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ON THE WINGS OF GRACE ALONE: The Testimonies of Thirty Converted Roman Catholics
Edited by Richard M. Bennett and Glenn R. Diehl

It has often been said that all roads lead to Rome. That was true for those who contributed to the writing of this book. However, the road to Rome was a road that led them away from Jesus Christ. It was a road that led to a lack of peace with God and finally would have led them to eternal damnation. These thirty former Catholics discovered that the Roman Catholic Church was teaching things that were completely opposite to what the Bible taught.


1. Peter Slomski - From Polish Catholicism to Trusting Christ Alone

2. Bernie Hertel - Treadmills, Bondage, Tombstones, an Grace

3. Alexander Lennox - Snake Poisoned, Then More Than Revived

4. Jim Tetlow - From Religion to Relationship

5. Cynthia B. Lindstedt - A Matter of Life...and Death

6. John S. Lindstedt - Three Strikes and You're In!

7. A.J. Krause - From Darkness to Light

8. Laura Gorectke - Accepted in the Beloved

9. Michael F. Scotto - Do You Read the Scriptures?

10. Gearoid Marley - A Testimony of God's Sovereign Grace

11. Kirk Patrick Haggerty - The Turning Point

12. Arnold Urbonas - From the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light

13. Jackie Alnor - From Ritual to Relationship

14. Joe Mizzi - The Weight of Responsibility to Accountability in Christ

15. Matthew Cserhati - Grace in Christ in Hungary

16. Mary McGuigan - A Training Ground for Discernment

17. Stan P. Weber - Falling In Love with the Biblical Jesus

18. Johanna Alexander - The Holy Bible, the Word of God, Guides Me

19. Anthony Carosi - From Darkness to Light: The Testimony of a Philly Altar Boy

20. Jennifer Irvine - The Lord in Whom I Have Redemption

21. Joseph Bergamini - In Maximum Security Prison Yet Free in Christ

22. Robert Emmet Holmes - From Catholic to the Truth

23. Greg James - From Ritual to Regeneration

24. Paul Smith - From Confusion to Understanding

25. Randy M. Bourgeois - The Truth Shall Make You Free

26. Henry Nowakowski - A Catholic Priest Born from Above

27. Joe Flahive - A Great Sinner Coming to Know the Only Savior Jesus

28. John M. Turack - Saved from the Train to Destruction

29. Barbara A. Merz - Life from the Hand of My Father

30. Richard Bennett - The Rest of the Story: The Political Aspect of My Conversion


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