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HAWKER'S PIOUS REFLECTIONS: A Daily Journey in the New Testament and Psalms into the Unsearchable Riches of Christ
Robert Hawker, with a Foreword by Joel Beeke

"Gentleman, if you want something full of marrow and fatness, cheering to your own hearts by way of comment, and likely to help you in giving your hearers rich expositions, buy Dr. Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary. Dr. Hawker was the very least of commentators in the matter of criticism, but he sees Jesus, and that is a sacred gift which is most precious whether the owner be a critic or no. There is always such a savor of the Lord Jesus Christ in Dr. Hawker that you cannot read him without profit." - Charles H. Spurgeon from "Commenting on Commentaries"

""Robert Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary edifies believers by providing spiritual comments on each section of Scripture. The 'Pious Reflections' section that follows Hawker's comments on each chapter of Scripture marvelously enhances this devotional character. For the genuine Christian, here is devotional writing at its best: warmly Christ-centered, eminently practical, personally searching. I commend it highly for private and family worship." - Joel Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI



Monday - Friday each week you will read one chapter of the New Testament along with the Pious Reflections of Hawker. This way in 260 days (52 weeks x 5) you will complete the entire New Testament of 260 chapters.

Weekends you will be asked to read three of the Psalms along with the Pious Reflections of Hawker and thus complete that glorious Book in one year as well.


436 pages

Nearly 50% Pre-Publication Discount -
SGCB Price: $25.95 (list price $50.00)
A Hardcover Volume

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Sample Text

Sample Text

READER, let you and I, while reading this precious Psalm, in the very opening of the book, look at, and study, and meditate upon it, as an introductory subject, concerning the Lord Jesus, to what we shall meet with concerning him and his work, through the whole of the sacred contents of the Psalms, as Jesus is represented in them. Let us, in that part of it which thus beautifully speaks of the perfection of our nature, never lose sight of Christ. And while we thus look up to him in this holiness of character, let it be our delight and our joy to tell God our Father, what a perfection of beauty, glory, and holiness, was in him, who is our divine head. Yes, thou dear Redeemer! I would so read of thee, and of thy holiness, as to have my whole soul rejoicing in the contemplation. For do I not know that thy righteousness is for thy people? thy obedience and delight in the FatherŐs law, becomes the justification of all thy redeemed. And in thy holiness, all thy people are accounted holy before God, because our God and Father hath an eye to thee as our glorious head, and beholds thy saints complete in thee. Hail, then, thou Holy One of God! Thou art the Lord, our righteousness! And thou art made of God to us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption. And do thou, blessed Lord, grant us faith to know, and to consider ourselves as perfectly secured in thee. Give us to flourish in thee, and from thee, as the tree planted near the riverŐs side? even from the streams of that river of life which cometh forth from the throne of God and the Lamb. Then, when the faithless and unbelieving shall die away as the heath of the desert, which knoweth not when good cometh, our souls may be as the well-watered garden, whose waters fail not, but deriving all from thee, thou wilt be in us a well of water springing up unto everlasting life.