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Truths about the Church for All the Saints


The church of Jesus Christ has but one foundation, Christ Himself. But upon that stone must come basic fundamental truths taught by the Bible. This book is a collection of writings produced throughout the fires and challenges of a quarter-century of pastoral ministry, being written with wisdom, insight, humility, and practicality, in order to instruct and

equip the people of God. There is plenty in this book for Christians in all phases of the Christian walk. It begins with 'Your Baptismal Class Notes,' teaching the essence of the Christian faith, the meaning of baptism, and laying out the basic responsibilities of Christians within the church. From there Conrad practically and soundly address vital themes and issues in the church such as biblical church government, the Lord's Supper, the role of women in the church, challenges in today's pastoral ministry, worship in the church, church and state relationships, inter-church relationships, and specifically those

partnering relationships which exist for the sake of missions. There is a sense in which Conrad's African culture and context, coming face to face with God's great and eternal truths, helps to shed more light on certain aspects of the church than Westerners often

experience. In a market so full of church resources, Foundations for the Flock makes a real and helpful contribution to the literature. Moreover, while dealing with profound issues and themes the author avoids overly technical jargon, but speaks the truth plainly.


Since 1987 Conrad Mbewe (pronounced em-bay-way) has been pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia. He is widely known as 'the Spurgeon of Africa' for both his preaching and devotion to the ministry. His church is presently overseeing the start of more than twenty baptist churches in Africa, often reaching out in communities where there is little or no evangelical witness. In recent years he has been in high demand as a

conference speaker and missions adviser. He writes two articles every week for national Zambian newspapers, edits the Reformation Zambia magazine, is President of a small Reformed Baptist Seminary, and recently spoke at national conference for The Gospel Coalition Conference in Chicago, IL, USA. As a churchman, he has been interviewed by Tim Challies of challies.com, by Mark Dever of 9Marks ministries, and D.A. Carson of The Gospel Coalition. To this day the influence of his ministry continues to deepen and expand.


Fred Malone, Pastor and Contributing Editor of 'The Founder's Journal'

"No ivory-tower theoretician here! I thank our brother for providing such a useful work on building local churches to God's glory. Pastor Mbewe's book would be of great benefit to pastors and students in the pasatoral ministry. It is both profound and practical. Self-consciously, he has not tried to define and evaluate every position and difference on the topics. He wants to expound positively his understanding of God's Word on the church and to apply it as best he can. I believe he has accomplished this well. The church of the Lord Jesus Christ has found a valiant defender!" (from the Foreword)

Tom Ascol, Pastor and Editor of Dear Timothy: Letters on Pastoral Ministry

"Conrad Mbewe gives us the fruit of his thoughtful, experienced and biblical reflections on the church. He writes as a practitioner whose love for the church has kept him shepherding one congregation for nearly 25 years. With the insight of a theologian and the care of a pastor Conrad addresses vital themes that every church member and leader must consider in order to follow Christ faithfully. I recommend this book as a helpful manual on practical ecclesiology."

Erroll Hulse, Director of Evangelical Press

"This volume is bedded in Scripture, covers the basics (read the contents!), is amazingly practical and is eminently readable. I am thrilled to see such a bright light shining in the very heart of Africa. It is a book for all nations and I hope in due course that it will be translated into other languages.

Martin Holdt, Rector of the Afrikaans Baptist Seminary, South Africa

"A combination of rich experience, great spiritual enlightenment, profound wisdom, and theological truth that cannot but stir the hearts of pastors and people. When the book is backed up by the author's effective and so very fruitful ministry it becomes a 'must read'! It will make it's readers think, act and even repent where necessary for the growth and health of the church. An absolutely wonderful book!'

Ronald Kalifungwa, Pastor of Lusaka Baptist Church, Zambia

"If Conrad Mbewe's preaching corresponds to that of Charles Spurgeon, his abilities at shepherding must approximate that of the puritan, Richard Baxter. For in typical Baxterian style he offers to the church of Jesus Christ something of a christian directory. Having laid down the rudiments of the christian faith, he then goes on to open up the ecclesiastical things most surely believed among those of a reformed baptistic faith. Saints from all walks of life, pastors and laymen alike, should find ready help in this eccelesiastical encyclopedia.'

Mark Dever, President of 9Marks (an organization committed to the health of the local church)

"Pastorally very useful, especially the thoughtful, long section on congregations cooperating together in gospel work."

SGCB Price: $19.95 (list price $26.00)
Selected from A Christian Directory
RICHARD BAXTER, Edited by Randall Pedersen, Intro. by J.I. Packer

In twenty-first century America, at a time when the family structure is crumbling, divorce rates are at an all-time high, and respect for parents is diminishing, The Godly Home serves as a balm for those seeking God's plan for the family. With an introduction by J. I. Packer, this book includes topics for those passionate about families or those teaching on the characteristics of a godly family. Richard Baxter covers topics such as marriage, children, and family worship methodically and comprehensively through both hypothetical and real-life questions and concerns that arise in family dynamics. He uses arguments, objections, and frequent Scripture to help husbands, wives, and children to live godly lives.More than three centuries ago, Puritan church leader Baxter compiled a 1,143-page tome entitled Christian Directory, which included a section on family life. The Godly Home is the only stand-alone version of that section of Christian Directory. Editor Randall Pederson has updated the language and syntax to make this seventeenth-century collection of words one that will continue on for generations to come.

Endorsement: "The Puritans elevated the concept that our homes and families should be like little churches and godly enclaves more than anyone else in church history. They preached scores of sermons and wrote numerous books on how to live as Christian husbands, wives, and children. One of the most important among these books was written by Richard Baxter and has long been buried in miniscule print in his A Christian Directory. In The Godly Home, Randall Pederson has masterfully edited Baxter's tour de force on the duties of husbands, wives, children, and teenagers in building God-glorifying homes. Though a few items in this book may seem outdated, the vast majority of it provides solid, convicting, and instructive biblical advice. If every Christian family, by the Spirit's grace, conscientiously practiced the godly piety Baxter commends in this book, homes, churches, and nations would be truly transformed for good and we would see better days ahead." - Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Puritan family classics


SGCB Price: $12.95 (list price $18.00)

SGCB Price: $49.50 (list price $71.00)
In addition to the above title this includes Build a Godly Home by Gouge & Matrimonial Honor by Rogers

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Albert Mohler, Conrad Mbewe, Geoff Thomas, J.I. Packer, Joel Beeke, John MacArthur, John Piper, John Snyder, and Many More

“The Puritans, as a body, have done more to elevate the national character than any class of Englishmen that ever lived. Ardent lovers of civil liberty, and ready to die in its defense—mighty at the council board, and no less mighty in the battlefield—feared abroad throughout Europe, and invincible at home while united—great with their pens, and no less great with their swords—fearing God very much, and fearing men very little—they were a generation of men who have never received from their country the honor that they deserve.” –J.C. Ryle (introduction to Thomas Manton’s Works, 2:xi)

Joyless. Severe. Fanatical. "Haunted by the fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy." That's the Puritan reputation. But to what extent is that reputation deserved? Drawing on the latest research, and featuring interviews with some of the most celebrated scholars in the field, this beautiful and atmospheric new documentary takes us from the birth of Puritanism all the way through to its influence in the present day.

The people featured in this video include:

Albert Mohler, Conrad Mbewe, Geoff Thomas, Gloria Furman, Ian Hamilton, Jeremy Walker, J.I. Packer, Joel Beeke, John MacArthur, John Piper, John Snyder, Kevin DeYoung, Leland Ryken, Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever, Michael Reeves, Rosaria Butterfield, Sinclair Ferguson, Stephen Nichols, and Steven Lawson



Feature length documentary. Runtime: 127 minutes*.


Discs 2-5 contain 16* teaching sessions on different Puritans and 19* teaching sessions on different Puritan themes. 6th Disc has special features.


Built around the teaching sessions for Disc 2 and 3.


A special, decorative, exclusive hardback book by Dr. Joel Beeke and Dr. Michael Reeves.

Teaching Sessions

PART ONE: Puritan Pastors and Influential Figures

1. William Perkins

2. Richard Sibbes

3. Oliver Cromwell

4. Thomas Goodwin

5. Richard Baxter

6. John Owen

7. Christopher Love

8. John Bunyan

9. John Flavel

10. Matthew Henry

11. American Puritans

12. Jonathan Edwards

13. Puritan Women: Katherine Willoughby and Anne Bradstreet

PART TWO: Puritan-Minded Figures

14. Dutch “Puritans”: Gisbertus Voetius and Wilhemus à Brakel

15. Scottish “Puritan”: Samuel Rutherford

16. Twentieth-Century “Puritan”: D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

PART THREE: Puritan Teaching

17. The Westminster Assembly

18. Puritans on Regeneration and Conversion

19. Puritans on Conscience

20. Puritans on Zeal

21. Puritans on Suffering and Providence

22. Puritans on Marriage

23. Puritans on Family

24. Puritans on Education

25. Puritans on Work and Money

26. Puritans on Shepherding

27. Puritans on Preaching

28. Puritans on Church and Worship

29. Puritans on the Sabbath

30. Puritans on Evangelism and Missions

31. Puritans on Awakening and Revival

32. Puritans on Politics and Culture

33. Puritans on Paedo-baptist Covenant Theology

34. Seventeenth-Century, Baptistic Covenant Theology

PART FOUR: Puritan Legacy

35. Practical Conclusions


SGCB Price: $75.00 (list price $150.00)

THE WORKBOOK (Order 1-9 copies)
SGCB Price: $12.00 (list price $20.00)

THE WORKBOOK (Order 10+ copies)
SGCB Price: $11.00 (list price $20.00)
Comforts and Counsels for the Aged
William Schenck

This choice volume was compiled in 1868 and comprises a wonderful compendium of writings on the subject of the believer's home in heaven. Containing hymns, poems, sermons and articles it mines the rich vein of truth in the Word of God concerning the glory that awaits the believer.

Wrtiters include such well-known authors as Horatius Bonar, Archibald Alexander, John Newton, Richard Baxter, Paul Gerhardt, William Romaine, Isaac Watts, Thomas Guthrie, J.W. Alexander, William Cowper, Augustus Toplady, Gardiner Spring, Charlotte Elliot, William Plumer, Philip Doddridge and many, many more.

What William Schenck states in his Preface is equally true today:

"In this day, when so much labor is expended in producing almost innumerable books for the young, there is a danger of our neglecting the aged ones who are about to pass off this stage of life."

Those engaged in visiting the elderly will find this a most helpful source of counsel and comfort, whilst all may benefit from its contents.

Hardcover volume with a dust jacket
SGCB Price: $19.95 (list price $34.00)

Order with our Title LIGHT AT EVENING TIME
SGCB Price: $31.95 (list price $59.00)

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A Treatise of the Blessed State of the Saints in their Enjoyment of God in Glory
Richard Baxter

Throughout his life, Richard Baxter suffered from poor health. During one of the most serious periods of illness, he began writing The Saints' Everlasting Rest, to provide fitting meditations on the theme of heaven. It was published in 1650 and has become one of the best-known of all Puritan writings, and a rich source of comfort and instruction about eternal realities. Baxter (1615-1691) was a leading Puritan in England, whose marvelous ministry in the city of Kidderminster was used of God to dramatically transform the town. He is well-known for his over 60 books.

His writings, says J.I. Packer, are "brilliant , passionate, eloquent, honest, open-hearted, sharpsighted, and wholly devoted to the glory of God and the good of others..." They display a "flair for unselfconscious, self -revealing intimacy on paper." Wm. Bates noted in Baxter's writing, "àa vigorous pulseàthat keeps the reader awake and attentive."


20% Discount
SGCB Price: $23.99 (list price $30.00)
Richard Baxter

A Christian Directory

Hardcover , 948 pages

The Puritans knew that they would not be able to deal with manÆs problems if they did not understand the source from which all these problems flow. Therefore, they learned what the Bible had to say about the heart in order to address the problems and difficulties that flow from it.

In this book, Richard Baxter provides what many consider to be the greatest manual for biblical counseling ever produced. Baxter addresses a whole host of problems that flow from the inner self, providing biblical insight for dealing with sin and with other issues that trouble us in everyday life.

SGCB Price: $35.00 (list price $60.00)

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VALLEY OF VISION - A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions- Gift Edition, black bonded-leather; New Genuine Leather & Premium Goatskin Leather
Arthur Bennett

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: 'Valley of Vision' is finally available in Two New GENUINE LEATHER Gift Editions enclosed in a Protective Case.

(1) GENUINE LEATHER--This edition comes with a GENUINE LEATHER cover, and a single ribbon marker. It has a Smyth Sewn binding with feature hubs on the spine, and comes in a protective case. This edition is a nice step up from the bonded-leather edition. 432 pp - 978-1-84871-309-3 - List Price $70.00

(2) PREMIUM GOATSKIN--This is the top-of-the-line, hand-finished edition, with a GOATSKIN LEATHER cover, gilded filigree edging, and two ribbon markers. It has a Smyth Sewn binding with feature hubs on the spine, and comes in a protective case. This edition is noticeably more supple than the Genuine Leather. 432 pp - 978-1-84871-312-3 - List Price $130.00

Draw upon the inspiration of the elegant prayers of such Puritans as John Bunyan, Isaac Watts, David Brainerd, Augustus Toplady, and Charles Spurgeon. The Valley of Vision has been prepared not to simply supply Christians with prayers, but to prompt and encourage them as they walk upon the path of others who've gone before them. You'll relish the elegance of these writings as they transport you to the heavenly throne of grace. Topics include redemption and reconciliation, holy aspirations, penitence, and more.

Elegant gift edition in cabra bonded leather with gold stamping and gilt-edged pages. This edition opens with a presentation page and includes a satin ribbon page marker. Type is set in classic 12/14 point Adobe Caslon, on fine quality paper. May be imprinted.

'When used slowly, for meditation and prayer, these pages have often been used by God's Spirit to kindle my dry heart.' --MARK DEVER

'The prayers in The Valley of Vision are steeped in Scripture, yet never succumb to mere formula. They are theologically fresh and vibrant, yet they are rooted in confessionalism. They range over a huge sweep of Christian experience and devotion, but they are never merely esoteric or cute. They brim with deep emotion and transparent passion, but they carefully avoid mere sentimentalism. This is a book that teaches readers to pray by example.' --D.A. CARSON

'The Valley of Vision is a wonderful collection of Puritan prayers which both help to shape and inform our own private devotions and, perhaps more importantly, aid pastors as they seek to lead their congregations in prayer and into the presence of God.' -CARL TRUEMAN

'I cannot commend enough The Valley of Vision, which is a compilation of over two-hundred pages of Puritan prayers (each of which are one page in length). I pray through one of these prayers every day. Sometimes the prayers are so meaningful and relevant that I will pray through the same prayer for days. This is a wonderful aid to supplement one s own prayers. Indeed, these prayers will also teach one how to pray, and, at the same time, they teach theological truth. I cannot think of any Christian who would not benefit from these prayers.' -GREG BEALE

'It's amazing how frequently the prayers from the little book The Valley of Vision show up in our worship services. The Valley of Vision is a collection of Puritan prayers, and I would put them in that category. That is, they are thoughtful, reflective, and meditative. They're even written in a certain kind of cadence, if you've ever noticed, which is probably very intentional, so that they might be used in corporate settings. But they came out of a deep heart of communion with God.' --JOHN PIPER


The Valley of Vision


Thou hast brought me to the valley of vision,

where I live in the depths but see thee in the heights;

hemmed in by mountains of sin I behold thy glory.

Let me learn by paradox

that the way down is the way up,

that to be low is to be high,

that the broken heart is the healed heart,

that the contrite spirit is the rejoicing spirit,

that the repenting soul is the victorious soul,

that to have nothing is to possess all,

that to bear the cross is to wear the crown,

that to give is to receive,

that the valley is the place of vision.

Lord, in the daytime stars can be seen from deepest wells,

and the deeper the wells the brighter thy stars shine;

Let me find thy light in my darkness,

thy life in my death,

thy joy in my sorrow,

thy grace in my sin,

thy riches in my poverty,

thy glory in my valley.


"The prayers in this book are drawn from the largely forgotten deposit of Puritan spiritual exercises, meditations and aspirations. They testify to the richness and color of evangelical thought and language that animated vital piety in an important stream of English religious life. It is hoped that their publication will help to redress the neglect of this vast ocean of Puritan spirituality. The Puritan Movement was a religious phenomenon of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, yet its influence continued at least to the time of Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834–92) who may be regarded as the last of the great Puritans. Although the political storm ended in 1660, its theological ground-swell carried forward distinct forms of practical religion for many decades, particularly family worship and private devotion. In these spheres, and in that of the authority of Scripture over the whole of life, New England Presbyterians and Congregationalists were at one with English Dissenters and Anglican evangelicals in a close-knit union that transcended differences of worship, discipline and polity. They spoke the same spiritual language, shared the same code of values, adopted the same attitude towards the Christian religion, and breathed out the same God-centered aspirations in a manner that makes it impossible to distinguish the voice of conformist from that of nonconformist. Thus, this book of Puritan prayers has a unity not often found in similar works. The strength of Puritan character and life lay in the practice of prayer and meditation. Many of those who held the doctrines of grace wrote down a record of God’s intimate dealings with their souls, not with an eye to publication, but, as in David Brainerd’s case, to test their spiritual growth, and to encourage themselves by their re-perusal in times of low spiritual fervor. Others, like William Jay and Henry Law, turned their personal devotions into corporate forms for family worship, and published them to the church at large. Yet others, such as Philip Doddridge and William Romaine, wrote prayers into their literary works in order to evoke the reader’s spiritual response. Many ministers went further and advised their congregations to put their private prayer thoughts on paper and vocalize them. There thus emerged an important corpus of inspiring Puritan prayers that are still largely unused.

In extracting this selection from Puritan literature it has been necessary to change some prayers from the plural and the third person into the singular and the first person in order that the book might be used chiefly in private devotion. But, by a change of pronoun, most of them can be employed in corporate worship. A final section has been added for occasions of corporate worship. Old idiom has been retained, but it has been necessary to reframe some phrases in order to accommodate archaic thought to modern understanding. A number of prayers were originally spiritual experiences, as in the case of Thomas Shepard, and some others are conflations from different sources to bind together a given theme. A poetic form has been adopted throughout as an aid to easier comprehension and utterance. Each prayer consists of a number of main clauses with subsidiary clauses that illuminate and enlarge the subject. In this way an opportunity is provided for pauses and reflections. The editor is thus responsible for the structure of the prayers as here printed. The book is not intended to be read as a prayer manual. The soul learns to pray by praying; for prayer is communion with a transcendent and immanent God who on the ground of his nature and attributes calls forth all the powers of the redeemed soul in acts of total adoration and dedication. The prayers should therefore be used as aspiration units, the several parts of which could become springboards for the individual’s own prayer subjects. These and their divisions can also serve homiletic purposes. The prayers are taken from the works of Thomas Shepard, Thomas Watson, Richard Baxter, John Bunyan, Isaac Watts, William Williams, Philip Doddridge, William Romaine, David Brainerd, Augustus Toplady, Christmas Evans, William Jay, Henry Law and Charles Haddon Spurgeon. They are sent out with the prayer of Philip Doddridge, that, ‘However weak and contemptible this work may seem in the eyes of the children of this world, and however imperfect it really be, it may nevertheless live before thee, and through a divine power be mighty to produce the rise and progress of religion.’ I desire to thank the Rev. Iain H. Murray of the Banner of Truth Trust for his encouragement to produce this work, Mr. S. M. Houghton, many of whose kindly criticisms have been accepted, and the Rev. R. E. Davies, who helped to resolve theological points. I am grateful to the Trustees of the British Museum, Dr. Williams’ Library, and the Evangelical Library for access to out-of-print books. "

Arthur Bennett

bfs CDV 7/18 JKP LVS ddv l2o bots botn bl2s vvgl botx

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SGCB Price: $48.50 (list price $70.00)

SGCB Price: $94.50 (list price $130.00)

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THE TRAVELS OF TRUE GODLINESS from the beginning of the world to this present day : in an apt and pleasant allegory
Benjamin Keach

Benjamin Keach (1640-1704): important Particular Baptist preacher, author, and ardent defender of Baptist principles, even against Richard Baxter. Often in prison and frequently in danger for preaching the Gospel, he was the first to introduce singing hymns in the worship of English congregations.

"After defining godliness and showing its worthy pedigree and antiquity, 'the excellent Benjamin Keach' (as he was fondly called), allegorically personifies 'Godliness,' much as Bunyan did 'Christian.' He introduces us to more than two dozen enemies of godliness, then details Godliness's encounters with several of them, including apostasy, hypocrisy, legalism, antinomianism, worldliness, and Satan. We meet in graphic detail the temptations of youth and old age, of riches and poverty, as well as the joys of contentment, thoughtfulness, kindness, and love. This is a fascinating read by the most important Baptist thinker of his day, designed to stir us up to a greater pursuit of godliness." - Dr. Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"While The Pilgrim's Progress is the most famous of the Christian journey allegories of the seventeenth century, it is not the only one. Though nearly forgotten today, Benjamin Keach's 'The Travels of True Godliness' was in the eighteenth century nearly as popular as Bunyan's great work. It is a great blessing to see it back in print. We hope that many will read, enjoy and benefit from it." - Dr. James M. Renihan

"Most modern men don't think deeply. If there is something called 'true godliness,' for a contrast to stand, there must also be a form of religion that is not true and straight, but false. The former is rare in the world; the latter abounds even in the churches. "The Travels of True Godliness" is a road map for and about those on God's narrow way. For others, if the directions of God go unheard and unheeded, 'true godliness' will remain a quaint curiosity on the road to destruction." - Dr. Mike Renihan

"Those who adopt as one of their modes of benevolence, the distribution of awakening tracts, will find this happily suited to their purpose, and adapted to a great variety of characters. To Christians it will prove an excellent closet companion, containing judicious and satisfactory helps to self-examination, and designating the true and false marks of grace with remarkable precision. May the divine blessing attend it." - from the Preface by Howard Malcolm, editor of this revised edition, dated June 1, 1829



BK3 10/3

Nearly 50% Discount
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Order the Complete Benjamin Keach Trilogy
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THE MARROW OF TRUE JUSTIFICATION: or Justification Without Works
Benjamin Keach

"The Marrow of True Justification" or Justification Without Works contains the substance of two sermons preached on Romans 4:5, wherein the nature of justification is opened as it has been formerly asserted by all sound Protestants; and the present errors against the said doctrine detected.

"Justification by faith alone, that central doctrinal feature of the Reformation, has proven to be a controversial issue down through the years. This is not surprising, since it undermines the perennial human desire to have human merit as the basis for salvation. But this doctrine is eminently biblical. Moreover, it glorifies God and puts human beings in their place in a God-centred universe.

Controversy erupted over this doctrine towards the end of the Puritan era, and it has to be admitted that Richard Baxter, such a good guide to Puritan views on ethical issues, was behind the theological errors to which Benjamin Keach ably responds in this vital work. But why reprint this work from a bygone day and old controversy? For the simple fact that theological error on this issue is not relegated to the past. As significant sectors of Evangelicalism careen towards theological disaster in our day, this issue of how a person is made right with God has again become a matter of debate and acrimonious dispute. And here Keach can help us.

So read this work! Defend with your last breath the biblical doctrine herein recommended! And glorify the God who justifies the wicked!" - Dr. Michael Haykin

"The publication of Benjamin Keach's 'The Marrow of True Justification' is a timely and welcome addition to the growing body of literature from 17th Century Particular Baptist authors. This is especially true for two reasons. On the one hand, it provides us with a helpful insight into their wonderful grasp of the gospel and its nature. They were clear in their understanding of law and grace, forgiveness, the nature of the work of Christ and everything else related to a clear proclamation of the gospel. But on the other hand, it helps us to see that modern errors and deviations from the purity of the gospel are not new. They are simply old heresies dressed in modern terms. Keach's work calls us back to the well-established path of Scripture and Reformed Theology. I pray that this work will be read far and wide and strengthen our resolve to preach Christ and his gospel in purity and simplicity. Thank you, SGCB for this reprint." - Dr. James Renihan

"There has been, and always will be, only one way of salvation for sinners who believe and that is by Christ's righteousness imputed. It is amazing that attacks on imputed righteousness continue even in our 21st century. Here in Keach we have a sterling example of how to defend this vital truth by thorough exposition. What an excellent example for us all today!" - Erroll Hulse

"Just as self-righteousness is not really righteousness, auto-justification is not a work of God's free grace. It is mankind, who "...[B]eing ignorant of Gods Righteousness, went about to establish their own Righteousness..." to justify themselves that they might boast. As for me, I'll take Keach's doctrine, and I'll take the righteousness of another as my only hope of glory." - Dr. Mike Renihan

Benjamin Keach (1640-1704): important Particular Baptist preacher, author, and ardent defender of Baptist principles, even against Richard Baxter. Often in prison and frequently in danger for preaching the Gospel, he was the first to introduce singing hymns in the worship of English congregations.




BK3 stst

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THE THEOLOGY OF MISSIONS IN THE PURITAN TRADITION: A Study of Representative Puritans: Richard Sibbes, Richard Baxter, John Eliot, Cotton Mather & Jonathan Edwards
Sidney H. Rooy

"A masterful examination of the Puritan's positive attitude toward missions and evangelism, showing their passionate desire to seek the salvation of the lost. Through the writings of five notable Puritans: Richard Sibbes, Richard baxter, John Eliot, Cotton Mather and Jonathan Edwards, Rooy explores Puritan missiology in its theological foundation, its development and establishment, and its progress. Individuals and churches alike will be inspired by this historical and theological survey of magisterial Puritans." - Joel Beeke

"Of excellent quality throughout, this volume traces out the theology that leads to the evangelization of the world: divine sovereignty and human responsibility, conversion, and the role of the church in missions. The biographical sketches enhance the volume. This is all rich material. Highlights for me are the practical section on evangelism from Richard Baxter's 'A Christian Directory' and the preceptive analysis of Jonathan Edwards' book 'A History of Redemption,' which the author suggests is perhaps Edwards' best claim to originality in theology. I commend this volume highly." - Erroll Hulse


Chapter One - RICHARD SIBBES: The Theological Foundation of the Mission

Chapter Two - RICHARD BAXTER: The Development of the Mission Idea

Chapter Three - JOHN ELIOT: The Establishment of the Mission

Chapter Four - COTTON MATER & JONATHAN EDWARDS: The Progress of the Mission


$10.00 Sale

60% Discount
SGCB Price: $12.80 (list price $32.00)
DAY BY DAY TRILOGY: English Puritans, Edwards & Calvin


A Book of 365 daily devotions by more than 80 different English Puritans, including

John Bunyan

Richard Baxter

John Flavel

Thomas Manton

Richard Sibbes

Thomas Watson and dozens more



SGCB Price: $12.00 (list price $18.95)

SGCB Price: $12.00 (list price $18.95)

SGCB Price: $12.50 (list price $19.95)

SGCB Price: $35.00 (list price $57.85)

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A GUIDE TO GO TO GOD: An Explanation of the Perfect Pattern of Prayer, the Lord's Prayer
WILLIAM GOUGE (1575-1653) with Foreword by Derek Thomas

“Gouge’s treatment of the Lord’s Prayer ranks with older treatments by John Calvin, Thomas Watson, Richard Baxter, and Herman Witsius, as well as more recent treatments by R.C. Sproul, J.I. Packer, and Albert Mohler.”

An Explanation of the Perfect Pattern of Prayer, the Lord's Prayer

William Gouge was a prominent member of the Westminster Assembly. This is his work on The Lord’s Prayer, first published in 1625. It is the first reprinting of this book in nearly 400 years.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Derek Thomas

1. The Excellence of the Lord's Prayer

2. The Manner of Handling Every Petition

3. The Second Petition

4. The Third Petition

5. The Fourth Petition

6. The Fifth Petition

7. The Sixth Petition

8. The Second Part of the Prayer: Praise


SGCB Price: $19.95 (list price $30.00)

SGCB Price: $35.00 (list price $55.00)

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A Book of Support and Comfort for the Aged
Edited by John Stanford Holme, Introduction by Stephen H. Tyng

"Light at Evening Time is a practical handbook that provides biblical counsel on virtually every area that concerns the elderly. Written by the cream of our church fathers and Reformed forebears, this book is an outstanding collection of treasures for those facing the challenges of senior years. Seniors would profit greatly by reading it once a year." --Dr. Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The perfect book for those who are advancing in years. This Large Print Volume contains more than 100 contiributions (all quite brief) from dozens of godly authors including; Augustine, Thomas Adams, J.W. Alexander, Richard Baxter, Horatius Bonar, Charles Bridges, Thomas Brooks, John Bunyan, Chrysostom, Samuel Davies, John Flavel, John Gill, Thomas Guthrie, Robert Hawker, Matthew Henry, James Hervey, John Howe, William Jay, F.W. Krummacher, Robert Leighton, Henry Martyn, Robert Murray M'Cheyne, John Milton, Hannah More, John Newton, Elizabeth Prentiss, William Romaine, Samuel Rutherford, Richard Sibbes, C.H. Spurgeon, Jeremy Taylor, A.M. Toplady, Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley, Mrs. Wesley, William Wilberforce, and Mary Winslow.

"The title of the work is well selected. There is but one light to this dark and sinful world. That is the gracious Savior, who visited this world for its full redemption, and who gave to its fallen, wandering ones the infallible assurance that whosoever 'followeth him shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.' Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, and the Lord of man, is the one living, adequate, glorious light on earth, for the aged and the young." -from the Introduction by Stephen H. Tyng, June 1873



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Joel Beeke & Diana Kleyn; and Joel Beeke & Glenda Mathes


The Reformation did not happen instantaneously; it was something God patiently arranged over a number of years. As you read this book, you will learn how the Lord used some people to plant the seeds of church reform long before October 31, 1517, when Martin Luther published his ninety-five theses. Luther's story is well-known; we trust you will find it interesting and instructive to read about him and about forty others (John Knox, Peter Martyr Vermigli, Zacharias Ursinus, Willem Teellinck, etc.) who contributed to the Reformation - some well known and others not so - most of whom are Reformation heroes. To provide a more full picture of the many sided Reformation, chapters are also included on the Anabaptist and Counter Reformation movements. The book concludes with a brief summary of the influence of the Reformation in different areas of life.

"I hope this book will help awaken youth in America to the vital truths set forth so clearly and boldly by the historic heroes of the Reformation." - Dr. R.C. Sproul

"The authors are to be warmly commended for giving our young people fresh access to the riches of the Reformation, namely, God's saints who did such great exploits for the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ." - Dr. Michael Haykin

"Although my wife and I read this with our 3 children (14, 12, 8) we found it to be aptly written at a level and in a fashion that was not condescending nor lofty, and interesting for us and other adults who may be around as well. The authors "pull no punches"; and while some details are grisly, they communicate it with tact, consideration and respect.

We are all sheep for the slaughter and are poured out as drink offerings...It is good to remember those who trod before, their example and the depth of their love for our Savior; that we may be bold and ready ourselves, to go and to do as He leads." - a satisfied customer

PURITAN HEROES (brand new title in December 2018)

Who were the Puritans, and why are they important? What can we learn from them today? The Puritan movement began in England during the sixteenth century and continued all the way into the early eighteenth century. Although the Church of England was formed as a result of the Reformation, the Puritans believed it needed much more reform. Puritan Heroes is a beautifully illustrated book that gives the reader an idea of what the Puritan movement was about and offers a glimpse into the lives of more than twenty of its most well-known leaders (among them William Perkins, Richard Sibbes, Thomas Goodwin, Anne Bradstreet, and Jonathan Edwards). The book concludes with ten important lessons readers can learn from the Puritans and study questions to help them retain these fascinating stories and assist them in applying the lessons to their lives. It also features a bibliography to encourage further study in greater depth, as well as a glossary and timeline to help readers understand historical context. Written for children and young people, it will prove a suitable introduction to the Puritans for adults as well.




1. Who Were the Puritans?

2. Richard Greenham: Puritan Pioneer

3. William Perkins: Father of Puritanism

4. William Ames: Calvinist and Congregationalist

5. Richard Sibbes: Warm Heart

6. John Cotton: New England Leader

7. Thomas Hooker: Connecticut Founder

8. Jeremiah Burroughs: Gem of Contentment

9. Thomas Goodwin: Swallowed by God’s Love

10. John Eliot: Apostle to the Indians

11. Thomas Shepard: God’s Story

12. Thomas Brooks: Soul Servant

13. Anne Bradstreet: Pilgrim Poet

14. Richard Baxter: God’s Pen

15. John Owen: God’s Navigator

16. Christopher Love: Presbyterian Martyr

17. John Bunyan: Traveler and Prisoner

18. John Flavel: Providence’s Servant

19. John Howe: Living Temple

20. Joseph Alleine: God’s Arrow

21. Matthew Henry: Bible Commentator

22. Jonathan Edwards: In the Hands of a Loving God

23. Conclusion

Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B: Timeline

Appendix C: Study Questions



PURITAN HEROES by Joel Beeke (brand new hardcover book)

THE CHILD'S PREACHER by Alexander Fletcher and J.C. Ryle

TRUTH MADE SIMPLE: The Attributes of God for Children by John Todd

RH3 ovt nc3

REFORMATON HEROES - Especially for Older Children and Teens
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PURITAN HEROES - Especially for Older Children and Teens
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‘I shall never cease to be grateful to Richard Sibbes who was balm to my soul at a period in my life when I was overworked and badly overtired, and therefore subject in an unusual manner to the onslaughts of the devil. I found at that time that Richard Sibbes, who was known in London in the early seventeenth century as “The Heavenly Doctor Sibbes” was an unfailing remedy. 'The Bruised Reed.' quieted, soothed, comforted, encouraged and healed me.’ — D. MARTYN LLOYD-JONES

"In his book The Bruised Reed and Smoking Flax, the Puritan preacher Richard Sibbes provides a tenderhearted, Christ-exalting exposition and application of Isaiah 42:1-3. Since its initial publication in 1630, The Bruised Reed1 has been a source of encouragement to dejected sinners and struggling saints alike.

Sibbes follows Matthew’s interpretation of this text, seeing it to be fulfilled in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ (Matt. 12:18-20). His exposition breaks down into three basic parts: (1) Christ will not break the bruised reed; (2) Christ will not quench the smoking flax; (3) Christ will not do either of these things until he has sent forth judgment into victory. Sibbes explains the main text under these three headings and then intersperses searching application throughout the book.

Why should the busy pastor spend time reading a book written by a preacher in London nearly four centuries ago? Well, Sibbes did know a thing or two about preaching. He regularly wrote out his sermons and at the time of his death in 1635 he left over two million words on paper. The Bruised Reed is still considered to be a classic of Puritan devotion. Sibbes became known as the ‘heavenly Doctor Sibbes,’ due in part to his God-honouring preaching and God-fearing manner of life. A couplet was written about Sibbes after his death that captures this well:

Of that good man let this high praise be given:

Heaven was in him before he was in heaven.

According to Richard Baxter, the reading of The Bruised Reed was instrumental in his own conversion to Christ. The ‘heavenly Doctor Sibbes’ was also used of God to be an ‘unfailing remedy’ and balm to the soul of an overworked and overtired Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Lloyd-Jones wrote that during a particularly gruelling season of pastoral ministry, ‘The Bruised Reed quieted, soothed, comforted, encouraged and healed me’ (x).

I trust that you too will find The Bruised Reed to be a feast for your own soul. Richard Sibbes is a gift from Christ to his church in the way he models affectionate, Christ-centred preaching and application. What a joy it is to keep his company through his writings and to learn from him to love our Saviour more deeply and proclaim his gospel more faithfully." - NICK ROARK

"I was first introduced to Richard Sibbes’s The Bruised Reed in 2005. I’d been slowly but surely coming out of a sustained battle with spiritual depression—a five-year season of intense inward struggle over sin, faith, and assurance—and the light was beginning to dawn. But I was experiencing particularly acute ministerial trials at the time that were threatening to overthrow the progress I’d made. I can’t recall exactly how I was introduced to it, but The Bruised Reed seemed a promising place to turn.

Known for his warm, Christ-centered preaching, Richard Sibbes (1567–1635) published The Bruised Reed in 1630 to help struggling Christians behold their Savior as the tender shepherd he truly is. An uncompromising minister—he was sentenced to banishment for speaking against the doctrinal indifference that had infected the Church of England—Sibbes is best remembered for his little book that draws from Isaiah’s description of the coming Messiah who will not break a bruised reed nor snuff a faintly burning wick (Isa. 42:1–4).

Many Christians have found abiding comfort in Sibbes’s exposition and application of this passage from Isaiah. Richard Baxter (1615–1691) said he found spiritual relief from reading The Bruised Reed. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899–1981) tells of a time when, due to exhaustion, he was “subject in an unusual manner to the onslaughts of the Devil” (1972: 175). Lloyd-Jones names The Bruised Reed as the means by which God “soothed, comforted, encouraged, and healed” him (175).

Similar testimonies could be multiplied. And though there has been some recovery of Sibbes’s work among evangelicals, I would—for the comfort and perseverance of Christians the world over—like to see a renewed engagement with this little volume.

Sibbes was known in his time as the “Heavenly Dr. Sibbes.” After reading this little book, you’ll understand why. He knows how easy it is for the believing heart to turn in on itself and become blinded to the flicker of grace Christ has placed there. He recognizes we’re too easily fooled into thinking Jesus would rather take a sickle to a bruised reed than carefully attend to its restoration.

But Sibbes doesn’t merely diagnose; he prescribes the medicine. The Bruised Reed is a treasure of spiritual remedies, full of applications. I commend it to you for your progress and joy in the faith (Phil. 1:25)." - DEREK J. BROWN


Richard Sibbes (1577-1635), one of the most influential figures in the Puritan movement during the earlier years of the seventeenth century, was renowned for the rich quality of his ministry. The Bruised Reed shows why he was known among his contemporaries as ‘the sweet dropper’.

Of all Richard Sibbes’ works, The Bruised Reed has probably had the most enduring impact. It is an exposition of Matthew’s application to Jesus of the description of the Servant of the Lord in Isaiah 42:3 (Matt. 12:20). Sibbes’ wonderfully sensitive treatment has ministered to generations of Christians since its first publication in 1630.


Publishers’ Foreword

1 The Reed and the Bruising

2 Christ Will Not Break the Bruised Reed

3 The Smoking Flax

4 Christ Will Not Quench the Smoking Flax 20

5 The Spirit of Mercy Should Move Us

6 Marks of the Smoking Flax

7 Help for the Weak

8 Duties and Discouragements

9 Believe Christ, Not Satan

10 Quench Not the Spirit

11 Christ’s Judgment and Victory

12 Christ’s Wise Government

13 Grace Shall Reign

14 Means to Make Grace Victorious

15 Christ’s Public Triumph

16 Through Conflict to Victory


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THE CHRISTIAN'S DAILY WALK: In Holy Security and Peace
Henry Scudder, with Recommendations by John Owen & Richard Baxter

"The Christian disciple who is aspiring after that obedience, which, while it fulfills the demands of the law in the letter, is also rendered in newness of spirit, will find in the following Treatise, Scudder's 'Christian's Daily Walk In Holy Security And Peace,' a valuable companion and counselor to guide him in every condition of life, and under all the vicissitudes to which life is subject." - Thomas Chalmers

"I shall therefore say no more, but that if those into whose hands this book shall come, be not either openly or secretly enemies to the whole design of it, as being 'alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them,' or be not possessed with prejudices against the simplicity of the gospel, and that strictness of obedience it requireth, they will find that guidance, direction, and spiritual advantage, by which their faith, love, and obedience, may be increased and improved; which will issue in the praise of God's grace, that ought to be the end of all our writing and reading in this world." - John Owen

"Reader, If thou wilt make this book, after the sacred scripture, thy daily counselor, and monitor, and comforter, I am assured the experience of thy own great advantage, and increase of wisdom, holiness, and peace, will commend it to thee more effectually than my words can do. Read, love, and practice that which is here taught thee, and doubt not of thy everlasting happiness." - Richard Baxter

When men like Thomas Chalmers, John Owen and Richard Baxter ascribe such high praise to this book nothing more needs to be added. TAKE UP AND READ!

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Antipaedobaptism in the Thought of John Tombes: An Untold Story from Puritan England
Dr. Mike Renihan

One reader said, "Looking at the plain cover, and knowing that this was Dr. Renihan's doctoral thesis, one might easily conclude that this is a boring book. This would be an epic mistake. Dr. Renihan has written a fascinating, highly engaging biography and examination of the thought of John Tombes, a little-known figure of the 17th Century who, as the previous reviewer indicated, doesn't really fit into any existing category of thinker on the subject of baptism. Many thanks to Dr. Renihan for writing this book!"

This volume is Dr. Renihan's doctoral dissertation and a very useful volume for those who are interested in the history of doctrine. John Tombes (1603-1676) baptist divine, was born of humble parentage at Bewdley, Worcestershire, in 1602 or 1603. He matriculated from Magdalen Hall, Oxford, on 23 Jan. 1617-18, aged 15. His tutor was William Pemble [q. v.] Among his college friends was John Geree [q. v.] He graduated B.A. on 12 June 1621.

He regularly attended Baxter's Thursday lecture at Kidderminster, and tried to draw Baxter, as he had already drawn Thomas Blake [q. v.], into a written discussion. Baxter would engage with him only in an oral debate, which took place before a crowded audience at Bewdley chapel on 1 Jan. 1649-50, and lasted from nine in the morning till five at night. Wood affirms that 'Tombes got the better of Baxter by far; ' Baxter himself says, 'How mean soever my own abilities were, yet I had still the advantage of a good cause.'

He published: 1. 'Vae Scandalizantium; or a Treatise of Scandalizing,' Oxford, 1641, 8vo; with title 'Christ's Commination against Scandalizers,' 1641, 8vo (dedicated to Viscount Scudamore). 2. 'Iehovah Iireh . . . Two Sermons in the Citie of Bristoll . . . March 14, 1642, with a short Narration of that . . . Plot,' 1643, 4to (8 May, dedicated to Fiennes). 3. 'Fermentum Pharisseorvm, or à Wil-Worship,' 1643, 4to (1 July). 4. 'Anthropolatria,' 1645, 4to (9 May). 5. 'Two Treatises and an Appendix . . . Concerning Infant Baptisme,' 1645, 4to (16 Dec.; includes an 'Examen' of Marshall's sermon on baptism). 6. 'An Apology à for the Two Treatises,' 1646, 4to; 'Addition,' 1652, 4to. 7. 'An Anti-dote against the Venome of à Richard Baxter,' 1650, 4to (31 May). 8. 'Precursor . . . To a large view of à Infant Baptism,' 1652, 4to. 9. 'Joannis Tombes Beudleiensis Refutatio positionis Dris. Henrici Savage,' 1652, 4to. 10. 'Antipaedobaptism,' 1652, 4to (28 Nov., dedicated to Cromwell); 2nd pt. 1654, 4to; 3rd pt. 1657, 4to (replies to twenty-three contemporary writers). 11. 'A Publick Dispute . . . J. Cragge and H. Vaughan,' 1654, 8vo. 12. 'A Plea for Anti-Paedobaptists,' 1654, 4to (26 May).

[?4?] 13. 'Felo de Se. Or, Mr. Richard Baxter's Self-destroying,' 1659, 4to. 14. 'A Short Catechism about Baptism,' 1659, 8vo (14 May). 15. 'True Old Light exalted above pretended New Light,' 1660, 4to (against quakers; preface by Baxter). 16. 'Serious Consideration of the Oath of . . .Supremacy ' [1660], 4to (22 Oct.) 17. 'Romanism Discussed, or, An Answer to à H. T.,' 1660 4to (30 Nov.; preface by Baxter; replies to Henry Turbervile's 'Manual of Controversies,' Douay, 1654, 8vo). 18. 'A Supplement to the Serious Consideration' [1661], 4to (2 March). 19. 'Sepher Sheba; or, The Oath Book,' 1662, 4to. 20. 'Saints no Smiters; or à the Doctrine à of à Fifth-Mon- archy-Men . . . Damnable,' 1664, 4to (dedicated to Clarendon). 21. 'Theodulia, or Defence of Hearing . . . The present Ministers of England,' 1667, 8vo (dedicated to Clarendon; licensed by the bishop of London's chaplain). 22. 'Emmanuel; or, God-Man,' 1669, 8vo (against Socinians; licensed by the archbishop of Canterbury's chaplain). 23. 'A Reply to à Wills and à Blinman,' 1675, 8vo. 24. 'Animadversiones in librum Georgii Bullii,' 1676, 8vo.


Introductory Concerns

1- New Classification Needed

2- The History and Development of John Tombes's Antipaedobaptist Polemic and the Literature that Produced it

3- The Baptismal Theology: Early Influences

4- Organisation and Exegetical Arguments

5- Theological Arguments

6- Historical Arguments

7- Practical Arguments and a Statement of Tombes' Theology of Baptism

8- Reaction from Tombes' Contemporaries



Appendix: A Short Catechism about Baptism by Tombes

1689 Fed Trio djr qq 10hc

275 Page Hardcover Volume
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SAINT PAUL: Changing Our World For Christ
Adolphe Monod, with New Translation by Constance K. Walker, Editor


"In 'Saint Paul', we discern the heart and soul behind much of Adolphe Monod's ministry. Yes, he wanted to lead his listeners and especially his own parishioners to the foot of the cross so that they would commit their lives to Christ, but that was just the beginning. He also wanted to raise up a generation of young people who would, through their faith and action, bring renewal to the church. Beyond that, even, his ultimate goal was to see the renewed church transform society and change the world. That was the need in nineteenth century France, and it is still the need today." -from the Translator's Preface

Endorsements -

"Sustained study of the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul over the past thirty years has convinced me that his work was utterly essential to the foundation of the church in the Apostolic era. And it is tremendous to have this old classic study of Paul by Adolphe Monod, the great French preacher of the nineteenth-century, lay out for us the importance of Paul's teaching and life. I am thrilled to recommend this old classic newly translated into English." - Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin, Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

"In this classic work entitled 'Saint Paul, Changing our World for Christ,' Adolphe Monod (1802-1856) masterfully paints a portrait of Paul with a Scripture brush showing us the apostle in the richness and fullness of his person. In this book, Monod shows himself to be a profound Pauline scholar of the highest order, setting forth the life of the great apostle as a worthy example for us learn from and follow. This insightful and challenging volume is a must read for every lover of the apostle Paul, but more importantly, every lover of Christ, whom Paul sought to imitate so closely." - Rob Ventura, Pastor, Grace Community Baptist Church, North Providence, RI; Co-author of "A Portrait of Paul"

"Imagine the world had not the Apostle Paul existed. Adolphe Monod, the spearhead of the French RTveil, asks and answers this question with pertinence. The world would be incomparably poorer. Though writing in the nineteenth century, he has brought the Apostle Paul to life for our own times, and indeed for all the ages. Contrary to popular images of Paul, this chief of the Apostles was a deeply feeling person, yet also a messenger of the Gospel whose God-given courage helped lay the foundation for the church as we know it. Once again, Constance K. Walker has faithfully translated this text in a way that loses nothing of the vividness of the original. This gem of a book is historically fascinating, theologically balanced, and a compelling inspiration for us to draw closer to the God of the Apostle Paul." - William Edgar, Professor of Apologetics, Westminster Seminary, Philadelphia, PA

"The Christian Church in the West is in desperate need of revival. No argument there. Yet what shall we do to seek the life of Christ and allow it to reanimate our lives? Why not go back to St. Paul, whose theology became his biography? Why not return to the soul-stirring preaching of one man - a man called out by the risen Christ Himself - to guide us back to robust preaching, to fearless ministry, and to expectations that God will bless His Word, anoint our lips, save souls, transform lives, and establish His Kingdom? Why not return to a classic long due for translation and distribution for the English speaking church? Constance Walker's new translation and editing of the classic Saint Paul by Adolphe Monod, a godly 19th century French divine who was influenced so powerfully by Erskine of Scotland, is exactly what we need to be reading. You will find that the nutrients of the Gospel in Monod's work on the Apostle provide instant relief from the current, Old Christendom, feckless theological contaminants. This is powerful stuff. It is the power unto salvation. My thanks to Solid Ground and to Constance Walker for lifting this up. We need it now more than ever." - Michael A. Milton, Chancellor/CEO and The James M. Baird Jr. Professor of Pastoral Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary

"Read this book! You will grow in Christ in new and different ways. You will see vividly what God's calling to you looks like. It's Constance Walker's translation and editing of Adolphe Monod's Saint Paul. Monod was 'the Voice of the [19th century French] Awakening,' and as you read you'll know why. He asks the simple but arresting question: What was it that made Paul who he was? Why was he able to accomplish so much, so deeply? Are you thinking, it must have been just the right time for the gospel? Or, he must have had an amazing gift-package? Well, you're wrong, both times. It was a terrible time for the gospel, and Paul was weak in so many ways. He said that, over and over - yet we struggle to accept it. But this book will do it for you. Then, you can look at your own calling, but not by looking at your gifts. You'll learn how the Lord delights to use you in your humanity, as he did Paul, weaknesses and all." - D. Clair Davis, Professor and Chaplain, Redeemer Seminary, Dallas, TX

When James Stalker was asked by B.B. Warfield to list, in his opinion, the most helpful books on practical religion that existed he named the following: Thomas a Kempis' 'Imitation of Christ,' Richard Baxter's 'The Reformed Pastor,' Jeremy Taylor's 'Life of Christ,' John Owen's 'Holy Spirit,' and Adolphe Monod's 'Saint Paul.'

J.H. Myers, the initial translator of this work, said the following about SAINT PAUL by Monod: "This book is unsurpassed in its department, in any language, for manly eloquence, thorough research, profound reflection, --a most earnest, glowing, and winning Christian spirit, united to an exact appreciation of the great Apostle's character and work,--and a wise and cautious, but bold and unflinching, application of his teachings to the times in which we live."


Biographical Sketch

Translator's Preface

Saint Paul - Monod's Preface

Rise Up, O Men of God






Adolphe Monod (1802-1856) was a well known preacher and leader in the French Reformed Church. He was a pastor of various French congregations, including the prominent Reformed Church of Paris, and a professor at FRC Seminary, Montauban. His published sermons and essays have been widely circulated for over 150 years.



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Puritan Daily Devotional Readings
Compiled by Richard Rushing

TEN YEARS IN THE MAKING! This work has long been anticipated. Glean from the wisdom and spiritual depth of the Puritans during 2010 through these 365 daily readings.

Over the past fifty years there has been a great resurgence of interest in the writings of the Puritans. The reading of their works has brought great benefit to the people of God in many lands. Christians from many different backgrounds and cultures owe a great debt of gratitude to those faithful pastors and preachers who continue to speak through their writings even though they have long since entered into their heavenly reward. The Puritans really knew how to teach and apply God's Word in the Spirit's power!

Richard Rushing has compiled this book of daily devotional readings from his favourite Puritan authors because of the great help he has gained from their Works. 'How thrilling it has been for me to read the Puritans on the glory and attributes of God, divine providence, fellowship with God, holiness of life and the mortification of indwelling sin, heavenly mindedness, prayer, evangelistic zeal, and trust in the Lord during times of affliction. At every turn these truths are eloquently taught, faithfully applied, and kindly offered as the subject of sweet spiritual meditation.'

This book is sent forth with the prayer that it will open a door to the vast stores of treasure to be found in the writings of the Puritans and that it will stimulate further exploration of this rich spiritual inheritance.

Authors cited include:

* Joseph Alleine

* Richard Baxter

* Thomas Boston

* Thomas Brooks

* John Bunyan

* Thomas Case

* Stephen Charnock

* David Clarkson

* William Cooper

* Jonathan Edwards

* John Flavel

* John Gibbon

* William Gurnall

* Ezekiel Hopkins

* Thomas Lye

* Thomas Manton

* Matthew Mead

* John Owen

* Samuel Rutherford

* Richard Sibbes

* George Swinnock

* Samuel Ward

* Thomas Watson


428 Page Beautiful Hardcover with Dust Jacket
SGCB Price: $20.95 (list price $28.00)

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A PORTRAIT OF PAUL: Identifying a True Minister of Christ
Rob Ventura & Jeremy Walker


Publisher's Description: What does a true pastor look like, and what constitutes a faithful ministry? How can we identify the life and labors of one called by God to serve in the church of Jesus Christ? To address these questions, Rob Ventura and Jeremy Walker examine how the apostle Paul describes his pastoral relation to the people of God in Colossians 1:24 - 2:5. By discussing these essential attitudes, qualities, and characteristics of a faithful minister of Christ, A Portrait of Paul provides gospel ministers an example of what they should be, and demonstrates for churches the kind of pastors they will seek if they desire men after God's own heart.

"Rob Ventura and Jeremy Walker have done an exceptional job in providing a model for pastoral ministry, drawn from the extraordinary example of the apostle Paul. This book is built upon careful exegesis, proper interpretation, penetrating insight, and challenging application. Herein is profiled the kind of minister every church so desperately needs and what every true minister should desire to become." - Steven J. Lawson, Senior Pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama

"This work on the Christian ministry is a clarion call to true devotion and piety in the pastorate. The theology is pure and the language is as powerful as it is beautiful. I pray that every pastor and congregant might take up this book and read it. It will hold a place in my library beside Baxter's Reformed Pastor, Bridges's Christian Ministry, and Spurgeon's Lectures. I will refer to it often. It will serve as a great antidote against all that might cause my heart to stray from Christ's call." - Paul Washer

"The apostle Paul has always been a hero whom I look to as a model for my ministry. His unrelenting faithfulness in the worst kinds of trials is a remarkable example to every pastor and missionary. In the midst of suffering, hardship, and (in the end) the abandonment of his own friends and fellow workers, Paul remained steadfast, dynamic, and utterly devoted to Christ. This invaluable study of Paul's life from Rob Ventura and Jeremy Walker is a wonderful, powerful, soul-stirring examination of Paul's self-sacrifice and his unfaltering service to the church. It will both motivate and encourage you, especially if you're facing trials, opposition, or discouragement in your service for Christ." - John MacArthur

Chapters in Book:

1. The Joy of Paul's Ministry

2. The Focus of Paul's Ministry

3. The Hardships of Paul's Ministry

4. The Origin of Paul's Ministry

5. The Essence of Paul's Ministry

6. The Subject of Paul's Ministry

7. The Goal of Paul's Ministry

8. The Strength of Paul's Ministry

9. The Conflict of Paul's Ministry

10. The Warnings of Paul's Ministry

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Bishop Joseph Hall

Joseph Hall (1574-1656), one of the most venerable of the Puritans, was educated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and became rector at Halsted, where he wrote his renowned Contemplations. Afterwards he served as rector of Waltham. In 1618 he was delegated to the Synod of Dort. In 1627 he was appointed Bishop of Exeter and in 1641 Bishop of Norwich. He retired to Norfolk after facing severe persecution and died at the ripe age of eighty-one.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon: "Need I commend Bishop Hall's Contemplations to your affectionate attention? What wit! What sound sense! What concealed learning! His style is as pithy and witty as that of Thomas Fuller, and it has a sacred unction about it to which Fuller has no pretension. The work can be readily procured; but if its price were raised in proportion to its real value, it would become one of the most costly books extant."

George Whitefield: "Though weak, I often spent two hours in my evening retirements and prayed over my Greek Testament and Bishop Hall's most excellent Contemplations."

Richard Baxter: Recommends Hall's Contemplations for "for peace, and comfort, and increase of the love of God."

Thomas Fuller: "He was commonly called our English Seneca, for the pureness, plainness, and fulness of his style. Not unhappy at Controversies, more happy at Comments, very good in his Characters, better in his Sermons, best of all in his Meditations."

Peter Masters: "To read Hall is to read the narrative passages of the Bible through the eyes of a delightful saint and veteran Puritan pastor. It is to accompany the great man on a walk through the lanes and byways of all the events in the sacred record, and to hear his reflections, and the responses of his own heart. Seldom did anyone combine such easy prose with so many profound comments."

SGCB Price: $25.00 (list price $30.00)
BY COMMON CONFESSION: Essays in Honor of James M. Renihan
Edited by Ronald S. Baines, Richard C. Barcellos, and James P. Butler

This volume of essays is offered in honor of Dr. James M. Renihan. Because he is a historical theologian, most of the essays cover issues in that field of study. But because he is much more than a historical theologian, colleagues and friends of Dr. Renihan were asked to contribute essays covering the various branches of the theological encyclopedia. The efforts here reflect the contributorsÆ esteem for their brother and the impact he has had in a wide range of theological inquiry and praxis.

The publisher is pleased to present these essays in honor of an esteemed friend and teacher. Many have been helped tremendously by Dr. Renihan's friendship, scholarship, counsel, and faithfulness to Christ and his calling as pastor and theologian.

459 pages

Published 2015


Preface ~ The Publisher

Introduction: A Biographical Sketch of James M. Renihan ~ The Editors

Historical Theology

1.Chaucer, the Medieval Nominalist Doctrine of Justification, and the Reformation ~ J. V. Fesko, Ph.D.

2.The Abrahamic Covenant in the Thought of John Tombes ~ Michael T. Renihan, Ph.D.

3.John Owen, Baptism, and the Baptists ~ Crawford Gribben, Ph.D.

4.'Popery in new Dress': Richard Baxter v. Benjamin Keach on the Doctrine of Justification ~ Tom Hicks, Ph.D

5.Separating GodÆs Two Kingdoms: Two Kingdom Theology among New England Baptists in the Early Republic ~ Ronald S. Baines

6.Robert Hall Jr. (1764-1831) and the Decline of Historic Calvinism among the English Particular Baptists of the Early Nineteenth Century ~ Austin Walker

7.The Life and Vision of Abraham Kuyper ~ Joel R. Beeke, Ph.D.

Exegetical and Biblical Theology

8.Getting the Garden Right: From Hermeneutics to the Covenant of Works ~ Richard C. Barcellos, Ph.D.

9.A Little Cabinet Richly Stored ~ Robert Purnell (d. 1666), edited by Samuel Renihan

10.Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology and Biblical Theology ~ Micah and Samuel Renihan

Symbolic and Systematic Theology

11.The Belgic Confession and the True Church ~Robert Godfrey, Ph.D.

12. A Practical Scholasticism?: Edward Leigh's Theological Method ~ James E. Dolezal, Ph.D.

13. 'Eternally Begotten of the Father': An Analysis of the Second London Confession of Faith's Doctrine of the Eternal Generation of the Son ~ Stefan T. Lindblad

Pastoral Theology

14.The Temple RepairÆd Hercules Collins (1646/7-1702), edited by Samuel Renihan

15. Escaping the Condemnation of the Devil: An Urgent Call for Spiritual Maturity in the Ministry ~ Jason Walter

16.The Regulative Principle of the Church ~ Samuel E. Waldron, Ph.D.

17.New Covenant Worship: Hebrews 2:12 and the Real Presence of Christ ~ Donald R. Lindblad


Gatlin Bredeson, James P. Butler, Robert E. Cosby, C. J. den Dulk, John Giarrizzo, Dafydd Hughes, Steve Marquedant, Steve Martin, Cameron G. Porter, Larry Vincent, and Wei En Yi


Education, Academic Career and Pastoral Ministry, and a Bibliography of the Publications of James M. Renihan ~ compiled by Micah Renihan


40% Discount
SGCB Price: $18.00 (list price $30.00)

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Richard Baxter


"RICHARD BAXTER was the most outstanding pastor, evangelist and writer on practical and devotional themes that Puritanism produced." --"J. I. Packer"

An English Puritan, Baxter was an "exegete" of culture, a memorable preacher, and a prolific writer. He is known for his practical advice on applying Scripture to all areas of life and his emphasis on the "heart work" involved in doing everything to the glory of God--whether one is pastor, pilgrim, or parent.

The Puritans knew that they would not be able to deal with man's problems if they did not understand the source from which all these problems stem. Therefore, they sought what the Bible had to say about the heart in order to properly confront the difficulties that flow from it. This edition of the most complete abridgment of Baxter's 23-volume work is a treasury of carefully selected sermons and essays that combine the principles of communion with God and the specifics of obedience to God, including:

- The Saints' Everlasting Rest

- The Divine Life

- A Treatise of Conversion

- A Call to the Unconverted

- Now or Never

- Directions and Persuasions to a Sound Conversion

- Directions for Weak Distempered Christians

- The Character of a Sound, Confirmed Christian

- The Mischiefs of Self-Ignorance and the Benefits of Self-Acquaintance

- Dying Thoughts

Baxter's work is a welcome and helpful addition to any personal or pastoral library.



HP12 jasv

SGCB Price: $27.95 (list price $40.00)
A GRIEF SANCTIFIED: Through Sorrow to Eternal Hope, Including Richard Baxter's Timeless Memoir of His Wife's Life and Death
J.I. Packer with Contributions from Richard Baxter

Their love story is not one of fairy tales. It is one of faithfulness from the beginning through to its tragic ending.

Richard and Margaret Baxter had been married only nineteen years before she died at age forty-five. A prominent pastor and prolific author, Baxter sought consolation and relief the only true way he knew- in Scripture with his discipline of writing. Within days he produced a lover's tribute to his mate and a pastor's celebration of God's grace. It is spiritual storytelling at its best, made all the more poignant by the author's unveiling of his grief.

J. I. Packer has added his own astute reflections along with his edited version of this exquisite memoir that considers six of life's realities-love, faith, death, grief, hope, and patience. He guides you in comparing and contrasting the world's and the Bible's ideals on coping with these tides of life. The powerful combination of Packer's insights and Baxter's grief gives you a beacon if you are searching for God, a pathfinder for your relationships, and a lifeline if you are grieving.

SGCB Price: $12.95 (list price $20.00)

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A QUEST FOR GODLINESS: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life

By J. I. Packer

A Quest for Godliness explores the depth and breadth of Puritan spiritual life. Drawing on a lifetime of study, Packer surveys the lives and teachings of great Puritan leaders such as John Owen, Richard Baxter, and Jonathan Edwards. He examines the Puritan view of the Bible, spiritual gifts, the Sabbath, worship, social action, and the family. The Puritans’ faith, Packer argues, stands in marked contrast with the superficiality of modern western Christianity.

In a time of failing vision and decaying values, this powerful portrait of the Puritans is a beacon of hope that calls us to radical commitment and action, both desperately needed today. Beautifully written, A Quest for Godliness is a moving and challenging exploration of Puritan life and thought. Here is J. I. Packer at his very best.




Why We Need the Puritans

Puritanism as a Movement of Revival

The Practical Writings of the English Puritans


John Owen on Communication from God

The Puritans as Interpreters of Scripture

The Puritan Conscience


'Saved by His Precious Blood': An Introduction to John Owen's 'The Death of Death in the Death of Christ'

The Doctrine of Justification in Development and Decline Among the Puritans

The Puritan View of Preaching the Gospel


The Witness of the Spirit in Puritan Thought

The Spirituality of John Owen

John Owen on the Spiritual Gifts


The Puritans and the Lord's Day

The Puritan Approach to Worship

Marriage and Family in Puritan Thought


Puritan Preaching

Puritan Evangelism

Jonathan Edwards and Revival


(2) TAKING GOD SERIOUSLY: Vital Things We Need to Know

By J. I. Packer

Explaining the essentials of the faith, renowned theologian and author J. I. Packer outlines the core commitments that are common to those of us who profess belief in Jesus. Here is a call to discipleship in mere Christianity—the business of taking God seriously.

Table of Contents

1. Taking Faith Seriously

2. Taking Doctrine Seriously

3. Taking Christian Unity Seriously

4. Taking Repentance Seriously

5. Taking the Church Seriously

6. Taking the Holy Spirit Seriously

7. Taking Baptism Seriously

8. Taking the Lord’s Supper Seriously

JIP3 cwns

A QUEST FOR GODLINESS: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life
SGCB Price: $15.95 (list price $30.00)

TAKING GOD SERIOUSLY: Vital Things We Need to Know
SGCB Price: $8.95 (list price $16.00)

SGCB Price: $23.00 (list price $46.00)

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This J.C Ryle 13 volume cloth-bound set from Banner of Truth is an incredible resource not only for pastors but also for those who want to grow in spiritual maturity. Ryle is very practical and easy to read. He writes in a way in which you are confronted with the truth about your sin and yet also reminded of the comforts of the gospel. I have given some small reviews of each book below. As I have mentioned in other posts before, the quality of these cloth-bound books is amazing! They will last a lifetime even if you use them heavily. You can buy these books separately or as a complete set.

In 1837, John Charles Ryle was an outstanding athlete, excelling in cricket and rowing. But, when he became ill with a serious infection, he turned to his long-forgotten Bible and prayed. Then, one Sunday at church, he felt as though God was speaking to him, emphasizing the message that people are saved by grace through faith, which is a gift from God. Ryle ultimately entered the ministry in the Church of England, while also publishing popular tracts and books from a Biblical standpoint. J.C. Ryle’s Holiness is perhaps his best known book, describing the nature of holiness and the challenges of temptation, while Call to Prayer shares with readers the privileges of private prayer. J.C. Ryle’s Thoughts for Young Men offers up what one reviewer calls “true Puritan theology,” while Agency That Transformed a Nation shares timeless lessons gleaned from the 18-century Great Awakening.


For anyone studying or preaching on the Gospels, this has to be one of your go-to sets. Ryle’s commentary is very pastoral and full of practical application. Each section is laid out with the Scripture text, Ryle's pastoral commentary, and then his verse commentary. I normally tend to use exegetical, verse by verse commentaries in my sermon prep, which has led to my preaching being somewhat of a running commentary (which is not good). These pastoral commentaries by Ryle have provided balance in my study and sermon prep.

"J. C.Ryle's 'Expository Thoughts on the Gospels' gleans practical thoughts from every section of the four Gospels. I know of no set of books that is more helpful for private devotions and family worship. We read through Ryle's books when our children were in elementary school. A ten-year-old can understand Ryle, and an eighty-year-old saint is not beyond him; Ryle models simplicity and profundity to all. Ryle's thoughts are also invaluable for ministers and teachers, as they model how to glean applications from the text. Here is practical Christianity at its best." --Dr. Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids

This is Bishop Ryle at his very best!


I believe it is important to go back and read classic Christian works such as Holiness to be reminded that the struggles that we are facing in our own lives and in the church are not new. For Christians, it has always been a struggle to live holy lives. Ryle’s Holiness helps us to be reminded that even though it's hard and may not be the most popular thing, we must be holy, because the voice of God in Scripture plainly commands it, it is one grand end and purpose for which Christ came into the world, because this is the only sound evidence that we have a saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, because this is the only proof that we love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity, because this is the only sound evidence that we are true children of God, because this is the most likely way to do good to others, because our present comfort depends much upon it, because without holiness on earth we will never be prepared to enjoy heaven.


Old Paths is a work by Ryle that explains truths that are ‘necessary to salvation.’ Ryle chose the title to emphasize that he is not presenting anything new but reaffirming the doctrines laid out and believed by the Apostolic Christians and the reformers.

It’s a fairly repetitive book since the chapters at one point were separate papers, but Ryle informs you in the Preface. It touches on forgiveness, justification, the cross, faith, repentance, election, perseverance, etc. There is a huge need for all of us to be reminded of these truths and Ryle presents them in a very reasonable and practical way. “If people may be saved without knowing anything about these truths, it appears to me that we may throw away our Bibles altogether, and proclaim that the Christian religion is of no use.”


Looking for a book about how to live as a Christian? Look no further. Ryle presents how to practically live out the Christian life in this great work. Instead of living a works-based religion, he lays out how to live in the grace given to us by Christ. Ryle’s focus is to help you understand that it is not the actual acts you do, but that God has your heart. His chapter on The World was very impactful to me giving very helpful wisdom on how the world is a danger, what is not meant by separation from the world, what real or true separation from the world is, and the secret victory over the world. Through this work, Ryle helps you learn to care for our souls, see our great need for Christ, and live in a way that is not fake, legalistic, or dead.

The time is fast coming when nothing but authenticity will stand the fire. Authentic repentance towards God--authentic faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ--authentic holiness of heart and life--these, these are the things which will alone stand the judgment at the last day. It is a solemn saying of our Lord Jesus Christ, "Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'" (Matthew 7:22-23)


Light from Old Times is basically short biographies/testimonies of some reformers and puritans written by Ryle. There is such a change happening in the millennial generation that have adopted reformed theology. You can see many young people with Spurgeon and Bunyan t-shirts, Calvin coffee mugs and moleskines. But do they know who is on their t-shirt? This is a great book that introduces spiritual giants such as John Wycliffe, John Rogers, Samuel Ward, and Richard Baxter.


This work by Ryle is on how the church should operate. It includes 19 papers on specific subjects relating to the evangelical church practices. Keep in mind when Ryle uses the word evangelical, he means Biblical, unlike the way we tend to think and use the word today. He lays out the beliefs held by Evangelical Churchmen of the day. His arguments are filled with Scriptural proof and explained very carefully and confidently. Some topics include Baptism, Regeneration, The Lord’s Supper, Confession, the Fallibility of Ministers, Idolatry, etc.

Let us always beware of any teaching which either directly or indirectly obscures justification by faith. All religious systems which put anything between the heavy laden sinner and Jesus Christ the Savior, except simple faith, are dangerous and unscriptural. All systems which make out faith to be anything complicated, anything but a simple, childlike dependence — the hand which receives the soul’s medicine from the physician — are unsafe and poisonous systems. All systems which cast discredit on the simple Protestant doctrine which broke the power of Rome, carry about with them a plague-spot, and are dangerous to souls.

Let us remember, not least, the enormous injury we may do to souls if we once allow ourselves to depart in the least degree from the simplicity of the gospel, either in our doctrine or in our worship. Who can estimate the shipwrecks that might occur in a single night, and the lives that might be lost, if a light-house keeper dared to alter but a little the color of his light? Who can estimate the deaths that might take place in a town if the chemist took on himself to depart but a little from the doctor’s prescriptions? Who can estimate the wholesale misery that might be caused in a war, by maps a little wrong, and charts a little incorrect? Who can estimate these things? Then perhaps you may have some idea of the spiritual harm that ministers do by departing in the slightest degree from the Scriptural proportions of the gospel, or by trying to catch the world by dressing the simple old Evangelical faith in new clothes.


Although much has been written on the evangelical revival of the 18th century, J. C. Ryle’s Christian Leaders of the 18th Century remains the best popular introduction to this great spiritual era. With simplicity and vigour, he traces the lives of the eleven Christian leaders who ‘shook England from one end to another’, giving strong reasons for his belief ‘that excepting Luther and his Continental contemporaries, and our own martyred Reformers, the world has seen no such men since the days of the apostles.’

But Ryle does not write to prompt admiration, and his conclusions and applications of his subject are among the most forceful that ever came from his pen. ‘I am obliged to say plainly that, in my judgment, we have among us neither the men nor the doctrines of the days gone by…Once let the evangelical ministry return to the ways of the 18th century, and I firmly believe we should have as much success as before. We are where we are, because we have come short of our fathers.’

At the beginning of last century, Canon A. M. W. Christopher of St. Aldate’s, Oxford, declared that he had turned to Ryle’s book during every summer vacation for thirty years. It is time Christian Leaders of the 18th Century was so read again.


SGCB Price: $102.00 (list price $139.00)
Matthew & Mark (1 vol each); Luke (2 vols); John (3 vols) - 2400 PENETRATING PAGES

SGCB Price: $21.50 (list price $29.00)

SGCB Price: $21.56 (list price $29.00)

SGCB Price: $21.50 (list price $29.00)

SGCB Price: $21.50 (list price $29.00)

SGCB Price: $21.50 (list price $29.00)

SGCB Price: $21.50 (list price $29.00)

SGCB Price: $208.95 (list price $313.00)

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THE CHRISTIAN'S PRESENT FOR ALL SEASONS: Containing Devotional Thoughts of Eminent Divines
Joseph Hall, Isaac Watts, John Owen, Richard Sibbes, John Flavel, Jonathan Edwards, Richard Baxter, John Bunyan, William Jay and More

An Introductory Essay on "Devotion" by William B. Sprague sets the stage for a rich devotional journey from Joseph Hall to William Jay. This volume was published in 1866 by The American Tract Society and it contains dozens and dozens of brief devotional exercises to stimulate the brethren to love and good works. The contributors to this volume are a veritable who's who in evangelical circles from the Puritan era to the mid-nineteenth century.

W.B. Sprague concluded his Introductory Essay with these words: "Among the many excellent works adapted especially to help the Christian in his devotions, this book holds a prominent place. The Compiler seems to have ranged through almost the whole field of devotional literature, and to have gathered up all the brightest gems that came in his way; and so successful has he been that one may open the book at random, as often as he will, and will never find his eye resting upon anything that he can afford to pass over, or that does not supply the elements of rich devotional thought. It is difficult to say which is most to be admired, the Compiler's good judgment and taste, or his extraordinary patience in research, that has brought to us the heavenly thoughts of so many saints and sages. This is truly a beautiful compilation of DEVOTIONAL THOUGHTS."

D.A. Harsha, the Editor, said the following in his Preface: "It is more than ten years since the preparation of the present volume was commenced. During all this time, the selection of these beautiful passages has been slowly but steadily carried on. The work was undertaken in connection with the editing of a Library of Christian Authors, embracing Memoirs of Eminent Divines, and their choice works--a series whose preparation is not yet completed. In performing this long and arduous labor, and while carefully perusing the works of our best authors, from the 17th century to the present time, passages in each author, which the editor regarded as among the finest specimens of devotional and practical writing, were selected for the present volume. In this manner have these 'calm and holy thoughts' of those who have shone as stars in the firmament of the Christian Church, been brought together; and it is believed that in the following pages will be found some of the choicest gems of English sacred literature--gems which 'within small compass, and in purest gold, will preserve their lustre for ages.'"

"We sometimes sing the opening lines of Psalm 63 with these words:

'GOD is my great desire

His face I seek the first

To him my heart and soul aspire

For him I thirst.'

This book of devotions by such eminent saints makes it irresistible because the fervent desires of our hearts for GOD Triune must be fed." - Erroll Hulse

"This is sweet food from savory writers. Perfect for the breakfast table, the bedside, the bathroom, red lights, or anywhere else where a minute or two can be redeemed for your soul's nourishment." - Dr. Robert Martin, Pastor of Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church, Seattle and Editor of Reformed Baptist Theological Review

"A quick scan of the table of contents makes clear that this book could be referred to as the hall of fame of devotional literature. Theological depth and practical application define the writings of men like John Flavel, Richard Baxter, John Bunyan, Matthew Henry and the rest of the authors of this book. This book would make a wonderful gift for any occasion of the year. The recipient of such a gift would have a library in one volume of some of the greatest minds in Christian history. This book would be useful in leading family worship because it would expose your family to classic reformed theology in a devotional format. Buy this book in bulk, keep a copy for yourself and pass down the truth by giving your remaining copies away." - Ray Rhodes, Jr. is President of Nourished in the Word Ministries and author of two Solid Ground Books, "Family Worship for the Reformation Season" and "Family Worship for the Christmas Season."

"In a day of time-sensitivity when every minute and hour seems to be at a premium, the leisure our forebears had for reading seems a pipe-dream for most of God's people. What is the solution? We need better stewardship of our time, for starters. But also we need books like this one that distill the riches of eminent divines from the past and give them to us in succinct packages that will stay with us through the day and week.I am glad to see this marvellous collection reprinted by Solid Ground Christian Books." - Dr. Michael Haykin

One book notice said, "A collection of the holiest aspirations of the holiest men."

This is a 572 page Large Paperback Volume




SGPC fw5 1776S ddv pbs

Over 52% Discount
SGCB Price: $17.00 (list price $38.00)

SGCB Price: $160.00 (list price $332.00)
Over 50% Discount When Ordering All 12 Classic Titles

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Lloyd-Jones, MacArthur, Boice, Ryken, Packer, Motyer, Richard Baxter and Nancy Guthrie


(1) A MERCIFUL AND FAITHFUL HIGH PRIEST: Studies in the Book of Hebrews by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The book of Hebrews was written to magnify the greatness of our Savior and the importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In nineteen sermons, late pastor Martyn Lloyd-Jones unfolds the riches and beauties of the gospel message found throughout this unique book of the Bible. Using examples and illustrations that remain relevant today, he seamlessly connects the truths found in the book of Hebrews to the whole scope of God’s Word as he exhorts us to hold fast to our salvation and live according to the truth of the gospel.

(2) **A COMPANY OF HEROES: Portraits from the Gospel's Global Advance by Tim Keese, Foreword by Tim Challies

“All Christians should read this book.” —Rosaria Butterfield

Across the globe, the gospel is advancing through the work of Christians willing to risk everything in the hardest places. This book, written by a missions journalist as he traveled throughout twenty different countries, is filled with stories of Christians past and present whose examples of endurance, courage, sacrifice, and humility connect readers with God’s unstoppable work across the world. These heroes are simply ordinary people who have experienced the transformative power of a Savior who is alive and moving—and their stories will inspire readers to take faith-filled risks for the gospel.

(3)**THE STORY OF HIS GLORY: The Most Important Story Ever Told by Brian Hedges

This is the story of God’s gracious rescue of the world through the gift of his Son and the sending of his Spirit. It’s a story of creation and judgment, crime and punishment, grace and glory. It’s a story filled with drama, tension, power, beauty, and hope. And at the heart of this story is the revelation of God’s glory in the death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus Christ.

This is the most important story in all of history. And in it you will find the reason you were created, the way you are meant to live, and the path to eternal life.

(4) **REMAINING FAITHFUL IN MINISTRY: 9 Essential Convictions for Every Pastor by John MacArthur

Perhaps no one else has ever faced as much hardship, opposition, or relentless suffering as the apostle Paul. And yet, through it all, Paul stood firm in Christ and remained faithful—to the very end.

The power of Paul’s example has captivated veteran pastor John MacArthur for years, and here he outlines nine unwavering convictions that contributed to this remarkable perseverance. In an age when pastoral failure and burnout are increasingly common, this book is a call to endurance in ministry, encouraging pastors to stand strong in their role and not lose heart, regardless of what God sends their way.

WHAT GRIEVING PEOPLE WISH YOU KNEW: About What Really Helps (and what really hurts) by Nancy Guthrie

We want to say or do something that helps our grieving friend. But what?

When someone we know is grieving, we want to help. But sometimes we stay away or stay silent, afraid that we will do or say the wrong thing, that we will hurt instead of help.

In this straightforward and practical book, Nancy Guthrie provides us with the insight we need to confidently interact with grieving people. Drawing upon the input of hundreds of grieving people, as well as her own experience of grief, Nancy offers specifics on what to say and what not to say, and what to do and what to avoid. Tackling touchy topics like talking about heaven, navigating interactions on social media, and more, this book will equip readers to support those who are grieving with wisdom and love.

THE FINAL DAYS OF JESUS: The Most Important Week of the Most Important Person Who Ever Lived by Kostenberger & Taylor

Walk With Jesus During His Last Week on Earth

On March 29, AD 33, Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem and boldly predicted that he would soon be put to death?executed on a cross, like a common criminal. So began the most important week of the most important person who ever lived.

Nearly 2,000 years later, the events that took place during Jesus’s last days still reverberate through the ages. Designed as a day-by-day guide to Passion Week, The Final Days of Jesus leads us to reexamine and meditate on the history-making, earth-shaking significance of Jesus’s arrest, trial, crucifixion, and empty tomb.

Combining a chronological arrangement of the Gospel accounts with insightful commentary, charts, and maps, this book will help you better understand what actually happened all those years ago?and why it matters today.


John Owen’s writings, though challenging, are full of rich spiritual insights. In this unabridged volume, editors Justin Taylor and Kelly Kapic have edited three of Owen's classic works?Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers, Of Temptation: The Nature and Power of It, and The Nature, Power, Deceit, and Prevalency of Indwelling Sin. They have updated the author’s language, translated the Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, and footnoted difficult or unknown phrases, all without sacrificing any of Owen’s original message. These three treatises on temptation, sin, and repentance are theologically robust and insightful while also being accessible to modern readers. Overcoming Sin and Temptation will help a new generation benefit from the writings of this remarkable Puritan. Now redesigned with a new cover.

DEFENDING YOUR FAITH: An Introduction to Apologetics by R.C. Sproul

There is a widespread belief that reason and faith are incompatible and opposed to each other. Faith is viewed as subjective, emotional, a crutch for those who find the real world too hard. Though many of the world’s finest minds hold this view, the Bible teaches that it is the fool who says there is no God.

Dr. R. C. Sproul clearly and simply argues that at its core Christianity is rational. He focuses on defending the basic truth claims for two of the most crucial issues of apologetics: God’s existence and the Bible’s authority.

In this primer of apologetic thought, Dr. Sproul affirms four logical principles that are necessary for all real discussion and teaches you how to defend your faith in a faithless world. Using the writings of church fathers and philosophers throughout the ages, he uncovers the common ideologies that work against faith.

The defense of the faith is not a luxury or an intellectual vanity. It is a task appointed by God that you should be able to give a reason for the hope that is in you as you bear witness before the world.

6 WAYS THE OLD TESTAMENT SPEAKS TODAY: An Interactive Guide by Alec Motyer

What does the Old Testament have to do with us today?

To many of us, the Old Testament can seem distant, foreign, and confusing, with difficult language and events disconnected from our present-day lives. But with a little guidance, it is quickly evident that the Old Testament still speaks today.

In this engaging book, late pastor-theologian Alec Motyer leads us to discover the everyday significance of six key themes that resonate throughout the Old Testament: history, religion, worship, prophecy, wisdom, and theology. Each chapter focuses on one theme, featuring a week’s worth of Scripture readings paired with accessible commentary on the biblical text. Clear, accessible, and warmly pastoral, this book will help you see what this collection of ancient texts from the past has to do with our day-to-day lives in the present.

DEPRESSION, ANXIETY AND THE CHRISTIAN LIFE: Practical Wisdom from Richard Baxter with Intro. by J.I. Packer and Notes by Michael Lundy

Practical wisdom for dealing with depression.

Depression—whether circumstantial and fleeting or persistent and long term—impacts most people at some point in their lives. Puritan pastor Richard Baxter spent most of his ministry caring for depressed and discouraged souls, and his timeless counsel still speaks to us today. In this book, psychiatrist Michael S. Lundy and theologian J. I. Packer present Baxter’s writings in order to comfort, instruct, and strengthen all who struggle with depression.

THE DOCTRINES OF GRACE: Rediscovering the Evangelical Gospel by James M. Boice & Philip G. Ryken

The late James Boice and his successor at Philadelphia's Tenth Presbyterian Church contend that we live in an age of casual Christianity. Evangelicalism desperately needs a return to the doctrines that once reformed the church. Advocating a practical-minded, kindhearted, and biblically based faith, Boice and Ryken present a compelling exposition of Calvinism's five points.

WEAKNESS IS THE WAY: Life with Christ Our Strength by J.I. Packer

For Christians, weakness should be a way of life. Yet most of us try desperately to be sufficient on our own, and we resent our limitations and our needs.

Renowned theologian and Bible teacher J. I. Packer reflects on his experience of weakness—having been hit by a truck at a young age and now facing the realities of aging—in order to teach us the importance of embracing our own frailty, and also to help us look to Christ for strength, affirmation, and contentment. Find here a path from discouragement to freedom in light of our all-sufficient God.

FINISHING OUR COURSE WITH JOY: Guidance from God for Engaging with our Aging by J.I. Packer

Do you look in the mirror and see gray hair and wrinkles? Packer---now in his mid-80s---says that getting older doesn't mean you should banish yourself to the rocking chair! Sharing personal insights and examples, he offers a compelling vision for lifelong learning, purposeful planning, running the race with endurance, and glorifying Jesus---no matter what your age! 128 pages, softcover.

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A MERCIFUL AND FAITHFUL HIGH PRIEST: Studies in the Book of Hebrews by Martyn Lloyd-Jones
SGCB Price: $10.75 (list price $20.00)

**A COMPANY OF HEROES: Portraits from the Gospel's Global Advance by Tim Keese, Foreword by Tim Challies
SGCB Price: $9.00 (list price $18.00)

**THE STORY OF HIS GLORY: The Most Important Story Ever Told by Brian Hedges
SGCB Price: $2.50 (list price $5.00)

**REMAINING FAITHFUL IN MINISTRY: 9 Essential Convictions for Every Pastor by John MacArthur
SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $10.00)

******WHAT GRIEVING PEOPLE WISH YOU KNEW: About What Really Helps (and what really hurts) by Nancy Guthrie
SGCB Price: $6.50 (list price $13.00)

THE FINAL DAYS OF JESUS: The Most Important Week of the Most Important Person Who Ever Lived
SGCB Price: $10.00 (list price $20.00)

SGCB Price: $12.00 (list price $24.00)

DEFENDING YOUR FAITH: An Introduction to Apologetics by R.C. Sproul
SGCB Price: $8.50 (list price $17.00)

6 WAYS THE OLD TESTAMENT SPEAKS TODAY: An Interactive Guide by Alec Motyer
SGCB Price: $10.00 (list price $20.00)
"Devout and witty, scholarly and accessible, God-honoring and Christ-centered." - Sinclair Ferguson

******DEPRESSION, ANXIETY AND THE CHRISTIAN LIFE: Practical Wisdom from Richard Baxter
SGCB Price: $7.50 (list price $15.00)
INTRODUCTION BY J.I. PACKER, Notes by Michael S. Lundy

THE DOCTRINES OF GRACE: Rediscovering the Evangelical Gospel by James M. Boice & Philip G. Ryken
SGCB Price: $10.00 (list price $20.00)

WEAKNESS IS THE WAY: Life with Christ Our Strength by J.I. Packer
SGCB Price: $6.50 (list price $13.00)

FINISHING OUR COURSE WITH JOY: Guidance from God for Engaging with our Aging by J.I. Packer
SGCB Price: $6.00 (list price $12.00)
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Addresses to Young Men by Rev. Daniel Baker $16.00

Advice to a Young Christian by Jared B. Waterbury $15.00

The Afflicted Man's Companion by John Willison $20.00

Anecdotes: Religious, Moral & Entertaining by Charles Buck $28.00

Annals of the American Baptist Pulpit, W.B. Sprague $100.00 2 vols. (HC)

Annals of the American Presbyterian Pulpit, W.B. Sprague $215.00 3 vols. (HC)

Assurance of Faith, - Louis Berkhof $11.00

Baptist Confessions of Faith & Catechism (bonded leather) $30.00

**Baptist Confession of Faith & Catechism (paperback edition) $15.00

Backslider, The: Nature, Symptoms & Recovery by Andrew Fuller $13.00

Be Careful How You Listen: Getting the Most out of the Sermon by Jay Adams $16.00

*Behind the Bible: A Primer on Textual Criticism by Jeff Johnson $12.00

Bible Animals: And the Lessons Taught by Them for Children, Richard Newton $16.00

Bible Jewels: And the Lessons Taught by Them for Children, Richard Newton $16.00

Bible Models: Shining Lights of Scripture by Richard Newton $32.00

Bible Promises: Sermons for Children by Richard Newton $17.00

Bible Warnings: Sermons for Children by Richard Newton $25.00


Biblical &Theological Studies, - Princeton Profs. (HC) $60.00 , (PB) $40.00

BODY OF DIVINITY by Archbishop James Ussher (HC) $50.00

*Born-Again Episcopalian: The Evangelical Witness of C.P. McIlvaine by Tom Isham $24.00

BOW IN THE CLOUD: Springs of Comfort in Affliction by Buchanan, etc., $25.00

Brief Exposition of the Constitution of the United States by John S. Hart $12.00

My Brothers Keeper: Letters to a Younger Brother by J.W. Alexander $13.00

Bunyan of Brooklyn: Life and Practical Sermons of Ichabod Spencer $30.00

Calvinism in History - Nathaniel McFetridge $13.00

Calvin Memorial Addresses by Warfield, Webb, Orr, Reed, D'Aubigne $25.00

Calvin on Scripture & Divine Sovereignty by John Murray $12.00

Chief End of Man, The by John Hall $12.00

Child at Home, The - John S.C. Abbott $15.00

Child's Book on the Fall of Man, The by Thomas H. Gallaudet $11.00

Child's Book on Repentance, The by Thomas H. Gallaudet $13.00

Child's Book on the Sabbath by Horace Hooker $16.00

Child's Book on the Soul by Thomas H. Gallaudet $15.00

**CHILD'S PREACHER by Alexander Fletcher, J.C. Ryle, C.H. Spurgeon $32.00

Christian Pastor, The Office & Duty of Stephen H. Tyng $14.00

Christian's Present for All Seasons: Thoughts of Eminent Divines - $38.00

THE CHRISTIAN WARFARE by John Downame $45.00

Christ in Song - Compiled by Philip Schaff $40.00

Christ on Cross & The Lord our Shepherd by John Stevenson $40.00

CHURCH OF CHRIST: In Two Volumes by James Bannerman $75.00

Church Members Guide by John Angell James $16.00 pb.; $27.00 hc.

**THE CHURCH: Why Bother? By Jeff Johnson $14.00

Classic Reformed Discourses & Essays by J.H. Merle D'Aubigne $30.00


COME YE APART: Thoughts from Gospels by J.R. Miller $25.00

Commentaries on Galatians-Thess. By John Eadie $145.00 (5 vols)

Commentary on Hebrews by William Gouge, $115 hc, $85.00 pb (2 vols.)

Commentaries on Joshua, 1 & 2 Samuel by William G. Blaikie $92.00 (3 vols)

Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans by W.G.T. Shedd $32.00

Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles by C.J. Ellicott $20.00

Commentary on Second Peter by Thomas Adams HC $90.00

Commenting and Commentaries by C.H. Spurgeon $16.00

Common Faith, Common Culture by Joseph Bianchi $16.00

Communicant's Companion, The by Matthew Henry $20.00

*COVENANT THEOLOGY: A Reformed & Baptistic Perspective by Greg Nichols $35.00

Decisional Regeneration vs. Divine Regeneration by James E. Adams $8.00

Devotional Life of a Sunday School Teacher, The by J.R. Miller $12.00

Divine Love, The: 12 Sermons on God's Love by John Eadie $28.00

THE DIVINE PURPOSE Displayed in Providence & Grace by John Matthews $16.00

The Doctrine of Endless Punishment by W.G.T Shedd $15.00

Doctrine of Justification by James Buchanan $35.00

Doctrine of Sovereign Grace Opened & Vindicated by Isaac Backus $15.00

Duties of Church Members & Plea to Pray for Pastors by James & Spring $5.00

Early Piety Illustrated: Memoir of Nathan Dickerman by Gorham Abbott $11.00

Evangelical Truth : Sermons for the Family by Archibald Alexander $36.00

The Excellent Woman: As Portrayed in Proverbs by Anne Pratt $20.00

Exposition of the Baptist Catechism by Benjamin Beddome $17.00

Exposition of the Epistle of Jude by William Jenkyn $55.00 (hc)

An Exposition of the Ten Commandments by Ezekiel Hopkins $28.00

Expository Discourses on the Book of Genesis by Andrew Fuller $40.00

FAMILY WORSHIP for The Christmas Season by Ray Rhodes $12.00

FAMILY WORSHIP for the Reformation Season by Ray Rhodes $12.00

FAMILY WORSHIP forf the Thanksgiving Season by Ray Rhodes $12.00

Famous Reformers of the Reformed and Presbyterian Churches by James I Good $16.00

Famous Missionaries of the Reformed Church by James I Good $28.00

Famous Women of the Reformed Church by James I. Good $22.00

The Family at Home: Familiar Illustrations of Domestic Duties by Gorham Abbott $25.00

FAREWELL SERMONS by Baxter, Calamy, Brooks, Manton, Watson and more $32.00

The Fear of God: The Soul of Godliness by John Murray $5.00

Feed My Lambs Lectures to Children by John Todd $15.00

First Things: Discourses from Genesis by Gardner Spring $50.00

Five Points of Calvinism by Robert L. Dabney $10.00

Forgotten Heroes of Liberty, The by J.T. Headley $27.00

For Whom Did Christ Die? The Extent of the Atonement by John Murray $5.00

Friendship: The Master Passion by H. Clay Trumbull $25.00

From the Flag to the Cross: Civil War Stories by A.S. Billingsley, $34.00

From the Pulpit to the Palm-Branch: Memorial to Spurgeon $25.00

From Toronto to Emmaus: Empty Tomb Skepticism to Faith by James White $17.00

Gadsby's Hymns: Selection of Hymns for Worship by William Gadsby $20.00

Gentleman and a Scholar by J. A. Broadus (HC) $40.00; (PB) $30.00

Golden Hours: Heart-Hymns of the Christian Life by Elizabeth Prentiss $10.00

Good, Better, Best: A Classic Work on Ministry to the Poor by J.W. Alexander $17.00

Gospel Sonnets: Spiritual Songs in Six Parts by Ralph Erskine $25.00

Grace and Glory: Sermons from Chapel at Princeton Seminary Geerhardus Vos $15.00

The Harmony of the Divine Attributes by William Bates $28.00

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD: Minister's Advice to a Married Couple by Rev. James Bean $12.00

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Heroes of the Early Church by Richard Newton $17.00

Heroes of Israel: Abraham to Moses by William G. Blaikie $35.00

Heroes of the Reformation: Lessons for Young by Richard Newton - $20.00

History of Christian Doctrine (2 vols) by William G.T. Shedd $62.00

History of Preaching (HC) (2 vols.) - Edwin C. Dargan $115.00

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IS THE MORMON MY BROTHER? By James R. White $20.00

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Jesus and I are Friends: Life of J.R. Miller by John Faris $19.00

Jesus of Nazareth: Character, Teachings & Miracles by John Broadus $11.00

Jesus Loves the Church and so Should You by Earl M. Blackburn $16.00

Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness by Adolphe Monod $12.00

Jesus the Way: A Child's Guide to Heaven by Edward Payson Hammond $11.00

Jewish Tabernacle: In Its Typical Teaching by Richard Newton $25.00

King's Highway, The: 10 Commandments for the Young R. Newton $20.00

Leaves from the Tree of Life: Sermons for the Young by Richard Newton $17.00

Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles by John Dick $32.00

Lectures on the Bible to the Young by John Eadie $16.00

Lectures on the Book of Esther by Thomas M'Crie $25.00

Lectures on the History of Preaching by John A. Broadus $19.00


Lectures on Revivals of Religion by William B. Sprague $25.00

Legacy of a Legend: Spiritual Treasure from the Heart of Edward Payson $10.00

Let the Cannon Blaze Away by Joseph P. Thompson $23.00

LETTERS TO A MORMON ELDER by James R. White $20.00

The Life & Letters of James Henley Thornwell by Benjamin M. Palmer $60.00

The Life & Letters of James Renwick: Scots Martyr by WH Carslaw $20.00

Life and Sermons of Ichabod Spencer (HC) (3 vols.) $120.00

**LIFE IN THE PSALMS by Peter Jeffery $13.00

Life of Jesus Christ for the Young by Richard Newton $65.00 (2 vols.)

Light at Evening Time: Support & Comfort of the Aged $25.00

Little Pillows and Morning Bells by Francis Havergal $16.00

Lives, Our Fortunes & Our Sacred Honor, Our by Charles Goodrich $30.00

LOG COLLEGE: Accounts from the Great Awakening by Alexander $20.00

Lord of Glory: Classic Defense of the Deity of Christ - B.B. Warfield $18.00


Madison Ave. Lectures on Baptist Principles & Practice by Weston $25.00

The Man of Business by J.W. Alexander, W.B. Sprague, John Todd etc. $20.00

A Manual for the Young: Exposition of Proverbs 1-9 by Charles Bridges $13.00


MARTYRLAND: A Tale of the Covenanters by Robert Simpson $20.00

MARY BUNYAN: Heroic Faith of the Blind Daughter of John Bunyan by S.R. Ford $20.00

MEMORIAL TRIBUTES: Funeral Addresses by C.H. Spurgeon, John Newton, Wm Jay $35.00

The Minister and His Greek New Testament by A.T. Robertson $14.00

The Missionary Enterprise: 15 Discourses, edited by Baron Stow, $23.00

THE MISSION OF SORROW: God's Purpose in our Afflictions by Gardiner Spring $11.00

More Love to Thee: Life of Elizabeth Prentiss by GL Prentiss (PB) $35.00; HC $50.00

Mothers of the Wise and Good - Jabez Burns $16.00

Mother at Home, The by John S.C. Abbot $15.00

Mourning a Beloved Shepherd by Charles Hodge & John Hall $10.00

MORNING STARS: Names of Christ for His Little Ones by Havergal $12.00

My Mother: Recollections of Maternal Influence by John Mitchell $20.00

National Preacher, The Edited by Austin Dickinson $23.00

Notes, Critical & Explanatory on the Acts of the Apostles by Jacobus $32.00

Notes on Galatians by J. Gresham Machen $20.00

Nuts for Boys to Crack: Earthly Stories with Heavenly Meaning by John Todd $20.00

Old Paths for Little Feet by Carol Brandt $13.00

Opening Scripture: Hermeneutical Manual by P.Fairbairn HC $50.00; PB $35.00

Opening Up Ephesians Peter Jeffery $9.00

Origin of Paul's Religion, The by J. Gresham Machen $24.00

Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy: Writings on Theology & Ethics by William G.T. Shedd $23.00

OUR SOVEREIGN GOD by Boice, Packer, Stott, Sproul, Nicole $16.00

PARDON & ASSURANCE by William J. Patton $20.00

Pastor in the Sickroom by John Wells $13.00

A PASTOR'S COUNSEL by Jonathan Edwards, Thomas Scott etc. $12.00

Pastor's Daughter, The by Louisa Payson Hopkins $16.00

Pastor's Sketches: Double-Volume Work by Ichabod Spencer $35.00

Pathway into the Psalter by William Binnie $30.00

Paul the Preacher: Discourses in Acts by John Eadie $30.00

Pebbles from the Brook: Sermons for the Young by Richard Newton $23.00

Pen Dipped in Love: Selected Letters of John Newton $16.00

Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, The by B.B. Warfield $12.00

**THE POWER OF FAITH: The Life & Writings of Isabella Graham $32.00

THE POWER OF THE PULPIT by Gardiner Spring $20.00

Power of God Unto Salvation by B.B. Warfield PB - $18.00; HC $32.00

Prayer of a Broken Heart by Robert Candlish $12.00

Preacher and His Models, The by James Stalker $19.00

PRECIOUS SEED: Discourses by Scottish Worthies by Brown, Chalmers, $32.00

Princeton Sermons from 1891-92 by Hodge, Warfield, Patton etc.


Preparation and Delivery of Sermons: Dargan Edition by J.A. Broadus $35.00

Psalms in History and Biography, The by John Ker $18.00

PSALMS IN HUMAN LIFE by Roland Prothero $25.00

PULPIT CRIMES: Criminal Mishandling of God's Word by James White $17.00

Rays from the Sun of Righteousness: Sermons for Children by Richard Newton $17.00

**Reading 'Religious Affections' by Craig Biehl $18.00

Rebel Prince: Tragic Life & Death of Absalom by William Blackburn $20.00

Redeemer's Tears Wept Over the Lost, The by John Howe $11.00

Reformed Doctrine of the Atonerment by Loraine Boettner $13.00

Repentance & Faith: Explained to the Young by Charles Walker $16.00

Sabbath Scripture Readings: New Testament by Thomas Chalmers $32.00

Sabbath Scripture Readings II - Old Testament by Thomas Chalmers $35.00

Safe Compass and How it Points: Sermons to Children by Richard Newton, $16.00

**SAINT PAUL: Changing Our World for Christ by Adolphe Monod $16.00

Scottish Pulpit, The by William M. Taylor $19.00

Scientific Investigation of the Old Testament by Robert Dick Wilson $18.00

Scripture Biography for the Young: Vols. 1 - 5 by T.H. Gallaudet $95.00

Scripture Biography for the Young: King Josiah by T.H. Gallaudet $12.00

Scripture Guide, The by J.W. Alexander $18.00

Secret of Communion with God by Matthew Henry $12.00


SEEKING GOD: Do You Really Want to Know God? by Peter Jeffery $5.00


*Sermons from Job by John Calvin $25.00

*Sermons on the Saving Work of Christ by John Calvin $25.00

*Sermons on the Ten Commandments by John Calvin $27.00

**Sermons Selected from the Pastoral Epistles by John Calvin $20.00

Sermons to the Natural Man by William G.T. Shedd $24.00

Sermons to the Spiritual Man- William G.T. Shedd $24.00

Shepherd's Heart, A by J.W. Alexander $28.00

A Short Explanation of Hebrews by David Dickson $13.00

Shorter Catechism Illustrated by John Whitecross PB - $15.00; HC $25.00

SMALL TALKS ON BIG QUESTIONS: by Helms & Thompson-Kahler $32.00

Soldier's Catechism: For US Armed Forces by Michael Cannon $15.00

Southern Presbyterian Pulpit: Expository Sermons by Dabney, Hoge, Palmer etc. $30.00

Speaking the Truth in Love: Life of Roger Nicole by David Bailey $34.00

THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD by John Murray, John Macleod et. $18.00

Stepping Heavenward (HC) by Elizabeth Prentiss $25.00

Stepping Heavenward Study Guide by Carson Kistner $14.00

Still Hour, The: Communion with God in Prayer by Austin Phelps $12.00

Sunday School Teachers Guide by John Angell James $11.00

THEOLOGICAL ESSAYS by William G.T. Shedd $28.00

Theology on Fire: 1 & 2 by J.A. Alexander $28.00 each

THEOLOGY: Explained & Defended by Timothy Dwight $225.00 set (4 vols) HC

**THEOLOGY AS A LIFE: Theological Essay by J.H. Thornwell $34.00

A Theological Interpretation of American History by C. Gregg Singer $25.00

THOUGHTS ON PREACHING by James W. Alexander $22.00

THE TRACT PRIMER: First Lessons in Sound Doctrine by American Tract Society $11.00

Transfigured Life, The: Selected Shorter Writings of JR Miller $25.00

The Travels of True Godliness by Benjamin Keach $17.00

Truth About Christmas, The by Peter Jeffery $4.00

Truth & Life: 22 Christ-Centered Sermons by Charles P. McIlvaine $30.00

Truth Made Simple: Attributes of God for Children by John Todd $15.00

**THREE FORMS OF UNITY (Leather-Bound Hardcover Edition) $25.00

**THREE FORMS OF UNITY (paperback edition) $12.00

The Truth Set us Free: Stories of 20 Former Nuns by Richard Bennett $16.00

**TWELVE WHAT ABOUTS: Answering Objections to Election by John Samson $16.00

Two Men from Malta: Passionate Appeal to Roman Catholics by Joe Serge $15.00

AN UNDIVIDED LOVE: Loving and Living for Christ by Adolphe Monod $15.00

*VIRGIN BIRTH OF CHRIST by J. Gresham Machen $30.00

*WANDERING STARS: Contending for the Faith with the New Apostles & Prophets by Keith Gibson $25.00


Whatsoever Things Are True: Discourses on Truth by J.H. Thornwell $16.00

Withhold Not Thine Hand: Evening Sermons by William Jay $35.00

Woman: Her Mission and Life: Revised Edition by Adolphe Monod $13.00

Word and Prayer, The: Devotions from the Minor Prophets by John Calvin $11.00

THE WORKMAN: His False Friends & True Friends by Joseph P. Thompson $20.00

Work of the Ministry, The by William G. Blaikie - $22.00

Yearning to Breathe Free? Immigration, Islam & Freedom by David Dykstra $16.00

Young Ladies Guide by Harvey Newcomb $22.00


Youth's Book on Natural Theology by Thomas H. Gallaudet $18.00


As the Waters Cover the Sea: Millenial Expectations in the Rise of Anglo-American Missions 1640-1810 by J.A. De Jong - 28.00

The Believer's Experience: Maintaining the Scriptural Balance between Experience and Truth by Erroll Hulse - $20.00

CHRIST'S GLORIOUS KINGDOM: Postmillenialism Reconsidered by John Jefferson Davis - $20.00

Come, Let us Reason Together: Sufficiency of Christ & the Unity of the Church - Jews & Gentiles Together by Baruch Maoz - $20.00

FORTY YEARS FAMILIAR LETTERS: The Life & Letters of J.W. Alexander (two volumes) John Hall - $60.00

THE GREAT INVITATION: Examining the Use of the Altar Call in Evangelism by Erroll Hulse - $20.00


THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GARDINER SPRING: In Two Volumes by Gardiner Spring - $60.00

The Life of J.A.Alexander: In Two Volumes by Henry Carrington Alexander - $60.00

The New York City Prayer Revival of 1858 and Its Lessons J.W. Alexander - $20.00

The New York Pulpit During The Prayer Revival of 1858 J.W. Alexander - $28.00

A PROPHET ON THE RUN: A Devotional Commentary on the Book of Jonah by Baruch Maoz - $15.00

PULLING THE EYE TOOTH FROM A LIVE TIGER: A Memoir of the Life and Labors of Adoniram Judson (in two volumes) by Francis Wayland - $75.00

THEOLOGY OF MISSIONS IN THE PURITAN TRADITION: A Study of Representative Puritans: Richard Sibbes, Richard Baxter, John Eliot, Cotton Mather & Jonathan Edwards by Sidney H. Rooy - $32.00


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FAREWELL SERMONS: Addresses from Some of the Most Eminent Nonconformist Ministers of the Great Ejection of 1662
Richard Baxter, Thomas Manton, Thomas Watson, Thomas Brooks, Joseph Caryl, William Jenkyn, William Bates and Eleven More


SOLID GROUND Has Published a New Edition of "FAREWELL SERMONS: Addresses from Some of the Most Eminent Nonconformist Ministers of the Great Ejection of 1662

The following paragraphs from Original Preface will explain the power in this volume: "Most of the sermons contained in this collection were delivered on the twenty-fourth of August, in the year 1662. On that day the act requiring a perfect conformity to the book of Common Prayer, and to the rites and ceremonies of the church took place: the effect of which enactment was the silencing of nearly two thousand five hundred ministers, the death of three thousand nonconformists, and the ruin of sixty thousand families. Such was the result of the restoration of Charles the Second of infamous memory.

To ascertain the spirit which actuated the ejected ministers, it is sufficient to refer to the following selection of their farewell sermons, which were delivered at the very moment they were agonizing under the fangs of persecution, but which discover nothing but a combination of christian graces. Bishop Burnet admits that 'many of them were distinguished by their abilities and their zeal '; and the celebrated Locke has remarked, 'Bartholomew-day was fatal to our church and religion, by throwing out a very great number of worthy, learned, pious and orthodox divines.'"

C.H. Spurgeon said, "Those great preachers whose names we remember, were men who counted nothing their own: they were driven out from their benefices, because they could not conform to the Established Church, and they gave up all they had willingly to the Lord. They were hunted from place to place, they wandered here and there to preach the gospel to a few. Those were foul times; but they promised they would walk the road fair or foul, and they did walk it knee-deep in mud; and they would have walked it if it had been kinee-deep in blood too. But now we are all little men, there is scarce a man alive now upon this earth."

John Bunyan, who spent 12 years in Bedford jail for his Nonconformity, said, "I fought till my sword did cleave to my right hand; and then they were joined together, as if a sword grew out of my arm; and when the blood ran through my fingers, then I fought with most courage."

Iain Murray wrote, "John Stoughton has described the Sunday upon which most of the Farewell Sermons were preached: 'No Sunday in England ever resembled exactly that which fell on the 17th of August, 1662, one week before the feast of St Bartholomew. There have been "mourning, lamentation, and woe," in particular parish churches when death, persecution, or some other cause has broken pastoral ties, and severed from loving congregations their spiritual guides; but for many hundreds of ministers on the same day to be uttering farewells is an unparalleled circumstance. In after years, Puritan fathers and mothers related to their children the story of assembled crowds, of aisles, standing-places and stairs, filled to suffocation, of people clinging to open windows like swarms of bees, of overflowing throngs in churchyards and streets, of deep silence or stifled sobs, as the flock gazed on the shepherd - "sorrowing most of all that they should see his face no more." ' It is well for us to bear such a background in mind as we read the following pages. The atmosphere of that day was electric and charged with emotion; the popular discontent was great and strong guards stood ready in London, but these sermons seem far removed from all that. There is a calmness, and unction and a lack of invective. Great though their sorrow was for their flocks and for their nation, they had a message to preach which was more than equal to the strain of the crisis. An eternal God, an Ever-Living Saviour and a glorious hope of heaven, carried them through this heaviest trial."

Don Kistler, founder of Northampton Press, said the following about this volume: "This is a precious volume, because it is the last sermon many of these Puritan pastors preached to their congregations before they were forced out of their pulpits. Yet you will not find any bitterness or acrimony in their sermons. Instead, they do what they had done every other Lord's Day: They preached the glories of Christ.

First published in 2 volumes in the 1600's, then retypeset in 1816 in a single volume, and then published again in 1992, this wonderful collection of Puritan sermons is now available once again. Who knows when it might be available after this edition is gone? Do not miss this opportunity to have this marvelous work. You will be the richer for it. Also, this will likely be your only chance to read sermons by some of the lesser-known, but not lesser-important men represented here, such as Lazarus Seaman, Thomas Lye, George Evanke, and Thomas Jacomb. Solid Ground is to be commended for choosing to reprint this work. Now commend them yourself by purchasing it!"

Ray Rhodes, founder of Nourished in the Word Ministries just added: "If writing makes a man more precise in his communication then writing under persecution further clarifies the message. Some of history's richest sermons have been preached and books written when the author was under either the threat or the actual fires of suffering. The authors of these "Farewell Sermons" are some of the brightest lights in all of Puritan history. Each word, sentence, and paragraph hits the target. Words cannot be wasted when life hangs in the balance. Do you want your character strengthend and your faith deepened? Read these sermons that have been washed by the tears of those who were persecuted for righteousness sake."

Robert Paul Martin, author of 'A Guide to the Puritans' wrote - "Simply one of the finest volumes ever published. The farewell sermons of great Puritan preachers. What more could we ask?"


1- Edmund Calamy - Sermon from 2nd Samuel 24:14 "Let us Fall into the Hand of the Lord"

2- Thomas Manton - Sermon from Hebrews 12:1 - "The people of God that have such a multitude of examples of holy men and women set before them, should prepare themselves to run the spiritual race with more patience and cheerfulness."

3- Joseph Caryl - Sermon from Revelation 3:4 - "In which encouragement I told you we might consider two things, or take it into two parts. First, " That they should walk with Christ." Secondly, " They should walk in white."

4- Thomas Case - Sermon on Revelation 2:5 - "CHRIST here prescribes precious physic for the healing of this languishing church of Ephesus; it is compounded of a threefold ingredient: 1. Self-reflection, " Remember from," &c. 2. Holy contrition and humiliation before the Lord, " Repent." 3. Thorough reformation, " Do thy first works."

5- William Jenkyn - Morning Sermon on Hebrews 11:38 - "The apostle in this excellent chapter, (that by some is deservedly called a little book of martyrs) discovers the triumph of faith, or victory against all difficulty we meet with."

6- William Jenkyn - Afternoon Sermon on Exodus 3:2-5 - "First then, for explanation, I shall here endeavour to open these two things to you: first, what it is for a place to be holy, or wherein the nature of the holiness of the places consists ; secondly, what that is, that is the foundation or cause of the holiness of places; and both these must in our discourse, and likewise apprehension, be accurately distinguished."

7- Richard Baxter - Sermon on Colossians 2:6,7 - "Omitting the division, and in part the opening of the words, the observation is ; - " That those that have received Christ Jesus the Lord, must accordingly be rooted, built Up in him, and established in the faith; and walk in him as they have been taught, and abound therein with thanksgiving."

8- Thomas Jacombe - Morning Sermon on John 8:29 - The observation I intend to speak to, shall be this: They that please God, and endeavour always to do the things that please God, such God will be with; such the Father will not leave alone; especially in times of suffering and trouble, for I will bring it to that case.

9- Thomas Jacombe - Afternoon Sermon on John 8:29 - Let me endeavour to prevail with every one of you, so to carry yourselves in your several places and capacities, that whatever you do, you may please God.

10- William Bates - Morning Sermon on Hebrews 12:20,21 - Now in these two verses he sums up, by way of recapitulation, all that which he had discoursed of at large, and in them you may observe these two things. 1. A description of God, to whom he addresses this prayer: The God of Peace. 2. The substance of the prayer itself.

11- William Bates - Afternoon Sermon on Hebrews 12:20,21 - It follows " that great Shepherd of the sheep." For the opening of this, 1. We will consider the title of Christ. 2. The person for whom this title relates.

12- Thomas Watson - Morning Sermon on John 13:34 - Doctrine. Christians ought to make conscience of this duty of loving one another. Confident I am, we shall never see religion thrive in the world, until we see this grace of love flourish in the heart of christians.

13- Thomas Watson - Afternoon Sermon on 2 Corinthians 7:1 - It is the title that I intend now, by the help of God, to insist upon, that sweet parenthesis in the text, "dearly beloved," wherein you have the apostle breathing forth his affections unto this people. He speaks now as a pastor, and he speaks to them as his spiritual children.

14- Thomas Watson - Farewell Sermon on Isaiah 3:10,11 - This text is like Israel's pillar or cloud; it hath a light side, and a dark side: it hath a light side unto the godly, "Say unto the righteous, it shall be well with him;" and it hath a dark side unto the wicked, "Woe unto the wicked, it shall be ill with him." Both you see are rewarded, righteous and wicked; but here is a vast difference, the one hath a reward of mercy, the other a reward of j ustice.

15- Thomas Lye - First Sermon on Philippians 4:1 - I shall without any more ado enter upon the text; in which you have two things considerable. A most melting compellation, and a most serious exhortation. 1. A melting compellation, "my brethren, dearly beloved," &c. 2. A serious exhortation; and in it first, the matter of the duty, stand, and stand it out, and stand fast. Secondly, the manner. First, so stand, so as you have stood, stand fast. Second, in the Lord; stand so, and stand in the Lord, in the Lord's strength, and in the Lord's cause.

16- Thomas Lye - Second Sermon on Philippians 4:1 - "It is the grand and indispepsable duty of all sincere saints, in the most black and shaking seasons, to stand fast fixed and stedfast in the Lord."

17- Matthew Mead - Sermon on 1 Corinthians 1:3 - Being therefore now to part, I thought to go to the top of the mount, and leave with you grace and peace from God our Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ. In which words there are two generals. 1. A double blessing desired: Grace and Peace 2. A double spring discovered: that is the Father and the Son, God and Christ.

18- Matthew Newcomen - Sermon on Revelation 3:3 - There are three doctrines obvious in the text; Doctrine 1. That it is the duty of christians, to remember those truths that they have heard and received. Doctrine 2. That it is the duty of christians to hold fast the truth that they have heard and received. Doctrine 3. That continued repentance is the duty of christians, as well as initial repentance. Remember therefore how thou hast received, and heard, and hold fast and repent.

19- Thomas Brooks - Sermon on Questions Asked and Answered followed by 27 Legacies that Brooks Left to his Beloved People

20- John Collins - Sermon on Jude 3 - These words contain two parts. 1. A duty exhorted to. 2. The manner of the management of duty. The duty exhorted to, is, to retain the faith delivered to the saints. The manner of its management is, that we should earnestly contend to keep it.

21- Edmund Calamy - Sermons 1 Samuel 4:13 - I shall gather two observations from the words. 1. That when the ark of God is in danger of being lost, the people of God have thoughtful heads and trembling hearts. 2. That a true child of God is more troubled, and more solicitous what shall become of the ark, than what shall become of wife and children or estate.

22- John Gaspine - Sermon on Luke 12:32 - The text contains that exhortation of Christ, wherein he exhorts them to undauntedness and resolution in the ways of God. " Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." The words may be divided into these two parts. First, Here is an exhortation: "Fear not, little flock." Secondly, The reason of this exhortation: "for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."

23- Lazarus Seaman - Sermon on Hebrews 13:20,21 - In which words, there are two two things considerable. 1. The matter of the apostle's prayer. 2. The grounds, which he doth insinuate for audience.

24- George Evanke - Sermon on Matthew 26:39 - Doct. A gracious soul will endeavour the crossing his own will, when be sees that it crosses God's. Or, thus, A true Christian dare not, at least ought not, to gratify his own humour when it stands in opposition, or cometh in competition with God's honour.


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