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CALVINISM IN HISTORY: A Political, Moral & Evangelizing Force
Nathaniel S. McFetridge

This little gem is filled with myriads of powerful testimonies concerning the Political, Moral and Evengelizing Force of the Doctrines of Grace.

"I do not know of any other book that sets forth so effectively and yet in such a brief form the real nature of Calvinism and the effect that it has had in history." Loraine Boettner

"This is a readable and happy account of Calvinism in history." Rousas Rushdoony

"This book sure-footedly guides us over the terrain of Calvinism's broadsweeping political and moral influence, concluding that Calvinism's evangelistic power results from the doctrines of grace, particularly justification by faith alone." Joel Beeke

It is a privilege for Solid Ground to bring this book back into print with the sincere desire that it will travel throughout the world and bear witness to the truth of the great doctrines of Augustine and Calvin.




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Author's Preface
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Author's Preface

This little book is made up of six lectures which were delivered in the Wakefield Presbyterian Church, Germantown, Pennsylvania, and of whose publication I had, at the time, no thought. The Lectures were the result of my leisure reading on the subject during several years of a busy pastorate. On leaving the theological school at Allegheny, I hardly knew whether I was a Calvinist or an Arminian, or a nameless compound of both, although I had the benefit of Dr. A.A. Hodge's matchless teaching, which I now regard as one of the greatest blessings on my life. In that very uncomfortable-yet very natural-state of mind I set myself to a course of reading, doctrinal and historical, as opportunity offered. One of the results of that reading was these Lectures. My main object in these discourses was to look into the workings of the system of doctrines called "Calvinistic," and by its effects upon those who most heartily adopted it to form some estimate of its character. Therefore it is that I have brought forward the testimony of a large number of accepted authorities, many of whom are not Calvinists, and consequently not prejudiced in favor of Calvinism.

One difficulty with which I constantly met in writing these Lectures was that of getting so large a subject within limits so narrow. And although I have gone over the ground enthusiastically, I have endeavored to examine the subject honestly, my own peculiar state of mind precluding all controversial designs. Certainly, I can say that not one unfair statement has been intended; and I trust that the cast of the language employed will not lead anyone to infer the opposite.

Hoping, then, that this little book, which to me has been a laboring of love, will be of some use, and that it may speak a word in favor of a system of doctrine which, however regarded, is based on the truths of God's word and the facts of human experience, I send it forth into the great world of letters.

N.S. McFetridge
Germantown, Philadelphia, PA
January 2, 1882