 2 Timothy 2:1

Sermon 8. Are Strong Temptations Consistent with Strong Grace? from 2 Timothy 2:1

Sermon 9. May Strength of Grace be Consistent with Strength of Lust and Corruption in the Heart? from 2 Timothy 2:1

Sermon 10. May Strength of Grace be Consistent with the Want of those Strong Affections Christians had at their Conversion?

Sermon 11. May a Man who has Strength of Grace Lack the Comfort of that Grace?

Sermon 12. May a Man be said to have Strength of Grace who has Weak Gifts?

Sermon 13. Application of the First Doctrine

Sermon 14. All Measures of Grace Come from Christ

Sermon 15. Further Application and Conclusion

Christopher Love is one of my favorite Puritans. And this book on “Grace” is, in my opinion, one of the 3 best books I’ve ever published in over 30 years of reprinting the Puritans. If there’s a single theme to this book it is this: Christ is a better Savior than I am a sinner. —Dr. Don Kistler, Editor

5.19 MG70 NHPN

SGCB Price: $17.75 (list price $24.00)

SGCB Price: $29.50 (list price $44.00)