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BIBLE ANIMALS and Lessons Taught by Them for Children
Richard Newton

"We enter now on a new course of sermons for the young. The subject of these sermons will be Bible Natural History. We shall take up one after another of the different beasts and birds mentioned in the Bible, and, in their habits and characters, try to find illustrations of some of the truths taught us in the Bible, and of the duties that spring out of these truths." -from the Author

"Just the thing to put into the hands of the young folks. Dr. Newton is a prince among writers to the young." - The British Weekly

"For clearness, simplicity, and vigor of style, together with wealth of apt illustration, there are no books for the young that 'hold the field' with greater tenacity than those of Rev. Richard Newton. They are packed full of entertainment, always mingled with spiritual instruction of the best sort; and the inetrest is kept up by the breadth of the field from which the author gleans his anecdotes." - The Christian Leader

"Write on, good Dr. Newton, our children will never grow tired of your emblems and stories. Every teacher should read this book and then repeat it to his class. Anything for the young by Dr. Richard Newton should be within reach of every Sunday-school teacher and student." - The Sword and the Trowel

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Table of Contents
New Introduction

Table of Contents

THE LION - Proverbs 30:30
THE SHEEP - John 10:14,27
THE CAMEL - Leviticus 11:4
THE HORSE - Job 39:19
THE DEER - Psalm 42:1
THE BEE - Psalm 118:12
THE EAGLE - Proverbs 30:19
THE ANT - Proverbs 6:6
THE BEAR - Amos 5:18,19
THE STORK - Psalm 104:16,17
THE ASS - Numbers 22:27
THE ELEPHANT - 1 Kings 10:22
THE SCORPION - Deuteronomy 8:15
THE DOVE - Matthew 10:16
THE MONKEY - 1 Kings 10:22
THE DOG - Psalm 22:20