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A PASTOR'S COUNSEL: Words of Wisdom for Weary, Wounded and Wandering Ones
Jonathan Edwards, Philip Doddridge, Ashbel Green & Thomas Scott

A PASTOR'S COUNSEL is a precious little book from the American Tract Society that is full of brief, pithy, wise counsel for every member of the church of Christ, as well as those who are outside of Christ. This is sage advice that will benefit the shepherd and the sheep alike. It will help the pastor give sensitive counsel to his own soul, his family and the flock of God entrusted to him, and it will guide the sheep through a variety of perplexities they will face on their journey heavenward.


What is it to Believe on Christ? By Rev. Dr. J.W. Chickering

The Act of Faith

Questions and Counsels by Rev. Ashbel Green

Self-Dedication to God by Philip Doddridge

Advice to Young Converts by Jonathan Edwards

The Closet Companion, or a Help to Self-Examination by George Burder

Signs of a Living or Growing Christian

Signs of a Dying or Decaying Christian

Directions to Assist in Attaining a Spirit of Prayer

The Knowledge of Pardon and the Witness of the Spirit by Rev. Thomas Scott

Scripture Counsels

Several of these pieces appeared in the form of a tract and were distributed the world over to hundreds of thousands of people. One testimony is given of their use during the Civil War: "Historians discovered through reading soldiers' diaries that it was at times difficult to get the soldier to attend regular church services, however they would read a tract. In the tedium of camp life nothing was more comforting than to read a Christian tract. Tracts such as 'A Voice from Heaven,' 'Don't Put it Off,' 'All-Sufficiency of Christ,' 'Self-Dedication to God,' 'Private Devotion,' and 'The Act of Faith' were the more popular tracts during the Civil War."

"Solid Ground Christian Books is respected the world over for finding hidden treasures from days long ago. A Pastor's Counsel is another such treasure. A Pastor's Counsel draws upon the wisdom of a number of godly men such as Jonathan Edwards and Philip Doddridge. Whether you are a Pastor or not you will certainly find food for your soul and for those that you minister to in this power-packed little volume. Because the book is under 100 pages you may consider reading it out loud to your family at meal time around the table. Solid Ground is doing a great service in finding treasures that otherwise may be left buried beneath the dust of the ages. Keep up the good work." - Ray Rhodes, Jr. is President of Nourished in the Word Ministries

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