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James E. Adams


"Being or becoming religious is not the same as being regenerate. That applies whatever the religion; even one that describes itself as 'evangelical.' As surely as everyone has to be born to live on earth, so everyone must be reborn to have heavenly eternal life; and no one can do either for himself. All life comes from God, and by way of gift. James Adams explains all this so clearly in these pages and also how the good news should be both preached and received." - Hywel Jones, Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary California

"The error of 'decisional regration' has plagued the church for more than one hundred years. Dr. Adams, in this most excellent treatise, has exposed not only the error but so ably shown what the true meaning of biblical regeneration is from the Word of God. God grant that our generation may return to this truth as set forth in the Scriptures." - Robert G. den Dulk, D.D., Chairman, den Dulk Christian Foundation; President Emeritus, Westminster Seminary California


Introduction: What's Happened to Christianity?

Decisional Regeneration and Evangelism

Decisional Regeneration and Altar Calls

Decisional Regeneration and Preaching

Decisional Regeneration and Theology

What Must We Do?

How Can You Become a Christian?

How to Spread the Good News

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"I read 'Decisional Regeneration' just after it first appeared in 1972. It was used of God to establish a vital perspective for me concerning the Bible's presentation of true conversion and the way in which God's Word sets forth the kind of preaching and evangelism that is consistent with that teaching. I am delighted to see this small volume again available in an updated version. It zeros in on the main multi-faceted question... Does a lost person hold the key to set himself free from the prison of his own spiritual morgue? Is it by his own prerogative and power to use a mechanical process to affect his own new birth? Or is the sinner entirely dependent upon the sovereign mercy of One who truly holds the key? We must insist, as did Jesus, on genuine conversions. In order to obtain them, we must preach, witness and deal with inquirers in the same way as did our Lord. May our God give this little work a large distribution to help us to this end." - Robert B. Selph, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Taylors SC

"The number of translations that exist for "Decisional Regeneration" attest to the fact that man's tendency to dilute and/or contaminate the gospel of God's grace is not merely a cultural, but a human problem. When I was serving as a missionary in Latin America, this little work was one of the most significant contributions to gospel clarity that we distributed to hundreds of pastors. James Adams calls our generation of Christians, with the example and exhortation of a true missionary-evangelist, to return and to trust completely in the power of the gospel to save; and that practically, our love for the truth should be rivaled only by our love for the souls of men." - Don Donell, missionary/church planter, Crosspoint Church, Asheville, NC