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John A. Broadus, edited by Edwin C. Dargan

This is the classic "Dargan Edition" of John A. Broadus' masterful treatise on "The Preparation and Delivery of Sermons" updated in 1897 by his colleague, Edwin Charles Dargan.

Originally written in 1870, this book became the standard text-book for more than a generation, passing through 22 editions in the US alone. It was used as a text in the United Kingdom, Japan, China and Brazil in the 19th century. It has been updated twice in the 20th century, but these updates, in many ways, were unfaithful to Broadus' original work. There is nothing like "The Dargan Edition" of Broadus.

This paperback volume is nearly 600 pages in length.


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Words from His Day...

"No other work on the same subject, published in this century, has sold so largely in so short a time, while the religious and secular press, in all parts of the country, has almost universally commended it in strong and earnest notices. Its immediate republication in London was followed by the endorsement of Bishop Ellicott, Rev. C.H. Spurgeon, and the religious periodicals demonstrating that it met with equal favor abroad."
- The Original Publisher

"Abounds in excellent hints, rules, and suggestions. It is very lucid in style--must do good on a large scale."
- Southern Presbyterian

"We have read the book with absorbing interest. Rich, deep thoughts and eminently practical suggestions abound through these pages."
- Associate Reformed Presbyterian

"A good book; full of instruction, rich, varied and exhaustive."
- Princeton Review

"Sunday School superintendents and teachers will be guided, helped, and strengthened by it."
- Sunday School Times

Words from Our Day...

"John A. Broadus' Treatise on the Preparation and Delivery of Sermons is truly a classic work in the field of homiletics. Its value is proven by its continued use, well over a century after its original publication. Four revised editions have been prepared, intended to update previous versions in various ways. While such revisions have proven useful, they have also created distance from the author and his thought. E. C. Dargan's revision is arguably the best volume for understanding Broadus' ideas. Prepared in 1897 (two years after Broadus' death), it incorporates changes that Broadus intended to make, and had discussed with Dargan, his successor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Accordingly, this edition represents Broadus at his best, matured through twenty-five years of preaching and studying and teaching the subject."
- Robert A. Vogel, Professor of Preaching, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY

"This edition of Broadus' classic work on preaching is simply the best that ever appeared. It reflects the mature thinking of the author and incorporates many of his private notes from lectures that he himself planned to incorporate into a revised edition before his death in 1895. His friend, colleague and fellow homiletics professor, E.C. Dargan, carefully incorporated those notes into the volume that originally appeared three years later. Its reappearance in our day will be a great aid to encouraging the recovery of biblical, applicatory preaching."
-Tom Ascol, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, FL