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William B. Sprague, editor

This two volume hardcover set traces trhe lives and ministries of over 170 of the leading Baptist preachers in America from Hansard Knollys (1599-1691) to John Lightfoot Waller (1809-1854). Articles are written on such notable Baptists as Isaac Backus, Roger Williams, John Gano, William Rogers, Richard Furman, Jesse Mercer, Luther Rice, Adoniram Judson, Spencer Cone, George Dana Boardman and numerous others.

Articles are written by such notables as Governor Winthrop, Cotton Mather, John Quincy Adams, George Bancroft, Richard Furman, Alvah Hovey, Francis Wayland, Benjamin Rush, Henry Fish, J.B. Jeter, J.L. Dagg, Richard Fuller, Basil Manly, Samuel Miller, and numerous others.

" I think the book has great historical information, and gives us from the pen of many other Baptists an evaluation that show as much about their personal interests in ministry as it does about the subject they are addressing." -Dr. Tom Nettles

"It is a tremendous boon when those who treasure our Baptist history can procure these precious volumes. Three cheers for the publisher!" - Erroll Hulse



50% - Volume One Knollys (1638) - Bradley (1799)
SGCB Price: $27.50 (list price $55.00)

50% - Volume Two: Sterry (1800) - Waller (1840)
SGCB Price: $27.50 (list price $55.00)

Two Volume Hardcover Set
SGCB Price: $40.00 (list price $100.00)
60% Discount

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Various Authors

The American Tract Society began to publish the very best of evangelical Christian Literature in the early years of the 19th century. They not only produced books from men like John Owen, John Bunyan, Jonathan Edwards and many, many more but they also were faithful to produce Tracts of various sizes (between 4 and 48 pages) which addressed such topics as-






- WALKING BY FAITH by Andrew Fuller,

- AN ADDRESS TO SEAMAN by Edward Payson



- THE WELL-SPENT DAY by Philip Doddridge,

- GROWTH IN GRACE by Rev. Thomas Goodwin

- A Preservative against the Sins and Follies of Childhood and Youth by Isaac Watts


- THE PROGRESS OF GRACE; in three letters to a friend by John Newton

"The American Tract Society publications are of enduring and superlative quality. They represent the cream of the best writers in the Reformed world from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, such as John Flavel, Jonathan Edwards, and Archibald Alexander. Almost without exception, these tracts, which range from four to forty-eight pages each and cover a remarkable variety of subjects, interface biblical, doctrinal, and experiential material in practically helpful ways. Having often perused these volumes in my own study with considerable profit for nearly four decades, I am so grateful to SGCB for bringing them back into print again. Here is truly a case where 'the old is better'!" - Dr. Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"The early publications of the American Tract Society are as valuable as they are varied. The individual pieces were written by well-seasoned Christians and abound in sweet seasoning for the soul. Something here for everyone."- Dr. Robert P. Martin, Pastor of Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church, Seattle, Washington and Editor of Reformed Baptist Theological Review

"The collected tracts are a veritable treasure chest of good sound doctrine from the greatest proclaimers of gospel truth the church has had for the last 300 years. You would be doing your soul a tremendous dis-service if you fail to obtain these gems!" - Dr. Don Kistler, founder of Soli Deo Gloria and now Northampton Publications

"My study of ministry during the 1800's has caused me to love these ministers and their writings. The American Tract Society took theses stories, sermons and messages and published them into a format that gospel messengers could take to the harvest field. Though small,these tracts contain more meat of the word and truth than books many times their size." - John A. Wega, Executive Director, U.S. Christian Commission-Civil War Museum Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

VOLUMES ONE - SIX: Tracts 1 - 194
SGCB Price: $70.00 (list price $175.00)
SAVE OVER $100.00

VOLUME ONE: Tracts 1 - 33
SGCB Price: $15.00 (list price $30.00)
50% Discount

VOLUME TWO: Tracts 34 - 66
SGCB Price: $15.00 (list price $30.00)
50% Discount

VOLUME THREE: Tracts 67 - 93
SGCB Price: $15.00 (list price $30.00)
50% Discount

VOLUME FOUR: Tracts 94 - 127
SGCB Price: $15.00 (list price $30.00)
50% Discount

VOLUME FIVE: Tracts 128 - 155
SGCB Price: $15.00 (list price $30.00)
50% Discount

VOLUME SIX: Tracts 156 - 194
SGCB Price: $15.00 (list price $30.00)
50% Discount

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In Three Beautiful Hardcover Volumes
Thomas Adams


Thomas Adams (1583-1652) was a powerful preacher, a much-quoted writer, and an influential divine. Prominent leaders in church and state, such as John Donne and the earl of Pembroke, were among his friends.

Adams sermons have been admired since their first printing; the 'placed him beyond all comparison in the van of the preachers of England, and had something to do with shaping John Bunyan. His numerous works display great learning, classical and patristic. And are unique in their abundance of stories, anecdotes, aphorisms, and puns' (Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th edition).

Alexander B. Grosart wrote of him: "Thomas Adams stands in the forefront of our great English preachers. He is not as sustained as Jeremy Taylor, nor so continuously sparkling as Thomas Fuller, but he is surpassingly eloquent and brilliant, and much more thought-laden than either."

**Does NOT include Adams' EXPOSITION OF SECOND PETER (sold separately)

VOLUME ONE - Sermons on the Old Testament (526 pages)

There are 25 full sermons covering texts drawn from Genesis - Daniel.

VOLUME TWO - Sermons on the New Testament (578 pages)

There are 32 full sermons from Matthew - Hebrerws.

VOLUME THREE - Remaining Sermons on the New Testament and Meditations on the Apostles Creed (386 pages)

This volume also includes a 56 page Memoir of Thomas Adams



SGCB Price: $99.95 (list price $125.00)
Herman Bavinck


Herman Bavinck, the premier theologian of the Kuyper-inspired, neo-Calvinistic revival in the late-nineteenth-century Netherlands, is an important voice in the development of Protestant theology. Essays on Religion, Science, and Society is the capstone of his distinguished career. These seminal essays offer an outworking of Bavinck's systematic theology as presented in his Reformed Dogmatics and engage enduring issues from a biblical and theological perspective. The work presents his mature reflections on issues relating to ethics, education, politics, psychology, natural science and evolution, aesthetics, and philosophy of religion. This collection--Bavinck's most significant remaining untranslated work--is now available in English for the first time. Pastors, students, and scholars of Reformed theology will value this work.

He covers subjects from:

Philosophy of Religion

Psychology and Religion

Christianity and Natural Science


Trends in Pedagogy

Classical Education

Of Beauty and Aesthetics

Ethics and Politics

Along with several others.

Although all of these essays are more an 100 years old, it is quite amazing how applicable they are for today. Even those that (due to their subject matter) prove to be more dated, are quite significant in helping to understand history and where the world we live in today came from and how we can live in this world as Christians.


"I have long admired Bavinck as a major systematic theologian, but in these essays I discovered a Bavinck I never knew. He moves easily--and brilliantly--through adolescent psychology, conceptions of the unconscious, Islam, social contract theory, evolutionary thought, philology, and aesthetics, to name only a few of a broad set of topics. Here an amazing nineteenth-century Calvinist mind addresses with much wisdom a twenty-first-century intellectual agenda!"--Richard J. Mouw, president and professor of Christian philosophy, Fuller Theological Seminary

"To read [these essays] is to be forcefully reminded that Bavinck was not merely a theologian in the narrow sense, but a broad Christian thinker active in the academy, the church, and the state. . . . The general strength of the book is simply Bavinck's example. Here is the record of a keen mind, an irenic spirit, and a methodical laborer, grounded in the Scriptures and applying it to a host of questions."--Cliff L. Blair, New Horizons

SGCB Price: $28.95 (list price $39.99)
A Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testaments
Thomas Schreiner

Thomas Schreiner, a respected scholar and a trusted voice for many students and pastors, offers a substantial and accessibly written overview of the whole Bible. He traces the storyline of the scriptures from the standpoint of biblical theology, examining the overarching message that is conveyed throughout. Schreiner emphasizes three interrelated and unified themes that stand out in the biblical narrative: God as Lord, human beings as those who are made in God's image, and the land or place in which God's rule is exercised. The goal of God's kingdom is to see the king in his beauty and to be enraptured in his glory.

"A wonderfully clear and faithful account of biblical theology. This book is both intellectually compelling and honoring to God and so deserves to be widely read." --Simon Gathercole, University of Cambridge

"Schreiner's one-volume biblical theology is a bountiful bonanza of biblical storytelling. In a time when biblical studies has become partitioned between the Hebrew Bible and the Greek New Testament, Schreiner reminds us that there is one God, one book, and one story. A nuanced and much-needed book to help Christians understand what the Bible is about and how it all hangs together." --Michael F. Bird, Crossway College, Brisbane, Australia

"A book that wonderfully unites all the books of the Bible. Few authors have the command of learning, the gift of teaching, and the heart for God that this volume reflects. Digest this book to elevate your grasp of the Bible and to find your soul riveted like never before to the King in his beauty." --Robert W. Yarbrough, Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri

THE AUTHOR - Thomas R. Schreiner (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) is James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. His numerous books include New Testament Theology and Romans in the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament.


SGCB Price: $28.50 (list price $45.00)

Order with Schreiner's Companion NEW TESTAMENT THEOLOGY
SGCB Price: $55.00 (list price $90.00)
The Classic Memoir of Samuel Pearce
Andrew Fuller

"The beloved friend of Andrew Fuller and William Carey, Samuel Pearce (1766-1799), personified the living relation between doctrinal purity and passion for God's glory in evangelism. Pearce participated with boundless energy and sacrifice in the Missionary society work and served as editor of the Periodical Accounts. Not only did he promote the mission cause in England with all his might, he urged William Rogers of the Philadelphia Association to begin a Baptist foreign mission society in America that would involve the energies of the entire denomination. Cathcart's Encyclopedia calls him 'one of the warmest advocates of foreign missions that dwelt on earth since the Son of Mary came from his heavenly home on a foreign mission to this lost world.' He has been compared to Robert Murray McCheyne and David Brainerd for combination of fervent piety and zeal." -Tom Nettles

"William Ward, who had been profoundly influenced by Pearce's zeal and spirituality, well summed up his character when he wrote not long before the latter's death: 'Oh, how does personal religion shine in Pearce! What a soul! What ardour for the glory of God! 'you see in him a mind wholly given up to God; a sacred lustre shines in his conversation: always tranquil, always cheerful' I have seen more of God in him than in any other person I ever met.'

At the heart of Pearce's spirituality, both lived and taught, was the theological conviction that 'real religion consists in supreme love to God and disinterested [i.e. impartial] love to man'. Measured by this standard, there seems little doubt about the reality of Pearce's Christian faith and spirituality. There is also little question of the challenge it poses to Christians today." - Michael Haykin

"Samuel Pearce was one of the brightest lights among eighteenth century English Baptists. In his brief thirty-threes years on earth he made a significant impact for the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Though his own desires to go as a missionary were overruled by God's providence, his interest in that cause and jealousy for His Savior's glory left a lasting impression on those who did go and those on who stayed behind in England to 'hold the ropes.' Andrew Fuller was the foremost ropeholder. His memoir of his friend, Pearce, was a labor of love and remains a useful resource for Christians today. Fuller weaves together recollections and letters from his friend and adds to them his own reflections to demonstrate how God's power and grace can radiate in a life that is intentionally yielded to Jesus Christ." - Tom Ascol


A Year with Baptist Classics



Over 50% Discount
SGCB Price: $7.95 (list price $17.00)
His Nature, Symptoms and Recovery
Andrew Fulller

ANDREW FULLER was, in my opinion, one of the greatest theologians, which modern times, or any times have produced, and his writings are an almost inexhaustible mine of doctrinal, practical, and experimental truth, which every Christian and especially every minister, would do well to explore. No man better understood the bible, or the human heart both in its un-renewed and its regenerate state. Among all his various practical treatises, there are few, if any, of greater value than that on BACKSLIDING. Like a most skilful physician, he explains, with singular ability, the nature of the disease, lays down the symptoms of it, and prescribes the method of recovery. - John Angell James

"Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) was an outstanding figure with qualities that make him one of the most attractive figures in Baptist history. Many in his day could echo the words of his very close friend William Carey , 'I loved him.' The Backslider: or an Inquiry into the Nature, Symptoms, and Effects of Religious Declension, with the Means of Recovery was originally published in 1801. FullerĘs work, though, has stood the test of time and well merits the description by John Ryland as 'an invaluable piece of practical divinity.'" - Michael Haykin

$5.00 Sale

Over 55% Discount
SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $13.00)

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Interspersed with Practical Reflections

"Weighty, judicious, and full of Gospel truth. One of the very best series of discourses extant on Genesis." -C.H. Spurgeon

"Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) was an outstanding figure with qualities that make him one of the most attractive figures in Baptist history. Many in his day could echo the words of his very close friend William Carey , 'I loved him.'

As a pastor, part of the way that Fuller gave legs to his conviction about Scripture was to follow the expository preaching method of men like John Calvin (1509-1564) or the English Puritans and preach through Bible books consecutively verse by verse, chapter by chapter. He thus laid before his people 'the whole counsel of God' (Acts 20:27). Although he covered a significant amount of Scripture this way in his Kettering pulpit, only two of those expository series eventually found their way into print: one on Revelation, published in the final year of his life, and this one on Genesis, from 1806. It has long been out of print as an independent volume, though it has been available through various editions of Fuller's complete works. It is good to see it back in print, for as Charles H. Spurgeon once remarked about this very book: it is 'weighty, judicious, and full of Gospel truth. One of the very best series of discourses extant upon Genesis.'" - Michael Haykin

"Having just completed a study through the Book of Genesis, it is a great shame that this book was not available for the whole class. Like Dickson on Hebrews it is worth its weight in gold. Fuller often says more in one paragraph than many men say in a chapter. His 'Practical Reflections' are outstanding." - the Publisher





50% Discount
SGCB Price: $20.00 (list price $40.00)
610 Page Large Paperback Volume
JOHN THE BELOVED: A Survey of His Theology
Robert Reymond

Robert L. Reymond taught for more than 25 years on the faculties of Covenant Theological Seminary (St. Louis, Missouri) and Knox Theological Seminary (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida). He holds a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees from Bob Jones University and did post-doctoral studies at Fuller Seminary, New York University, Union Seminary (New York), Tyndale House, Cambridge, and Rutherford House, Edinburgh. Currently he is the Emeritus Professor of Systematic Theology at Knox Theological Seminary, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

"Having whetted our appetite with his excellent book Paul, Missionary Theologian, we are now further in the debt of the publisher through the publication of this work on John. Reymond is a significant scholar in the Reformed tradition but above all he is a biblical theologian. Indeed, he is quite prepared to be critical of the tradition if he believes that the biblical evidence justifies it. This book is the result of detailed and painstaking study and yet it remains accessible and useful to all who have a serious interest in Scripture." - A.T.B. McGowan, Highland Theological College

JOHN THE BELOVED: A Survey of His Theology
SGCB Price: $17.50 (list price $25.00)

SGCB Price: $20.95 (list price $30.00)

SGCB Price: $35.95 (list price $55.00)
Jodocus Van Lodenstein, translated by Bartel Elshout, Edited by Joel Beeke

Publisher's Description: A Spiritual Appeal to Christ's Bride consists of nine sermons preached by Jodocus van Lodenstein, one of the most prominent leaders of the Dutch Further Reformation. The sermons stress themes that are dear to the preacher's heart: the need for the Holy Spirit to carry the Reformation further than the mind, the need for perpetual reformation and growth in piety, the need to cultivate holiness and self-denial, and the need to know and experience as Christ's bride an intimate spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ the perfect Bridegroom. The book calls nominal Christians to a more profound commitment to Christ, stressing that only such a commitment can deliver the church from shallowness and unholiness. Today, more than ever, the church needs to heed this call to awaken from its spiritual slumber.

"I am so pleased that these Dutch classics are now available to a wide audience. The writings of the Dutch Further Reformation; almost completely inaccessible until now to the English-speaking world; are a gold mine of spiritual wisdom." - Richard J. Mouw, president, Fuller Theological Seminary

"I am delighted that the Dutch Reformed Translation Society is at last making this material available in the English language. It is a landmark feature of our Reformed heritage, and it is rich food for the soul in this or any other age." - J. I. Packer, Regent College

"Many will surely welcome this new access to the Dutch authors whose strong writings put faith and certainty into generations of their fellow countrymen. By their closeness to Scripture and their concern for heart and head (heat and light), they remain of enduring value." - Iain H. Murray, author of The Puritan Hope

Jodocus Van Lodenstein (1620-1677) was a prominent preacher and poet of the Dutch Further Reformation, which stressed the practice of biblical piety.

Bartel Elshout, trans. is pastor of the Heritage Reformed Congregation of Chilliwack, British Columbia, and a translator of Dutch Reformed classics into English, including Wilhelmus a Brakel's The Christian's Reasonable Service (4 vols).

Joel R. Beeke, ed. (Ph.D. Westminster Theological Seminary) is President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, a pastor of Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and author of numerous books.








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SGCB Price: $45.00 (list price $75.00)
A Puritan Treatise on Marriage from Hebrews 13:4
Daniel Rogers

This rare puritan treatise on marriage is finally back in print after over 350 years. The great importance of godly marriages is emphasized by Daniel Rogers. "Marriage is the preservative of chastity, the seminary of the commonwealth, seed-plot of the church, pillar (under God) of the world, right-hand of providence, supporter of laws, states, orders, offices, gifts, and services: the glory of peace, the sinews of war, the maintenance of policy, the life of the dead, the solace of the living, the ambition of virginity, the foundation of countries, cities, universities, succession of families, crowns, and kingdoms; truly (besides the being of these) it is the wellbeing of them being made, and whatsoever is excellent in them, or any other thing, the very furniture of heaven (in a kind) depending thereupon."

Rogers begins the treatise by showing that marriage is honorable. He then instructs the reader on what is necessary for a good entrance into marriage. It is necessary that one marries in the Lord and that there is aptness and suitableness to the match. Rogers then digresses to handle two points, which are consent of parents and the marriage contract. Returning to the main point of the treatise, he discusses three joint duties of the married, which are unity in religion, chastity, and mutual consent. Rogers then proceeds to handle the respective duties of the husband and the wife. Starting with the husband, he instructs the husband in three duties, namely, that he should be a man of understanding, providence, and given to honor and respect his wife. He then handles the reflective duties of the wife in response to the three duties of the husband. Her subjection to her husband is a response to his understanding. The helpfulness of the wife is in response to the husbandĘs providence. Finally, the husband's giving of honor or respect to the wife is reflected back on him by the wife's gracefulness. Rogers has added a lengthy appendix to the treatise regarding God's terrible judgments against the defilers of marriage, with sundry means and counsels to pursue chastity. The book has been retypeset and modernized.


-Chapter 1. Contains the analysis of the text. The first point handled, that marriage is honorable.

-Chapter 2. Fuller explication of the specials in which the honor of marriage consists: (being the ground of the treatise ensuing) namely, in entrance and continuance: entrance first, that is, marrying in the Lord, handled.

-Chapter 3. The second requisite unto a good entrance handled: namely, aptness and suitableness.

-Chapter 4. A first digression, touching consent of parents, with sundry questions and objections answered.

-Chapter 5. A second digression, touching a contract: what it is, and sundry queries about it answered and resolved.

-Chapter 6. Return to the first argument: the second part of the marriage honor to be preserved in the married condition: and that both general and special; in general, by some mutual duties concerning them both. Four of them named. The first handled, which is joint consent in religion.

-Chapter 7. The second joint duty of married couples handled, which is conjugal love.

-Chapter 8. Treating of the third joint duty of the married, namely, chastity.

-Chapter 9. Contains the fourth and last duty of jointness in marriage, namely, consent.

-Chapter 10. Proceeds to the personal offices of either party. And first of the husband. Three several duties named. The first of them handled, namely, that he should be a man of understanding.

-Chapter 11. Goes on to the second personal duty of the husband, namely, providence.

-Chapter 12. Treating of the third and last special duty of the husband, namely, giving honor or respect to the wife.

-Chapter 13. Handles the second sort of special duties, to wit, of the wife. Three of them named. The first of them handled, namely, subjection to her husband.

-Chapter 14. Proceeds to the second peculiar duty of the wife, namely helpfulness.

-Chapter 15. Treats of the third and last duty of the wife, which is gracefulness: wherewith the former use of exhortation, to honor marriage, is concluded. Two other uses of the point

added, and so the whole treatise finished.

-Chapter 16. An appendix to the treatise. God's judgments against the defilers of marriage are terrible. The point handled. Reasons added. A question answered for explication of

the doctrine. Some uses. Of terror. Admonition.

-Chapter 17. The main use of the exhortation is to pursue chastity. Sundry means and counsels propounded at large. And so a conclusion of the whole book.


Puritan family classics

First Time Available in 350 Years
SGCB Price: $27.95 (list price $35.00)

Order with the PURITAN FAMILY CLASSICS Trilogy
SGCB Price: $49.95 (list price $71.00)
Includes Above Title and THE GODLY HOME by Baxter and BUILDING A GODLY HOME by Gouge
Bishop Joseph Hall

Joseph Hall (1574-1656), one of the most venerable of the Puritans, was educated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and became rector at Halsted, where he wrote his renowned Contemplations. Afterwards he served as rector of Waltham. In 1618 he was delegated to the Synod of Dort. In 1627 he was appointed Bishop of Exeter and in 1641 Bishop of Norwich. He retired to Norfolk after facing severe persecution and died at the ripe age of eighty-one.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon: "Need I commend Bishop Hall's Contemplations to your affectionate attention? What wit! What sound sense! What concealed learning! His style is as pithy and witty as that of Thomas Fuller, and it has a sacred unction about it to which Fuller has no pretension. The work can be readily procured; but if its price were raised in proportion to its real value, it would become one of the most costly books extant."

George Whitefield: "Though weak, I often spent two hours in my evening retirements and prayed over my Greek Testament and Bishop Hall's most excellent Contemplations."

Richard Baxter: Recommends Hall's Contemplations for "for peace, and comfort, and increase of the love of God."

Thomas Fuller: "He was commonly called our English Seneca, for the pureness, plainness, and fulness of his style. Not unhappy at Controversies, more happy at Comments, very good in his Characters, better in his Sermons, best of all in his Meditations."

Peter Masters: "To read Hall is to read the narrative passages of the Bible through the eyes of a delightful saint and veteran Puritan pastor. It is to accompany the great man on a walk through the lanes and byways of all the events in the sacred record, and to hear his reflections, and the responses of his own heart. Seldom did anyone combine such easy prose with so many profound comments."


SGCB Price: $45.00 (list price $60.00)
Reassessing the Christian Life in Light of the Sabbath
Ryan M. McGraw

Endorsements "In the last fifteen years, there has been renewed interest in the nature and purpose of the fourth commandment and what many refer to as the Puritan Sabbath. By God's grace a conversation has begun that is helping many come to a fuller appreciation for and use of the Lord's Day. Pastor Ryan McGraw's voice in the conversation needs to be heard. As he says, 'I have sought to address what I believe to be the primary underlying issues behind the widespread neglect of the Sabbath day.' Pastor McGraw's book is chock-full of biblical insights, freshly applied to the issue of the Christian Sabbath. I have been helped by the book and know that each one who reads it will be as well." - Joseph A. Pipa Jr., President, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

"Far too many Christians only believe in nine commandments. The command to keep a day of rest on which to worship our triune covenant Lord is deemed as irrelevant or no longer binding. Providing helpful exegesis and theological consideration, Ryan McGraw gives the church important reasons to recover the abiding validity and necessity of the fourth commandment. Far from being legalistic, McGraw's treatment encourages all Christians to find worship, rest, and a foretaste of heaven to come on each and every LordĘs Day." - J. V. Fesko, Academic Dean and Associate Professor of Systematic Theology Westminster Seminary California

"Ryan McGraw has written a very fresh pastoral teaching on Sabbath observance in his new book, The Day of Worship. He gives us important principles from Scripture for understanding the Christian Sabbath. The book is convincing in its argument that much of what lies behind a dislike of the Sabbath is a tragic love of this world. Practical helps abound for the keeping of the fourth commandment.

'The Day of Worship' does not merely rehash other works on the topic that are available today. If you are well-read on the Sabbath you will find here supplemental material to strengthen your own godliness." - Walter J. Chantry, author of Call the Sabbath a Delight


SGCB Price: $10.95 (list price $16.00)
Christian Biographies for Young Readers
Simonetta Carr

Jonathan Edwards lived at a time when many people were seriously questioning long-accepted ideas about the world, life, and God, and his answers to these questions have left a mark on the way we think today. While he is often remembered as the preacher of a scary sermon about a spider dangling over a fire, he remains significant as one of the greatest thinkers America has produced. Simonetta Carr traces the events of EdwardsĘs life from a young student interested in science to husband and father, pastor, leader of the Great Awakening, missionary, writer, and college president. Colorful illustrations, interesting facts, and a compelling story combine to introduce young readers to this important theologian and life in colonial America.

"Jonathan Edwards is one of the most important post-Reformation Protestant thinkers and writers; at once an intellectual of the highest caliber, a pastor and spiritual theologian, one of the leaders of the evangelical Great Awakening of the eighteenth century, and a devoted family man. The genius of Simonetta CarrĘs book is that she manages to capture all these facets of Edwards and compresses them into the scope of a simple, accessible introduction. Young and old readers alike will learn much from her work. It is a delight to read!" - Oliver Crisp, professor of systematic theology, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Jonathan Edwards had an all-encompassing vision of God and His work in this world. It is the kind of vision we all need today. This book brings Jonathan Edwards and his vision to life for a whole new generation. I wish I had this book when I was a young reader." - Stephen J. Nichols, president of Reformation Bible College and C.A.O. of Ligonier Ministries

About the Author

Simonetta Carr was born in Italy and has lived and worked in different cultures. A former elementary school teacher, she has home-schooled her eight children for many years. She has written for newspapers and magazines around the world and has translated the works of several Christian authors into Italian. Presently, she lives in San Diego with her husband Thomas and family. She is a member and Sunday School teacher at Christ United Reformed Church.

About the Illustrator

Matt Abraxas has traveled from California to France, studying different approaches to art. He enjoys creating and teaching art and currently exhibits his work at the SmithKlein Gallery in Boulder, Colorado. Matt lives with his wife, Rebecca, and two sons, Zorba and Rainer, in Lafayette, Colorado.



SGCB Price: $11.95 (list price $18.00)
Phil Newton

How does a person become a Christian? How do you answer this question? Some say that a moral life makes one a Christian. Others declare that joining a church or being baptized makes a person a Christian. Still others call for a person to "make a decision" or "pray the prayer" or "ask Jesus into your heart". While opinions may be important, the one vital think when speaking of one becoming a Christian is what does God say in His Word.

God has given His Word--the Bible--to reveal Himself, His purpose for man, and the way to know Him personally. Everything a person needs to know about becoming a Christian can be found in God's Word. As God gives a person understanding of the gospel (the good news of how God, in Christ, has provided salvation), then that person can come to genuine faith in Jesus Christ and, consequently, become a Christian.

The Way of Faith can help you on the journey to understanding the Christian faith. Each section ends with questions for personal study or group discussions.

About the author

Dr. Phil A. Newton (M. Div., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, D. Min., Fuller Theological Seminary,) has served as senior pastor at South Woods Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee since 1987. He and his wife, Karen, have five children.



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The Child's Guide to Heaven
Edward Payson Hammond

Edward Payson Hammond spent much of his life and ministry traveling the world to preach the Gospel, with a special emphasis upon children. His labors were honored by men like C.H. Spurgeon, Andrew Bonar, W.S. Plumer and multitudes of others. When he wrote letters to some of the leading ministers of the nineteenth century he asked their opinion about the vital subject addressed in this book: the conversion of children. Here are a couple responses he received:

"My conviction is that our converts from among children are among the very best we have. I should judge them to have been more numerously genuine than any other class, more constant, and in the long run more solid." - Charles H. Spurgeon

"In awakenings that have been given us, the cases of young people have been as entirely satisfactory as any cases we have had. If conversion be God's work, in which the Holy Spirit reveals Christ to the soul, surely His work can take place in children as really as in the old." - Andrew Bonar

In his book "The Children of Church Members" Richard Fuller wrote the following:

" It has appeared by the best evidence the nature of the subject admits, that divine grace has frequently produced the conversion of children when they were very young; and when they are thus brought up under the religious care of both their parents and the church, it may be rationally expected the blessing will be frequently afforded."

This volume will immediately capture the attention of the youngest children as Hammond relates his experience of first entering his journey to the city of Jerusalem. Each of the first four chapters is a moving appeal to children to turn from sin to trust the Savior of sinners. The final chapter is addressed to those who have come to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

A powerful book to present the gospel to children 6-12 years old.


$4-6 Book

$5.00 Sale

$5.00 Child's Book c50

55% Discount
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PAUL THE PREACHER: A Popular and Practical Exposition of His Discourses and Speeches as Recorded in the Acts of the Apostles
John Eadie

"Everything that John Eadie wrote Is pure gold. His commentaries on Paul's epistles are valued highly by careful expositors. Solid Ground Christian Books has done a great service by bringing Eadie's Paul the Preacher back into print." - Dr. Robert P. Martin

"It is humbly hoped that the volume may be useful in giving ordinary readers a juster and fuller conception of the creed and preaching, the life and work, of the great apostle of the Gentiles, who, amidst all diversities of place, time, audience, and immediate theme, made it his constant business to preach Christ crucified. May we know Him to be 'the power of God' and the 'wisdom of God,' and experience that change of heart which is only effected by such a manifestation of His truth and glory as He vouchsafed to Saul of Tarsus."

-from the Author's Preface, May 1859

"Designed to give ordinary readers a juster and fuller conception of the doctrine and life-work of the apostle. AN ABLE WORK."

- C.H. Spurgeon

Part of our ACTS TRILOGY



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Erroll Hulse

"If you are asked, 'Can you point me to a book that will explain in simple, clear, brief and accurate terms some of the leading ideas, personalities, and distinctive issues in Baptist history?' you can answer, 'An Introduction to the Baptists' by Erroll Hulse. The author has lived several decades as an engaged, dedicated, and zealous propagator of Baptist ideas and has read multitudes of sources, primary and secondary, about Baptist personalities, theology, and institutions. He is well qualified to condense this history to the essentials. Audubon Press is to be thanked for making this volume available to a wide reading public!" - Dr. Tom Nettles, Professor of Historical Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"One of the first histories of the Baptists that I read was this work by Erroll Hulse. In a small compass, Pastor Hulse covers a significant amount of territory and accurately shows the various streams that make up the English-speaking Baptist world. This small book gave me a solid overview that further in-depth research has confirmed and substantiated. While new questions are being asked and new avenues of interpretation being explored, which is the nature of historical research and is to be welcomed, it is great to see this classic overview back in print. It is a tried and true summary of what is now four hundred years of Baptist life and thought." - Dr. Michael Haykin, Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality; Director, The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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Adolphe Monod, with New Translation by Constance K. Walker, Editor

"Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness is Adophe Monod at his best. It is a masterpiece, bringing together profound comfort, realistic understanding, practical wisdom, and heavenly glory for every believer and, in a special way, for those who are preparing for or are working directly in some ministry. By the Spirit's grace, if you digest Monod's book slowly, seriously, and prayerfully, you will make great spiritual gain as you engage in holy warfare against your own temptations and lusts. You really must read this book." - Joel Beeke

"Here, in this spiritual gem, the greatest French preacher of the nineteenth century, Adolphe Monod, probes the implications of one of the most important of Christianity's mysteries: the terrible reality of the sinless Jesus being tempted in every area of human sin or vice. Firmly rooted in biblical orthodoxy, these three meditations reveal why Jesus was so tempted, how he emerged victorious, and what his victory means for us. These meditations are spiritual food and drink to all seeking to make progress in the Christian life." - Michael Haykin

"No thoughts could penetrate so powerfully as these words about Jesus' temptations and ours. Just when you thought Monod could go no deeper, he takes you into the most inner recesses of the soul, adding comfort and hope to his searing realism about our weaknesses. In Constance Walker's translation, the author's voice is heard clearly again, bringing these messages to us in a life-transforming way." - William Edgar, Westminster Theological Seminary

"I first encountered Adolphe Monod's, 'Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness' at a time in my life when I was battling intense discouragement. Because I was preparing for full-time Christian ministry, I was reluctant, and almost embarrassed to admit my struggle, yet Monod's book proved to be just what I needed. It spoke to the heart of my inner turmoil with all the eloquence of a Christian classic. Monod showed me that all followers of Christ will, like their Master, face temptation, especially during seasons of preparation for ministry. Yet we too can have the hope of victory and can look to Christ to show us 'the means through which we can triumph.' I was so encouraged to find that, ultimately, God used my season of discouragement to build up and strengthen my faith, just as Monod had confidently and carefully assured me that He would.

"More than just a discourse instructing future ministers in how to battle temptation, 'Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness' is a book on how to live the Christian life. Adolphe Monod's careful analysis of the temptation of Christ in Scripture points us to a vibrant faith that can not only survive, but actually thrive amidst the trials and travails that God allows to be placed in our path. It is precisely for such times that Monod offers a warm and gentle reassurance as a fellow sojourner: 'No, no, children of God, your Father has not forgotten you. He is treating you as he treated his only and beloved Son. It is the narrow way through which you must pass to arrive at a more solid faith.' " - A recent college graduate preparing for Christian ministry overseas

"I read the first meditation on temptation, and my heart was strangely touched. Two thoughts came to mind (actually, a host of thoughts, but these are the two most significant thoughts): 1) I never heard anything like that when I was in training for ministry, and 2) I am not sure my students are hearing anything like that today. The first, I cannot change and perhaps it is not yet too late that I have heard these words of encouragement. The second I can correct. There are important warnings and encouragements that every seminary student needs to hear. I finished the other two chapters and found them to be even better. I recognized myself at many points, and was convicted on several points. This is good stuff. I wish I had such a man to be a close friend. Please rush this to print. My appreciation for Monod has grown over the years." - R.J. Gore, ErskineTheological Seminary and U. S. Army Reserve chaplain (Colonel).

"Monod shows that Christ is our Savior because as 'the second Adam' He fulfilled in the desert what the first Adam failed to do in a garden. This book faithfully shows that in Christ we too can have victory over Satan and that it is God's word that is our weapon against the enemy of our souls." - Paul D. Kooistra, Coordinator, Mission to the World (Presbyterian Church in America) and former president, Covenant Theological Seminary

"Adolphe Monod's seminary years and the years immediately following them were times of great spiritual struggle. Perhaps that helps explain his special fondness and burden for young men preparing themselves for gospel ministry. As a seminary professor himself, during the middle part of his career, he took the unheard-of step of inviting students into his home, thus producing strong and enduring bonds of friendship between teacher and pupils.

During those years in academia, Adolphe Monod gave three messages on temptation in the seminary chapel. As was often his custom, he took his lessons primarily from the earthly life of his Savior, in this case from Jesus tempted in the wilderness. Material that was uniquely applicable to the seminary students was removed when the messages were preached in the Paris pulpit but was reinstated when the sermons were published. It is that published form that is presented here, in a new translation. As in my earlier translations of Monod's works, I have attempted to retain his gracious, romantic style while still making the text flow naturally to a modern reader.

We will all be tempted at some point - no, at many points - and we are most likely to face severe temptation when we begin a new work for the Lord. This was Monod's conviction as he addressed his mid-19th-century students, and it is the common experience of Christians today. Adolphe Monod's burden was to warn us all, pastors and laity alike, to be on our guard. But expecting the attacks is not enough. He also wanted us to be wise in knowing how to counter them and confident of gaining a firm victory - the victory that Jesus won for us. By carefully studying how Jesus faced the devil's temptations in the wilderness, every serious and fruitful Christian will be better equipped for his own spiritual battles." - Constance K. Walker, from the Translator's Preface


Biographical Sketch

Translator's Preface


Scripture Text

First Meditation: THE BATTLE


The Measure of Jesus' Temptation

The Nature of Jesus' Temptation

The Timing of Jesus' Temptation

The Reason for Jesus' Temptation

Second Meditation: THE VICTORY

Jesus' Victory, Our Guarantee

Victory in His Human Nature

Overcoming Doubts

Victory in Our Grasp

The Value of a Single Victory

Third Meditation: THE WEAPONS

Preparing for Battle

The Sword of the Spirit

The Temptation to Distrust

The Temptation to Unfaithfulness

The Temptation to Presumption

Satan's Use of Scripture

Possessing the Scriptures



Part of the TEMPTATION TRILOGY with -


THE BACKSLIDER by Andrew Fuller



AM5 sss

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Basil Manly, W.B. Johnson, Richard Fuller & R.B.C. Howell


Biographical sketch of Basil Manly, Sr.

Sermon by Basil Manly, Sr.

Biographical sketch of W.B. Johnson

Sermon by W.B. Johnson

Biographical sketch of R.B.C. Howell

Sermon by R.B.C. Howell

Biographical sketch of Richard Fuller

Sermon by Richard Fuller


SGCB Price: $6.95 (list price $10.00)

SGCB Price: $18.95 (list price $30.00)
Two Volumes
Henry Smith

Here is the complete introduction to The Works of Henry Smith. Copyright ¬ 2002. All rights reserved. Used by permission of the author.

Henry Smith (1560-1591) was one of the most influential and prolific Puritan divines during Elizabeth's reign in England. He was known as 'silver-tongued Smith' to his contemporaries, and, according to Thomas Fuller, he was 'but one metal below Chrysostom.' Smith's practical and experiential sermons were used for family devotions for over a century after his death, and went through numerous editions. He combined the force of language with the force of thought and preached the gospel in its primitive power and simplicity. Thompson Cooper, Oxford historian and editor of Athenae Cantabrigienses, wrote: 'We are disposed to think that no English preacher has since excelled [Smith] in the proper attributes of pulpit eloquence.'

John L. Lievsay, in his article, 'Silver-tongued Smith,' Paragon of Elizabethan Preachers, wrote: 'Here and there amidst the confusion of pulpit oratory and denunciation the patient reader [of Elizabethan literature] will discover an occasional bright rift in the fog of dullness. When he does, the sense of grateful relief may easily lead him to exaggerate the excellence of the particular sermon or preacher responsible for the unwonted gleam. In such circumstances he must look for the corroborative testimony of other readers before he feels free to trust his own benumbed judgment. But when the radiance persists through two fact octavo volumes, he may well spare the other witnesses, however numerous and competent.'

The Life and Sermons of Henry Smith

SGCB Price: $59.95 (list price $80.00)

(12) The Backslider by Andrew Fuller, Preface by John Angell James

(13) Conversations of a Father with His Children

(14) Advice to a Young Christian by Jared Washburn, Preface by Archibald Alexander

(15) The Mother at Home or Principles of Maternal Duty by John Abbott

First edition of the classic work published in 1833 by the American Tract Society. We are honored top have brought this book back into print, and know that this first edition copy will be the perfect gift for someone.

(16) A Discourse on Meekness & Quietness of Spirit by Matthew Henry

Another classic work published by The American Tract Society sometime in the early to mid-nineteenth century.

(17) The Christian Contemplated in a Course of Lectures by William Jay

(18) The Memoirs of Samuel Pearce by Andrew Fuller with Three Sermons

This outstanding volume is our oldest in this set of books offered, as it is the 1801 edition printed by Manning & Loring in Boston, MA.

(19) Lectures on Preaching, and Several Branches of the Ministerial Office by Philip Doddridge

This outstanding volume is our oldest in this set of books offered, as it is the 1808 edition also printed by Manning & Loring in Boston, MA. Very rare volume which contains the substance of his 25 Lectures on Preaching and Pastoral Theology, such as Visitation in General, Visitation of the Sick and numerous other practical matters.

(12) The Backslider by Andrew Fuller, Preface by John Angell James
SGCB Price: $18.00 (list price $25.00)
Reduced Price

(13) Conversations of a Father with His Children
SGCB Price: $22.00 (list price $25.00)
Reduced Price

(14) Advice to a Young Christian by Jared Washburn, Preface by Archibald Alexander
SGCB Price: $18.00 (list price $20.00)

(15) The Mother at Home or Principles of Maternal Duty by John Abbott
SGCB Price: $40.00 (list price $50.00)
First Edition from 1833

(16) A Discourse on Meekness & Quietness of Spirit by Matthew Henry
SGCB Price: $15.00 (list price $20.00)
Reduced Price

(17) The Christian Contemplated in a Course of Lectures by William Jay
SGCB Price: $30.00 (list price $35.00)
Reduced Price

(18) The Memoirs of Samuel Pearce by Andrew Fuller with Three Sermons
SGCB Price: $48.00 (list price $60.00)
1801 Edition - Fair Condition

(19) Lectures on Preaching, and Several Branches of the Ministerial Office by Philip Doddridge
SGCB Price: $48.00 (list price $60.00)
1808 Edition - Reduced Price
A Collection of Discourses on Christian Missions
Francis Wayland, Samuel Miller, Edward Dorr Griffin, Lyman Beecher, Richard Fuller etc.

Fifteen outstanding addresses by leading gospel ministers on the critical subject of missions.

"The Moral Dignity of the Missionary Enterprise" by Francis Wayland

"Arguments for Missions" by Edward Dorr Griffin

"The Theory of Missions to the Heathen" by Rufus Anderson

"The Earth Filled with the Glory of the Lord" by Samuel Miller

"The Cross" by Richard Fuller

"Jesus the Great Missionary" by Edward N. Kirk

"Christ, A Home Missionary" by William B. Williams

"Messiah's Throne" by John M. Mason

and several more


OVER 50% Discount
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SGCB Price: $180.00 (list price $455.00)
Dozens and Dozens of Authors


For the first time ever Solid Ground Christian Books has supassed 300 Volumes in Print.

To celebrate this achievement we are offering a Special Deal for those who want the entire Set of our titles.

LIST PRICE on this set is $9,384.00 for the 345 volumes

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All the titles included are-

Accurate Revised Text Edition of Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan, edited by Barry Horner $16.00

Addresses to Young Men by Rev. Daniel Baker $16.00

Advice to a Young Christian by Jared B. Waterbury $15.00

The Afflicted Man's Companion by John Willison $20.00

Anecdotes: Religious, Moral & Entertaining by Charles Buck $28.00

Annals of the American Baptist Pulpit, W.B. Sprague $100.00 2 vols. (HC)

Annals of the American Presbyterian Pulpit, W.B. Sprague $215.00 3 vols. (HC)

Assurance of Faith, - Louis Berkhof $11.00

Baptist Confession of Faith & Catechsim (Bonded Leather Hardcover) $25.00

**Baptist Confession of Faith & Catechism (paperback edition) $12.00

Backslider, The: Nature, Symptoms & Recovery by Andrew Fuller $13.00

Be Careful How You Listen: Getting the Most out of the Sermon by Jay Adams $16.00

*Behind the Bible: A Primer on Textual Criticism by Jeff Johnson $12.00

Bible Animals: And the Lessons Taught by Them for Children, Richard Newton $16.00

Bible Jewels: And the Lessons Taught by Them for Children, Richard Newton $16.00

Bible Models: Shining Lights of Scripture by Richard Newton $32.00

Bible Promises: Sermons for Children by Richard Newton $17.00

Bible Warnings: Sermons for Children by Richard Newton $25.00


Biblical &Theological Studies, - Princeton Profs. (HC) $60.00 , (PB) $40.00

BODY OF DIVINITY by Archbishop James Ussher (HC) $50.00

*Born-Again Episcopalian: The Evangelical Witness of C.P. McIlvaine by Tom Isham $24.00

BOW IN THE CLOUD: Springs of Comfort in Affliction by Buchanan, etc., $25.00

Brief Exposition of the Constitution of the United States by John S. Hart $12.00

My Brothers Keeper: Letters to a Younger Brother by J.W. Alexander $13.00

Bunyan of Brooklyn: Life and Practical Sermons of Ichabod Spencer $30.00

Calvinism in History - Nathaniel McFetridge $13.00

Calvin Memorial Addresses by Warfield, Webb, Orr, Reed, D'Aubigne $25.00

Calvin on Scripture & Divine Sovereignty by John Murray $12.00

Chief End of Man, The by John Hall $12.00

Child at Home, The - John S.C. Abbott $15.00

Child's Book on the Fall of Man, The by Thomas H. Gallaudet $11.00

Child's Book on Repentance, The by Thomas H. Gallaudet $13.00

Child's Book on the Sabbath by Horace Hooker $16.00

Child's Book on the Soul by Thomas H. Gallaudet $15.00

**CHILD'S PREACHER by Alexander Fletcher, J.C. Ryle, C.H. Spurgeon $32.00

Christian Pastor, The Office & Duty of Stephen H. Tyng $14.00

Christian's Present for All Seasons: Thoughts of Eminent Divines - $38.00

THE CHRISTIAN WARFARE by John Downame $45.00

Christ in Song - Compiled by Philip Schaff $40.00

Christ on Cross & The Lord our Shepherd by John Stevenson $40.00

CHURCH OF CHRIST: In Two Volumes by James Bannerman $75.00

Church Members Guide by John Angell James $16.00 pb.; $27.00 hc.

**THE CHURCH: Why Bother? By Jeff Johnson $14.00

Classic Reformed Discourses & Essays by J.H. Merle D'Aubigne $30.00


COME YE APART: Thoughts from Gospels by J.R. Miller $25.00

Commentaries on Galatians-Thess. By John Eadie $145.00 (5 vols)

Commentary on Hebrews by William Gouge, $115 hc, $85.00 pb (2 vols.)

Commentaries on Joshua, 1 & 2 Samuel by William G. Blaikie $92.00 (3 vols)

Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans by W.G.T. Shedd $32.00

Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles by C.J. Ellicott $20.00

Commentary on Second Peter by Thomas Adams HC $90.00

Commenting and Commentaries by C.H. Spurgeon $16.00

Common Faith, Common Culture by Joseph Bianchi $16.00

Communicant's Companion, The by Matthew Henry $20.00

*COVENANT THEOLOGY: A Reformed & Baptistic Perspective by Greg Nichols $35.00

Decisional Regeneration vs. Divine Regeneration by James E. Adams $8.00

Devotional Life of a Sunday School Teacher, The by J.R. Miller $12.00

Divine Love, The: 12 Sermons on God's Love by John Eadie $28.00

THE DIVINE PURPOSE Displayed in Providence & Grace by John Matthews $16.00

The Doctrine of Endless Punishment by W.G.T Shedd $15.00

Doctrine of Justification by James Buchanan $35.00

Doctrine of Sovereign Grace Opened & Vindicated by Isaac Backus $15.00

Duties of Church Members & Plea to Pray for Pastors by James & Spring $5.00

Early Piety Illustrated: Memoir of Nathan Dickerman by Gorham Abbott $11.00

Evangelical Truth : Sermons for the Family by Archibald Alexander $36.00

The Excellent Woman: As Portrayed in Proverbs by Anne Pratt $20.00

Exposition of the Baptist Catechism by Benjamin Beddome $17.00

Exposition of the Epistle of Jude by William Jenkyn $55.00 (hc)

An Exposition of the Ten Commandments by Ezekiel Hopkins $28.00

Expository Discourses on the Book of Genesis by Andrew Fuller $40.00

FAMILY WORSHIP for The Christmas Season by Ray Rhodes $12.00

FAMILY WORSHIP for the Reformation Season by Ray Rhodes $12.00

FAMILY WORSHIP forf the Thanksgiving Season by Ray Rhodes $12.00

Famous Reformers of the Reformed and Presbyterian Churches by James I Good $16.00

Famous Missionaries of the Reformed Church by James I Good $28.00

Famous Women of the Reformed Church by James I. Good $22.00

The Family at Home: Familiar Illustrations of Domestic Duties by Gorham Abbott $25.00

FAREWELL SERMONS by Baxter, Calamy, Brooks, Manton, Watson and more $32.00

The Fear of God: The Soul of Godliness by John Murray $5.00

Feed My Lambs Lectures to Children by John Todd $15.00

First Things: Discourses from Genesis by Gardner Spring $50.00

Five Points of Calvinism by Robert L. Dabney $10.00

Forgotten Heroes of Liberty, The by J.T. Headley $27.00

For Whom Did Christ Die? The Extent of the Atonement by John Murray $5.00

Friendship: The Master Passion by H. Clay Trumbull $25.00

From the Flag to the Cross: Civil War Stories by A.S. Billingsley, $34.00

From the Pulpit to the Palm-Branch: Memorial to Spurgeon $25.00

From Toronto to Emmaus: Empty Tomb Skepticism to Faith by James White $17.00

Gadsby's Hymns: Selection of Hymns for Worship by William Gadsby $20.00

Gentleman and a Scholar by J. A. Broadus (HC) $40.00; (PB) $30.00

Golden Hours: Heart-Hymns of the Christian Life by Elizabeth Prentiss $10.00

Good, Better, Best: A Classic Work on Ministry to the Poor by J.W. Alexander $17.00

Gospel Sonnets: Spiritual Songs in Six Parts by Ralph Erskine $25.00

Grace and Glory: Sermons from Chapel at Princeton Seminary Geerhardus Vos $15.00

The Harmony of the Divine Attributes by William Bates $28.00

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD: Minister's Advice to a Married Couple by Rev. James Bean $12.00

Hawker's Poor Man's N.T. Commentaries (HC) (3 vols.) $195.00

Hawker's Poor Man's O.T. Commentaries (HC) (6 vols.) $395.00

Hawker's Poor Man's Bible Dictionary (HC) by Robert Hawker $55.00

Heart for Missions, A: Life of Samuel Pearce by Andrew Fuller $17.00

Heaven Upon Earth: Jesus, Best Friend in Worst Times, James Janeway $23.00

Heroes of the Early Church by Richard Newton $17.00

Heroes of Israel: Abraham to Moses by William G. Blaikie $35.00

Heroes of the Reformation: Lessons for Young by Richard Newton - $20.00

History of Christian Doctrine (2 vols) by William G.T. Shedd $62.00

History of Preaching (HC) (2 vols.) - Edwin C. Dargan $115.00

**History of Protestantism (3 vols) - James A. Wylie $150.00

History of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland (4 vols. HC) Robert Wodrow $250.00

**History of the Waldenses by James A. Wylie $20.00

Homiletics and Pastoral Theology by William G.T. Shedd $22.00

**How Will It Really End? Eschatology for Young People by Steve Daniels $15.00

THE HUMANNESS OF JOHN CALVIN by Richard Stauffer $13.00

Imago Christi: The Example of Christ by James Stalker $18.00

The Influence of the Bible on the Mind & Character by John Matthews $18.00

**Instructive Anecdotes Illustrative of the Old & New Testaments by John Whitecross $36.00

IS THE MORMON MY BROTHER? By James R. White $20.00

Italian Reformer, The: Aonio Paleario by W.M. Blackburn $23.00

JEREMIAH: A Parable of Jesus by Douglas Webster $15.00

Jesus and I are Friends: Life of J.R. Miller by John Faris $19.00

Jesus of Nazareth: Character, Teachings & Miracles by John Broadus $11.00

Jesus Loves the Church and so Should You by Earl M. Blackburn $16.00

Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness by Adolphe Monod $12.00

Jesus the Way: A Child's Guide to Heaven by Edward Payson Hammond $11.00

Jewish Tabernacle: In Its Typical Teaching by Richard Newton $25.00

King's Highway, The: 10 Commandments for the Young R. Newton $20.00

Leaves from the Tree of Life: Sermons for the Young by Richard Newton $17.00

Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles by John Dick $32.00

Lectures on the Bible to the Young by John Eadie $16.00

Lectures on the Book of Esther by Thomas M'Crie $25.00

Lectures on the History of Preaching by John A. Broadus $19.00


Lectures on Revivals of Religion by William B. Sprague $25.00

Legacy of a Legend: Spiritual Treasure from the Heart of Edward Payson $10.00

Let the Cannon Blaze Away by Joseph P. Thompson $23.00

LETTERS TO A MORMON ELDER by James R. White $20.00

The Life & Letters of James Henley Thornwell by Benjamin M. Palmer $60.00

The Life & Letters of James Renwick: Scots Martyr by WH Carslaw $20.00

Life and Sermons of Ichabod Spencer (HC) (3 vols.) $120.00

**LIFE IN THE PSALMS by Peter Jeffery $13.00

Life of Jesus Christ for the Young by Richard Newton $65.00 (2 vols.)

Light at Evening Time: Support & Comfort of the Aged $25.00

Little Pillows and Morning Bells by Francis Havergal $16.00

Lives, Our Fortunes & Our Sacred Honor, Our by Charles Goodrich $30.00

LOG COLLEGE: Accounts from the Great Awakening by Alexander $20.00

Lord of Glory: Classic Defense of the Deity of Christ - B.B. Warfield $18.00


Madison Ave. Lectures on Baptist Principles & Practice by Weston $25.00

The Man of Business by J.W. Alexander, W.B. Sprague, John Todd etc. $20.00

A Manual for the Young: Exposition of Proverbs 1-9 by Charles Bridges $13.00


MARTYRLAND: A Tale of the Covenanters by Robert Simpson $20.00

MARY BUNYAN: Heroic Faith of the Blind Daughter of John Bunyan by S.R. Ford $20.00

MEMORIAL TRIBUTES: Funeral Addresses by C.H. Spurgeon, John Newton, Wm Jay $35.00

The Minister and His Greek New Testament by A.T. Robertson $14.00

The Missionary Enterprise: 15 Discourses, edited by Baron Stow, $23.00

THE MISSION OF SORROW: God's Purpose in our Afflictions by Gardiner Spring $11.00

More Love to Thee: Life of Elizabeth Prentiss by GL Prentiss (PB) $35.00; HC $50.00

Mothers of the Wise and Good - Jabez Burns $16.00

Mother at Home, The by John S.C. Abbot $15.00

Mourning a Beloved Shepherd by Charles Hodge & John Hall $10.00

MORNING STARS: Names of Christ for His Little Ones by Havergal $12.00

My Mother: Recollections of Maternal Influence by John Mitchell $20.00

National Preacher, The Edited by Austin Dickinson $23.00

Notes, Critical & Explanatory on the Acts of the Apostles by Jacobus $32.00

Notes on Galatians by J. Gresham Machen $20.00

Nuts for Boys to Crack: Earthly Stories with Heavenly Meaning by John Todd $20.00

Old Paths for Little Feet by Carol Brandt $13.00

Opening Scripture: Hermeneutical Manual by P.Fairbairn HC $50.00; PB $35.00

Opening Up Ephesians Peter Jeffery $9.00

Origin of Paul's Religion, The by J. Gresham Machen $24.00

Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy: Writings on Theology & Ethics by William G.T. Shedd $23.00

OUR SOVEREIGN GOD by Boice, Packer, Stott, Sproul, Nicole $16.00

PARDON & ASSURANCE by William J. Patton $20.00

Pastor in the Sickroom by John Wells $13.00

A PASTOR'S COUNSEL by Jonathan Edwards, Thomas Scott etc. $12.00

Pastor's Daughter, The by Louisa Payson Hopkins $16.00

Pastor's Sketches: Double-Volume Work by Ichabod Spencer $35.00

Pathway into the Psalter by William Binnie $30.00

Paul the Preacher: Discourses in Acts by John Eadie $30.00

Pebbles from the Brook: Sermons for the Young by Richard Newton $23.00

Pen Dipped in Love: Selected Letters of John Newton $16.00

Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, The by B.B. Warfield $12.00

**THE POWER OF FAITH: The Life & Writings of Isabella Graham $32.00

THE POWER OF THE PULPIT by Gardiner Spring $20.00

Power of God Unto Salvation by B.B. Warfield PB - $18.00; HC $32.00

Prayer of a Broken Heart by Robert Candlish $12.00

Preacher and His Models, The by James Stalker $19.00

PRECIOUS SEED: Discourses by Scottish Worthies by Brown, Chalmers, $32.00

Princeton Sermons from 1891-92 by Hodge, Warfield, Patton etc.


Preparation and Delivery of Sermons: Dargan Edition by J.A. Broadus $35.00

Psalms in History and Biography, The by John Ker $18.00

PSALMS IN HUMAN LIFE by Roland Prothero $25.00

PULPIT CRIMES: Criminal Mishandling of God's Word by James White $17.00

Rays from the Sun of Righteousness: Sermons for Children by Richard Newton $17.00

**Reading 'Religious Affections' by Craig Biehl $18.00

Rebel Prince: Tragic Life & Death of Absalom by William Blackburn $20.00

Redeemer's Tears Wept Over the Lost, The by John Howe $11.00

Reformed Doctrine of the Atonerment by Loraine Boettner $13.00

Repentance & Faith: Explained to the Young by Charles Walker $16.00

Sabbath Scripture Readings: New Testament by Thomas Chalmers $32.00

Sabbath Scripture Readings II - Old Testament by Thomas Chalmers $35.00

Safe Compass and How it Points: Sermons to Children by Richard Newton, $16.00

**SAINT PAUL: Changing Our World for Christ by Adolphe Monod $16.00

Scottish Pulpit, The by William M. Taylor $19.00

Scientific Investigation of the Old Testament by Robert Dick Wilson $18.00

Scripture Biography for the Young: Vols. 1 - 5 by T.H. Gallaudet $95.00

Scripture Biography for the Young: King Josiah by T.H. Gallaudet $12.00

Scripture Guide, The by J.W. Alexander $18.00

Secret of Communion with God by Matthew Henry $12.00


SEEKING GOD: Do You Really Want to Know God? by Peter Jeffery $5.00


*Sermons from Job by John Calvin $25.00

*Sermons on the Saving Work of Christ by John Calvin $25.00

*Sermons on the Ten Commandments by John Calvin $27.00

**Sermons Selected from the Pastoral Epistles by John Calvin $20.00

Sermons to the Natural Man by William G.T. Shedd $24.00

Sermons to the Spiritual Man- William G.T. Shedd $24.00

Shepherd's Heart, A by J.W. Alexander $28.00

A Short Explanation of Hebrews by David Dickson $13.00

Shorter Catechism Illustrated by John Whitecross PB - $15.00; HC $25.00

SMALL TALKS ON BIG QUESTIONS: by Helms & Thompson-Kahler $32.00

Soldier's Catechism: For US Armed Forces by Michael Cannon $15.00

Southern Presbyterian Pulpit: Expository Sermons by Dabney, Hoge, Palmer etc. $30.00

Speaking the Truth in Love: Life of Roger Nicole by David Bailey $34.00

THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD by John Murray, John Macleod et. $18.00

Stepping Heavenward (HC) by Elizabeth Prentiss $25.00

Stepping Heavenward Study Guide by Carson Kistner $14.00

Still Hour, The: Communion with God in Prayer by Austin Phelps $12.00

Sunday School Teachers Guide by John Angell James $11.00

THEOLOGICAL ESSAYS by William G.T. Shedd $28.00

Theology on Fire: 1 & 2 by J.A. Alexander $28.00 each

THEOLOGY: Explained & Defended by Timothy Dwight $225.00 set (4 vols) HC

**THEOLOGY AS A LIFE: Theological Essay by J.H. Thornwell $34.00

A Theological Interpretation of American History by C. Gregg Singer $25.00

THOUGHTS ON PREACHING by James W. Alexander $22.00

THE TRACT PRIMER: First Lessons in Sound Doctrine by American Tract Society $11.00

Transfigured Life, The: Selected Shorter Writings of JR Miller $25.00

The Travels of True Godliness by Benjamin Keach $17.00

Truth About Christmas, The by Peter Jeffery $4.00

Truth & Life: 22 Christ-Centered Sermons by Charles P. McIlvaine $30.00

Truth Made Simple: Attributes of God for Children by John Todd $15.00

**THREE FORMS OF UNITY (Leather-Bound Hardcover Edition) $25.00

**THREE FORMS OF UNITY (paperback edition) $12.00

The Truth Set us Free: Stories of 20 Former Nuns by Richard Bennett $16.00

**TWELVE WHAT ABOUTS: Answering Objections to Election by John Samson $16.00

Two Men from Malta: Passionate Appeal to Roman Catholics by Joe Serge $15.00

AN UNDIVIDED LOVE: Loving and Living for Christ by Adolphe Monod $15.00

*VIRGIN BIRTH OF CHRIST by J. Gresham Machen $30.00

*WANDERING STARS: Contending for the Faith with the New Apostles & Prophets by Keith Gibson $25.00


Whatsoever Things Are True: Discourses on Truth by J.H. Thornwell $16.00

Withhold Not Thine Hand: Evening Sermons by William Jay $35.00

Woman: Her Mission and Life: Revised Edition by Adolphe Monod $13.00

Word and Prayer, The: Devotions from the Minor Prophets by John Calvin $11.00

THE WORKMAN: His False Friends & True Friends by Joseph P. Thompson $20.00

Work of the Ministry, The by William G. Blaikie - $22.00

THE WORKS OF THOMAS MANTON (22 vols) HC $1,000.00

Yearning to Breathe Free? Immigration, Islam & Freedom by David Dykstra $16.00

Young Ladies Guide by Harvey Newcomb $22.00


Youth's Book on Natural Theology by Thomas H. Gallaudet $18.00


As the Waters Cover the Sea: Millenial Expectations in the Rise of Anglo-American Missions 1640-1810 by J.A. De Jong - 28.00

The Believer's Experience: Maintaining the Scriptural Balance between Experience and Truth by Erroll Hulse - $20.00

CHRIST'S GLORIOUS KINGDOM: Postmillenialism Reconsidered by John Jefferson Davis - $20.00

Come, Let us Reason Together: Sufficiency of Christ & the Unity of the Church - Jews & Gentiles Together by Baruch Maoz - $20.00

FORTY YEARS FAMILIAR LETTERS: The Life & Letters of J.W. Alexander (two volumes) John Hall - $60.00

THE GREAT INVITATION: Examining the Use of the Altar Call in Evangelism by Erroll Hulse - $20.00


THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GARDINER SPRING: In Two Volumes by Gardiner Spring - $60.00

The Life of J.A.Alexander: In Two Volumes by Henry Carrington Alexander - $60.00

The New York City Prayer Revival of 1858 and Its Lessons J.W. Alexander - $20.00

The New York Pulpit During The Prayer Revival of 1858 J.W. Alexander - $28.00

A PROPHET ON THE RUN: A Devotional Commentary on the Book of Jonah by Baruch Maoz - $15.00

PULLING THE EYE TOOTH FROM A LIVE TIGER: A Memoir of the Life and Labors of Adoniram Judson (in two volumes) by Francis Wayland - $75.00

THEOLOGY OF MISSIONS IN THE PURITAN TRADITION: A Study of Representative Puritans: Richard Sibbes, Richard Baxter, John Eliot, Cotton Mather & Jonathan Edwards by Sidney H. Rooy - $32.00


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