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GOLDEN HOURS: Heart-Hymns of the Christian Life
Elizabeth Payson Prentiss

This is a rare glimpse into the heart of a sufferer, as the author of Stepping Heavenward and more love to Thee, O Christ put down her thoughts in verse during the most trying years of her life. Elisabeth Elliot said, "I trust that many will be blessed by these heart-hymns, which were born in the crucible of sorrow." Martha Peace and Susan Hunt are thrilled that this book is available at last. Karen Grant said, "This book is a priceless gift to those who find themselves faced with the stewardship of suffering."

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My Golden Hours

My golden hours! My golden hours!
O what and whence, are they?
Have they sprung up mid life's fair flowers,
Fruits of a sun lit day?

Have I sailed forth on prosperous seas,
Bound for the blessed land
Where I could take them at my ease,
From off a sparkling strand?

Not so! They grew mid brambles rude,
Sprang up mid briar and thorn,
Mid darkest nights, in solitude,
My golden hours were born.

On stormy seas the bark was lost
That sought these treasures rare;
I found them on a rock-bound coast;
I plucked them from despair.

Now God be praised, who briar and thorn
Strewed thickly on my way;
My pier-ced soul, all rent and torn,
Shall anthems sing for aye.

And blessed be His name, who walked
Upon life's troubled sea;
Whispered of His own peace, and talked
As a dear Friend to me.

For in my griefs and pains and sighs,
Mid chilling frosts and showers,
I won from my dear Lord the prize;
His golden, golden hours!