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By His Grace and For His Glory:
A Historical, Theological, and Practical Study
of the Doctrines of Grace in Baptist Life
Tom Nettles

Initially this book arose, published in 1986, as a response to church reactions to the January Bible Study of 1980. Since then, the issues engaged have become more visible, more widely embraced by church members, pastors, denominational servants, more controversial and ardently opposed by some, and the subject of many discussion groups in churches and a variety of denominational settings. The attention focused on the doctrines of grace is good; it is healthy to give intense thought to issues of God's holiness, His sovereignty, and His efficacious and infinitely wise design in the justification of sinners under the curse of His Law.

Revised and Expanded 20th Anniversary Edition

"Tom Nettles' book By His Grace and For His Glory is a landmark study. Bringing together the disciplines of the school, the concerns of the preacher and the heart of a Christian, Nettles effectively reminds Baptists of our own day what so many before us believed to be the gospel." - Mark Dever

"A valuable contribution both for its history of Baptist theology and for its insistence on the loss by Baptists of their Calvinist heritage as well as for its clear and candid statement of Calvinism for today." (ADRIS Newsletter)

Tom Ascol: "Fifteen years after its first appearance, Tom Nettles' book remains an important work for modern Baptists. His major historical thesis - that the doctrines of grace formed a theological consensus among Baptists in the Southern states from the mid-nineteenth century into the first quarter of the twentieth century - has not seriously been engaged, much less refuted, by detractors and others who are less than thrilled by this doctrinal heritage. This book is essential reading for anyone who wants to be honest when assessing historic Southern Baptist theology."(Pastor, Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida; Editor, Founders Journal)


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