SGCB | FROM TORONTO TO EMMAUS: The Empty Tomb and the Journey from Skepticism to FaithA Rational and Scriptural Response to "The Lost Tomb of Jesus"

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FROM TORONTO TO EMMAUS: The Empty Tomb and the Journey from Skepticism to FaithA Rational and Scriptural Response to "The Lost Tomb of Jesus"
James R. White

Once again the world is attacking the Biblical Doctrine of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The latest form is the book entitled "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" which is being featured in a documentary being aired on The Discovery Channel in the beginning of March. James R. White has determined to give a rational and Scriptural response to this most recent attack in order to give the people of God information they can use to refute these vicious attacks upon the very foundation of our faith. The Apostle Paul declared, "For if the dead are not raised, not even Christ has been raised; and if Christ has not been raised, your faith is worthless; you are still in your sins. Then those also who have fallen asleep in Christ have perished. If we have hoped in Christ in this life only, we are of all men most to be pitied." (1 Corinthians 15:16-19)

"James White adroitly dismantles the latest pseudo-scientific ploy of the skeptics. These increasingly clumsy and self-contradictory attempts to discredit the biblical account of the resurrection seem to reflect a growing level of desperation among Christianity's postmodern critics. Dr. White wonderfully responds to this flash-in-the-pan silliness with some timeless truth, highlighting why the Resurrection is vital to all Christian belief, and demonstrating why the testimony of Scripture is trustworthy." - Dr. John MacArthur

"James White has done it again. This timely book handles the infidel ravings of people dedicated to destroy Christianity with care and precision. It is a devastating refutation of an outrageous claim." - Dr. Jay Adams

"James White has done a splendid job of answering questions that would have been raised in the minds of thoughtful inquirers by the sensationalistic but dubious documentary 'The Lost Tomb of Jesus' by James Cameron and Simcha Jacobovici. Readers who think Christians are afraid of hard data will have to think again after reading this rapidly produced but superbly informed and rigorously reasoned rejoinder." - Dr. Ligon Duncan

"James White has applied his considerable skill as a Bible scholar and apologist to the task of debunking the latest bunk in 'the historical Jesus vs. the biblical Christ' false dichotomy so loved by theological liberals. The new bunk in question is the film The Lost Tomb of Jesus and the pseudo-scholarship and wacky-science that precipitated it. In a word, Dr. White readily shows that Christianity is perfectly safe from this lame attempt to stab it under the fifth rib." Dr. Robert P. Martin

"In light of I Peter 3:15, all Christians must heed the apologist's call. I am thankful that the church and the academy have in James White an able teacher to help "the rest of us" fulfill that happy task. 'From Toronto to Emmaus' is yet another superb piece of armor forged by this master craftsman." - Dr. David W. Bailey

"The Lost Tomb of Jesus documentary is a direct attack upon the reliability of the Resurrection of Christ and that makes it a direct attack upon the heart of Christianity. James White knows it. Here he cuts through the spin, exposing layers of inconsistencies and frequently turning his readers back to Scripture. But this book's enduring contribution to the church will be the reaffirmation that history and theology are inseparably bound." Tony Reinke

"James White has earned a reputation among evangelicals as a careful biblical scholar and as a skillful defender of the faith. His reasoned response to the alleged burial tomb of Jesus exposes this theory's numerous unwarranted speculations, errors, and contradictions. This brief book also reminds people of the Gospel message and of the authentic case for the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ." - Dr. Kenneth Samples

"How times remain the same; and, our need for valiant warriors stays constant. James White is to be applauded for taking pen in hand to fight against this hoax while directing all to the faith once delivered." - Dr. Mike Renihan

" We've come to expect that every year, just before Easter, the worldwide media will publish some ostensibly monumental new finding about 'the quest for the historical Jesus.' These are actually thinly-veiled attacks on core Christian beliefs--rooted in shameless cynicism. The "lost tomb" hoax of 2007 was one of the cheesiest, most offensive such assaults, boldly claiming that after nearly two millennia, credible scientific evidence--including DNA tests--had led certain 'experts' to conclude that the tomb of Jesus had finally been located. 'He is not risen; He is here,' the media reported with breathless gullibility.

The fact that it took James White barely more than two weeks to write a book that conclusively debunks the entire 'Jesus tomb' hoax demonstrates two important things: 1) The claims were obviously total rubbish and should never have been publicized in the first place; and 2) There may be no one better equipped than James White to defend the gospel skillfully in every major arena where it is currently under attack. Whether the battleground is historical, theological, textual, linguistic, or biblical, you can count on James to be ready to give a skilled defense of the truth and a convincing reason for the hope that is in him. I love him for that." - Phil Johnson

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Table of Contents



Why It Really Matters

The Argument

The Heart of the Story: Mary Magdalene MIA

DNA: The Fingerprint of God

Statistics and the Jerusalem Phonebook

Patina, Knights Templar, and Twins

Cameron's View of Christianity

The Road to Emmaus

Summary of Errors

Appendix I: On the Resurrection

Appendix II: A Word to Atheists and Materialists

Appendix III: The Christian Message