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John Eadie

" Everything that John Eadie wrote is pure gold. He was simply the best exegete of his generation. His commentaries on Paul's epistles are valued highly by careful expositors. The only regret the purchaser of these volumes will have is that Eadie did not write commentaries on the rest of the Bible. Solid Ground Christian Books has done a great service by bringing Eadie's works back into print." - Dr. Robert P. Martin

According to the New Schaff-Herzog Enclyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, "These commentaries of John Eadie are marked by candor and clearness as well as by an evangelical unction not common in works of the kind."

John Eadie (1810-1876) was a prominent Scottish Seccession and United Presbyterian Church minister and New Testament scholar. He was appointed Professor of Biblical Literature in the United Presbyterian Divinity Hall in 1843. His widely acclaimed commentaries on Paul's epistles prompted his appointment to the New Testament committee preparing the Revised Version of the Bible in English.



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Additional Information
Biographical Sketch

Biographical Sketch

John Eadie (May 9, 1810 - June 3, 1876), Scottish theologian and biblical critic, was born at Alva, in Stirlingshire.

Having taken the arts curriculum at the University of Glasgow, he studied for the ministry at the Divinity Hall of the Secession Church, a dissenting body which, on its union a few years later with the Relief Church, adopted the title United Presbyterian.

In 1835 he became minister of the Cambridge Street Secession church in Glasgow, and for many years he was generally regarded as the leading representative of his denomination in Glasgow. As a preacher, though he was not eloquent, he was distinguished by good sense, earnestness and breadth of sympathy. In 1863 he removed with a portion of his congregation to a new church at Lansdowne Crescent.

In 1843 Eadie was appointed professor of biblical literature and hermeneutics in the Divinity Hall of the United Presbyterian body. He held this appointment along with his ministerial charge till the close of his life. Though not a profound scholar, he was surpassed by few biblical commentators of his day in range of learning, and in soundness of judgment. In the professor's chair, as in the pulpit, his strength lay in the tact with which he selected the soundest results of biblical criticism, whether his own or that of others, and presented them in a clear and connected form, with a constant view to their practical bearing.

He received the degree of LL.D from Glasgow in 1844, and that of D.D. from St Andrews in 1850. His publications were connected with biblical criticism and interpretation, some of them being for popular use and others more strictly scientific. To the former class belong the Biblical Cyclopaedia, his edition of Cruden's Concordance, his Early Oriental History, and his discourses on the Divine Love and on Paul the Preacher; to the latter his Commentaries on the Greek text of St Paul's epistles to the Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians and Galatians, published at intervals in four volumes. His last work was the History of the English Bible (2 vols, 1876). He rendered good service as one of the revisers of the authorized version. He died at Glasgow on the 3rd of June 1876.