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THE MISSION OF SORROW: Classic Treatise on God's Gracious Purposes in our Afflictions
Gardner Spring

"The Mission of Sorrow by Spring, is one of the most complete books ever written on the subject of SORROW. Each chapter builds upon the other, until the sorrowing believer is brought at last to heaven." David Ash, of Shiloh Online Library

"This is real writing! It is deeply devotional reflecting the fine writing of the period. I read the apt illustration of President Samuel Davie's mother who said, as she looked at her son in his coffin, 'There lies my only son and there lies the will of God, and I am satisfied.'" - Geoff Thomas, Pastor in Aberystwyth, Wales

The nine chapters are as follows:

Chapter 1 - Sorrow God's Witness

Chapter 2 - Sorrow Deserved

Chapter 3 - Submission Under Sorrow

Chapter 4 - Sorrow Distrubs Idolatrous Attachments

Chapter 5 - Sorrow The Friend of Christian Graces

Chapter 6 - Sorrow Taking Lessons from the Bible

Chapter 7 - Sorrow At the Throne of Grace

Chapter 8 - Meetness for Heaven Through Sorrow

Chapter 9 - No Sorrow There



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Additional Information

Publisherís Preface to New Edition

Publisherís Preface to New Edition

Gardiner Spring was a powerful preacher and a gifted writer, but above all he was a faithful and tender shepherd. Whenever he saw a need he sought to meet it with the Word of God and prayer. The little book you hold in your hand is a case in point.

The Mission of Sorrow was written during the early years of the great conflict that was tearing his beloved country apart: The War Between the States. As a pastor his heart was deeply touched by the thousands upon thousands of young men being injured and killed during this tragic war. Within his own congregation there was great loss and his desire was to address his people from the Scriptures on Godís Purposes in our Afflictions.

Solid Ground Christian Books is honored to send forth this little work back into the world of sin and misery. Sorrow did not end in 1862. As we are reminded in the book of Job, "Man is born to trouble as the sparks fly upward." Our Lord declared to His chosen disciples, "In this world you have tribulation..." but he immediately added, "Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." It is apparent that our Lordís victory over sin and death did not mean that His people would not face severe trials in the future.

Pastor Spring draws from Holy Scripture and Christian hymnody as he seeks to comfort those who mourn. His words were very carefully chosen as he sought to minister to those facing sorrow. In this he has set us a wonderful example. May the Lord be pleased to use this little work to speak to the hearts of those who suffer, as well as to those who seek to serve them in their sorrow. May the God of all comfort teach us through our trials so that we can comfort others with the comfort we have received from His tender hand.

Michael A. Gaydosh
November 2007