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FOR THE WORK OF THE MINISTRY: A Manual of Homiletical and Pastoral Theology
William G. Blaikie

"My personal favorite book for pastors is William Blaikie's For the Work of the Ministry. How I rejoice that this outstanding manual of homiletics and pastoral theology is being reprinted! Blaikie (1820-1899), who ministered in the Free Church of Scotland for 25 years before accepting the position of Professor of Apologetics and Pastoral Theology at the New College in Edinburgh, offers a brilliant overview of everything from the nature of and call to the ministry to Supplementary Hints on subjects like visitation of the sick, home mission work, and evangelistic movements. His advice on everything from pastoral care of the young to fulfilling pastoral engagements and meetings is full of mature wisdom which is as applicable today as it was over a century ago." - Pastor Bill Shishko


First published in 1883 this 347 page volume contains some of the finest material ever penned on the Public Ministry of our Lord, especially as it applies to His Teaching Ministry. While most acknowledge that we are to seek to imitate Christ in His earthly life, few have examined how we can follow Him as the Model Teacher and Preacher. Blaikie is himself a master teacher and he sets out for us The Model Teacher on page after page of brilliant exposition.


Our Lord's Ministry as an Example

Preparation for His Ministry

Inner Spirit of His Ministry

Outer Features of His Ministry

Beginning of His Judaean Ministry

Beginning of His Galilean Ministry

His Work as a Teacher

Elements of Impression in His Teaching: Internal, Structural, Illustrations

Parabolic Discourses

Public Discourses- Sermon on the Mount

The College of the Twelve

Dealings with the Apostles

Dealings with Different Classes: Outside the Kingdom, On the Kingdom Borders, Inside the Kingdom

His Farewell

His Re-Appearance

William G. Blaikie (1820-1899), who ministered in the Free Church of Scotland for 25 years before accepting the position of Professor of Apologetics and Pastoral Theology at the New College in Edinburgh, opens the text of Joshua in a way that brings this significant material to life. Wonderful application in every chapter.

"Few writers have bequeathed to posterity such a legacy of devout exposition and reverent scholarship as William Garden Blaikie. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, when Sir William Robertson Nicoll began work on The Expositor's Bible, he wisely invited Dr. Blaikie to contribute commentaries on the Book of Joshua and the Books of First and Second Samuel. Blaikie's studies of these portions of the Old Testament rank among the finest ever produced." - Cyril J. Barber


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Additional Information
Author's Preface
Table of Contents
Introduction to New Edition

Author's Preface

The object of this book is to present in short compass a comprehensive view of the leading subjects that bear on the work of the Christian Ministry.

It has been the aim of the writer of the volume to make it the completest work on homiletical and pastoral theology, and also the most practical. He is very grateful for the favorable reception which it has received in various churches and countries, and is especially pleased to hear of the aid which some foreign missionaries have derived from it, in the training of native preachers. It can never be expected that on such a subject all one's views shall be accepted; the great matter is to bring the various points under the notice of young preachers, so that their own judgment may be exercised upon them, and their course in reference to them intelligently and deliberately settled.

The author has not deemed it necessary to remove a few things which have a somewhat local or denominational reference, believing that these will not essentially interfere with the catholic spirit and aim of the book.