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The Nature and History of Friendship, and its Place as a Force in the World
H. Clay Trumbull, with Intro. Essay by Maurice Roberts

"Although Friendship has been a theme of the ages, its nature and history have not been treated with any degree of fullness by any writer of the ages. Poets and philosophers and essayists have recognized the force and beauty of friendship as a human sentiment, from the days of Homer and Plato and Cicero to those of Bacon and Montaigne and Tennyson; but no one of them has attempted a careful analysis of its elements or a comprehensive record of its more important historic illustrations. Therefore it is that this volume is presented as a unique study of a subject that deserves greater prominence than has hitherto been accorded to it." - from the Author's Preface, Sept. 1891


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His False Friends and His True Friends
Joseph P. Thompson

Originally published by the American Tract Society in 1879, this volume addresses such vital and trimely subjects as Property and Capital, Land and Inheritance, Laws of Production and Trade, Trade-Unions and Strike, Legislation and Labor, Immigration, Socialism and Communism, Christianity and Society and The Future of the Workman in America. Thompson was a brilliant man who served as pastor of the Broadway Tabernacle in NY City for more than 26 years. He also wrote the excellent volume which we have published entitled: LET THE CANNON BLAZE AWAY: Lectures on the Centennial of American Independence.

"This is a 'must read' book. It needs to be placed in the hands of all thinking persons. It is a masterpiece on the role and responsibility of any good citizen, especially the Christian citizen. It should be the textbook for all high school courses in Economics and required reading (if not a course) for all college students. In fact, all the leaders of our civil government, from the President down to the bureaucrats, should read it and then consider and ponder its contents and the results of not heeding its instructions, warnings, and encouragements. The comparison between the philosophy of socialism and communism and what the Founders envisioned and what the scriptures enjoin is masterly presented without animosity: just clear and straightforward. At 68 years of age, with all my reading on this subject, no book has been as helpful to my understanding, other than the Holy Scriptures. One must wonder how different the situation would be today in America if it had been used consistently in our educational institutions!" - Pastor Don Scott

Excellent companion volume to THE MAN OF BUSINESS.






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from the beginning of the world to this present day : in an apt and pleasant allegory
Benjamin Keach

Benjamin Keach (1640-1704): important Particular Baptist preacher, author, and ardent defender of Baptist principles, even against Richard Baxter. Often in prison and frequently in danger for preaching the Gospel, he was the first to introduce singing hymns in the worship of English congregations.

"After defining godliness and showing its worthy pedigree and antiquity, 'the excellent Benjamin Keach' (as he was fondly called), allegorically personifies 'Godliness,' much as Bunyan did 'Christian.' He introduces us to more than two dozen enemies of godliness, then details Godliness's encounters with several of them, including apostasy, hypocrisy, legalism, antinomianism, worldliness, and Satan. We meet in graphic detail the temptations of youth and old age, of riches and poverty, as well as the joys of contentment, thoughtfulness, kindness, and love. This is a fascinating read by the most important Baptist thinker of his day, designed to stir us up to a greater pursuit of godliness." - Dr. Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"While The Pilgrim's Progress is the most famous of the Christian journey allegories of the seventeenth century, it is not the only one. Though nearly forgotten today, Benjamin Keach's 'The Travels of True Godliness' was in the eighteenth century nearly as popular as Bunyan's great work. It is a great blessing to see it back in print. We hope that many will read, enjoy and benefit from it." - Dr. James M. Renihan

"Most modern men don't think deeply. If there is something called 'true godliness,' for a contrast to stand, there must also be a form of religion that is not true and straight, but false. The former is rare in the world; the latter abounds even in the churches. "The Travels of True Godliness" is a road map for and about those on God's narrow way. For others, if the directions of God go unheard and unheeded, 'true godliness' will remain a quaint curiosity on the road to destruction." - Dr. Mike Renihan

"Those who adopt as one of their modes of benevolence, the distribution of awakening tracts, will find this happily suited to their purpose, and adapted to a great variety of characters. To Christians it will prove an excellent closet companion, containing judicious and satisfactory helps to self-examination, and designating the true and false marks of grace with remarkable precision. May the divine blessing attend it." - from the Preface by Howard Malcolm, editor of this revised edition, dated June 1, 1829



BK3 10/3

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Theological Discourses from the Heart of J.H. Thornwell
James H. Thornwell

This volume contains 13 Discourses covering a great variety of theological subjects from the heart of a leading Southern Presbyterian Theologian from the 19th century. Thornwell lived from 1812-1862 and was an American Presbyterian preacher and religious writer.

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, in a letter to his wife dated August 15, 1859, wrote the following about hearing Thornwell preach: "Last night I enjoyed what I have long desired -- listening to a sermon from the Rev. Dr. Thornwell, of South Carolina. He opened with introduction, setting forth the encouragements and discouragements under which he spoke. Among the encouragements, he stated that the good effected here would be widely disseminated, as there were visitors from every Southern State. Following the example of the apostle Paul, he observed that whilst he felt an interest in all, yet he felt a special interest in those from his own State. He spoke of the educated and accomplished audience it was his privilege to address. After concluding his introductory remarks, he took his text from Genesis, seventeenth chapter, seventh verse, which he presented in a bold, profound, and to me original manner. I felt what a privilege it was to listen to such an exposition of God's truth. He showed that in Adam's fall we have raised from the position of servants to that of children of God. He gave a brief account of his own difficulties when a college student, in comprehending his relation to God. He represented man as a redeemed being at the day of judgment, standing nearest to the throne, the angels being farther removed. And why? Because his Brother is sitting upon the throne he is a nearer relation to Christ than the angels. And his being the righteousness of God himself. I don't recollect having ever before felt such love to God. I was rather surprised at seeing so much grace and gesture in Dr. Thornwell. I hope and pray much good will result from this great exposition of Bible truth."

Joseph Addison Alexander, himself a wonderful example of pulpit eloquence, heard the sermon "The Sacrifice of Christ, the Type and Model of Missionary Effort" delivered, and pronounced it 'as fine a specimen of Demosthenian eloquence as he had ever heard from the pulpit, and that it realized his idea of what preaching should be."

J.W. Alexander once wrote the following of one of Thornwell's sermons, "His sermon was a model of what is rare, viz.: burning hot argument, logic in ignition, and glowing more and more to the end."

Henry Ward Beecher, the famous Northern liberal minister, wrote after Thornwell's death, "By common fame, Dr. Thornwell was the most brilliant minister in the Old School Presbyterian Church, and the most brilliant debater in the General Assembly. This reputation he early gained and never lost. Whenever he was present in the Assembly, he was always the first person pointed out to a stranger."

Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said of him, ""Thornwell (1812-1862) was one of the greatest preachers that America has ever produced. Here, I think, we have the perfect combination of brilliance of intellect and profound theological and philosophical knowledge, together with pulpit eloquence of the highest order."

Discourse 1 - Outline of the Covenant of Grace

Discourse 2 - Theology as a Life in Individuals and in the Church

Discourse 3 - The Necessity and Nature of Christianity: Acts 17:16-34

Discourse 4 - Election and Reprobation: Defined and Defended from Scripture

Discourse 5 - The Necessity of the Atonement: Romans 1:16

Discourse 6 - The Priesthood of Christ: Hebrews 5:5,6

Discourse 7 - Christ Tempted as the Second Adam: Matthew 4; Mark 1; Luke 4

Discourse 8 - The Gospel, God's Power and Wisdom: 1 Corinthians 1:22-24

Discourse 9 - The Personality of the Holy Ghost: Acts 19:2

Discourse 10 - The Nature of Salvation: John 3:17

Discourse 11 - Antinomianism: Defined and Explained

Discourse 12 - Christian Effort: Philippians 1:27

Discourse 13 - The Sacrifice of Christ, the Type and Model of Missionary Effort: John 10:17,18

Born in Marlboro District, South Carolina, on December 9, 1812; Thornwell graduated from South Carolina College at nineteen, studied briefly at Harvard, then entered the Presbyterian ministry. He became prominent in the Old School Presbyterian denomination in the south, preaching and writing on theological and social issues. He taught at South Carolina College, eventually served as its president, and went on to teach at Columbia Theological Seminary. He was a contemporary of Charles Hodge and represented the southern branch of the Presbyterian church in debates on ecclesiology with Hodge.

JHT Special

450 Page Large Paperback Volume - Over 55% Off
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Classic Essays to Show the Perpetuity of the Old Testament as a Living Book for All Ages
Austin Phelps, author of 'The Still Hour'

Austin Phelps (1820-1890) was a congregational minister, a professor of sacred rhetoric and homiletics, and later a president of Andover Theological Seminary. He wrote several books which were widely read, but none as much as "The Still Hour." Some of the subjects covered are quite unique, such as "Absence of God, in Prayer", "Unhallowed Prayer", "Distrust in Prayer", "Indolence in Prayer" and "Idolatry in Prayer." This is a book that will both convict and encourage. It is perfect alike for the new believer and the aged saint who has walked with Christ for decades.

"Comforting, convicting, and correcting, Phelps's 'Still Hour' is the best short book a Christian can read to stir up his or her sluggish soul and lay hold of God afresh by means of biblical, heartfelt prayer." --Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

What is said about THE STILL HOUR deserves to be said about STUDIES OF THE OLD TESTAMENT. The opening essay on "The Prophet of the Broken Heart" and the closing chapter on "Christ the Centre of Biblical Thought" are truly worth the price of the book, but all of the other 22 chapters are soul-stirring and heart-warming as well.


I. The Prophet of the Broken Heart - Jeremiah 9:1

II. God works with Minorities who are working for Him - 2 Chronicles 20:15,17

III. A Model of Prayer in Emergencies - 2 Chronicles 14:11

IV. An Ancient Revival of Religion - 2 Chronicles 15:8,9,12-15

V. Christian Alliances with Wicked Men - 2 Chronicles 19:2

VI. Honoring God's House - 2 Chronicles 24:4,5,13

VII. Presumption in the Worship of God - 2 Chronicles 26:16-20

VIII. Fidelity to the Religion of a Godly Ancestry - 2 Chronicles 17:3-5

IX. The Lost Son of a Godly Father - 2 Chronicles 28:19,22,23,25

X. The Godly Son of an Ungodly Father - 2 Chronicles 29:1,2; 31:20,21

XI. The Prodigal Son of Godly Parents - 2 Chronicles 33:12,13

XII. The Twin Serpents - Genesis 4:8-13

XIII. Avowed Enemies of Religion - 2 Chronicles 32:9-16

XIV. A Talk with Young People about Josiah - 2 Chronicles 34:1-3

XV. An Ancient Model of Youthful Temperance - Daniel 1:8

XVI. The Lost Bible - 2 Chronicles 34:14,20,21

XVII. Good Men who are not Churchmen - Jeremiah 35:18,19

XVIII. Intertwining of God's Plans with the Plans of Men - Jeremiah 52:8-11

XIX. The Kingdoms that die, and the Kingdom that lives - Daniel 2:44,45

XX. Fruitless Convictions of Sin - Daniel 5:1,5,6,25-28,30

XXI. The Men in the Fire - Daniel 3:16-18

XXII. The Man in the Lions' Den - Daniel 6:21-23

XXIII. The Fulfillment of Prophecy in the Career of Cyrus - 2 Chronicles 36:22,23

XXIV. Christ the Centre of Biblical Thought - Daniel 7:13,14

In the Author's Introductory Note he explains the reason for publishing this work: "These studies of the Old Testament were originally published in one of our most widely-circulated religious papers. So many persons have expressed a wish for them in a more permanent form, that they are now gathered into this volume. Slight changes have been made, -- a change in the order of topics, an occasional enlargement or alteration of paragraphs, and a few corrections. If the volume serves to illustrate, in any degree, how ancient and neglected Scriptures may be revived in the popular interest, and thus to show the perpetuity of the Old Testament as a living book for all ages, the object of this republication will be accomplished." - Theological Seminary, Andover, Mass. - Oct. 1, 1878.




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SGCB Price: $24.00 (list price $60.00)

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THE LORD OF GLORY: A Study of the Designations of our Lord in the New Testament with Especial Reference to His Deity
Benjamin B. Warfield

"B.B. Warfield's 'The Lord of Glory' is one of the most compelling presentations of the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ I have ever encountered. Warfield had a special gift of explaining issues related to the Trinity and the Deity of Christ, and 'The Lord of Glory' is simply one of his best works. I cannot recommend this work more highly, especially when it addresses those evidences of the deity of Christ that are not as often addressed, those places where the words of Scripture used of Christ simply could not be used with propriety of any creature, no matter how exalted. Every believer should read and absorb this work!" -- James White

"Warfield was above all else, a Christologian, and of all his many, many titles in which he treats the Person of Christ, 'The Lord of Glory' is his most thorough and best. As the subtitle suggests, Warfield surveys the entire NT, scouring its pages for evidence of the deity of Christ in the thinking of the primitive church. It is the only work like it that I know of, and it is a most valuable work both for a study in Christology and for the formation of the Christological background to each of the books of the NT individually. Very highly recommended." -- Fred Zaspel

"Benjamin Warfield was a prince among theologians. His Christ-centered, Christ-glorifying work on the Person of Christ is his most thorough and best. Here you will find meat for the mind and food for the soul. No other book deals so extensively with Christology in the primitive church. Bravo, SGCB!" -- Randall J. Pederson





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THE PASTOR IN THE SICK ROOM: Ministering the Gospel to Those on the Brink of Eternity
John D. Wells

In the Fall of 1892 the professors of Princeton Seminary asked Dr. John D. Wells, long-time pastor in Brooklyn, NY, to come and deliver three lectures on the subject of ministering to the sick and dying. Wells, himself a graduate of Princeton in the 1840's, spoke to the students in such an effective and passionate way that the professors later asked Wells to have these lectures published. This book is the result of that request.

Knowing that men like Benjamin B. Warfield, and his esteemed colleagues were moved by these lectures in such a way, it is a true shame that they have been unavailable for more than a century.

Jerry Bridges, author of numerous God-centered books, wrote the following as soon as he finished reading a photocopy recently sent to him: "Spiritual care of the sick and dying, especially to those who are unconverted, is one of the most sensitive and challenging areas of Christian ministry. Written from a wealth of more than 40 years pastoral experience and from a heart deeply concerned for the salvation of those who are dying, this book is instructive, challenging and heartwarming. Even though written more than 100 years ago, the spiritual lessons contained in it are as up to date as if written yesterday. THIS BOOK SHOULD BE IN THE PRACTICAL THEOLOGY SECTION OF EVERY PASTOR'S LIBRARY."

50% Discount
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OPENING SCRIPTURE: A Hermeneutical Manual Introducing the Exegetical Study of the New Testament
Patrick Fairbairn

Roger Nicole contends: "It is high time that in the midst of controversies in which all kinds of accusations are leveled against the use of the Old Testament by New Testament authors the painstaking work of Patrick Fairbairn and his monumental scholarship be once again taken into consideration."

Sinclair Ferguson says, "Patrick Fairbairn was one of the brightest stars in the galaxy of brilliant biblical theologians in nineteenth century Scotland. in this valuable but rare book he takes us into his workshop and gives us a 'master-class' on studying the Scriptures. I'M ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT THIS REPRINT."

James White adds, "Hermeneutics is the life-blood of solid theology. Sadly, much of what is written today has been compromised by an unbiblical world-view, and therefore leads the student not into a clearer, firmer grasp of the revelation that is God's Word, the Bible, but instead inculcates doubts and hesitations. Hence, in some ways, 'newer is better' does not hold true especially when the 'newer' means 'less rooted in a solid belief in the inspiration and consistency of God's Word.' Fairbairn needs to be studied once again."

Douglas Kelly also says, "Fairbairn was a Scottish Evangelical Scholar with unusual insight on the relationship between the Old and the New Testaments. His work on Typology is still considered a classic. And some of the most recent research on Typological interpretation of the OT and the NT in the last half of the 20th century has confirmed much that Fairbairn was saying 100 years before. His work on Hermeneutics, for that reason alone, will be very valuable."

500 page hardcover

See Table of Contents for detailed information on all that is covered.

sjs jh3

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Paperback Over 40% Discount
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THE ASSURANCE OF FAITH: The Firm Foundation of Christian Hope
Louis Berkhof

Louis Berkhof (1873-1957) is best known for his "Systematic Theology" which has been translated into numerous languages the world over. This lesser-known little treatise deserves a place of prominence in the church of the 21st century.

Listen to the conviction that moved Prof. Berkhof to write:

"This little book is born of the conviction that the subject of the assurance of faith deserves more attention that it often receives in the present day. We are not living in an age in which Christian certitude can be taken for granted. The enemy is exerting himself to destroy the foundation which God has laid for our faith in his excellent Word. It is hoped that this little treatise may be of some service in the cultivation of assurance especially among our rising generation."

Grand Rapids, Michigan

December, 1938

Joel Beeke said of this book, "This book is unsurpassed in its clear, classically Reformed presentation of the threefold foundation of assurance of faith: the promises of God, the inward witness of the Spirit, and the testimony of the Christian graces. Berkhof excels at revealing the direct connection between faith and assurance and counseling believers on the cultivation of that assurance. Covering its history, its foundation, and its experience, Berkhof convinces the reader that assurance ought to be treasured by all believers and that doubt stunts a believer's growth, well-being, and ability to praise the Lord. Having this book available once again is a great blessing."

An excellent book to use in the home, the church and the school.

lb4 sjs stst

THE ASSURANCE OF FAITH: The Firm Foundation of Christian Hope
SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $11.00)

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A Political, Moral & Evangelizing Force
Nathaniel S. McFetridge

This little gem is filled with myriads of powerful testimonies concerning the Political, Moral and Evengelizing Force of the Doctrines of Grace.

"I do not know of any other book that sets forth so effectively and yet in such a brief form the real nature of Calvinism and the effect that it has had in history." Loraine Boettner

"This is a readable and happy account of Calvinism in history." Rousas Rushdoony

"This book sure-footedly guides us over the terrain of Calvinism's broadsweeping political and moral influence, concluding that Calvinism's evangelistic power results from the doctrines of grace, particularly justification by faith alone." Joel Beeke

It is a privilege for Solid Ground to bring this book back into print with the sincere desire that it will travel throughout the world and bear witness to the truth of the great doctrines of Augustine and Calvin.





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SGCB Price: $16.50 (list price $38.00)
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JESUS AND I ARE FRIENDS: The Life and Ministry of J.R. Miller
John T. Faris

James Russell Miller (1840-1912) was considered by many the greatest devotional writer of his era. His more than 60 volumes sold into the millions of copies and were translated into numerous languages throughout the world. This biography by his closest friend, John Faris, tells the story of his life in a way that is both captivating and encouraging.

Professor W. Brenton Greene of Princeton Theological Seminary, after 25 years of intimate association with Miller, said reverently: "If I dared let any man embody my idea of our Lord, I should find myself unconsciously turning to Dr. Miller for such embodiment. We can try to follow him only afar off, but it is one of God's best gifts to us that we have been given such an example of Christlikeness."

Long out of print, this precious volume will be welcomed especially by those who have read his books, "The Devotional Life of the Sunday School Teacher", "The Master's Blesseds", "The Home Beautiful" and "Secrets of a Happy Home."




50% Discount
SGCB Price: $10.00 (list price $20.00)

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LET THE CANNON BLAZE AWAY:Lectures on the Centennial of American Independence
Joseph P. Thompson

Rev. Joseph P. Thompson (1819-1879) was long time pastor of The Broadway Tabernacle in NY City. After serving for many years in the United States Dr. Thompson lived and served in Europe. He was living there in 1876 when the United States was about to celebrate its 100th anniversary. He was asked to prepare 6 lectures to be delivered in the leading cities of Germany, Italy, France and England. This he did to the overwhelming applause of the leading ministers and statesman of those countiries. In fact, the response was so encouraging that it was insisted that these lectures be placed in a book that could be used as a textbook for years to come.

This volume has been unavailable for more than a century. The time is right for the reappearance of this remarkable book.

"America needs this book at this hour. It is not however, only for Americans. Recall that these were lectures given in Europe and in Britain. I am often amazed at the ignorance of too many Americans regarding our own history. I am often just as amazed at the ignorance of the rest of the world with regard to America and its institutions. Too many Americans today are ashamed of America. Too many non-Americans display a sense of superiority to America. Joseph Thompson's 'Let The Cannon Blaze Away' should go a long way to correct both of these errors." - David Dykstra, from Introduction



74S /04

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SGCB Price: $55.00 (list price $117.00)

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THE STILL HOUR: Communion with God in Prayer
Austin Phelps

Austin Phelps (1820-1890) was a congregational minister, a professor of sacred rhetoric and homiletics, and later a president of Andover Theological Seminary. He wrote several books which were widely read, but none as much as "The Still Hour." Some of the subjects covered are quite unique, such as "Absence of God, in Prayer", "Unhallowed Prayer", "Distrust in Prayer", "Indolence in Prayer" and "Idolatry in Prayer." This is a book that will both convict and encourage. It is perfect alike for the new believer and the aged saint who has walked with Christ for decades.

"Comforting, convicting, and correcting, Phelps's 'Still Hour' is the best short book a Christian can read to stir up his or her sluggish soul and lay hold of God afresh by means of biblical, heartfelt prayer." --Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Charles H. Spurgeon, in the midst of a sermon on Mark 11:24, said the following: "I was reading the other day in a sweet little book, which I would commend to the attention of all of you, written by an American author, Austin Phelps, who seems to truly and completely know the power of prayer, and to whom I am indebted for many good things. The llittle book is called The Still Hour,"

Don Whitney wrote: "Remember that the great purpose for engaging in these Disciplines is Godliness, that we may be like Jesus, that we may be more holy. In The Still Hour, Austin Phelps wrote, 'It has been said that no great work in literature or in science was ever wrought by a man who did not love solitude. We may lay it down as an elemental principle of religion, that no large growth in holiness was ever gained by one who did not take time to be often long alone with God.'"









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6-15 OS6 ppp JKP stst

50% Discount
SGCB Price: $6.00 (list price $12.00)

SGCB Price: $15.00 (list price $46.00)
Includes 'Prayer of a Broken Heart' by Candlish & 'Golden Sceptre' by Preston

SGCB Price: $24.00 (list price $60.00)
Includes 'Studies of the Old Testament' and 'The New Birth'
ANECDOTES: Religious, Moral and Entertaining
Charles Buck, Preface by Ashbel Green of Princeton

"I hesitate not to say, that I know of no work, which more happily unites instruction with entertainiment. It requires no effort of the mind to be understood, and can weary no one by a long demand of attention to a particular subject. It cannot be read without interest, and it is, in every part, calculated to leave an impression on the mind favorable to virtue, piety or benevolence." - Ashbel Green, August 1831

"This work is well calculated for young persons, and may prove in many cases, a very acceptable present to them, as it conveys much instruction, mingled with entertainment. It will also serve for a pleasing companion to the traveller. In short, it affords a copious fund of rational amusement for a leisure hour. We have no doubt but it will obtain, as it certainly merits, an extensive circulation."

- the Evangelical Review

By Charles H. Spurgeon's day he could tell his students that this volume was so well known and so often read by so many people that it was no longer wise to use it for illustrative purposes. THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE. It has been out of print more than a century.


50% Discount
SGCB Price: $13.95 (list price $28.00)

SGCB Price: $180.00 (list price $455.00)
His Character, Teachings and Supernatural Works
John A. Broadus

"Broadus shows ample awareness on many fronts - a necessary element of effective apologetics. He paints an admirable picture of the friend of sinners and sinless Son of God. I especially appreciated the section on the centrality of the resurrection."

Richard C. Barcellos, Pastor

Managing Editor of Reformed Baptist Theological Review

"These lectures were delivered in March 1890, in the Hall recently erected and given to Johns Hopkins University, for the use of the Young Men's Christian Association of that institution; and the President of the YMCA specially requested their publication. They were not designed as class-room lectures, since many not connected with the University were invited to attend.

"The subject treated seems to possess an ever-deepening interest at the present time. The personal character of Jesus is now widely perceived to be an important guarantee of his teachings and works. This character is presented by the first lecture in a way that to some may appear lacking in devout warmth; but the object was to gain the concurrence of every person who will calmly survey the historical facts, and thus to lay a foundation for what would follow. It is hoped that the second lecture will tend to rectify certain erroneous but quite prevalent views of the Savior's teaching; and that the third lecture may be found to have some argumentative force in regarde to his mission and claims.

"The little volume is the fruit of life-time studies, and has been prepared with the author's best exertions, and a great desire to promote 'the knowledge of Jesus, the most excellent of the sciences." - from the Author's Preface

JOHN ALBERT BROADUS (1827-1895) was to become one of the most influential Baptist leaders in the history of the nation. This volume is a wonderful introduction to the heart of this man who loved his Savior and Lord with a passion that was contagious.

A Year with Baptist Classics

$4-6 Book

$5.00 Sale

Nearly 60% off
SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $12.00)
William B. Sprague, editor

This two volume hardcover set traces trhe lives and ministries of over 170 of the leading Baptist preachers in America from Hansard Knollys (1599-1691) to John Lightfoot Waller (1809-1854). Articles are written on such notable Baptists as Isaac Backus, Roger Williams, John Gano, William Rogers, Richard Furman, Jesse Mercer, Luther Rice, Adoniram Judson, Spencer Cone, George Dana Boardman and numerous others.

Articles are written by such notables as Governor Winthrop, Cotton Mather, John Quincy Adams, George Bancroft, Richard Furman, Alvah Hovey, Francis Wayland, Benjamin Rush, Henry Fish, J.B. Jeter, J.L. Dagg, Richard Fuller, Basil Manly, Samuel Miller, and numerous others.

" I think the book has great historical information, and gives us from the pen of many other Baptists an evaluation that show as much about their personal interests in ministry as it does about the subject they are addressing." -Dr. Tom Nettles

"It is a tremendous boon when those who treasure our Baptist history can procure these precious volumes. Three cheers for the publisher!" - Erroll Hulse



50% - Volume One Knollys (1638) - Bradley (1799)
SGCB Price: $27.50 (list price $55.00)

50% - Volume Two: Sterry (1800) - Waller (1840)
SGCB Price: $27.50 (list price $55.00)

Two Volume Hardcover Set
SGCB Price: $50.00 (list price $105.00)
52% Discount

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His Influence, Temptations, Responsibilities, Enterprise and Principles of Action
J.W. Alexander, W.B. Sprague, John Todd, Stephen Tyng etc.

Outstanding book by six of the leading ministers of the Gospel consisting of a series of practical papers on the influence, temptations, responsibilities, enterprise, and principles of action of men of business, originally published in New York in the late 1850's.

James W. Alexander: The Young Man of Business Cheered and Counseled

William B. Sprague: Men of Business: Their Responsibilities as Citizens and Church Members

John Todd: Men of Business: Their Position, Influence, and Duties

Stephen H. Tyng: Men of Business: Their Perplexities and Temptations

Jonathan F. Stearns: Men of Business: Their Intellectual Culture

Isaac Ferris: Men of Business: Their Home Responsibilities

Every working man should read this book and every business owner should purchase copies to give to all his employees. Especially helpful for young men!







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Stephen H. Tyng

"This difference between the Law and the Gospel is the height of knowledge in Christendom. Every person who assumes or glories in the name of Christian should know and be able to state this difference." - Martin Luther

"You cannot be a Christian long without encountering the words "law" and "gospel." How do we understand these magnificent words found throughout Scripture? Postmodernists and many evangelical brusquely reject law. Countless others either do not grasp or ignorantly pervert the gospel. Today much confusion reigns regarding both. Stephen Tyng, with humble piety and a scholarly heart, unfolds the biblical mysteries of these indispensable theological truths in such a manner that confusion becomes clear; the foggy mist is lifted. Written for pastors, people in the pew, students, and those wrestling with the perpetuity and place of the law in relation to the saving gospel of Christ, everyone will profit from its contents. Do yourself a favor and purchase, read, mark, and study this book. Its impartation of truth will fortify your life and labors in making known the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ." - Earl M. Blackburn, Pastor

This volume contains 24 Lectures, the first 12 on The Law of God, the last 12 on the Gospel of God. The subjects are as follows:


1- The importance of an accurate knowledge of the Divine Law

2- The practical influence of a knowledge of the Law

3- The Spirituality of the Law

4- The present use of the Law

5- The convincing power of the Law

6- The condemning power of the Law

7- The Law a guide to Christ

8- Christ, the Righteousness of the Law

9- The Law, the Christian's Rule of Life

10- The worth of Man's Obedience to the Law

11- The Salvation of the Gospel confirming Man's Obedience to the Law

12- The Perfection of the Divine Law


1- The Object of the Gospel

2-The Gospel Way of Salvation

3- The History of the Gospel

4- The Wisdom of the Gospel

5- The Power of the Gospel to Save

6- The Power of the Gospel to Condemn

7- The Grace of the Gospel as a Divine Gift

8- The Glory of the Gospel as a Revelation of God

9- The Glory of the Gospel from the Method of its Publication

10- The Glory of the Gospel from the Subjects which it Proclaims

11- The Glory Magnifying the Law

12- The Guilt and Danger of Rejecting the Gospel


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Matthew Henry

One of the finest, but little known, treatises on the godly life ever written, by the author of the justly popular Matthew Henry's Commentary. This little gem teaches how to begin the day with God, how to spend the day with God, and how to end the day with God.

"Matthew Henry is most pious and pithy, sound and sensible, suggestive and sober, terse and trustworthy. You will find him to be glittering with metaphors, rich in analogies, overflowing with illustrations, and superabundant in reflections." - C.H. Spurgeon

"Follow Henry's counsel and your practice of prayer will be changed forever, and thus also your experience of communion with God. For as Henry rightly says, 'those who live without prayer, live without God in the world.'" - Dr. Ligon Duncan

""The way we maintain our prayer lives is the great practical fundamental of our Christianity. This was the strength of the English Puritans. Here in this work by Matthew Henry we have the nitty-gritty." - Erroll Hulse



$4-6 Book



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William B. Sprague

These volumes trace the Presbyterian Pulpit from the earliest days of the country until the early 1860's. This three volume hardcover set is very difficult to find and you can purchase all three volumes for less than you could purchase one volume from antiquarian sellers.


"The value of Sprague's Annals of the American Pulpit cannot be overstated. Here is a rich hoard of biography, church history, and best of all, specimens of the preaching of the early generations of America's Presbyterian and Reformed ministers, who exercised a degree of influence over the life of our nation unsurpassed and seldom equalled by any who came after them. No accurate or profound understanding of what Presbyterianism was down to the middle decades of the 19th century, or the place it filled in American life, is possible without consulting the Annals. Every Christian will derive great profit as well from reading the biographical sketches of these highly educated, gifted and devout men of God." - Rev. Ray B. Lanning, Associate Reformed Church of Grand Rapids, MI

"Sprague's 'Annals of the American Pulpit' was one of the most useful reference works of the nineteenth century. By recording, often from personal acquaintances, key information about a wide range of clergymen in early American history, Sprague made it possible to peer much further into the day-by-day lives of the churches. This reprinting of the volumes dealing with Presbyterian ministers should be welcome to all students of early American history, but especially by those who desire a sense of how religious life 'on the ground' was carried out." Mark A. Noll, Professor of History, Wheaton College (IL)

"Annals of the Presbyterian Pulpit is a unique, sterling encyclopedia of Presbyterian preachers by a great historian that not only provides valuable biographical summaries of well-known preachers, but, most importantly, offers a gold mine of information on less known luminaries long forgotten in the annals of church history."- Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

VOLUME ONE: American Presbyterian Pulpit from Francis Makemie to Matthew Lyle

(includes Gilbert Tennant, David Brainerd, Samuel Davies, John Witherspoon, Ashbel Green, Samuel Miller, Archibald Alexander and dozens of others)

VOLUME TWO: American Presbyterian Pulpit from John M. Mason to Eliphalet W. Gilbert

(includes Edward Dorr Griffin, Moses Waddel, John Lyle, Henry Kollock, John Matthews, James Inglis, Benjamin Morgan Palmer and dozens of others)

VOLUME THREE: Reformed Dutch, American Presbyterian Pulpit from James Wharey to John Humphrey; Associate Church from Alexander Gellatly to Thomas B. Hanna; Associate Reformed from James Proudfit to Moses Kerr; and Reformed Presbyterian from James McKinney to John McKinley

(includes William Nevins, John Breckenridge, Ichabod S. Spencer, Albert B. Dod, William Marshall, Thomas Beveridge, Alexander Proudfit, John Hemphill, Alexander McLeod and dozens of others)




50% - Volume One: American Presbyterian Pulpit
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50% - - Volume Two: American Presbyterian Pulpit
SGCB Price: $37.50 (list price $75.00)

50% - - Volume Three: Reformed Dutch, American Presbyterian Pulpit, Associate, Associate Reformed & Reformed Presbyterian Pulpit
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A Memorial of Charles H. Spurgeon
New Introduction by Erroll Hulse

This impressive volume is a true celebration of the life of "The Prince of Preachers" with special focus on the last months of his life, his death and the twelve remarkable days which followed. This rare volume contains the very last addresses delivered by Spurgeon in the last month of his life. Also included are the following:

- More than a dozen rare photographs

-Complete accounts of Memorial Meetings held for

Members of the Church

Ministers and Students

Christian Workers

General Public

Sunday School Children and Orphans

The Complete Funeral Service

The Complete Sermons of A.T. Pierson on the mornings and evenings of Feb. 7th and 14th preached to the mourning congregation at the Metropolitan Tabernacle

The Complete Text of Four CHS sermons, including the last ones preached at Met Tab

"Many will be happy to know this long-unobtainable volume on Spurgeon is to be available again. I have collected such books for years but not yet owned this rare book. May the recovery of Spurgeon's memory lead many to the devotion to Christ which so marked his life!" Rev. Iain H. Murray

"The final days of C H Spurgeon's life were difficult ones, not only because of various physical complaints and the fog of depression that sometimes clouded his days, but also because of the fact that there seemed far too few who saw the dangers of liberalism eating away at the heart of evangelical witness. Spurgeon had fought a royal battle against this soul-destroying heresy in the Down-grade controversy, but it appeared that the battle had been a losing one. In all of this, though, Spurgeon never shifted from the great hope that the kingdom of Christ would ultimately triumph. This new book deals with these final days of this great Christian warrior's life and it is thus of great encouragement for God's people in this day, for we too live in extremely difficult and trying times. Surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, like the ever-faithful Spurgeon of this book, may we stand fast." - Dr. Michael Haykin

"Like many of us who have valued his life and teaching, I've visited Charles Spurgeon's gravesite. Thousand stood there on the actual day of his burial, just as I stood, full of amazement for such a life. This book, a rare one indeed, takes us back to those memorial days and will help us feel their beauty and significance. I'm thankful for such a book. We should remember our heroes as a way of exalting Christ. And, we must imitate their faith." - Jim Elliff, Christian Communicators Worldwide

"Collectors of Spurgeonalia will be delighted to have access to this once inaccessible volume. More importantly, because of the funerary contents, it will provoke reflection on the life and ministry of a choice servant of God, which may in turn prove to be of profound assistance to us as we assess the substance, faithfulness and intensity of our own Christian life and service." - Ligon Duncan

"When a book of such rare quality is republished it must be read, not just for the sake of reading it, but for the purpose of the enormous spiritual enrichment it will give to anyone who take the time to get into it's wealth of content. To read this gem will leave the reader moved to worship the source of all truth, God Himself." - Pastor Martin Holdt

"Spurgeon lovers, and what Christian minister is not, will find great satisfaction in this volume. That even after his misrepresentation by his peers, Spurgeon generated such amazing response even in his death bears testimony to the power and depth of his influence. This volume shows that the power of the gospel is pervasive in every area of life and pursued with faithfulness will change the landscape of culture and Christian ministry." - Dr. Tom Nettles

This extremely rare volume is an amazing triubute to a faithful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. No one can read this and not be moved to love the Lord whom Spurgeon loved and served to the very last breath.

Spurgeon Special

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William Jenkyn

Spurgeon said of this classic Puritan commentary: "A TREASURE-HOUSE OF GOOD THINGS."

Thomas Manton first gave up the idea of printing his work on Jude when he read this masterpiece by William Jenkyn, but later changed his mind when urged by friends. Yet he tell us, "I consulted with my reverend brother's book, and when I found at any point at large discussed by him, I either omitted it or mentioned it very briefly; so that his labours will be necessary to supply the weakness of mine."

Cyril Barber said, "William Jenkyn was a diligent student of the Word, an able expositor, and known throughout England for his piety. We welcome the republication of this outstanding commentary. It is a tribute to the foresight of the publishers that they are making it available to a new generation of Bible students and teachers."

Joel Beeke has added, "Jenkyn's Exposition of the Epistle of Jude remains unsurpassed today. It powerfully exhibits Jenkyn's piety and learning."

Malcolm Watts said, "The Exposition upon Jude by Jenkyn is beyond praise. In my opinion it ranks as one of the best in the old Nichols series."

Rev. James Sherman, editor of the 1863 edition, wrote the following: "The following Exposition is the most considerable of Jenkyn's works, and exhibits his piety, diligence and learning. It was delivered at Christ Church, Newgate Street, in the ordinary course of his ministry, and met with great acceptance; two editions having been published during the life of the author, both of which have been carefully collated for the present publication. The editor believes that, from the great pains taken to render the work perfect, few errors have escaped detection. He now commits it to the favor of God, who, judging from the testimonies received from many ministers, has crowned the Exposition previously published with a large share of his blessing."





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THE DIVINE PURPOSE Displayed in the Works of Providence and Grace
John Matthews, Preface by Archibald Alexander

"The chief excellency of these Letters is, that they present the subject of DIVINE DECREES, without the forbidding aspect, which it is apt to assume in the view of many persons. One thing the reader may be assured of, that whether he should coincide in opinion with the author or not, he will find nothing in the volume calculated to wound the most delicate feelings. A spirit of meekness and kindness, eminently characteristic of the writer, pervades the whole." - Archibald Alexander, from the Preface


1- Difference between truth and error always important

2- The influence of prejudice, answer to the question, 'What are the Decrees of God?'

3- God never acts without design, 'What is Providence?'

4- Death, with all its causes, under the government of Providence, the care of God extends to the whole universe

5- The divine purpose neither suspends, nor violates the free agency of man

6- The divine purpose perfectly consistent with the free agency of man

7- A method of ascertaining the extent of Divine Providence, Great events necessarily include all the less ones, of which they are made up.

8- Events, similar to those contained in the prophecies and promises of God, are all included in his purpose.

9- The purposes of God not inconsistent with the moral agency of man.

10- This consistency incomprehensible to us, but so are many other things which yet we believe.

11- Moral Government, Salvation by Grace.

12- The favors of God, bestowed according to his own design, Purposes, decrees, intention, foreordination, etc.

13- The number to be saved, dependent entirely on the will of God.

14- The means of salvation suited to each individual, embraced in the divine purpose.

15- The Providence of God subservient to the designs of mercy, Great events made up of smaller ones, Our duty and interest to meditate on all His works.

16- Man is a Predestinarian, the Commander of an army, the Architect, the Farmer, elect, foreordain, etc.

17- The final perseverance of Christians

18- The same subject considered further.

19- The doctrine gives such views of the character of God as are calculated to excite devotion, Conclusion


*A Pastor's Sketches (Double Volume) by Ichabod Spencer

Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss

*Counsels and Thoughts on the Spiritual Life of Believers by Thomas Moor

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit by Benjamin B. Warfield

The Divine Purpose by John Matthews

Religion in Shoes: The Christ-like Life and Ministry of "Brother Bryan" of Birmingham

(* means it is a hardcover volume)


N3 5pt t10 lc6

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The Christian Minister's Affectionate Advice to a Married Couple
James Bean and Henry Venn

The American Tract Society published this small work in 1820 which was intended to be given as a gift to the newly married and to older married couples as well. It contains a wealth of "affectionate advice" from the heart of a Christian minister who spent his life seeking to "present every man (and woman) complete in Christ."

This small book also includes a beautiful letter from the pen and heart of Rev. Henry Venn, author of "The Complete Duty of Man" which he wrote in 1777 to his newly married cousin. This ten page letter demonstrates the seriousness with which the marriage union was treated in a former day.

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD would make the perfect gift for every married couple, but especially those who are newlyweds, or who are considering and/or pursuing marriage.

" Bean's 'Advice to a new -married couple;' is a work, which has obtained great celebrity in Great Britain, and which deserves a place in the library of every christian family. The book is, indeed, but little known on this side of the water; but the extract on Evander and Theodosia (from Chapter Five) will give no unfavourable impression of its merits, both as it regards the sentiments it contains, and the manner in which those sentiments are delivered. We cannot too earnestly recommend the present performance to the perusal of every one who wishes to form a just estimate of the duties belonging to the married state." - The Missionary Magazine, by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the USA in 1806

"This useful little work, from the pen of a highly respectable English clergyman, has passed through six editions in England, and one large edition in this country. This second American edition is respectfully recommended to the clergy of all denominations, as a valuable and unexceptionable present to young heads of families." - Advertisement in front of this American edition from 1824

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Ezekiel Hopkins (1633-1690)

HOPKINS (EZEKIEL, D.D. Bp. of London-Derry, 1633-1690). An Exposition of the Ten Commandments. (1692.) Hopkins in this exposition searches the heart thoroughly, and makes very practical application of the Commandments to the situations and circumstances of daily life. His homely eloquence will always make his works valuable." - C.H. Spurgeon, from 'Commenting and Commentaries"

One of the very best expositions of the Ten Commandments ever published. This American Tract Society edition was very highly prized in the 19th century. In the Notice given by the Tract Society we are told: "As a divine, Bishop Hopkins was one of the sound theologians to which the Reformation gave birth, and he unequivocally and openly held and inculcated the pure doctrines of the Reformers, opposed as they are to the pride and passions of unsanctified men. On the difficult questions concerning ther grace of God and the obligation of man, he adopted those views which most naturally reconcile with one another the declarations and exhortations of Scripture. Few writers have entered so unequivocally into the extent of man's responsibility, and at the same time so strongly insisted on the sovereignty, and so graphically described the operations of divine grace.

Ezekiel Hopkins's writings represent the cream of Puritan literature. All of his books are practical, clear, eloquent, persuasive, personal, and experiential. His Ten Commandments is his best and most famous work. In a manner that is astonishingly contemporary, he plumbs the depths of the soul. For example, in dealing with the sixth commandment, he dwells on pride as one of its motivating sins, then says, 'Pride is the fruitful mother of many vices, but it nurseth none with more care and tenderness than it does anger. The proud man is the greatest self-lover in the world; he loves himself without a rival.' Buy this book, read it as a devotional slowly and prayerfully. Let it inform your mind, prick your conscience, move your soul, touch your affections, and persuade your will." --Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids



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Large Paperback Volume

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Various Authors

The American Tract Society began to publish the very best of evangelical Christian Literature in the early years of the 19th century. They not only produced books from men like John Owen, John Bunyan, Jonathan Edwards and many, many more but they also were faithful to produce Tracts of various sizes (between 4 and 48 pages) which addressed such topics as-






- WALKING BY FAITH by Andrew Fuller,

- AN ADDRESS TO SEAMAN by Edward Payson



- THE WELL-SPENT DAY by Philip Doddridge,

- GROWTH IN GRACE by Rev. Thomas Goodwin

- A Preservative against the Sins and Follies of Childhood and Youth by Isaac Watts


- THE PROGRESS OF GRACE; in three letters to a friend by John Newton

"The American Tract Society publications are of enduring and superlative quality. They represent the cream of the best writers in the Reformed world from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, such as John Flavel, Jonathan Edwards, and Archibald Alexander. Almost without exception, these tracts, which range from four to forty-eight pages each and cover a remarkable variety of subjects, interface biblical, doctrinal, and experiential material in practically helpful ways. Having often perused these volumes in my own study with considerable profit for nearly four decades, I am so grateful to SGCB for bringing them back into print again. Here is truly a case where 'the old is better'!" - Dr. Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"The early publications of the American Tract Society are as valuable as they are varied. The individual pieces were written by well-seasoned Christians and abound in sweet seasoning for the soul. Something here for everyone."- Dr. Robert P. Martin, Pastor of Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church, Seattle, Washington and Editor of Reformed Baptist Theological Review

"The collected tracts are a veritable treasure chest of good sound doctrine from the greatest proclaimers of gospel truth the church has had for the last 300 years. You would be doing your soul a tremendous dis-service if you fail to obtain these gems!" - Dr. Don Kistler, founder of Soli Deo Gloria and now Northampton Publications

"My study of ministry during the 1800's has caused me to love these ministers and their writings. The American Tract Society took theses stories, sermons and messages and published them into a format that gospel messengers could take to the harvest field. Though small,these tracts contain more meat of the word and truth than books many times their size." - John A. Wega, Executive Director, U.S. Christian Commission-Civil War Museum Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

VOLUMES ONE - SIX: Tracts 1 - 194 (50% OFF)
SGCB Price: $87.50 (list price $175.00)

VOLUME ONE: Tracts 1 - 33
SGCB Price: $17.50 (list price $30.00)
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VOLUME TWO: Tracts 34 - 66
SGCB Price: $17.50 (list price $30.00)
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VOLUME THREE: Tracts 67 - 93
SGCB Price: $17.50 (list price $30.00)
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VOLUME FOUR: Tracts 94 - 127
SGCB Price: $17.50 (list price $30.00)
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VOLUME FIVE: Tracts 128 - 155
SGCB Price: $17.50 (list price $30.00)
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VOLUME SIX: Tracts 156 - 194
SGCB Price: $17.50 (list price $30.00)
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A Book of Support and Comfort for the Aged
Edited by John Stanford Holme, Introduction by Stephen H. Tyng

"Light at Evening Time is a practical handbook that provides biblical counsel on virtually every area that concerns the elderly. Written by the cream of our church fathers and Reformed forebears, this book is an outstanding collection of treasures for those facing the challenges of senior years. Seniors would profit greatly by reading it once a year." --Dr. Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The perfect book for those who are advancing in years. This Large Print Volume contains more than 100 contiributions (all quite brief) from dozens of godly authors including; Augustine, Thomas Adams, J.W. Alexander, Richard Baxter, Horatius Bonar, Charles Bridges, Thomas Brooks, John Bunyan, Chrysostom, Samuel Davies, John Flavel, John Gill, Thomas Guthrie, Robert Hawker, Matthew Henry, James Hervey, John Howe, William Jay, F.W. Krummacher, Robert Leighton, Henry Martyn, Robert Murray M'Cheyne, John Milton, Hannah More, John Newton, Elizabeth Prentiss, William Romaine, Samuel Rutherford, Richard Sibbes, C.H. Spurgeon, Jeremy Taylor, A.M. Toplady, Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley, Mrs. Wesley, William Wilberforce, and Mary Winslow.

"The title of the work is well selected. There is but one light to this dark and sinful world. That is the gracious Savior, who visited this world for its full redemption, and who gave to its fallen, wandering ones the infallible assurance that whosoever 'followeth him shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.' Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, and the Lord of man, is the one living, adequate, glorious light on earth, for the aged and the young." -from the Introduction by Stephen H. Tyng, June 1873



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OUR SOVEREIGN GOD: Addresses from the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology 1974-1976
James M. Boice, editor; J.I. Packer, Roger Nicole, R.C. Sproul, John Stott, Ralph Keiper & Stuart Sacks

These addresses are taken from the messages delivered at The Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology in 1974-1976, and contain the following:

PART ONE: The Sovereign God--An Introduction





PART TWO: Knowing the Sovereign God

ON KNOWING GOD by James I. Packer




PART THREE: Serving the Sovereign God






PART FOUR: The Sovereign God: A Conclusion


SOLI DEO GLORIA by Roger Nicole


SGTRIL tz1 jmb ljc 5pt

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James I. Good

One of the promising tendencies in the sphere of present-day religious life, especially among the young people, is the growing interest in the study of the history of the Christian Church. "Bible and Mission Study Classes"; the combination of terms is itself highly significant; are being successfully organized and maintained by so many agencies directly and indirectly connected with the Church, that we may fairly cherish the hope that, not only among youthful converts, but also among older members in our households of faith, the zeal that is so marked and so admirable a feature of our religious activities may be increasingly tempered with that knowledge which is ever the prime requisite for the cultivation of the noblest types of character and the promotion of the best forms of service.

And if truth is never more potent than when it is seen incarnated in human life, surely the study of the great Reformers of the sixteenth century, the leaders in that wondrous anabasis that brought the Church out of her medieval tutelage into the spacious liberties of the modern era, will ever be an effective means for the deepening and enriching of our conception of what Christianity is and what it may become.

I therefore heartily welcome this "Mission Study Manual on the Reformation." The author's many publications in this particular field and his long experience as a professor of history in a theological seminary are a sufficient guarantee for the general excellence of his work. He has succeeded in sketching the careers and achievements of the Reformers with admirable simplicity, clearness and conciseness, and in maintaining a due proportion among the varied elements of the outline as a whole. The style is frequently brightened with picturesque and dramatic touches and with references to historic landmarks and memorials that reveal the sympathetic interest of the narrator as an eyewitness. After the approved fashion in works of this sort, each chapter is followed by a series of questions designed to bring out the salient features of the text for the purpose of a class review. As explained in the Preface, the book is adjusted to the specific purpose of stimulating popular interest in the study of the Reformation considered primarily, though not exclusively, as an evangelistic and missionary enterprise.

We congratulate the author on the completion of this Manual on the eve of the four hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation, and express the hope that the book may be widely useful in spreading the knowledge of the Church of that period, and by this means furthering the kingdom of our Lord and Savior in our own day.

Frederick W. Loetscher. Princeton Theological Seminary, May 15, 1916.


SGCB Price: $6.95 (list price $16.00)

SGCB Price: $16.95 (list price $38.00)

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WHAT IS THE KINGDOM OF GOD? A Careful and Gracious Examination of Dispensational Premillenialism

Originally published in 1922 following World War I and then republished in 1939 at the start of World War II, Dr. Richard C. Reed, author of THE GOSPEL AS TAUGHT BY CALVIN (recently republished by Banner of Truth), carefully examines the question: WHAT IS THE KINGDOM OF GOD?


1) The Answer of the Premillenialists

2) The Answer of Prophecy

3) Another Answer from Prophecy

4) The Answer of the New Testament

5) The Answer of History

6) The Answer of our Standards

7) The Answer of the Hymnbook

8) The Millennium


The lectures that make up this little book were delivered by Rev. R.C. Reed, D.D., before the Christian Workers' Training School at Belhaven College, Jackson, MS, June 1921.

Those who heard the lectures asked for their publication, and appointed the undersigned to carry into effect their wishes. The manuscript was secured from Dr. Reed, and, by the good offices of the Presbyterian Committee of Publication, they are now given to the public.

We hereby commend these lectures to all seekers after truth, believing that in them they will find helpful and trustworthy guidance.

J.B. Hutton, Chairman

J.M. Wells

Geo. H. Cornelson

J.M. Vander Meulen

Geo. M. Smiley



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In the Contrivance and Accomplishment of Man's Redemption
William Bates, with New Introduction by Dr. Joel Beeke

"William Bates' The Harmony of the Divine Attributes in the Contrivance and Accomplishment of Man's Redemption is in a class of books which few are writing in our day. Here is a thorough opening of the central principles of the Gospel--without the corrosive errors so often found in modern presentations of this glorious theme, and well-delivered in a way that is God-centered and God-honoring." - Dr. Robert Martin, Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church, Seattle, Washington; Editor of Reformed Baptist Theological Review

"It would be difficult to mention any single work in which the glorious plan of man's redemption is more fully and clearly exhibited, than in Dr. Bates' Harmony Of The Divine Attributes. The writer recollects with pleasure and gratitude, that when he was first led to attend with interest to theological subjects, this work fell into his hands, and was read with' profit and delight; and now, after the lapse of forty years, he has again perused it with unmingled approbation ; and he can scarcely conceive of any better method of exhibiting the doctrines of the gospel, than that which is here pursued.

It is no small recommendation of this work, that it will be found well adapted to Christians of all evangelical denominations. The controversial spirit is excluded, and the precious truths of the Bible are presented in a manner which will command the approbation of all who possess a truly spiritual taste. Many doctrines, it is true, are here brought forward, which have often occasioned keen and acrimonious controversy; but in the hands of our author they have no other than a peaceful and practical bearing." - Archibald Alexander

"Many of the ancient and modern divines have written of this noble argument, from whom I have received benefit in the following composure; but none, as I know, hath considered all the parts together, and presented them in one view. There still remains a rich abundance for the perpetual exercise of our spirits. The eternal word alone was able to perfect all things by once speaking. Human words are but an echo that answers the voice of God, and cannot fully express its power, nor pass so immediately through the sense to the heart, but they must be repeated. May these discourses be effectual to inflame us with the most ardent love to our Saviour, who ransomed us with the invaluable price of his own blood; and to persuade us to live for heaven, the purchase of that sacred treasure, I shall forever acknowledge the divine grace, and obtain my utmost aim." - from the Author's Preface

"The Harmony of the Divine Attributes in the Redemption of Man has always been one of the most popular parts of Dr. Bates' 'works; it embraces all points essential to the gospel; exhibits the same amiable spirit as that which breathes through the whole of his writing; and is at once calculated, it is presumed, to advance the interests of religion in general, and to confirm and edify the individual Christian. Besides, a volume of this size may be procured by many, whose circumstances place the whole works beyond their reach." - William Farmer, Editor of 1815 edition


Chapter 1 - Introduction on the Condition of Man at Creation

Chapter 2 - The Fall of Man

Chapter 3 - The Corruption of Human Nature

Chapter 4 - The Moral Impotence of Man

Chapter 5 - The Divine Wisdom in Redemption

Chapter 6 - Practical Inferences from The Preceding

Chapter 7 - The Causes and Unreasonableness of Unbelief

Chapter 8 - The Freeness of the Divine Mercy in Redemption

Chapter 9 - The Greatness of the Divine Mercy in Redemption

Chapter 10 - Divine Mercy is Magnified in the Excellency of the State to which Man is Advanced in Redemption

Chapter 11 - Practical Inferences from The Preceding

Chapter 12 - The Justice of God in Redemption: Part One

Chapter 13 - The Justice of God in Redemption: Part Two

Chapter 14 - The Justice of God in Redemption: Part Three

Chapter 15 - Practical Inferences from The Preceding

Chapter 16 - The Holiness of God in Redemption

Chapter 17 - The Perfection of the Laws of Christ

Chapter 18 - The Example of Christ and the Gift of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 19 - Practical Inferences from The Preceding

Chapter 20 - The Power of God in Redemption: Part One

Chapter 21 - The Power of God in Redemption: Part Two

Chapter 22- Practical Inferences from The Preceding

Chapter 23 - The Truth of God in Redemption




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In Improving the Understanding and Moral Charatcer
John Matthews, author of "The Divine Purpose"

"Dr. Matthews 'Letters on the Divine Purpose' have placed their author among the best standard theological writers of the present age. These articles on 'The Influence of the Bible' were first published in 1833. Sadly its circulation has been limited, but it only requires to become as well known as the other volume just mentioned, in order to make it as highly appreciated. The two books together, like the two pillars, Jachin and Boaz, in Solomon's temple, are strong and valuable supports in the temple of truth, and a fitting memorial of a man whose talents, learning, piety, and usefulness entitle him to be held in lasting remembrance." - James Wood, from the Memoir of the Author, 1864

"This work on 'The Influence of the Bible' bears the impress of the author's force and originality as a thinker. The topic speaks its own importance, and the ability with which it is treated will be its passport to public acceptance and usefulness. The Memoir prefixed is well done, and will add to the value and interest of the book, as a memorial of one of the lights of our church." - Charles Hodge, from The Biblical Repertory, 1864

"The following work on the ' Influence of the Bible on the intellectual and moral chaacter' was originally published in numbers, in the Evangelical Magazine, conducted by the late Rev. Dr. Rice. It is now, with the consent of the author, collected and published in this form, with the hope of diffusing more extensively the views which it expresses in regard to an important influence of the Sacred Scriptures. The work, it will be perceived, is written in a chaste, correct, and manly style; and the argument is one which, it is believed, has not been extensively pursued in the common books on the character and design of the Bible. So prominent, and important is what may be called the decidedly religious influence of the Bible; so direct is its aim to secure the conversion and salvation of men; that its collateral, or incidental, influences are apt to be passed by or disregarded. The ministers of religion are, from the nature of their office, accustomed to present the former influence; and there have been few who have been qualified or disposed to appreciate the latter." - Albert Barnes, 1833 from the original Preface

"An able and excellent work, it comprehends a wide field. The Bible improves the understanding as it excites to self-examination, and exhibits wisdom and greatness. In morals, by the economy and industry which it teaches and enjoins, by its prohibition of intemperance, and inculcation of truth, justice and honesty, by discountenancing discontent, peevishness, and requiring and producing pious affections, meekness, forbearance, kindness, &c., by furnishing support in affliction, &c. The style of Dr. Matthews is perspicuous and neat; very readable." - The Reformed Presbyterian and Covenanter, 1864

"Dr. Matthews was an able divine and a noble specimen of those intellectual and moral qualities which adorn human nature. He published but few works. This volume, from the character of its theme, would naturally draw forth the talents of the author, and to be appreciated, needs but to be read." - The Christian World Magazine, 1864

"The great design of the Bible is to qualify men for the life to come; yet in producing this effect, it is pleasing to know and observe the direct and powerful tendency which it possesses and exerts in qualifying them for respectability and usefulness in this life. When it is understood and received in the love of it, the character, both intellectual and moral, will be improved ; and under its influence and its guidance, those habits will be formed on which the happiness and prosperity of civil society very much depend." - John Matthews

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John S. Hart

"It is a simple, but an accurate synopsis of the rudiments of the federal government; so well adapted to the apprehension of youth, as to leave nothing further to be desired, in the shape of a political manual."- Chief Justice Gibson.

"In this work the Constitution of the United States is examined and explained in such a manner as to make it plain and intelligible to any youth who is capable of studying the history of his country."- Judge Randall.

"It ought to be adopted at once in every school district throughout the United States."- North American

"As a work for the instruction of the rising generation, it cannot be too highly commended."- Neat's Gazette

"Every man in this country who holds office, whether Executive, Judicial or Legislative, whether under the National Government or any of the State Governments, is bound by oath to support the Constitution of the United States. Every one of the more than two millions who are now entitled to vote, is called upon to decide questions of Constitutional law, as really and truly as is the Supreme Court of the United States. But how many of all that number have ever read the Constitution? In what proportion of our Colleges, Academies, or Common Schools is it studied? In what system of education, whether public or private, in any part of the country, is a knowledge of the Constitution of the country made a requisite for graduation, or for admission from a lower school to a higher one? Ask a number of boys at school almost any reasonable question in Geagraphy or History, and you will see dozens ready to reply without a moment's hesitation. But ask thtm what will be necessary, when they grow up, to entitle them to vote, what constitutes citizenship, what rights a citizen of one State has in another State, or any other simple and obvious question in regard to the Constitution of their country, and you will be met with a profound silence. And is not a knowledge of his immediate personal rights and duties quite as important to the young American, as to be acquainted with a long catalogue of dead kings or distant cities?

The main reason why the study of the Constitution has never yet been made a branch of Common School education is believed to be an entire misapprehension in regard to the nature and difficulty of the study. There are, it is true, not a few passages in the Constitution, the proper construction of which has given rise to much discussion; and there are many nice points arising out of its more obvious provisions, requiring for their solution great natural abilities and profound legal erudition. But it is still true, that the great majority of its clauses are as intelligible, and as easily remembered as most of the studies which now make an essential part in every system of education. What difficulty is there in a boy's learning that a Representative is chosen for two years, while a Senator is chosen for six, that a Representative must be twenty-five years old, while a Senator must be thirty, to know what body has the power to impeach, and what the power to try impeachments, in short to understand and recollect nine out of ten of all the provisions of the Constitution? Is it one whit more difficult than to comprehend and recollect the various details of Geography and History, to give off-hand the position of Timbuctoo or the Tagus, or to know in what year Rome was founded or Csesar slain?

The plan pursued in this little book is in accordance with the views here suggested. There has been no attempt to discuss knotty political questions, or to speculate upon abstract theories of government, but simply to present the Constitution itself, with such questions and answers, as might direct the attention of the learnor to its plain and obvious meaning. The Constitution provides for the duties and rights of every day life, and is written in simple language almost entirely free from technical and profes. sional expressions. Is there any reason why children capable of learning, and teachers capable of teaching History and Geogra phy, might not intelligently study and teach all its material facts and provisions, as they are here presented." - from the Author's Preface

John S. Hart (1810 - 1877) was an American author and educator. His health in early youth was delicate, and his physical strength small. He completed preparatory studies at Wilkes-Barre Academy, and entered the College of New Jersey at Princeton, (now Princeton University), in 1827, and was graduated in 1830, with the highest honors of his class. During the year following his graduation, he taught, as Principal of an Academy at Natchez, Mississippi, and in 1831 returned to Princeton and entered the Theological Seminary. He spent three years there, and was regularly graduated in 1834. During the last two years of his course, he filled the position of Tutor in the college. In 1834 he was elected Adjunct Professor of Ancient Languages in Princeton College, and filled that chair two years.

Professor Hart was licensed to preach the Gospel by the Presbytery of New Brunswick, August 4, 1835, but having determined, after some years, to devote his life to literary and educational pursuits, his license was, at his own request, withdrawn by the Presbytery, October 19, 1842.

In 1836, he purchased Edgehill School in Princeton, from Professor E. C. Wines, and resigned his Professorship in the College. He retained the charge of Edgehill School until 1842, when he was selected Principal of Central High School (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), as well as Professor of Moral, Mental and Political Science[1]. He found this institution in a state of feebleness and placed it on a solid foundation of discipline, accomplishments and popular confidence-making it a representative American institution.

In 1848 he received the degree of LL.D. from the University of Miami. He continued to be Principal of Central High School until 29 October 1858[1], when he resigned in order to become Editor of the periodicals published by the American Sunday School Union, and in this connection he began the Sunday-school Times.

In 1862 he was elected Principal of the New Jersey State Normal School (now The College of New Jersey at Trenton), and held that position with distinguished usefulness and success until February 1871. From 1864 to 1870 he also gave courses of lectures on English Literature in Princeton College. In 1872 he was elected Professor of Belles Lettres and English Literature in Princeton College, which chair he filled two years, returning near the end of 1874 to Philadelphia, where he resided until his death, engaged in literary pursuits. During the months preceding his last illness, he had been delivering a course of popular and instructive lectures on the works of Shakespeare.

About two months before his death, he suffered a severe fall upon an icy pavement in Chestnut Street, breaking his hip-bone and inflicting internal injuries. After much severe suffering, he died in Philadelphia, March 26, 1877, at the age of sixty-eight. Prof. Hart was a man of quiet and retiring manners, yet social and sunny in his temperament, an enthusiast in the cause of education, a devoted Sabbath-school worker, of elegant culture, accurate and wide scholarship, author of many volumes, and possessing great force and earnestness of mind. But above all, he was an humble, consistent and devout Christian, always seeking, like his Master, to do good.

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THE PRAYER OF A BROKEN HEART: A Classic Exposition of Psalm 51
Robert Candlish

In this precious, but little known book, Robert Candlish (1806-1873) a beloved and gifted Scottish preacher, expounds and applies the great Penetential Psalm of David. As long as we find ourselves alive in this world of sin and misery, and experience the daily battle with the world, the flesh and the devil, this psalm will minister to the child of God. Candlish, although a scholar, approaches this portion of Scripture as a child. His words came from his heart and they thus speak to the heart.

We have included the first couple paragraphs of all four messages below so that you can taste and see for yourself. It is good to the last drop.

Spurgeon said of him, ""A man hardly needs anything beyond Candlish. He is devout, candid, prudent and forcible"

Dr. Robert Paul Martin added, "Psalm 51 needs to be familiar ground for every pilgrim to Zion. David's confession of his sin and prayer for divine grace is exemplary in its scope and pointedness. Many are the occasions when we need to pray as he did. Robert Candlish has given us a helpful exposition of this psalm which not only informs our understanding but prods us to imitate David's repentance in those seasons when we should deal honestly with God concerning our sins."

Dr. Mike Renihan said, "Take up and read to improve your soul. As Candlish wrote, 'You will be getting more and more of an insight into God's marvelous grace and love, and proving more and more thoroughly the blessedness of a full, as well as a free, forgiveness; of complete reconciliation; of perfect peace.' You will not be sorry for the investment of your precious time."


I. The Prayer Of A Broken Heart - Confession of Sin: Psalm 51:1-6

The Psalm opens with an abrupt and impulsive appeal. It is the psalmist's ordinary way; to begin with an outburst of feeling; and then go on to explain more leisurely the experience which led up to it. So is it here. His cry is for mercy; "God be merciful to me a sinner." And it is a cry altogether self-abandoning and self-despairing. It is a simple casting of himself, sinner as he is, upon God. It is upon God, "according to his loving kindness, according to the multitude of his tender mercies," that he casts himself. The rich, and large, and bountiful grace of God is his only stay. He appeals to it in terms expressive of the most emphatic fullness of contrite conviction and believing confidence:"Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy loving kindness; according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions."

Two unequivocal signs of grace follow; a desire to be thoroughly washed and cleansed, "Wash me throughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin,"and a willingness to appear before God, for that end, without concealment and without guile, "I acknowledge my transgressions; and my sin is ever before me."

These are the two features in respect of which the "godly sorrow which worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of" differs from "the sorrow of the world which worketh death" (2 Cor. 7:10); the desire to be thoroughly cleansed, and the owning of all sin. And they are the distinguishing features of this case; the case of one deeply, deplorably, fallen in sin; but yet hopeful.

For deep and deplorable as his fall has been, his faith does not fail.

II. The Prayer Of A Broken Heart - Supplication for Full Cleansing: Psalm 51:7-12

The particular pleading with God,--in detail, as it were,--in the verses on the consideration of which I now enter, fitly follows the penitent's profound and searching investigation of his own sin. There is an obvious difference between the prayer that precedes, and this which follows, that confession. The prayer which goes before is, as I have said, quite vague and general. The prayer which comes after is special, pointed, and precise. When my sin finds me out; when the cock crows; when I hear the voice "Thou art the man;" the shock of the sudden discovery to me of my guilt, under the eye of Jesus, "turning and looking on me," moves me to tears and prayer. It is prayer; perhaps for the first time truly prayer. It is the abrupt cry,"Lord save me; I perish." Blessed be God, even that is enough. But there comes a closer dealing with my soul; which I welcome and improve. And I turn from that soul-exercise again to God. I plead with him more in detail, about my case. And my detailed pleading, in renewed prayer, corresponds to the detailed penetential exercise out of which it arises and proceeds.

III. The Prayer Of A Broken Heart - Its Purpose Of Reparation: Psalm 51:13-15

The conclusion of the Psalmist's inward penitential exercise of soul brings forward its connection with the outer world. He has been confessing his sin, without reserve or guile. He has been seeking a thorough cure for a deep disease. He has been considering his case in all the views of it which a spiritually awakened conscience can suggest. His sin is ever before him; as now really painful and offensive to himself. It is seen in the light of the glory of God; his glory as--first, the sovereign Lord; secondly, the Holy One; and thirdly, the righteous Judge. Sin is rebellion against his sovereignty. It is loathsome in his sight. It is righteously judged and condemned. Nor is this all. In its source and essence, this sin is original; birth-born; natural; inherent in the fallen constitution which he inherits. In all these views of it, he is enabled to pray for deliverance. He asks to be purged, cleansed, quickened.

And now, with the restored joy of God's salvation, giving me the confidence of being upheld by a free spirit, I ask if anything can be done by me; if anything lies before me; that may prove my penitence for the past, and occupy my recovered strength of joy and liberty for service now? My own case might well engross, and must engross, my attention when I first awaken to a sense of what it really is; a case all but desperate; critical for weal or woe; and that forever. But having spread out my case before God; and accepted his manner of dealing with it; I may now look more abroad. I have leisure now to think, in my new character, of the claims of my fellow men (ver. 13-15); and of my God (ver. 16, 17); and of his church (ver. 18, 19).

IV. The Prayer Of A Broken Heart - Its Present Sacrifice And Final Prospect: Psalm 51:16-19

The first impulse of the restored penitent, when the case as between him and his God is settled, is to go forth from his closet, the secret place of his God,--where the covenant of peace through atoning blood has been ratified as a personal transaction,--and tell what great things the Lord has done. That should and must be your immediate instinct. Many motives may prompt such action. You long to give vent to your emotions; and it is a relief to you to impart to others your sorrows and your joys; your late dismal fears, and your present blessed hopes. There is pleasure also in the communication of good tidings. And surely there is an earnest and eager desire to save the lost. For you cannot, if you are yourselves taken from the horrible pit, look with indifference on the state of your companions who are still sinking unconsciously in its miry clay.

But over and above all these, there is a paramount consideration. It is the conviction that you owe it to the "God of your salvation," to "show forth his praise."




Four Volumes of Candlish Classics are -

(1) THE CHRISTIAN'S SACRIFICE & SERVICE OF PRAISE: Expository Discourses on Romans 12

(2) LIFE IN A RISEN SAVIOR: Expository Discourses on 1st Corinthians 15

(3) THE ATONEMENT: Its Efficacy and Extent

(4) TO KNOW JESUS CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED: Sermons of Robert S. Candlish



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Includes 'Golden Sceptre' by Preston and 'The Still Hour' by Phelps

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A COMPLETE BODY OF DIVINITY: Sermons Upon the Westminster Shorter Catechism
Thomas Watson, with a Preface and Appendix by C.H. Spurgeon

In 1878 Charles H. Spurgeon wrote a Preface to his publication of a new revised edition of Watson's 'Body of Divinity', which he introduced with these words: "Thomas Watson's BODY OF PRACTICAL DIVINITY is one of the most precious and peerless works of the Puritans; and those best acquainted with it prize it most. Watson was one of the most concise, racy, illustrative, and suggestive of those eminent divines who made the Puritan age the Augustan period of evangelical literature. There is a happy union of sound doctrine, heart-searching experience and practical wisdom throughout all his works, and his BODY OF DIVINITY is, beyond all the rest, useful to the student and the minister."

Spurgeon later informs us that the primary purpose of the new edition of this classic work was for the benefit of the students in The Pastor's College. He then tells us that Rev. George Rogers, principal of the Pastor's College, carefully superintended the issue of this edition, and in a note written to Spurgeon said: "I know of no work with so much sermon matter within the same compass. In Howe, and Charnock, and Owen, we must often read much before we are tempted to close the book and think out a whole sermon, but Watson teaches us to make short work of it. The whole may be utilized. On this account it would be, I think, of great value to all our students who have pastorates. It is for their benefit, I suppose, you wished the reprint. All editions extant which we have seen, abound in errors and imperfections. These have been rectified, not entirely we fear, but in a degree as nearly approaching to accuracy as in a revision of another's composition could be expected. No alteration of sentiment has been made, but every shade of the author's meaning has been scrupulously retained."

"This book, first published after Watson's death in 1692, was his magnum opus and became his most famous work. Following the question and answer format of the Westminster Shorter Catechism, it offers 176 sermons on the essential teachings of Christianity. It shows the author's deep understanding of spiritual truths and his ability to make them clear to anyone. Unlike most other systematic theologies, it weds knowledge and piety together, and can be used effectively in daily devotions." - Dr. Joel Beeke

A unique feature of this edition is the inclusion of Spurgeon's APPENDIX ON BAPTISM which is placed at the end of the Watson's work. Spurgeon explained the reason for the Appendix in the closing words of his Preface: "As it would be most uncandid to suppress any part of an author's opinion, the chapter on Infant Baptism remains as it came from his pen; but our conscience could not allow us to issue it without inserting a statement of our own views as an Appendix. We trust this method will commend itself to all; we knew not what fairer and more honest course to pursue."

This is the COMPLETE Body of Divinity by Watson as it covers all the material in the Shorter Catechism. In more recent times Banner of Truth has published his work and entitled his exposition of the first 38 questions of the catechism The Body of Divinity, and then his two other sections have been published under the titles The Ten Commandments and The Lord's Prayer. This one volume contains the complete contents of all three of those volumes and puts them conveniently in one book.

THOMAS WATSON (1620-1686) graduated from Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where he was known for being a hard student.á He was a man of considerable learning, a popular but judicious preacher, and eminent in the gift of prayer.á He is one of the most popular of all the English Puritans and, certainly one of the most readable.á While the volume republished here was his most popular work he also wrote several others that have been reprinted time and time again, such as, Heaven Taken by Storm, The Godly Man's Picture, The Beatitudes, All Things for Good and The Doctrine of Repentance.




LECTURES ON SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY: Volume One, The Doctrine of God by Greg Nichols

TWCHS SGPC NPT TG16 NEW6 SWTM G317 bs1 STT tdm 2TR 10/3 SG TOP ps6 WP5 tw5 fw5 bl2o bfs ovt sww hc7 sghc lbc bdt bds aog mds mg68 lvs svs 2o l3 svx t10 bfss 319 12s twpb mebl

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This is a 668 Page Large Hardcover Version

SGCB Price: $75.00 (list price $155.00)
Includes 'Body of Divinity', 'Farewell Sermons', 'Heaven Taken by Storm', 'Christian on the Mount' & 'Godliness is Great Gain'

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LUCILE: Take & Read - A Classic Defense of Holy Scripture
Adolphe Monod, with New Translation by Constance K. Walker, Editor

"Another gripping book by Adolphe Monod, a wise, godly French Reformed pastor and theologian---this time on the inspiration of Scripture (and much more) through a fascinating dialog between a seasoned believer and an inquiring seeker. You will thoroughly enjoy reading it whether you are a believer or an inquirer." --- Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

"Lucile was certainly a powerful apologetic at the time it was written. In June of 1842, just after it was published, Baroness de Clarac wrote to AdFle Babut, Monod's sister, the following comment: 'Since the fall, as I have been reading Mr. Adolphe Monod's book on reading the Bible, I have had the greatest desire to express my enthusiasm for its contents, and to express my gratitude for its effect on me. Never had I seen so clearly the necessity, the obligation on us to read the Bible assiduously . . . for in it I found that by conforming to its pressing injunctions, I discovered consolations and lights I had never had hitherto.' Why should this book not affect us the same way today?" - Dr. William Edgar, from the Foreword

"Lucile is a masterful work of popular apologetics told as charming personal fiction. The underlying story, however, is true. All of the characters are persons known to Monod and still alive at the time of writing. Monod initially wondered whether the format of dialog and correspondence would please his readers. Even when Lucile was complete he was doubtful of its quality, especially in the second part. To his great astonishment, it was not only one of two winning entries in the contest; it soon became immensely popular.

Stunned by the acclaim it received, he did additional editing, which was included in later editions. Lucile went through one printing after another and was translated into English plus at least seven other languages. It was still popular more than forty years later and remains a classic work." - Constance Walker, editor and translator

Lucile is an impassioned plea for every Christian to read the Bible while prayerfully relying on the Holy Spirit to interpret it and apply it in their life. While this hardly sounds radical today, in nineteenth-century France, with its large Roman Catholic majority, it was decidedly radical. Yet even today, how many of us, Protestant or Catholic, truly read our Bibles with the eagerness, prayer, and delight that it merits? How many of us treat it with appropriate awe and respect.?

Lucile, ou la Lecture de la Bible was written in 1841 for a contest sponsored by the Religious Book Society of Toulouse. The first part of each entry was to be a brief defense of Scripture's authority as the Word of God. The second part was to argue for the right—indeed, the responsibility—of all believers to read the Bible for themselves. Lucile is a masterful work of popular apologetics conveyed through charming personal fiction. The underlying story, however, is true. All of the characters are persons known to Monod and still alive at the time of writing. Monod initially wondered whether the format of dialog and correspondence would please his readers. Even when Lucile was complete he was doubtful of its quality, especially in the second part. To his great astonishment, it was not only one of two winning entries in the contest, it soon became immensely popular. Stunned by the acclaim it received, he did additional editing, which was included in later editions.

This is Monod's most unusual work, and it has become a classic in the apologetics of Scripture. It went through one printing after another in France and Switzerland and was translated into at least eight languages, retaining its popularity for decades. It has much to say today for anyone wanting to be more firmly convinced of the Bible's authenticity as divine revelation. Beyond that, it gives its readers a fresh glimpse of the riches contained in God's Word when it is read in prayerful, humble reliance on the Holy Spirit to illumine its pages so that its message penetrates hearts and changes lives.


Introduction: A PLEA FOR HELP

Letter 1 Is It True

Letter 2 Yes! We Can Discuss It


Objections to Divine Revelation

In Defense of Prophecy


Letter 1 Send me a Bible

Letter 2 Not Yet

Letter 3 My Heart Longs for It

Letter 4 Trust the Church

Letter 5 Mr. Mercier

Letter 6 Write if You Must

Letter 7 Please Tell Me Why

Letter 8 One Man's Journey

Letter 9 My Scruples

Letter 10 Answers on Reasoning

Letter 11 Answers on Tradition

Letter 12 Answers from Scripture

Letter 13 The Bible for All

Letter 14 Interpreted by the Holy Spirit

Letter 15 New Concerns

Letter 16 Individual Salvation

Letter 17 How Lovely!

Letter 18 No Danger

Letter 19 New Life!


Living in the Hope of Glory, Adolphe Monod (Solid Ground Christian Books, 2019) "Monod's dying testimony is instructing, enriching, inspiring." - RICK PHILLIPS

An Undivided Love, Adolphe Monod (Solid Ground Christian Books, 2009) "With unequaled passion and clarity he brings the unassuming listener not merely to the foot of the cross, but to Jesus himself." - WILLIAM EDGAR

Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness, Adolphe Monod (Solid Ground Christian Books, 2010) "A masterpiece, bringing together profound comfort, realistic understanding, practical wisdom, and heavenly glory." - JOEL BEEKE

Woman, Her Mission and Her Life, Adolphe Monod (Solid Ground Christian Books, 2011) "You will wonder how any man could be so astute, so tender, so frank, and so inspiring in speaking to his Christian sisters." - REBECCA CLOWNEY JONES

Saint Paul, Adolphe Monod (Solid Ground Christian Books, 2012) "It is tremendous to have this classic study of Paul lay out for us the importance of Paul's teaching and life." - MICHAEL A. G. HAYKIN

Adolphe Monod (1802-1856) was from a Swiss family prominent in the French Reformed Church. Though descended from protestant ministers, he struggled for many years before coming to a personal faith in Jesus Christ. After entering the ministry, he joined the pastoral staff of the Reformed Church in Lyon, where his strong gospel-centered preaching soon drew opposition and led to his dismissal. Staying on in Lyon, he founded an independent evangelical congregation that grew rapidly. He then spent a decade teaching at the national church's seminary in Montauban and another decade as a pastor in the Reformed Church in Paris. The vibrant clarity and warmth of his preaching made him a leader in the evangelical church of his day, with his sermons and books widely published during his lifetime.

Those facts, however, fail to capture the spirit of the man. His was a strong and passionate faith, in part because of his early spiritual struggles. He was also a man of deep integrity, a keen mind, and a caring, pastoral heart. All of these qualities were augmented and set off by his natural gift for speaking. Yet even as his renown grew, Adolphe Monod remained a truly humble man. A week before his death he said, "I have a Savior! He has freely saved me through his shed blood, and I want it to be known that I lean uniquely on that poured out blood. All my righteous acts, all my works which have been praised, all my preaching that has been appreciated and sought after—all that is in my eyes only filthy rags."


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THE POWER OF GOD UNTO SALVATION: Chapel Addresses at Princeton Seminary
B.B. Warfield

In 1903 the Presbyterian Board of Publications sent forth a volume containing Eight Sermons by Dr. Benjamin B. Warfield. The title given to the volume summed up the theme of the entire book: The Power of God unto Salvation. This is the one hundredth anniversary of the publication of that first volume of Warfield's sermons, and Solid Ground Christian Books is preparing to commemorate this with an Special Anniversary Edition of this book.



"Because our Lord is the Son of God, the impressed image of God's substance - as the stamp of a seal is the impressed image of the seal - His advent into the world was the supreme revelation of God. But, equally, because of His perfect identification with the children of men, partaking of their blood and flesh, and made in all things like unto men, He stands before us as the perfect revelation of man."

THE SAVING CHRIST -1 Timothy 1:15

"The essence of the whole declaration, therefore, is found in the joyful cry that it was specifically to save sinners that Christ Jesus came into this evil world. And if that be true, simply true, broadly true, true just as it stands, and in all the reach of its meaning, why, then, from that alone we my learn what man is and what God is, what Christ Jesus is and His work in this world of ours, what hopes may illumine our darkness here below, and what joys shall be ours when this darkness passes away."


"The subject of these two verses is the Christian's peace and joy. You will observe that the apostle does not argue that a Christian ought to have peace and joy. He does not exhort Christians to seek to attain peace and joy. He does not expound the nature of a Christian's peace and joy. He does something far more striking. He assumes the Christian's peace and joy as a fact of experience, the unquestionable reality of which may stand as a common ground of reasoning between him and his readers. He thus represents peace and joy as a special characteristic of Christians, recognized as such by all, peace of heart as a present possession, and joy over the great hope which is theirs in the future."

THE PARADOX OF OMNIPOTENCE -Mark 10:27 "All things are possible with God."

"Oliver Wendell Holmes tells us that some ideas are so great that when they once find entrance into a human mind they permanently stretch it, and leave it for ever afterwards bigger. Surely this declaration of our Lord's embodies one of these mind-expanding ideas. For we must observe that its astounding declaration is not a mere hyperbole of careless speech, the negligent exaggeration of a proposition which has only relative validity. It is the well-weighed and pecise assertion of a great fact. It does not mean merely that God is greater than man, and may accordingly be believed to be capable of doing some things which man cannot do. It means just what its startling words declare: that 'all things' - taking the term in its unlimited absoluteness - that 'all things are possible with God.'"


"In its general meaning our text is general Bible-teaching. It announces nothing which had not been the possession of God's people concerning His love for them from the days of old. Its message to us is just the common message of the whole Scripture revelation, in Old and New Testament alike. But it has its own peculiarities in expressing this one great common message of God's yearning love for His people. And possibly there may be found a special lesson fo us in these peculiarities."


"These words constitute the classical passage in the New Testament on the great subject of the 'leading of the Holy Spirit.' They stand, indeed, almost without strict parallel in the New Testament... The only other passage, indeed, which speaks distinctly of the 'leading of the Spirit' in the sense of our text is Gal. 5:18, where in a context very closely similar Paul again employs the same phrase: 'But if ye are led by the Spirit, ye are not under the law.' It is from these two passages primarily that we must obtain our conception of what the Scriptures mean by 'the leading of the Holy Spirit.'"

PAUL'S EARLIEST GOSPEL -1 Thessalonians 1:2,4; 5:9,24

"I have put together here passages from the beginning and the end of the First Epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians, because, when taken together, these passages afford a succinct statement of the gospel which Paul preached to the Thessaloinians, and on the basis of which that apostolic church was built up. It may be of special interest to note Paul's gospel to the Thessalonians because it gives us what we may call his primitive gospel. In observing it we are contemplating the teaching of Paul at the beginning of his career."


"These words give the gist of Paul's justly famous address at Athens before the court of the Areopagus. The substance of that address was, to be sure, just what the substance of all his primary proclamations to Gentile hearers was, namely, God and the judgment. The necessitiies of the case compelled him to approach the heathen along the avenue of an awakened conscience. They had not been prepared for the preaching of Jesus by a training under the old covenant, and no appeals to prophecy and its fulfillment could be made to them. God and the judgment necessarily constituted, therefore, the staple of his proclamation to them; and so typical an instance as this address to the Areopagus could not fail to exhibit the characteristics of its class with especial purity."

In addition to the eight sermons, we are also excited to announce that we will have an Appendix containing a little-known work of Warfield's entitled Four Hymns and Some Religious Verses by Benjamin B. Warfield. Many years ago I was shown this work by Dr. William Harris at the Princeton Seminary Library, and believe it will be a fitting addition to this new edition of The Power of God unto Salvation.

All the Sermons included in this volume were preached in the chapel of the Theological Seminary at Princeton.






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Christ in Song: Hymns of Immanuel from All Ages
compiled by Philip Schaff

Philip Schaff is best known for his massive "History of the Christian Church". In 1869 Schaff took his love for Christ and the Church and turned his efforts to a compilation of the great hymns of the Church down through the ages. His focus was upon one thing: JESUS CHRIST. Hear his words from the Preface, "Christ is the centre of sacred art as well as of theology and religion... From Him music has drawn its highest inspiration, and Handel transcended himself when he made 'Messiah' his theme. The sweetest lyrics of Zion in all ages celebrate the events of His life and the boundless wealth of mercy and peace that is treasured up in His person and work for every believer. The hymns of JESUS are the Holy of holies in the temple of sacred poetry."

Schaff concludes his Preface with these words: "May He, whose holy name shines on every page, own and bless this labor of love to His own glory and praise, and to the joy and comfort of His people; animating their songs in the house of their pilgrimmage, until they adore Him face to face in the chorus of Redemption everlasting."



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Ichabod Spencer, Author of 'A PASTOR'S SKETCHES'

The author of the marvelous volumes "A Pastor's Sketches" will speak directly to your heart in these soul-stirring sermons. Volume One has a sketch of his life by one of his dearest friends, and 20 Practical - Experimental Sermons. Volume Two contains 36 Doctrinal Sermons, and Volume Three 26 Sacramental Sermons. These are nearly impossible to find and out of print for more than 100 years.


50% - Volume 1 - Life and Practical Sermons
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50% - Volume 3 - Sacramental Sermons
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Complete Set
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THE CHURCH MEMBER'S GUIDE: A Classic Desperately Needed in our Day
John Angell James

This volume was once the most popular book in both the UK and the USA for instructing Christian's in their privileges and responsibilities as members of the body of Christ. Many are familiar with Calvary Press' booklet "The Duties of Church Members to their Pastors", which is simply one chapter from this invaluable book. It would be a great tool for those who teach New Member's Classes, or Discipleship Training classes. The response to this announced publication has brought forth a very encouraging response! A valuable and challenging book for every member of Christ's Church.

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THE SHORTER CATECHISM ILLUSTRATED: From Christian History and Biography
John Whitecross

"This unusual volume follows the doctrinal structure of the classic Puritan catechism, expanding each doctrinal point not with exposition, as is customary, but with many factual stories well selected by the author from a wide range of sources. Thus such subjects as Providence, Prayer and The Ten Commandments are illuminated with telling and sometimes fascinating narratives. First published in 1828, and passing through many editions in the last century, the book has been revised for greater usefulness today.


Matthew Henry, a little before his death, said to a friend, "You have been accustomed to take notice of the sayings of dying men: this is mine, That a life spent in the service of God, and in communion with Him, is the most comfortable and pleasant life that any one can live in this world."

A Polish prince was accustomed to carry the picture of his father always in his bosom; and on particular occasions used to take it out and view it, saying, "Let me do nothing unbecoming so excellent a father." A suitable reflection for a Christian!

The punctuality of John Newton, while tide-surveyor at Liverpool, was particularly remarked. One day, however, some business had detained him, and he came to his boat much later than usual, to the surprise of those who had observed his former punctuality. He went out in the boat as heretofore, to inspect a ship, but by some accident the ship blew up just before he reached it; and it appears, that if he had left the shore a few minutes sooner, he must have perished with the rest on board.

It was remarked by one, 'If I have been honored to do any good in my day; if I have been of any use to the church of Christ, to my family, and to my fellow-creatures; if I have enjoyed any happiness in life (and I am happy to say I have had a large share); if I have any hope beyond the grave, and that hope I would not exchange for a thousand worlds-I owe all to the Bible.'

In the Memoirs of Thomas Boston of Ettrick appears the following: Singing at family worship Psalm 121, this view of the Bible was given me, namely, that whatever were the particular occasions of the writing of it or any part thereof, I am to look upon it as written for me as much as if there were not another person in the world, and so is everybody else to whose hand it comes.'

Sometimes there were more kings than one in Sparta, who governed by joint authority. A king was occasionally sent to some neighbouring senate in the character of a Spartan ambassador. Did he, when so sent, cease to be a king of Sparta, because he was also an ambassador? No; he did not divest himself of his regal dignity, but only added to it that of public deputation. So Christ, in becoming man, did not cease to be God; but though He ever was, and still continued to be, King of the whole creation, He acted as the voluntary servant and messenger of the Father.

Among the many whom George Whitefield was honored to be the means of converting to the knowledge and love of the truth, and who will be a crown of joy to him in the day of the Lord, it is perhaps not generally known that the celebrated James Hervey is to be mentioned. In a letter to Whitefield, Hervey expresses himself thus: 'Your journals, dear sir, and sermons, especially that sweet sermon on What think ye of Christ? were the means of bringing me to the knowledge of the truth.'

David Dickson, once Professor of Divinity in Edinburgh, being asked, when on his deathbed, how he found himself answered, "I have taken my good deeds and bad deeds, and thrown them together in a heap, and fled from them both to Christ, and in Him I have peace."

John Whitecross, a schoolmaster, knew well what would gain the attention of the young and the book can be recommended for children of ten and over; it will also be of general interest to all readers and a valuable treasury of illustrative matter for the many in the home, school or church who have the responsibility of making Biblical teaching interesting."



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John Stevenson

This is a double volume work by a gifted preacher from the mid-nineteenth century.

Quotes from Volume One on Psalm 22-

"Verse 2. O my God, I cry in the daytime, but thou hearest not, etc. How like is this expostulation to that of a human child with its earthly parent! It is based on the ground of relationship -- "I am thine; I cry day and night, yet I am not heard. Thou art my God, yet nothing is done to silence me. In the daytime of my life I cried; in this night season of my death I entreat. In the garden of Gethsemane I occupied the night with prayers; with continual ejaculations have I passed through this eventful morning. O my God, thou hast not yet heard me, therefore am I not yet silent; I cannot cease till thou answerest." Here Christ urges his suit in a manner which none but filial hearts adopt. The child knows that the parent yearns over him. His importunity is strengthened by confidence in paternal love. He keeps not silence, he gives him no rest because he confides in his power and willingness to grant the desired relief. This is natural. It is the argument of the heart, an appeal to the inward yearnings of our nature. It is also scriptural, and is thus stated, "If ye then being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?" Luke 11:13

"Verse 3. But thou art holy. Here is the triumph of faith -- the Saviour stood like a rock in the wide ocean of temptation. High as the billows rose, so did his faith, like the coral rock, wax greater and stronger till it became an island of salvation to our shipwrecked souls. It is as if he had said, "It matters not what I endure. Storms may howl upon me; men despise; devils tempt; circumstances overpower; and God himself forsake me, still God is holy; there is no unrighteousness in him."

Verse 7. All they that see me laugh me to scorn, etc. Imagine this dreadful scene. Behold this motley multitude of rich and poor, of Jews and Gentiles! Some stand in groups and gaze. Some recline at ease and stare. Others move about in restless gratification at the event. There is a look of satisfaction on every countenance. None are silent. The velocity of speech seems tardy. The theme is far too great for one member to utter. Every lip, and head, and finger, is now a tongue. The rough soldiers, too, are busied in their coarse way. The work of blood is over. Refreshment has become necessary. Their usual beverage of vinegar and water is supplied to them. As they severally are satisfied, they approach the cross, hold some forth to the Saviour, and bid him drink as they withdraw it. Luke 23:36 . They know he must be suffering an intense thirst, they therefore aggravate it with the mockery of refreshment. Cruel Romans! and ye, O regicidal Jews! Was not death enough? Must mockery and scorn be added? On this sad day Christ made you one indeed! Dreadful unity -- which constituted you the joint mockers and murderers of the Lord of glory!"

Of Volume One, CHRIST ON THE CROSS, Spurgeon said, "The best of Dr. Stevenson's books. Exceedingly precious in its unveiling of the Redeemer's sorrows. We have derived personal spiritual benefit from the perusal of this gracious exposition."

Of Volume Two, THE LORD OUR SHEPHERD, modern author Peter Jeffery said, "If there is a problem with these words of David it is that Psalm 23 is so short that we are tempted not to spend much time studying it, and it is so well known that we assume there is nothing more to learn from it. In my own experience coming across a book on Psalm 23 by John Stevenson published in 1845 shook me out of this complacency. The richness of this exposition thrilled my soul and opened my eyes to see and appreciate these familiar words in a new way. I am delighted that Stevenson's book is coming back in print so that others enjoy his exposition."



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The Devotional Life of the Sunday School Teacher
J.R. Miller

"If any 19th century American Christian writer warrants reprinting, it is J.R. Miller! His writing style is delightfully smooth, his insights are spiritual diamonds on every page, and his pastoral applications are delivered with the skill of a well-seasoned physician of souls. The Devotional Life of the Sunday School Teacher is valuable not only for Sunday School teachers, but for all who are entrusted with any role in teaching others the things of God's grace. What a practical and devotional challenge to bring Christ to our students by our words and our deeds! The book will drive you to your Bible, your knees, and your classroom! Coupled with the publisher's biographical introduction, this little volume is a MUST read for all who wish to profit from an outstanding servant of a previous era. I cannot commend it too highly." - Bill Shishko, pastor, Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Franklin Square, NY

"This book is a biblical prescription for the revitalization of a church's comprehensive Bible teaching ministry, often called Sunday School. In a day in which much that passes in the name of Bible study, isn't marked by much Bible or much study, a voice from the past calls this generation of Bible teachers to God-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated lessons. Miller rightly argues the key is not found in methods but in a Holy God, a holy life and God's Holy Word. I urge every pastor to get this book, first read it himself, and then give it to everyone in his church who teaches the Bible." - David Prince, Pastor, Ashland Avenue Baptist Church, Lexington, Kentucky

J.R. Miller (1840-1912), who was considered by many the most gifted and popular devotional writer of that era. This powerful little book has the potential to change the lives of multitudes through transforming the lives of the teachers in our Sunday Schools. Miller wrote in his Preface, "The real power in Sunday School teaching is not in methods... or equipment, but in the teacher's own spiritual life." This is not a book for cowards, but for Christian warriors. 3000 copies were purchased the first month it was available.


The perfect companion for THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER'S GUIDE by J.A. James



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THE DOCTRINE OF JUSTIFICATION: An Outline of Its History in the Church and of Its Exposition from Scripture
James Buchanan with a new introduction by Dr. Gerald Bilkes

"One of the greatest works on the doctrine of justification came from the pen of the Scottish divine James Buchanan. It first appeared in 1867 and has withstood the test of time since then as a classic volume on the subject." - James R. White, the author of 'The God Who Justifies'

"James Buchanan's 'Doctrine of Justification' is THE classic work on this cardinal doctrine by which a church stands or falls. After lucidly covering the historical development of the doctrine through the Old Testament, the apostolic age, the scholastic divines, the Reformation and Counter Reformation, and in the Church of England, Buchanan expounds the doctrine itself by covering the scriptural meaning of the term, its relation to the law and justice of God, its relation to the mediatorial work of Christ, its relation to grace and works, and more. The chapter on justification in relation to the work of the Holy Spirit is alone worth the price of the book. Throughout, Buchanan systematizes the doctrine of justification in an orthodox Reformed manner that is fully reliable, is consistent with all the doctrines of grace, and is still relevant to the burning issues of our day, such as the New Perspective. A new introduction by Dr. Gerald Bilkes on the New Perspective is also a great help. If you can only afford to read one book on justification, read this definitive work." - -Joel R. Beeke

'The doctrine of justification by faith is like Atlas: it bears a world on its shoulders, the entire evangelical knowledge of saving grace ... This is still the best text book on the subject, from the standpoint of the classic covenant theology.' J. I. Packer

"Justification is, perhaps surprisingly, perhaps not, a point of contention within the evangelical, Protestant world in our own day, but so many evangelical ministers and students lack a knowledge of the historical and theological content and categories necessary to engage the discussion helpfully. Buchanan to the rescue. This magisterial nineteenth century treatment remains a standard. Indeed, you'll be surprised at the present applicability of Buchanan's assessments. Yes, in the century since Buchanan wrote, we've learned a lot of helpful, biblical things about the shape and stuff of justification. But Buchanan cannot be bypassed. Read and learn at the feet of a master." - Dr. Ligon Duncan

"You are re-publishing a gem! Buchanan's exposition of justification is, in my opinion, still the best one that has been done." - William Shishko

"The Reformation has been declared over by some. Justification by faith alone is under attack. Confusion abounds on this doctrine upon which the Christian faith hinges. Therefore, it is indeed most timely that this classic treatment receive fresh attention. There is no mere theologizing from the Scotsman, but honest exegetical work with incisive exposition. Pastors, students, and may I add, seminary professors will benefit greatly by returning to this marvelous treatment of this gospel doctrine." - Dr. Nick Willborn

"At the present stage of the justification debate, Buchanan would be a very wholesome remedy against unfair representations. He is absolutely masterful on the subject." - Dr. Roger Nicole

JAMES BUCHANAN (1804-1870) was born in Scotland in 1804 and ordained in 1827 in the Church of Scotland. In 1828 he commenced a very successful ministry at North Leith where he gained a great reputation as an earnest, eloquent, evangelical preacher. In 1845 he was appointed to the Chair of Apologetics at New College, Edinburgh, and in 1847 he succeeded Thomas Chalmers as Professor of Systematic Theology. He retired in 1868 and died two years later. Buchanan was a prolific and popular writer: his first book, Comfort in Affliction (1837), sold nearly 30,000 copies. His two most valuable works were The Office and Work of the Holy Spirit (1842), an exposition which still merits study, and The Doctrine of Justification, the Cunningham Lectures for 1866, reprinted here.


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BIBLICAL & THEOLOGICAL STUDIES: Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Princeton Theological Seminary
The Faculty of Princeton Seminary, Including Machen, Warfield, Vos et al

This rare volume was compiled to celebrate the completion of 100 years of faithful service to the Church of Jesus Christ in May of 1912. The faculty submitted essays that demonstrated the spiritual atmosphere that permeated that beloved and blessed institution that trained men for gospel ministry from the world over.

Outstanding articles are here from men like B.B. Warfield, J. Gresham Machen, Geerhardus Vos, Robert Dick Wilson, Oswald Allis and many more.

New Introduction and Biographical Summaries by David B. Calhoun

"Here is scholarship at its best, written with a passion for the truth and a deep concern to instruct, nourish and guard the church of Christ. A 'must-have' addition to the bookshelves of thoughtful 21st century Christians!" -Sinclair Ferguson

"Biblical & Theological Studies is an overlooked gem in the world of reprints. I'm grateful it is finally being brought back into circulation. The chapters on seminary training and homiletics are timeless, as is Warfield's moving testimony on Christ's emotional life. This is a must read for seminary students and ministers, and will be of great value to thoughtful believers."- Joel R. Beeke

"Throughout its first century, Princeton Theological Seminary was the only American seminary which any significant number of students from outside the United States attended. The care in biblical exegesis, intellectual engagement, and theological argumentation displayed by the articles in this book demonstrates how that high reputation was won." -Mark Noll

650 pages available in both paperback and hardcover with dust jacket





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William G.T. Shedd

Dr. W.G.T. Shedd expounds almost every aspect of preaching, analyzing its nature, outlining the main features which should characterize powerful preaching and describing the approach, plan, actual construction and refinements of a sermon. This volume was used for many years as a standard textbook in several theological seminaries throughout the United States.

The second part of the volume is devoted to the vital subject of Pastoral Theology. Here Shedd is equally thorough and deals with the essential character of a minister, his way of life, his duties, his work of visitation and finally, his work of catechizing his people so as to be informed as to their progress and position in relationship to the preaching. Although much shorter than the first part of the volume, this material is of immense value, and is worth the price of the book.


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William G.T. Shedd

This 430 page book contains 20 sermons to the unconverted man.

In the words of A.A. Hodge: "Dr. Shedd's 'Sermons to the Natural Man' are, if not absolutely the best, yet of the very best doctrinal and spiritual sermons produced in this generation. We have known much of their power in convincing sinners, and in deepening, widening and exalting the experience of true Christians. Doctrinal preaching, though not in fashion, is the preaching that we need, and the preaching which always best vindicates itself when put to the test of practice. And of all the examples of doctrinal preaching in this generation, the sermons of Dr. Shedd excel in many particulars. He grasps the very heart and soul of the truth. He holds it in its entirety with uncompromising loyalty; he states it with wonderful clearness and accuracy, and illustrates and applies it with singular facility and grace of style."

"These sermons to the Natural Man have the true ring. They are pervaded by a vivid and profound conviction of the reality of spiritual things and of the solemn conditions under which human beings are placed in this transitory life. They are designed to promote self-reflection to deepen that consciousness of sin, which exists in some degree even in men who are most absorbed in the pursuit of the world. One can hardly fail to be impressed, in reading these discourses, with the loftiness, the wide range and the impressiveness of religious truth." -The New Englander and Yale Review



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William G.T. Shedd

This 420 page volume contains 26 sermons, and in the words of the author: "This volume is complementary to another, published in 1871, under the title of 'Sermons to the Natural Man.' In the earlier volume, the author aimed to address the human conscience. In this, he would speak to the Christian heart. The former supposed original and unpardoned sin, and endeavored to produce the consciousness of it. The latter supposes forgiven and indwelling sin, and would aid in the struggle and victory over it."



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James Stalker

This volume consists of the 9 lectures delivered in 1891 at The Yale Lectures on Preaching. Appended to the volume is a sermon Stalker preached at an Ordination Service in 1879. It was Alexander Whyte who encouraged the publication of that sermon when it was first delivered. After an Introductory Lecture, Stalker then divides his subject into four lectures using the Old Testament Prophets as examples, and then four lectures on the New Testament Apostles. As with all of Stalker's works there is both light and heat upon every page.

- Preface

- Lecture 1: Introductory

- Lecture 2: The Preacher as a Man of God

- Lecture 3: The Preacher as a Patriot

- Lecture 4: The Preacher as a Man of the Word

- Lecture 5: The Preacher as a False Prophet

- Lecture 6: The Preacher as a Man

- Lecture 7: The Preacher as a Christian

- Lecture 8: The Preacher as an Apostle

- Lecture 9: The Preacher as a Thinker

- Appendix: An Ordination Charge

296 page paperback



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"Thoughts on Preaching" by J.W. Alexander & "The Power of the Pulpit" by Gardiner Spring

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IMAGO CHRISTI: The Example of Jesus Christ
James Stalker

C.H. Spurgeon said of this volume: "This is a delightful book, upon a glorious subject, by one who is better qualified to write it than any other man. With Mr. Stalker's 'Life of Christ' we were greatly pleased, and therefore we were prepared to welcome anything from his pen upon a kindred subject. Our highest expectations were exceeded: this is an immortal book."

"His previous books on the 'Life of Christ' and the 'Life of St. Paul' have had a great vogue here and abroad. But this is a greater book than either, and fitted to exercise a still wider influence... His thoughts are always arranged and expressed with exquisite order and lucidity, and he throws an occasiuonal plummet marvelously far into the depths of his subject. But the power and beauty and life of the work mainly come from this, that the author has been in living contact with Christ and man." -British Weekly

332 page paperback


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From the Reformation to the Present
William M. Taylor

William Taylor was one of the very few men asked to deliver a second set of lectures at the Yale Lectures on Preaching. These were delivered in 1886 and were published, upon great demand, early the next year.

In his own words: "My aim has simply been to put the preachers in the environment of their times, to bring out the characteristics by which they were distinguished, and to give point to such lessons from their work as may be useful in our own age."

Taylor begins with John Knox, Andrew Melville, Alexander Henderson, Samuel Rutherford, Robert Leighton and many more. Very rare!

Over 30% Discount
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LITTLE PILLOWS & MORNING BELLS: Two Classic Devotional Books for Children
Frances Havergal

"In 'Little Pillows' Frances' intent was to give children biblical truth to think about as they went to sleep. Each truth was to be like a little pillow---something comforting and supportive to rest upon during the night. She teaches through vivid word pictures that bring everyday images to a child's mind, thus linking the spiritual to the child's world. This is child evangelism as it should be: plain, simple, truthful, without manipulation or deceit."

- Carol Brandt

LITTLE PILLOWS is a precious little book filled with promises upon which young children can rest their heads as they go to bed each night. MORNING BELLS is the companion volume written to give these same children a passage to carry with them throughout the day.

A wonderful book to read to young children, and for them to read to each other as they grow older.


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Order with MORNING STARS by Havergal
SGCB Price: $13.75 (list price $28.00)

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THE PASTOR'S DAUGHTER: The Way of Salvation Explained to his Daughter by Rev. Edward Payson
Louisa Payson Hopkins

A unique glimpse into the home and heart of the remarkable Payson family of Portland, Maine, as Edward Payson lovingly leads his oldest daughter, Louisa, to genuine faith in Christ. It traces the struggles of a brilliant girl from the age of 4 to 14 as she seeks to come to Christ on her own terms, and not the Lord's.

Those who have loved "A Pastor's Sketches" by Ichabod Spencer will find themselves in familiar territory as Payson faithfully presses his daughter to repent and believe the Gospel. The chapters are brief and filled with illuminating illustrations that parents and pastors alike will find useful in presenting the claims of Christ and the demands of the Gospel upon sinners. There is nothing like this available anywhere!

It cannot be recommended too highly!


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THE PAYSON TRILOGY - 55% Discount for Trilogy and get "Golden Hours" Free ($12.00 Value)
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The Poor Man's New Testament Commentary

"Gentleman, if you want something full of marrow and fatness, cheering to your own hearts by way of comment, and likely to help you in giving your hearers rich expositions, buy Dr. Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary. Dr. Hawker was the very least of commentators in the matter of criticism, but he sees Jesus, and that is a sacred gift which is most precious whether the owner be a critic or no. There is always such a savor of the Lord Jesus Christ in Dr. Hawker that you cannot read him without profit." - Charles H. Spurgeon from "Commenting on Commentaries"

""Robert Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary edifies believers by providing spiritual comments on each section of Scripture. The prayerful 'reflections' section that follows Hawker's comments on each chapter of Scripture marvelously enhances this devotional character. For the genuine Christian, here is devotional writing at its best: warmly Christ-centered, eminently practical, personally searching. I commend it highly for private and family worship." - Joel Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI


On Exodus 15 - "Reader! In the contemplation of this deliverance to Israel, shall not you and I, while we consider it as a type of a far greater deliverance from sin and everlasting death, call upon our souls to join in the celebration of God's mercies? I would say to the drowsy faculties of my heart, Awake, awake, utter a song. Did the Lord bring his people out of Egyptian bondage, and did Israel sing his mercies at the Red sea, and shall not I, whom he hath brought out of nature's darkness, and out of the bondage of sin and Satan, shout alike the Salvation of the Lord! Oh! thou blessed and only Potentate, King of Kings, and Lord of Lord's: thou infinite and eternal Jehovah, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost: fain would my awakened soul look up to thee, under each and all of those glorious distinctions of person, and power, and praise thee with unfeigned lips. Thou hast indeed, as thou didst to Israel of old, brought me out of the iron furnace, out of the horrible pit, the mire, and the clay, and hast set my feet upon a rock and established my goings: hast put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: so that many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the Lord.

But blessed Lord! Oh grant me faith, and grace, in full exercise, that in all the after stages of a wilderness dispensation, whether in the sweet enjoyment of Palm trees at Elim, or the bitter waters of affliction at Marah, I may still by living upon thee and thy fulness, be never cast down in unbelief, and repining in the emptiness, or unsatisfying nature, of all creature enjoyments. Oh! lead me on to Canaan: and till the happy hour shall come when I shall have done with all things here below, enable me by faith, amidst all changing providences, to live upon an unchangeable God. Let faith give me a present enjoyment of the good things to come. Let me see Jesus in everything; and his wisdom, and love, and faithfulness, mingled with every dispensation. And let my experience resemble his of old, who thus expressed himself: For this cause we faint not: while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal."

On Luke 23 - "See, my soul! thy Lord taken from prison and from judgment. And who shall declare his generations? Behold Pilate, Herod, the Chief Priests, and Scribes, yea, the whole multitude, all engaged in the foul act of Christ's crucifixion. And was there none beside? Think, my soul! how much thy sins, both in the original and actual transgression of thine Adam-nature, added to the vast account. Oh! for grace, that in a conscious sense of my own sins, upon this solemn occasion, I may look unto him whom I have pierced, and mourn, as one that mourneth for his only son; and be in bitterness, as one that is in bitterness for his first born!

Precious Jesus! enable me to connect with the solemn view of thine unequalled sufferings, that thou hast made my peace by the blood of thy cross, and by thy stripes I am healed. And from the cross enable me to behold thee proclaiming peace to all thy people, and doing away, the whole of sin by the sacrifice of thyself. Yes! thou Almighty Lord! truly, in the instance of the dying thief, thou hast shewn the sovereign efficacy of thy finished salvation. Here may poor, despairing, self-condemned, and self-condemning sinners, find the sweetest encouragement. And, if Jesus in the days of his flesh offered up strong crying and tears, and was heard in that he feared, will he not have compassion on the ignorant, and on them that are out of the way, since he himself was thus compassed with infirmity?

Lord! I would take my stand at the door of the sepulchre. Like Mary, I would wait in humble sorrow until my risen and triumphant Savior shall speak to me, as the Lord did to that poor woman. Oh! for grace, to have the first views of Jesus, the first love tokens as she had of Jews, that I might hasten with the same tender commission, and tell the brethren of Jesus of the glorious tidings of the resurrection. Lord! give me the assured earnest, in a resurrection of grace, for that great day of my God, when all his redeemed will partake in a resurrection to glory!"

Solid Ground Christian Books is thrilled to announce the completion of Robert Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary. We have published the New Testament Commentary in three large volumes, and then the entire Old Testament Commentary in six volumes.

New Testament Volume One is Matthew - John in 754 pages

New Testament Volume Two is Acts - Ephesians in 692 pages

New Testament Volume Three is Philippians - Revelation in 688 pages

Each volume is hardcover. cmms

New Foreword by Dr. Joel Beeke

Includes the complete Authorized Version of the New Testament





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The Poor Man's Old Testament Commentary
Robert Hawker

"Gentleman, if you want something full of marrow and fatness, cheering to your own hearts by way of comment, and likely to help you in giving your hearers rich expositions, buy Dr. Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary. Dr. Hawker was the very least of commentators in the matter of criticism, but he sees Jesus, and that is a sacred gift which is most precious whether the owner be a critic or no. There is always such a savor of the Lord Jesus Christ in Dr. Hawker that you cannot read him without profit." - Charles H. Spurgeon from "Commenting on Commentaries"

""Robert Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary edifies believers by providing spiritual comments on each section of Scripture. The prayerful 'reflections' section that follows Hawker's comments on each chapter of Scripture marvelously enhances this devotional character. For the genuine Christian, here is devotional writing at its best: warmly Christ-centered, eminently practical, personally searching. I commend it highly for private and family worship." - Joel Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI

Solid Ground Christian Books is thrilled to announce the commencement of the biggest project we have ever undertaken in the publication of Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary. We have begun by publishing the New Testament Commentary in three large volumes, and soon, Lord willing, the entire Old Testament Commentary in six volumes.

Old Testament Volume One: Genesis - Numbers in 757 pages

Old Testament Volume Two is Deuteronomy - 2nd Samuel in 778 pages

Old Testament Volume Three is 1st Kings - Esther in 733 pages

Old Testament Volume Four is Job - Psalms in 641 pages

Old Testament Volume Five Proverbs - Lamentations in 765 pages

Old Testament Volume Six is Ezekiel - Malachi in 563 pages

Each volume will be available in hardcover.

Includes the complete Authorized Version of the New Testament



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50% - Volume Six: Ezekiel - Malachi
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THEOLOGY ON FIRE: Volume One- Sermons from the Heart of J.A. Alexander
Joseph Addison Alexander

Twenty-one complete sermons from Joseph Addison Alexander (1809-1860), the brilliant and godly giant from Old Princeton, are here published for the first time in more than a century. These sermons are hissing hot!

Charles Hodge said of his colleague, "In the death of Joseph Addison Alexander we have lost our great glory and defense. Permit me to express my own individual convictions. I regard Dr. Joseph Addison Alexander as incomparably the greatest man I ever knew--as incomparably the greatest man our church has ever produced. His thorough orthodoxy, his fervent piety, humility, faithfulness in the discharge of his duties, and reverence for the Word of God, consecrated all his other gifts. He glorified the Word of God in the sight of his pupils beyond what any man I ever saw had the power of doing."

This is the perfect companion volume of his brother's book, which we are also reprinting: "A SHEPHERD'S HEART: Sermons from the Pastoral Ministry of J.W. Alexander"

Introduction by Dr. David B. Calhoun

420 page paperback



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EVANGELICAL TRUTH: Practical Sermons for the Christian Family
Archibald Alexander

Archibald Alexander (1772-1851) was a godly and gifted man whom the Lord raised up to lay the foundation of Princeton Theological Seminary in 1812. Years later, toward the end of his fruitful life, he was asked to produce a volume of sermons that could be read within the Christian family that would set forth the basics of the Evangelical Faith, After wrestling with this proposition for some time, and having sought to fulfill the publishers wishes, he finally decided to gather together sermons he had preached over his ministry and place them in the simplest terms possible.

Hear his own words:

"These sermons contain what the author believes to be evangelical truth, in the exhibition of which, his aim has been to render the gospel perspicuous to persons of common understanding. He has, therefore, adopted a style as plain and simple as he could. The sermons are short, and on an average, may be read in fifteen or twenty minutes. And as this is probably the author's last literary work, it is his earnest desire and prayer, that it may be useful in promoting evangelical and experimental religion when his head shall lie beneath the clods of the valley! He invites other Christians to unite with him in this prayer, for the success of the volume now given to the Christian community."

Of American divines, the names of Jonathan Edwards and Archibald Alexander take the first place. Dr. Theodore Woolsey called him, "The Shakespeare of the Christian heart."

"I solemnly believe that Dr. Archibald Alexander is the greatest man who walks the earth." - Samuel Miller, fellow professor at Princeton

This volume contains 37 complete sermons

576 page Large Paperback Volume




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THE CHILD AT HOME: Living to Please God and Your Parents
John S.C. Abbott

"This book is intended for the children of those families to which 'The Mother at Home' has gone. It is prepared with the hope that it may exert an influence upon the minds of the children, in exciting grattitude for their parents' love, and in forming characters which shall ensure future usefulness and happiness." - From the author's Preface

John Abbott (1805-1877) was the brother of Jacob Abbott and the author of numerous works especially for children and young people. He was educated at Bowdoin college and Andover theological seminary, graduating from the former in 1825. He was ordained to the ministry in the Congregational church in 1830, and was settled successively at Worcester, Roxbury, and Nantucket, Mass. His first published work, "The Mother at Home," appeared in 1833, and was followed later that year by "The Child at Home." In 1844 he relinquished the pastorate, and devoted himself exclusively to literature, but occasionally resumed his ministerial labors for brief periods, and in 1866-'8 acted as state supply in New Haven.

"In a moving, illustrative way, Abbott's The Child at Home powerfully cultivates within children's consciences the need to honor God and their parents by promoting the need for heartfelt obedience, religious truth, genuine piety, biblical character traits, a sense of responsibility, and a dread of deception. The dozens of stories included make this book understandable for even very young children, while simultaneously retaining the interest of teenagers. Buy this book for every one of your children; better yet, read it aloud to them and discuss its contents together as a family." --Dr. Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary



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THE CHIEF END OF MAN: An Exposition of the First Answer of the Shorter Catechism
John Hall with Introduction by B.B. Warfield

"Man's chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him for ever." This uncovered treasure is intended for all who desire to teach or to learn the purpose for which we were created. John Hall (1806-1894) is best known for his long-term friendship with J.W. Alexander, that later resulted in his two volume work which included the 800 letters he received from Alexander over their 40 year relationship.

This little gem is full of instruction on the reason we are here and the way that we can live to the glory of God and the enjoyment of God. Parents and children, teachers and pupils, pastors and congregation alike will benefit from this wonderful book.

An Introductory article by Benjamin Warfield adds to the value of this work.


Lady Glenorchy, in her diary, relates how she was seized with a fever which threatened her life, 'during the course of which,' she says, 'the first question of the Assembly's Catechism was brought to my mind—"What is the chief end of man?" as if some one had asked it. When I considered the answer to it—"To glorify God, and to enjoy Him for ever"—I was struck with shame and confusion. I found I had never sought to glorify God in my life, nor had I any idea of what was meant by enjoying Him for ever. Death and judgment were set before me; my past sins came to my remembrance; I saw no way to escape the punishment due unto them, nor had I the least glimmering hope of obtaining the pardon of them through the righteousness of another.' From this unhappy state she was shortly after delivered, by believing on the Lord Jesus as the only Savior of the guilty.

Such was James Hervey's strict piety, that he suffered no moment to go unimproved. When he was called down to tea, he used to bring his Hebrew Bible or Greek Testament with him; and would either speak upon one verse or upon several verses, as occasion offered. 'This,' says William Romaine, 'was generally an improving season. The glory of God is very seldom promoted at the tea-table; but it was at Mr Hervey's. Drinking tea with him, was like being at an ordinance; for it was sanctified by the Word of God, and prayer.'

An eminent minister, after having been silent in company for a considerable time, on being asked the reason, signified that the powers of his mind had been solemnly absorbed with the thought of eternal happiness. 'Oh, my friends,' said he, with an energy that surprised all present, 'consider what it is to be for ever with the Lord-for ever, for ever, for ever.'

A French officer, who was a prisoner upon his parole at Reading, met with a Bible, read it, and was so struck with its contents, that he was convinced of the folly of skeptical principles, and of the truth of Christianity, and so resolved to become a Protestant. When his gay associates rallied him for taking so serious a turn, he said in his vindication, 'I have done no more than my old school-fellow Bernadotte, who has become a Lutheran.' 'Yes, but he became so,' said his associates, 'to obtain a crown.' 'My motive,' said the Christian officer, 'is the same; we only differ as to the place. The object of Bernadotte is to obtain a crown in Sweden, mine is to obtain a crown in heaven.'

Mr Robinson, a member of the presbytery of New Brunswick, was the son of a wealthy Quaker in England. Being permitted to pay a visit to an aunt in London, from whom he had considerable expectations, and becoming very fond of the dissipation of the town, he incurred debt, which so involved him, that he determined to quit his native country, and seek his fortune in America. Soon after his arrival, he had recourse, for subsistence, to teaching in a school in New Jersey. After he had been for some time engaged in this business, without any practical sense of religion, he was riding at a late hour one evening, when the moon and stars shone with unusual brightness. while he was meditating on the beauty and grandeur of the scene, and was saying to himself 'how transcendentally glorious must be the Author of all this beauty and grandeur I' the thought struck him with the suddenness and force of lightning—'But what do I know of this God? Have I ever sought His favor, or made Him my friend?' This happy impression, which proved, by its permanency and effects, to have come from the best of all sources, never left him until he took refuge in Christ, as the hope and life of his soul.

Thomas Carlyle, in speaking against modern materialism in 1876, made this confession: "The older I grow, and I am now upon the brink of eternity, the more comes back to me the first sentence of the Catechism which I learned when a child, and the fuller and deeper its meaning becomes, ‘What is the chief end of man? To glorify God, and to enjoy Him for ever.'" And Dr. Binnie says: "Of the numerous excellencies that have endeared the Westminster Shorter Catechism to so many churches on both sides of the Atlantic, I am disposed to reckon this among the greatest, that it opens with such a solemn announcement of the nobility of human nature. I know no other Catechism that opens so grandly."


$4-6 Book

$5.00 Sale

SHC3 c50 JH3

SGCB Price: $6.50 (list price $13.00)

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JESUS THE WAY: The Child's Guide to Heaven
Edward Payson Hammond

Edward Payson Hammond spent much of his life and ministry traveling the world to preach the Gospel, with a special emphasis upon children. His labors were honored by men like C.H. Spurgeon, Andrew Bonar, W.S. Plumer and multitudes of others. When he wrote letters to some of the leading ministers of the nineteenth century he asked their opinion about the vital subject addressed in this book: the conversion of children. Here are a couple responses he received:

"My conviction is that our converts from among children are among the very best we have. I should judge them to have been more numerously genuine than any other class, more constant, and in the long run more solid." - Charles H. Spurgeon

"In awakenings that have been given us, the cases of young people have been as entirely satisfactory as any cases we have had. If conversion be God's work, in which the Holy Spirit reveals Christ to the soul, surely His work can take place in children as really as in the old." - Andrew Bonar

In his book "The Children of Church Members" Richard Fuller wrote the following:

" It has appeared by the best evidence the nature of the subject admits, that divine grace has frequently produced the conversion of children when they were very young; and when they are thus brought up under the religious care of both their parents and the church, it may be rationally expected the blessing will be frequently afforded."

This volume will immediately capture the attention of the youngest children as Hammond relates his experience of first entering his journey to the city of Jerusalem. Each of the first four chapters is a moving appeal to children to turn from sin to trust the Savior of sinners. The final chapter is addressed to those who have come to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

A powerful book to present the gospel to children 6-12 years old.


$4-6 Book

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$5.00 Child's Book c50 5s ljc stst

55% Discount
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Thomas H. Gallaudet

Thomas H. Gallaudet (1787-1851) was the Apostle to the Deaf in the United States. He devoted his life to teach the underprivileged the truths of God's Word. He wrote dozens and dozens of books using simple, straightforward language for children, young people and adults.

"No other part of the Bible can be properly understood if Genesis 1-3 is misunderstood. The fall of our first parents into sin was both tragic and cataclysmic. The need and nature of the salvation that God provided in Jesus Christ cannot be appreciated where the events in the garden of Eden are underestimated. Children, as well as adults, need to learn this. Thomas Galluadet's book explains humanity's fall into sin in simple, clear language. It is designed for children but will help anyone think more carefully about what really happened when Adam and Eve turned away from God and plunged the human race into sin. I highly recommend it." -Tom Ascol

THE FALL OF MAN is a plain explanation of the origin of sin in the universe. Gallaudet leads children by the hand into the garden of Eden to help them see how our first parents fell into rebellion against their great and gracious Creator. The book concludes with a passionate appeal to the reader to "Go to Christ" who alone can save.

This book can be read to and by children 6-12 years old.


$4-6 Book

$5.00 Sale

$5.00 Child's Book c50 5s stst

SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $12.00)

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REPENTANCE & FAITH: Explained and Illustrated for the Young
Charles Walker

Charles Walker was a brilliant and gifted man who was burdened to see the young taught the truth of God in their own language. In his own words: "The writer of the following little work has attempted to discuss important doctrines of the Gospel, and to urge its correspondent duty on the conscience of the reader. And he has attempted to do this in the language which children may understand, and in a form which may excite their attention."

This volume was originally published as two separate volumes on the gospel duties of Repentance and Faith. Examples are drawn from both Bible and Church history to demonstrate the difference between true and false faith, and true and false repentance. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!

This was originally published by The American Tract Society and went through many editions. C50 CBRT


(1) ARLO AND THE GREAT BIG COVER-UP by Betsy Childs Howard

(2) THE CHILD'S BOOK ON REPENTANCE by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

(3) REPENTANCE & FAITH: Explained and Illustrated for the Young by Charles Walker

50% Discount
SGCB Price: $7.95 (list price $16.00)

SGCB Price: $19.75 (list price $42.00)

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The Child's Book on Repentance
Thomas H. Gallaudet

Thomas H. Gallaudet (1787-1851) was the Apostle to the Deaf in the United States. He devoted his life to teach the underprivileged the truths of God's Word. He wrote dozens and dozens of books using simple, straightforward language for children, young people and adults.

Along with the book "The Child's Book on the Soul" of all the books written by T.H. Gallaudet none had a more profound impact than this one.

According to Gallaudet's biographer, "This book exerted an influence in its day that would be hard to estimate. Thousands of copies were circulated. It was translated into many languages, besides being reprinted and largely sold in England. It was read as an English reading book in the schools of the Foreign Missionary Societies, and through these channels made its way into unexpected places, even reaching the eyes and heart of the King of Siam."


(1) ARLO AND THE GREAT BIG COVER-UP by Betsy Childs Howard

(2) THE CHILD'S BOOK ON REPENTANCE by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

(3) REPENTANCE & FAITH: Explained and Illustrated for the Young by Charles Walker


50% Discount
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SGCB Price: $19.75 (list price $42.00)

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FEED MY LAMBS: Lectures to Children on Matters of Life and Death
John Todd

"This little work, after having passed through fifteen editions in this country (USA), and we know not how many in England, after having been translated into French, German, Greek, and many more languages, printed in raised letters for the blind, and last of all, having been adopted as a school-book for the liberated slaves at Sierra Leone, is now sent forth by the publishers in a new dress, with the addition of two new Lectures." - Author's Preface

John Todd (1800-1873) was a graduate of Yale College and Andover Theological Seminary. His theology was molded by the writings of Jonathan Edwards, and he had the privilege of pastoring Edwards Memorial Church in Northampton, MA.

William G. Blaikie said, "In preaching to the young, Dr. Todd has attained the first rank in this department of work. The American mind has such a proclivity to sharp, terse forms of expression, clever analogies and illustrations, keen analysis of feelings, vivid description and warm coloring, that we do not wonder that it should excel in addresses to which such qualities contribute so largely."

These lectures are the fruit of a ministry directed with conviction to the consciences of the young. From the opening page of these lectures the reader is addressed in such a personal way that he cannot but hear the words for himself.

Not only should these be read by and to children, but every pastor and Sunday School teacher should read it and learn the delicate art of speaking to children. This was a best seller in the middle of the 19th century, but it has been buried for more than 125 years. It is high time Todd was able to speak again for the cause of God and truth.



40% Discount
SGCB Price: $8.95 (list price $15.00)

Order TODD'S TRILOGY for Children
SGCB Price: $24.95 (list price $50.00)
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THE BACKSLIDER: His Nature, Symptoms and Recovery
Andrew Fulller

ANDREW FULLER was, in my opinion, one of the greatest theologians, which modern times, or any times have produced, and his writings are an almost inexhaustible mine of doctrinal, practical, and experimental truth, which every Christian and especially every minister, would do well to explore. No man better understood the bible, or the human heart both in its un-renewed and its regenerate state. Among all his various practical treatises, there are few, if any, of greater value than that on BACKSLIDING. Like a most skilful physician, he explains, with singular ability, the nature of the disease, lays down the symptoms of it, and prescribes the method of recovery. - John Angell James

"Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) was an outstanding figure with qualities that make him one of the most attractive figures in Baptist history. Many in his day could echo the words of his very close friend William Carey , 'I loved him.' The Backslider: or an Inquiry into the Nature, Symptoms, and Effects of Religious Declension, with the Means of Recovery was originally published in 1801. FullerÆs work, though, has stood the test of time and well merits the description by John Ryland as 'an invaluable piece of practical divinity.'" - Michael Haykin

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THEOLOGY: Explained and Defended4 Volume Hardcover Set
Timothy Dwight

Timothy Dwight (1752-1817) was the grandson of Jonathan Edwards. He was both brilliant and godly. This is the Complete Four Volume Hardcover Set of his Magnum Opus: THEOLOGY: EXPLAINED & DEFENDED in a Series of Sermons.

"Dwight's theological sermons are worthy of careful study. Their clear, scriptural guidelines and experiential warmth promote practical Christianity. Read with discernment, they will still feed the soul today and challenge us to godly living in Christ Jesus." - Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

William Sprague, in the book, 'Letters to a Daughter', page 82 wrote, "There is no work within my knowledge, so well adapted to answer this purpose, as the admirable system of Theology by the late President Dwight. It may look a little formidable to you at first, but I am almost sure that if you once engage in reading it, you will not be impatient to find its close. While the subjects are arranged with philosophical accuracy, they are discussed with a degree of perspicuity, force, and eloquence, for which I think you will look in vain, in any similar work."

Volume One contains 38 sermons on the Existence, Attributes, Decrees and Works of God. Each sermon stands complete in itself, but they together exalt the glory of God in a way intended to humble and bless.

Volume Two contains sermons 39-86 with the main focus on Christ our Mediator, and the Doctrines of Justification and Regeneration.

Volume Three contains sermons 87-131 and begins with four sermons on Regeneration and concludes with 41 sermons on the Perfect Law of God.

Volume Four contains sermons 132-173 and begins with the final sermon on the 10th Commandment and proceeds to examine both the ordinary and extraordinary Means of Grace before concluding the entire series with 11 sermons on the Last Things, including death, judgment, heaven and hell.


SGHC sss

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Memoir of Nathan W. Dickerman, the Little Sufferer, Whose Testimony Touched Hearts the World Over
Gorham Abbott

This volume contains the incrdible story of the conversion and death bed of a young boy who died nearly three months prior to his 8th birthday. Nathan Dickerman (1822-1830) was not raised in a godly home but one day a Sabbath School Teacher invited him to come to his class. This was the beginning of Nathan's dramatic conversion.

Dying of consumption, Nathan demonstrated such unusual depths of humility and love for Christ that there was a steady stream of pastors and Sabbath School Teachers who would sit by his bed and minister to him. More often than not they would leave the greater blessed.

Gorham Abbott, brother of John & Jacob, was assigned the priviliged task of keeping a journal of the last months of Nathan's life. This he did with great tenderness and care.

This is a book for every parent, pastor, teacher and child. It sets forth a heart-warming example of how Jesus Christ tenderly cares for his little lambs. It will be a strong rebuke to those who question whether or not children can experience genuine conversion.


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A MANUAL FOR THE YOUNG: An Exposition of Proverbs 1-9
Charles Bridges

A Manual for the Young is a book that combines two works by Charles Bridges suited for and directed to those in the prime of life. The first, and larger part of this work, is Bridges justly famous Exposition of Proverbs 1-9, which is extracted from his complete Commentary on the Book of Proverbs. In his own words, in 1859 he published the first nine chapters of his exposition with the title A Manual for the Young, "in accordance with suggestions repeatedly made to me." The second, and briefer part, is called An Address to Young Persons After Confirmation, which was used for many years in both the US and the UK as a gift for those just entering the Christian life. It is a fitting conclusion to his exposition of Proverbs, and is here reprinted for the first time in more than a century.

Spurgeon said of Bridges work on Proverbs, "THE BEST WORK ON PROVERBS. The Scriptural method of exposition so well carried out by Bridges renders all his writings very suggestive to ministers. While explaining the passage in hand, he sets other portions of the Word in new light.

$6.00 BOOK


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WITHHOLD NOT THINE HAND: Sunday Evening Sermons and Thursday Evening Lectures
William Jay

This volume contains 77 complete sermons from the heart of William Jay (1769-1853), a favorite of Charles H. Spurgeon. These sermons are exegetical and homiletical masterpieces.

20 Sermons from the Evening Service

42 Sermons from his Thursday Evening Lectures

15 Sermons from Special Occasions

These are perfect for Family Devotions, Personal Devotions and pastoral study.

Sss wjv

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THE KING'S HIGHWAY: The Ten Commandments Explained to the Young
Richard Newton

"Though intended for children, ministers will find it useful, for it teems with illustration, and brings up little points of conduct worth touching upon. DR. NEWTON IS THE PRINCE OF PREACHERS TO CHILDREN." C.H. Spurgeon, from "Commenting and Commentators"

Richard Newton, D.D. (1813-1887) Though he was born in Liverpool, England in 1813, Newton was educated at the University of Pennsylvania and then served as an Episcopal rector in Philadelphia for many years. In addition to thirty volumes of childrenÆs sermons, he wrote Illustrated Rambles in Bible Lands, Five-Minute Talks for the Young, Heroes of the Early Church, Heroes of the Reformation, and The Life of Jesus Christ.He also served as Editor of Periodicals from 1867-1877.


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Richard Newton

"The Prince of Preachers to the young." This was what C.H. Spurgeon called Richard Newton, author of this masterful treatment of the The Life of Jesus Christ explained and applied to the young.

Volume One: This large double volume begins with The First Gospel Promise in Genesis 3:15 and leads us into the wilderness where Jesus is tempted by the Devil.

Volume Two: This large double volume begins with The Apostles Chosen and concludes with The Ascension of our Lord into Glory.

Richard Newton, D.D. (1813-1887) Though he was born in Liverpool, England in 1813, Newton was educated at the University of Pennsylvania and then served as an Episcopal rector in Philadelphia for many years. In addition to thirty volumes of children's sermons, he wrote Illustrated Rambles in Bible Lands, Five-Minute Talks for the Young, Heroes of the Early Church, Heroes of the Reformation (also published by SGCB).


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Volumes One & Two (in one volume)

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Volumes Three & Four (in one volume)

Order Complete Two Volume Set
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Order COMPLETE 18 Newton Titles
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THE TRANSFIGURED LIFESelected Shorter Writings of J.R. Miller
James Russell Miller

James Russell Miller (1840-1912) was considered by many the greatest devotional writer of his era. His more than 60 volumes sold into the millions of copies and were translated into numerous languages throughout the world.

Professor W. Brenton Greene of Princeton Theological Seminary, after 25 years of intimate association with Miller, said reverently: "If I dared let any man embody my idea of our Lord, I should find myself unconsciously turning to Dr. Miller for such embodiment. We can try to follow him only afar off, but it is one of God's best gifts to us that we have been given such an example of Christlikeness."

"The title for this book of selections from Dr. J.R Miller's writings I so apropos to his ministry as pastor, preacher and publisher. The reader of Miller will indeed be led to see Christ more deeply and more personally, and receive constant glimpses of the glorious world to come." - Gene Fedele, author and publisher

In addition to his books, which were extremely popular, Miller wrote a number of shorter works to strengthen the hands of the brethren. We have selected a dozen of these shorter works and organized them in a way that will lead the reader upward and onward in their journey to the heavenly Jerusalem.


1) The Transfigured Life

2) The Face of the Master

3) The Master's Friendships

4) A Gentle Heart

5) In Perfect Peace

6) A Cure for Care

7) The Blessing of Cheerfulness

8) Loving My Neighbor

9) Mary of Bethany

10) Secrets of Happy Home Life

11) Unto the Hills

12) Turning Northward




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Instructions for the Right Receiving of the Lord's Supper
Matthew Henry

"Of all the many treatises on the Lord's Table none possess more excellencies or fewer defects than Matthew Henry's COMMUNICANT'S COMPANION. It is very plain, very pious, and very practical. There is a simplicity, a naturalness, and a familiarity, which renders it peculiarly delightful reading, and makes us almost fancy ourselves enjoying the conversation of its venerable author." -Rev. John Brown of Edinburgh, Scotland (1825)


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THE MADISON AVENUE LECTURES: Historic Baptist Principles and Practice Defined and Defended
Henry Weston, Alvah Hovey, Henry Fish, George D. Boardman etc.

Originally published in 1867, by the American Baptist Publication Society. The Introductory Note read as follows:

"The Lectures composing the Series embraced in this volume, were delivered in the Madison Avenue Baptist Church, New York, by special request of the pastor, Henry G. Weston, D.D. The marked excellence of the Lectures, as expositions of the truths which are embodied and exhibited in the precious ordinances of the gospel, and of the views which are held by the members of the 'Baptized Churches,' as they were originally called; their broad and thorough survey of the topics brought under discussion; and the genial spirit of true Christian courtesy which breathes through them, give promise of a wide usefulness. Hence they are committed to the press, in the earnest hope that the Lord will use them as a means of advancing his own truth and of promoting that object so dear to the Lord, and to all who walk in fellowship with him; the full, and joyous union of his people in that truth."

"It is a tremendous boon when those who treasure our Baptist history can procure these precious volumes. Three cheers for the publisher!" - Erroll Hulse


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William G. Blaikie

William G. Blaikie (1820-1899), who ministered in the Free Church of Scotland for 25 years before accepting the position of Professor of Apologetics and Pastoral Theology at the New College in Edinburgh, opens the text of Joshua in a way that brings this significant material to life. Wonderful application in every chapter.

"Few writers have bequeathed to posterity such a legacy of devout exposition and reverent scholarship as William Garden Blaikie. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, when Sir William Robertson Nicoll began work on The Expositor's Bible, he wisely invited Dr. Blaikie to contribute commentaries on the Book of Joshua and the Books of First and Second Samuel. Blaikie's studies of these portions of the Old Testament rank among the finest ever produced." - Cyril J. Barber




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William G. Blaikie

William G. Blaikie (1820-1899), who ministered in the Free Church of Scotland for 25 years before accepting the position of Professor of Apologetics and Pastoral Theology at the New College in Edinburgh, opens the text of First Samuel in a way that brings this significant material to life. Wonderful application in every chapter.

"Few writers have bequeathed to posterity such a legacy of devout exposition and reverent scholarship as William Garden Blaikie. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, when Sir William Robertson Nicoll began work on The Expositor's Bible, he wisely invited Dr. Blaikie to contribute commentaries on the Book of Joshua and the Books of First and Second Samuel. Blaikie's studies of these portions of the Old Testament rank among the finest ever produced." - Cyril J. Barber




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William G. Blaikie

William G. Blaikie (1820-1899), who ministered in the Free Church of Scotland for 25 years before accepting the position of Professor of Apologetics and Pastoral Theology at the New College in Edinburgh, opens the text of Second Samuel in a way that brings this significant material to life. Wonderful application in every chapter.

"Few writers have bequeathed to posterity such a legacy of devout exposition and reverent scholarship as William Garden Blaikie. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, when Sir William Robertson Nicoll began work on The Expositor's Bible, he wisely invited Dr. Blaikie to contribute commentaries on the Book of Joshua and the Books of First and Second Samuel. Blaikie's studies of these portions of the Old Testament rank among the finest ever produced." - Cyril J. Barber




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SGCB Price: $42.00 (list price $90.00)
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Order All Three Commentaries and "HEROES OF ISRAEL"
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TRUTH AND LIFE: Twenty-Two Christ-Centered Sermons
Charles P. McIlvaine

Dr. C.P. McIlvaine served as Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Ohio in the middle of the 19th century. Banner of Truth recently reprinted his excellent book on preaching entitled "Preaching Christ: The Heart of the Gospel Ministry." In this long-out-of-print volume you will be given 22 examples of this Christ-centered preaching.

Highly recommended!

"Charles Pettit McIlvaine, who lived from 1799-1873, embodied the evangelical creed of the nineteenth century. A clear-thinking, intellectually rigorous Episcopalian, he exemplified the deep emotional currents of revival and rebirth, of the 'conviction of sin,' of the need to be born again into new life. An aristocrat by birth and bearing and a bishop by consecration of the Episcopal Church, he knew himself to be a common sinner in God's sight, as much in need of rescue as the folk to whom he ministered." - Thomas Garrett Isham, from his biography entitled "A Born Again Episcopalian: The Evangelical Witness of Charles Petit McIlvaine"

Sample Sermons:

The Power of the Word of God - Psalm 119:130

The True Church, The World's Light - Matthew 5:14

The Church of Christ in its Essential Being - 1 Chronicles 22:1

The Presence of Christ in the Assemblies of His People - Matthew 18:20

The Nature and Condemnation of Sin - 1 John 3:4

The Christian Not of The World - John 17:16

Faith Appopriating the Sacrifice of Christ - John 6:53,54

The Believer's Hidden Life in Christ - Colossians 3:3,4



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John Dick

"John Dick's Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles is marked by the same penetrating exegetical and theological insight that characterizes his famous Lectures on Theology. Every paragraph sheds light on the sacred page. Dick wrote with great warmth and eloquence. This book doesn't just inform the mind; it also stirs the heart. These lectures are a grand tour of Acts conducted by a master in Israel." - Dr. Robert Paul Martin

John Dick (1764-1833) During the period of his ministry in Glasgow, attracted much notice by the delivery of a series of monthly Sabbath evening lectures on the Acts of the Apostles, which were afterwards published at intervals in two volumes; and, on a second edition being called for, were collected in one volume. These lectures, which were followed up by a series of discourses on the divine attributes, are reckoned models for the exposition of the Holy Scriptures.


Part of our ACTS TRILOGY



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When Ordered with "Notes Critical & Explanatory on Acts" by Jacobus
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Purchase with Jacobus and Eadie Volumes on Acts
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William B. Sprague

"I have a large collection of books on revival. Among them is a dated copy of 'Lectures on Revival' by Sprague. I have often told people that this was one of the top books on the subject if they were somehow able to procure a copy from a used book list. Of special importance are the letters at the end of the book where Christian leaders write of their experience in the Second Great Awakening and the insights gained. This is a valuable book. You will find the material amazingly pertinent." - Jim Elliff

Sprague's experience of genuine revivals, his faithfulness to Biblical theology and his balanced view, eminently fitted him to write what Dr Lloyd-Jones describes as "The outstanding classic on this vital and urgently important matter". The chapters cover such themes as The Nature of a Revival, Obstacles to Revivals, Divine Agency in Revivals, General Means of Producing and Promoting Revivals, Treatment due to Awakened Sinners, Evils to be Avoided in connection with Revivals, etc. There is also a large and excellent Appendix comprising letters on revivals by various North American evangelical leaders of the last century.

Charles Simeon wrote on the flyleaf to his personal copy: "A most valuable book. I recommend my Executor to keep it, as there are few, if any, others in this kingdom. I love the good sense of Dr Sprague."

30% Discount
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DIVINE LOVE: A Series of Doctrinal, Practical and Experimental Discourses
John Eadie

John Eadie (1810-1876) was not only a brilliant professor and author of outstanding commentaries of Pauline Epistles, but he was first and foremost a Pastor. In this long-buired volume of sermons we see Eadie at his pastoral best, as he expounds the glorious theme of Divine Love. These twelve messages touch on the very height and depth of the love of the Triune God for His underserving, indeed, ill-deserving people.

"The Apostle Paul tells us that it was his prayer that believers would be 'rooted and grounded in love' and would 'know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge,' (Ephesians 3:18-19) and yet a robust experiential knowledge of the love of the Father, in the Son, by the Spirit eludes many a Christian. Even though we have heard 'Yes, Jesus loves me' from childhood, and have heard of the Father's great love in sending his Son from the time we first memorized John 3:16, it is difficult for us to take in this surpassing love. And thus all the more important for us to hear God's clear overtures of love to us in his Word. It is the experience of this love that matures us.

John Eadie, the respected nineteenth-century Scottish Secession minister-theologian, takes the reader on an edifying journey through this vital biblical theme. - Ligon Duncan


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John Howe

Although written in 1684 ands in the style of the day, this classic volume will be of interest to all who recognize the imperative of winning souls for Christ.

"The Redeemer's Tears Wept over Lost Souls, this moving book, first printed in 1683, contains Howe's essay on Luke 19:41-42, telling how Jesus wept over Jerusalem because the city didn't recognize what belonged to peace in its day. It begins with a long exposition on the great gospel truths that "belong to men's peace." It then focuses on the short "day" we have in this life, which will decide our eternal destiny. It admonishes readers to flee to the willing, yearning Savior. This is Howe's most searching and compelling book for wooing a sinner to Christ. He stresses the responsibility of man within the framework of divine sovereignty. It makes for a compelling read. We are grateful to Solid Ground Christian Books for bringing it back into print this century." - Joel Beeke

Here is a fine biblical exposition of Luke 19:41,42 (Jesus weeping over Jerusalem), with appropriate application that is as suitable today as when Howe wrote it. The first part portrays the Savior as He looked down upon Jerusalem - a stirring scene filled with divine pathos. Then follows a series of explanations and admonitions, all breathing a compassionate anxiety to win the lost for Christ.

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A PATHWAY INTO THE PSALTER: The Psalms: Their History, Teachings and Use
William Binnie

"A highly valuable work. It is not an exposition, but can readily be used as such, for it possesses a good index to the passages treated of. Dr. Binnie reviews with great skill and intense devotion the various sacred poems contained in the Book of Psalms, and gives the general run and character of each one. His work is unlike any other, and supplies a great desideratum." - C.H. Spurgeon, from 'Commenting & Commentaries'

"In the early part of the twenty-first century, we are inundated with works on the Psalms, both for an academic, and for a popular, audience. In addition, reprints of some of the old classics on the Psalms, such as Spurgeon's 'Treasury of David' are readily available. However, there is one nineteenth century work on the Psalms that is of great value to the preacher that has apparently not been reprinted since the late nineteenth century, the book noted above. It is, as the subtitle suggests, divided into three sections. The first deals with the historical development of the book, from the time of Moses (Psalm 90) down to the post-exilic period. The second section deals with the teachings, or as we would more likely say today the theology, of the Psalms. This includes very helpful treatments of the various ways in which the Messiah is set forth in the Psalms, as well as personal and social religion in the Psalms. In addition, Binnie treats the issue of the imprecatory Psalms in a useful manner. The final section traces the history of the use of the Psalms in both the Jewish and the Christian church." - Dr. Ben Shaw, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

This Volume is Part of our TRILOGY ON THE PSALMS



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COMMENTING ON COMMENTARIESA Reference Guide to Buying the Best Books
Charles Haddon Spurgeon

"New commentaries on the Bible abound, but often the cutting edge is dull. With few exceptions, the old works are better by far. Spurgeon's Commenting and Commentaries is invaluable for identifying the best works of past generations, many of which have been reprinted in our day." - Dr. Robert P. Martin

"In this catalogue Spurgeon lists and evaluates some 1400 commentaries on Books of the Bible. All is done with inimitable Spurgeonic frankness, wit and wisdom. Of one poor commentator he writes, 'The proverbs themselves are plainer than this author's exposition of them.' On another writer he comments, 'Does not err in excessive spirituality.' A delight to go through to get honest evaluation and common sense." - Maurice Roberts

"Commenting and Commentaries is a guide for buying and using Bible commentaries of many kinds, made entertaining by the pungent good humor of the author, Charles Haddon Spurgeon. It is an invaluable resource for ministers and theological students, as well as all Bible students, introducing them to the riches of the best of what has been written about the Bible in past generations. Let Commenting and Commentaries be your key to unlock the world of pre-twentieth-century evangelical Bible commentaries. You will find the key tried and true!" - Joel Beeke

The student or pastor with a small but growing library, as well as the pastor possessing an extensive one, will welcome the opportunity to secure this reprint of Spurgeon's catalog of Biblical commentaries and expositions. Once you begin to dip into this volume it will become a faithful friend by your side. Pure gold!

Spurgeon Special

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SGCB Price: $118.00 (list price $261.75)
BIBLE WARNINGS: Sermons for Children on Dangers that Lie Along the Path and How to Avoid Them
Richard Newton

The "Prince of Preachers to children" (according to Spurgeon) presents 14 challenging messages for the hearts of the young. The warnings are as follows:

The Warning Not to Forget God, The Warning Against Covetousness

The Warning Against Intemperance, The Warning Against the Transgressor's Ways

The Warning Against Lying, The Warning Against Anger

The Warning Against Grieving the Spirit, The Warning Against Breaking the Sabbath

The Warning Against Pride, The Warning Against Slothfulness

The Warning Against Discontent, The Warning Against Disobeying our Parents

The Warning Against Swearing, The Warning Against Selfishness

"All Dr. Newton's books are scriptural, logical, systematic, earnestly evangelical, and full of striking incidents and illustrations. They are models of this very important kind of literature, and will prove instructive to preachers as well as to children." - Pittsburgh Christian Advance


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SGCB Price: $170.00 (list price $381.00)
HEROES OF ISRAEL: Lessons from the Lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses
William G. Blaikie

William G. Blaikie (1820-1899) ministered in the Free Church of Scotland for 25 years before accepting the position of Professor of Apologetics and Pastoral Theology at the New College in Edinburgh.

"The graphic pen-portraits contained within this work will be welcomed by ministers preaching on Bible characters.' - David W. Brookman

"A valuable acquisition." -- Cyril J. Barber

This 480 page volume is the perfect companion for Blaikie on Joshua - 2nd Samuel, as this gifted Scotsman (trained under Thomas Chalmers) draws lessons of life from the men who are stilled viewed as Heroes of Israel.


BLAIKIE OT SET wbot cmms

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Order along with Blaikie on Joshua, 1st and 2nd Samuel
SGCB Price: $54.00 (list price $122.00)
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Horace Hooker

Mrs. Martyn spends fourteen evenings with her children George (13), Charles (11) and Suan (9) in the challenging book written to instruct children on the vital place of the Sabbath in the life of the Christian. The topics included are:











Horace Hooker was born in Berlin, Connecticut, in 1793; and died in Hartford, Connecticut, 17 December, 1864. He was graduated at Yale in 1815, and also studied at Andover theological seminary. Many years before his death, in connection with Rev. Thomas H. Gallaudet, he labored in the preparation of religious books for the young. He was for more than twenty years secretary of the Connecticut missionary society, and was for several years chaplain of the insane retreat at Hartford. As a writer he was distinguished for the elegance and purity of his style.


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John Ker (1819-1886)

This little book in not a commentary on the Psalms, yet it is illustrative of their meaning and application to the human heart in all its experiences. By various incidents gathered from history and biography, the author shows what he terms the 'intense humanity' of the Psalms; how they have pervaded human life, and asserted their power to comfort the soul in all times of tribulation, and give wisdom to all who look for divine guidance; thus making for themselves a new record in the experience of Christian men and women, who have found in them the humblest expressions of penitence and the highest notes of praise which the human soul can utter. Every pastor will find this little volume helpful in the application of the Psalms to the devotional and practical duties of the Christian life.

"Dr. John Ker has left in this small volume a precious legacy to the Church. The whole is a book that the Bible student will prize as an indispensable companion to any or all of his commentaries on the Book of Psalms." - Kelso Chronicle

"A commentary on a new, striking, and marvelously interesting plan. The student, with this work in his hand, will find the Psalms a new book, and will receive a start on a new line of inquiry. The Introduction is in Dr. Ker's best style. We wish for it a very wide and long career of usefulness." - United Presbyterian Magazine

"This little book will be received with profound gratitude, and take its place among the most valued possessions of the Church. The Introduction, dealing with the biographical interest of the Psalms, their connection with Christ, and their influence on Christendom, is full of luminous thought and subtle penetration. No devout Christian should be without a copy of this choice and invaluable book." - The Baptist Magazine.

"This is a volume which is a fitting memorial to this poet preacher, who has just passed within the veil. The Introduction to this book is in itself a thing of beauty. Every page, and indeed every turn and expression, gleams and sparkles." - Dundee Advertiser

"We are thankful for this valuable and inspiring volume. It is a treasure and a treasury, containing, as it does, many incidents from history and biography which show the value of the Psalms to the soul of man, in the hours especially of its deepest sorrows or joys. We commend this work to our readers as one which is suited for the quiet home, and which will both strengthen their faith and brighten their hope. This volume will be welcomed by many, as at once full of instruction, reverence, insight, and spiritual stimulus, and as from the pen of one of the gifted sons of God." - Evangelical Repository

John Ker (1819-1886) minister and professor, was horn in Peeblesshire, brought up in Edinburgh; studied there and in Halle, was chosen to fill the chair of Practical Training in the U.P. Theological College in 1876.


This Volume is Part of our TRILOGY ON THE PSALMS



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J. Gresham Machen, Edited by John H. Skilton

The chief feature of this volume is that it makes available in convenient form the "Notes on Biblical Exposition" which Dr. J. Gresham Machen published in the earlier 'Christianity Today' from January 1931 to February 1933. Students at Westminster Seminary have made profitable use of these Notes on Galatians 1:1 - 3:14 by following them, with minor inconveience, through bound periodical volumes; but for many others who might greatly benefit from them, they have long been inaccessible.

Here you will find a master exegete opening up important and essential meterial to help undertsand the import of the great Apoostle on this vital portion of Scripture.

"Notes on Galatians is one of the hidden jewels of J Gresham Machen's outstanding contributions to Christian literature. As Galatians has again become a battleground for theological controversy over the nature of the gospel, Dr Machen's exegetical insight and theological sturdiness provide wise and careful guidance for a new generation of Bible students. Written for a previous generation it continues to speak to the contemporary one." - Dr. Sinclair Ferguson

"Dr. Machen was a master at crystal clear teaching and his work on Galatians is a good model of this gift. In a day of confused and confusing teaching on this Book, Dr. Machen reminds us of the dynamic power of this Gospel of justification by faith alone in Christ alone that is opened so richly by the Apostle Paul." - Pastor Bill Shishko

"Machen wrote on Galatians to inform his students and to help Sunday School teachers. It is written with delightful clarity and incidentally introduces us to what Machen did very well, teach the New Testament to students at Princeton and Westminster Seminaries. It is wonderfully lucid; a pleasure to read; a model for anyone who preaches the Bible." - Geoff Thomas

"This is Machen at his best, and surely begs to be re-printed. Especially the introductory chapters are needed nowadays." - Pastor Tom Lyon

"J. Gresham Machen is perhaps best known for his defense of Christianity and especially for his articulate advocacy of confessional Reformed theology. By training, however, he was a New Testament scholar and by practice he was a biblical exegete of the first order. This little work on Galatians is still useful as a witness to Machen's clear-headed insight into the nature and message of Paul's letter to the Galatians. This witness seems particularly relevant in the midst of the current confusion surrounding Paul and the doctrine of justification." - Dr. R. Scott Clark

The late John H. Skilton did a great service to the church by getting this material from various places and putting it all conveniently in one place.



Machen five


warfield-machen jgm

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THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS: Edited by George Offor, including Bunyan’s own Marginal Notes


Other than the Bible, there is no book written in the English language that has been published more than “The Pilgrims Progress”, by John Bunyan. We believe there are two primary reasons for this. First, the book is thoroughly and eminently Scriptural. But secondly, and just as importantly, it is profoundly practical, being a deeply experiential and spiritual account of the realities of the true Christian call, conversion, walk, opposition, and spiritual rewards, both temporal and eternal; all applied to pilgrims of various gifts and capacities.

The main reason this particular edition of Pilgrims Progress was selected is because the original editor, George Offor, carefully reviewed all eight of Bunyan’s own editions being careful to produce a copy that adhered strictly to Bunyan’s own revisions of the text. But in addition, Offor was also careful to include Bunyan’s Marginal Notes. Bunyan himself provided these notes and insisted that they were one major key to understanding the text, the other being the illuminating work of The Spirit. We have made no changes to Offor’s/Bunyan’s text in this edition. May it be blessed to your soul as it has been to millions before you is our prayer.

Charles H. Spurgeon loved reading and re-reading this work, claiming to have read it over 100 times! Quite often his wife read it to him in the afternoon for relaxation and meditation. He often quoted Bunyan in his sermons declaring, "Though his writings are charmingly full of poetry, yet he cannot give us his Pilgrim's Progress, that sweetest of all prose poems, without continually making us feel and say, 'Why, this man is a living Bible!' Prick him anywhere, his blood is Bibline, the very essence of the Bible flows from him. He cannot speak without quoting a text, for his very soul is full of the Word of God."

George Whitefield said of this book, "It smells of the prison. It was written when the author was confined in Bedford jail. And ministers never write or preach so well as when under the cross: the Spirit of Christ and of Glory then rests upon them."

John Newton added, "Of all our author's writings, there is no one perhaps so universally and deservedly admired as his Pilgrim's Progress, in which he gives a delineation of the Christian life under the idea of a journey or a pilgrimage, from the City of Destruction to the heavenly Jerusalem. In this treatise Bunyan appears not only as a writer well instructed in the mysteries of the kingdom, but a man of real genius."

John Owen once went to hear John Bunyan preach. Charles II, hearing of it, asked the doctor why someone as thoroughly educated as he would want to hear a mere tinker preach. Owen replied, "May it please your Majesty, if I could possess the tinker's abilities to grip men's hearts, I would gladly give in exchange all my learning."

pp2 bs1 bl2 dtdm fw5 pdt bfs ovt 6g 5s pp5 /18 /04 svs nhp OVST pp6









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THE REBEL PRINCE: Lessons from the Tragic Life and Death of Absalom
William M. Blackburn

This volume examines the tragic account of Absalom, the son of David who became David's betrayer. William M. Blackburn (1828-1898) does a masterful job setting out the biblical narrative in a way that is both informative and captivating. Blackburn originally preached this material during his exposition of 2 Samuel 13 - 19, but expanded and adapted that material for this powerful publication. Old and young alike will find page after page of godly counsel and warning drawn from the life of THE REBEL PRINCE.

In the Author's Preface we are told: "The record of Absalom's life in 2 Samuel 13 - 19 is as clear and concise as if written by the court-prophet Nathan. It has no parallel to it in Chronicles, and stands alone as a graphic piece of inspired Hebrew literature. In one view it is a vivid biography of the young man Absalom, the prodigal son of the Old Testament, who perished in his sins. In another view it is a sacred tragedy, full of most striking pictures of human nature, varied with deeply laid plots, enriched by frequent changes of scene, and enlivened by a great diversity of characters. For the study of the motives, policies, principles, and characters of evil and designing men, there are few portions of Scripture more profitable. Rarely do seven chapters furnish such a group of bold actors, such a record of great crimes against God and men, and such signal divine judgments upon the wicked."

"It is a striking picture of a family, deserving of close and frequent study. A father's sins are intensified in some of his children, and bring the sword into his own house. There are shown to us some of the plainest lessons upon family government, family trials, and family judgments. It is not only as a king that David is sorely afflicted, but as a father. Those who magnify his faults should justly remember his very great and very many trials. In no other part of his reign did he exhibit more wisdom, tenderness, and greatness in adversity."

"It is our effort in this unpretending volume to draw some useful lessons for our guidance in the family, in society, in the church, and in the national government. We have also kept in view the gospel light afforded by these seven chapters, for in the depths of David's heart we see an illustration of the boundless love of God, and in his sorrows he stands as a type of our Lord Jesus Christ. It was the favour which the original lectures received from those who heard them, that prompted the author to commit them to the press, and the volume is now laid at the feet of Him who sits upon David's throne, for only with His blessing can it be of any service in securing a further allegiance to the King of kings."


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Thomas M'Crie

"M'Crie was an outstanding Scottish theologican and historical writer. Such a commentary from a writer of that calibre can only be a blessing to all who get it." - Maurice Roberts

"Best known for his biography on John Knox and ever the consummate church historian, Thomas M'Crie (1772-1835), shows in his lectures on Esther that he is an astute biblical historian as well. These eighteen messages are packed with solid exegetical and practical material. Highly recommended for both the minister and the educated layman, this reliable guide to Esther remains unsurpassed until today."- Joel R. Beeke

CH Spurgeon, in his 'Commenting and Commentaries" ranks M'Crie on Esther with his very highest approval and then quotes as follows: "Dr. Davidson says of Dr. McCrie: 'There is an ancient fable.of a king who was gifted with the power of turning everything he touched into gold; and this eminent divine and historian possessed remarkably the gift of rendering every subject he handled so precious, as at least to discourage any one from attempting to follow in his track. In his Lectures upon the book of Esther, he has certainly left little for any to say who may come after him."

THOMAS M'CRIE (1772-1835) is best known for his classic LIFE OF JOHN KNOX as well as his two-volume LIFE OF MELVILLE. He was also highly acclaimed for his works on SCOTTISH HISTORY and THE REFORMATION IN SPAIN & ITALY. But above all he was a gifted preacher of the Gospel whose LECTURES UPON THE BOOK OF ESTHER was published in 1838, three years after his death. It is considered by many to be the best commentary ever written upon this book of Holy Scripture.


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James Buchanan

James Buchanan was born in 1804. He held several pastorates before becoming Professor Apologetics and later of Systematic Theology at the Free Church College in Edinburgh. He attained great fame as a preacher, his manner in the pulpit being marked by sustained clarity of thought and eloquent evangelical fervour. The most experimental of Buchanan's theological works is the one from which this article is taken, The Office and Work of the Holy Spirit, which was first published in 1843 and then republished by the Banner of Truth Trust in 1966.

"James Buchanan belonged to the bright galaxy of theologians who graced the early days of the Free Church of Scotland. His brilliant and uniquely conceived treatment of the Holy Spirit expounds his Ministry first biblically and theologically, then in a series of biographical studies, and finally systematically in the life of the Christian. Buchanan superbly combines the reliable with the readable, the doctrinal with the practical, the theological with the devotional. 'The Office and Work of the Holy Spirit' is a classic work on the Holy Spirit and a master class in theology." - Sinclair Ferguson

"James Buchanan was a pastor-theologian whose preaching and writing were precious gifts of Christ to the church. His classic book on the Holy Spirit is especially full in its treatment of the conversion of sinners, considered both in its doctrinal aspects and in several cases of conversion reported in the Scriptures. His writing exemplifies the biblical, doctrinal, experiential, and practical quality of the Reformed tradition. Highly recommended." --Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"We find in Dr. James Buchanan's 'The Office and Work of the Holy Spirit,' and in Dr. George Smeaton's 'The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit,' two treatises covering the whole ground; the one in a more practical, the other in a more didactic spirit; and both in a manner worthy of the best traditions of our Puritan fathers." - B.B. Warfield

"When theological ignorance seems to be at an all time low in the pulpits of American churches comes great help from 19th century Scotland. -Who is the Holy Spirit? -What is He doing and what has He done? -What is the new birth, conversion, illumination? -Where can I find illustrations in Scripture of these most important truths? Thank you, SOLID GROUND, for bringing back one of the great practical theology works of the past!

Nineteenth century Scotland was blessed with many theological "oaks". James Buchanan was one of them and this work is one of his best. Pastors, take your elders and deacons and then the men of the church through this book and bless them all and strengthen your church!" - Steve Martin, Retired confessional Baptist pastor of 31 years, State Coordinator of the Georgia Association of Confessional Baptist Churches



1. The Necessity of a Great Spiritual Change.

2. A General View of the Spirit's Agency, with reference both to the World and the Church.

3. A General View of the Process of Conversion by which Individuals are translated from the World into the Church.

4. The Work of the Spirit in Enlightening the Mind.

5. The Work of the Spirit in Convincing the Conscience.

*An Address to Convinced Sinners.

6. The Work of the Spirit in Renewing the Heart.

7. The Result of the Spirit's Work.

8. The Regeneration of Infants.


1. The Philippian Jailer, Acts 16:19-34.

2. The Dying Malefactor, Luke 23:32-43.

3. Paul, Acts 9:1-22.

4. The Ethiopian Treasurer, Acts 8:26-40.

5. Cornelius, Acts 10.

6. Lydia, Acts 16:13-15.

7. Timothy, 2 Tim. 3:14, 15.

8. Conversions at Pentecost, Acts 2.

9. Revivals, Acts 2:17, 18.


1. The Spirit's Work as the Spirit of Holiness.

2. The Spirit's Work as the Spirit of Adoption.

3. The Spirit's Work as the Spirit of Prayer.

4. The Spirit's Work as the Comforter.

Buchanan concludes this masterpiece with these words: "And now on a calm and comprehensive review of all that has been said concerning the Work of the Holy Spirit, both in the Conversion of Sinners, and in the Edification of His People, how appropriate to the case of every reader, whatever may be his character, are the prayers of David;--'Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy Holy Spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me by thy free Spirit.' -- 'Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God: thy Spirit is good; lead me into the land of uprightness."


THE SPIRIT WITHIN YOU: The Church's Neglected Possession by J.I. Packer & A.M. Stibbs







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Includes Warfield's 'Person & Work of the Holy Spirit' and Packer's 'The Spirit Within You'

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NUTS FOR BOYS TO CRACK: Earthly Stories with a Heavenly Meaning
John Todd

John Todd (1800-1873) was a master teacher. He published about thirty volumes, all of which were re-issued in England, and several of them have been translated into German, French, modern Greek, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Arabic, Armenian, Turkish, and Tamil. His "Lectures to Children" have been printed in raised letters for the blind, and used as a schoolbook in the colony of Sierra Leone. Of some of his books several hundred thousand copies have been sold, and several of his shorter pieces, notably "Hafed's Dream," were for many years favorites for school readers.

His books FEED MY LAMBS and TRUTH MADE SIMPLE are sermons for children which have become very popular once again after being out of print for more than 125 years.

This book is filled with stories that will cause boys and young people to think about the heavenly meaning found in earthly stories. This book, like all John Todd's works, will both entertain and inform. Todd loved children and he sought always to speak their language without being silly and childish. He always had eternity in view and desired that all who read his books would be brought into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

RICHARD NEWTON, himself the 'Prince of Preacher to the young' (according to CH Spurgeon), said that he learned how to teach children from reading one of the books of John Todd.

WILLIAM G. BLAIKIE, in his outstanding book called 'For the Work of the Ministry' said the following about John Todd, "In preaching to the young, some American ministers have been highly successful; such men as Dr. John Todd and Dr. Richard Newton have attained the first rank in this department of work."


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THE AFFLICTED MAN'S COMPANION: A Directory for Persons and Families Afflicted with Sickness or Any Other Distress
John Willison (1680-1750)

THE AFFLICTED MAN'S COMPANION was written with the benevolent intention (according to the author) "that the afflicted may have a book in their houses, and at their bed-sides, as a monitor to preach to them in private, when they are restrained from hearing sermons in public;" and the work is admirably calculated to have the soothing effect intended by its able and amiable author.

"John Willison (1680-1750), an influential evangelical minister of the Church of Scotland, was renowned as a prolific writer of practical Christian literature. 'The Afflicted Man's Companion,' a veritable treasure-house on coping with sickness, dying, and other afflictions, was one of his most frequently reprinted titles. While being led through the valley of affliction some years ago, I frequently perused this volume with great profit. I know of no book so biblical, God-honoring, and practical for times of suffering, for the believer and the unconverted alike. Here is practical theology at its best. Give a copy to every suffering friend you have." --Dr. Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"John Willison ranks with the great Scottish preachers and writers of long ago. Scotland has given us Knox, Durham, Boston, Colquhoun, among many others, and John Willison. His 'Afflicted Man's Companion' is a must-have book for those under God's afflicting hand. If you or someone you know is going through a time of dark providence, then give them this title. Read it; then read it again; and then read it again. The silver lining behind the cloud will begin to show itself to you eventually as God reveals Himself. " - Dr. Don Kistler, founder of The Northampton Press

Originally published in 1737, it was revised and reprinted numerous times in the 19th century by the American Tract Society. The eight chapters that make up this remarkable volume are as follows:

1- General Directions to All Families and Persons Visited with Sickness

2- Particular Directions to Those who are Sharply Afflicted with Sickness or Long Trouble

3- Special Directions to the Children of God when under Sickness or any other Affliction

4- Special Directions to Unregenerate Persons when under Sickness or any other Affliction

5- Directions to the People of God when the Lord is Pleased to Recover them from Sickness and Distress

6- Directions to the Unregenerate when Recovered from Sickness and Restored to Health

7- Directions to the Sick who are Apparently in a Dying Condition, and Drawing Near to Another World

8- Directions to the Friends and Neighbors of the Sick, who are Themselves in Health for the Time Being

As much as Job's Companion's were miserable comforters, this volume is one that would have been of great comfort and consolation to that deeply afflicted man so long ago. We live in a world of sin and misery, and any book that can help those visited by affliction is worth its weight in gold. Such is this work by the eminent Scottish Divine John Willison.



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MORNING STARSNames of Christ for His Little Ones
Frances Ridley Havergal

This book is the sequel to Frances Havergal's wonderful devotional gem for children which we have published, called LITTLE PILLOWS & MORNING BELLS. This was the last book she wrote before her death. In fact, she had hoped to write a companion to this volume entitled EVENING STARS, or Promises for the Little Ones.

This book takes little children by the hand and points out to them in simple, biblical language 31 of the Names of Christ scattered throughout Scripture. Some of the Names included in this little jewel are:












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SAINT PAUL: Changing Our World For Christ
Adolphe Monod, with New Translation by Constance K. Walker, Editor


"In 'Saint Paul', we discern the heart and soul behind much of Adolphe Monod's ministry. Yes, he wanted to lead his listeners and especially his own parishioners to the foot of the cross so that they would commit their lives to Christ, but that was just the beginning. He also wanted to raise up a generation of young people who would, through their faith and action, bring renewal to the church. Beyond that, even, his ultimate goal was to see the renewed church transform society and change the world. That was the need in nineteenth century France, and it is still the need today." -from the Translator's Preface

Endorsements -

"Sustained study of the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul over the past thirty years has convinced me that his work was utterly essential to the foundation of the church in the Apostolic era. And it is tremendous to have this old classic study of Paul by Adolphe Monod, the great French preacher of the nineteenth-century, lay out for us the importance of Paul's teaching and life. I am thrilled to recommend this old classic newly translated into English." - Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin, Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

"In this classic work entitled 'Saint Paul, Changing our World for Christ,' Adolphe Monod (1802-1856) masterfully paints a portrait of Paul with a Scripture brush showing us the apostle in the richness and fullness of his person. In this book, Monod shows himself to be a profound Pauline scholar of the highest order, setting forth the life of the great apostle as a worthy example for us learn from and follow. This insightful and challenging volume is a must read for every lover of the apostle Paul, but more importantly, every lover of Christ, whom Paul sought to imitate so closely." - Rob Ventura, Pastor, Grace Community Baptist Church, North Providence, RI; Co-author of "A Portrait of Paul"

"Imagine the world had not the Apostle Paul existed. Adolphe Monod, the spearhead of the French RTveil, asks and answers this question with pertinence. The world would be incomparably poorer. Though writing in the nineteenth century, he has brought the Apostle Paul to life for our own times, and indeed for all the ages. Contrary to popular images of Paul, this chief of the Apostles was a deeply feeling person, yet also a messenger of the Gospel whose God-given courage helped lay the foundation for the church as we know it. Once again, Constance K. Walker has faithfully translated this text in a way that loses nothing of the vividness of the original. This gem of a book is historically fascinating, theologically balanced, and a compelling inspiration for us to draw closer to the God of the Apostle Paul." - William Edgar, Professor of Apologetics, Westminster Seminary, Philadelphia, PA

"The Christian Church in the West is in desperate need of revival. No argument there. Yet what shall we do to seek the life of Christ and allow it to reanimate our lives? Why not go back to St. Paul, whose theology became his biography? Why not return to the soul-stirring preaching of one man - a man called out by the risen Christ Himself - to guide us back to robust preaching, to fearless ministry, and to expectations that God will bless His Word, anoint our lips, save souls, transform lives, and establish His Kingdom? Why not return to a classic long due for translation and distribution for the English speaking church? Constance Walker's new translation and editing of the classic Saint Paul by Adolphe Monod, a godly 19th century French divine who was influenced so powerfully by Erskine of Scotland, is exactly what we need to be reading. You will find that the nutrients of the Gospel in Monod's work on the Apostle provide instant relief from the current, Old Christendom, feckless theological contaminants. This is powerful stuff. It is the power unto salvation. My thanks to Solid Ground and to Constance Walker for lifting this up. We need it now more than ever." - Michael A. Milton, Chancellor/CEO and The James M. Baird Jr. Professor of Pastoral Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary

"Read this book! You will grow in Christ in new and different ways. You will see vividly what God's calling to you looks like. It's Constance Walker's translation and editing of Adolphe Monod's Saint Paul. Monod was 'the Voice of the [19th century French] Awakening,' and as you read you'll know why. He asks the simple but arresting question: What was it that made Paul who he was? Why was he able to accomplish so much, so deeply? Are you thinking, it must have been just the right time for the gospel? Or, he must have had an amazing gift-package? Well, you're wrong, both times. It was a terrible time for the gospel, and Paul was weak in so many ways. He said that, over and over - yet we struggle to accept it. But this book will do it for you. Then, you can look at your own calling, but not by looking at your gifts. You'll learn how the Lord delights to use you in your humanity, as he did Paul, weaknesses and all." - D. Clair Davis, Professor and Chaplain, Redeemer Seminary, Dallas, TX

When James Stalker was asked by B.B. Warfield to list, in his opinion, the most helpful books on practical religion that existed he named the following: Thomas a Kempis' 'Imitation of Christ,' Richard Baxter's 'The Reformed Pastor,' Jeremy Taylor's 'Life of Christ,' John Owen's 'Holy Spirit,' and Adolphe Monod's 'Saint Paul.'

J.H. Myers, the initial translator of this work, said the following about SAINT PAUL by Monod: "This book is unsurpassed in its department, in any language, for manly eloquence, thorough research, profound reflection, --a most earnest, glowing, and winning Christian spirit, united to an exact appreciation of the great Apostle's character and work,--and a wise and cautious, but bold and unflinching, application of his teachings to the times in which we live."


Biographical Sketch

Translator's Preface

Saint Paul - Monod's Preface

Rise Up, O Men of God






Adolphe Monod (1802-1856) was a well known preacher and leader in the French Reformed Church. He was a pastor of various French congregations, including the prominent Reformed Church of Paris, and a professor at FRC Seminary, Montauban. His published sermons and essays have been widely circulated for over 150 years.



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FAREWELL SERMONS: Addresses from Some of the Most Eminent Nonconformist Ministers of the Great Ejection of 1662
Richard Baxter, Thomas Manton, Thomas Watson, Thomas Brooks, Joseph Caryl, William Jenkyn, William Bates and Eleven More


SOLID GROUND Has Published a New Edition of "FAREWELL SERMONS: Addresses from Some of the Most Eminent Nonconformist Ministers of the Great Ejection of 1662

The following paragraphs from Original Preface will explain the power in this volume: "Most of the sermons contained in this collection were delivered on the twenty-fourth of August, in the year 1662. On that day the act requiring a perfect conformity to the book of Common Prayer, and to the rites and ceremonies of the church took place: the effect of which enactment was the silencing of nearly two thousand five hundred ministers, the death of three thousand nonconformists, and the ruin of sixty thousand families. Such was the result of the restoration of Charles the Second of infamous memory.

To ascertain the spirit which actuated the ejected ministers, it is sufficient to refer to the following selection of their farewell sermons, which were delivered at the very moment they were agonizing under the fangs of persecution, but which discover nothing but a combination of christian graces. Bishop Burnet admits that 'many of them were distinguished by their abilities and their zeal '; and the celebrated Locke has remarked, 'Bartholomew-day was fatal to our church and religion, by throwing out a very great number of worthy, learned, pious and orthodox divines.'"

C.H. Spurgeon said, "Those great preachers whose names we remember, were men who counted nothing their own: they were driven out from their benefices, because they could not conform to the Established Church, and they gave up all they had willingly to the Lord. They were hunted from place to place, they wandered here and there to preach the gospel to a few. Those were foul times; but they promised they would walk the road fair or foul, and they did walk it knee-deep in mud; and they would have walked it if it had been kinee-deep in blood too. But now we are all little men, there is scarce a man alive now upon this earth."

John Bunyan, who spent 12 years in Bedford jail for his Nonconformity, said, "I fought till my sword did cleave to my right hand; and then they were joined together, as if a sword grew out of my arm; and when the blood ran through my fingers, then I fought with most courage."

Iain Murray wrote, "John Stoughton has described the Sunday upon which most of the Farewell Sermons were preached: 'No Sunday in England ever resembled exactly that which fell on the 17th of August, 1662, one week before the feast of St Bartholomew. There have been "mourning, lamentation, and woe," in particular parish churches when death, persecution, or some other cause has broken pastoral ties, and severed from loving congregations their spiritual guides; but for many hundreds of ministers on the same day to be uttering farewells is an unparalleled circumstance. In after years, Puritan fathers and mothers related to their children the story of assembled crowds, of aisles, standing-places and stairs, filled to suffocation, of people clinging to open windows like swarms of bees, of overflowing throngs in churchyards and streets, of deep silence or stifled sobs, as the flock gazed on the shepherd - "sorrowing most of all that they should see his face no more." ' It is well for us to bear such a background in mind as we read the following pages. The atmosphere of that day was electric and charged with emotion; the popular discontent was great and strong guards stood ready in London, but these sermons seem far removed from all that. There is a calmness, and unction and a lack of invective. Great though their sorrow was for their flocks and for their nation, they had a message to preach which was more than equal to the strain of the crisis. An eternal God, an Ever-Living Saviour and a glorious hope of heaven, carried them through this heaviest trial."

Don Kistler, founder of Northampton Press, said the following about this volume: "This is a precious volume, because it is the last sermon many of these Puritan pastors preached to their congregations before they were forced out of their pulpits. Yet you will not find any bitterness or acrimony in their sermons. Instead, they do what they had done every other Lord's Day: They preached the glories of Christ.

First published in 2 volumes in the 1600's, then retypeset in 1816 in a single volume, and then published again in 1992, this wonderful collection of Puritan sermons is now available once again. Who knows when it might be available after this edition is gone? Do not miss this opportunity to have this marvelous work. You will be the richer for it. Also, this will likely be your only chance to read sermons by some of the lesser-known, but not lesser-important men represented here, such as Lazarus Seaman, Thomas Lye, George Evanke, and Thomas Jacomb. Solid Ground is to be commended for choosing to reprint this work. Now commend them yourself by purchasing it!"

Ray Rhodes, founder of Nourished in the Word Ministries just added: "If writing makes a man more precise in his communication then writing under persecution further clarifies the message. Some of history's richest sermons have been preached and books written when the author was under either the threat or the actual fires of suffering. The authors of these "Farewell Sermons" are some of the brightest lights in all of Puritan history. Each word, sentence, and paragraph hits the target. Words cannot be wasted when life hangs in the balance. Do you want your character strengthend and your faith deepened? Read these sermons that have been washed by the tears of those who were persecuted for righteousness sake."

Robert Paul Martin, author of 'A Guide to the Puritans' wrote - "Simply one of the finest volumes ever published. The farewell sermons of great Puritan preachers. What more could we ask?"


1- Edmund Calamy - Sermon from 2nd Samuel 24:14 "Let us Fall into the Hand of the Lord"

2- Thomas Manton - Sermon from Hebrews 12:1 - "The people of God that have such a multitude of examples of holy men and women set before them, should prepare themselves to run the spiritual race with more patience and cheerfulness."

3- Joseph Caryl - Sermon from Revelation 3:4 - "In which encouragement I told you we might consider two things, or take it into two parts. First, " That they should walk with Christ." Secondly, " They should walk in white."

4- Thomas Case - Sermon on Revelation 2:5 - "CHRIST here prescribes precious physic for the healing of this languishing church of Ephesus; it is compounded of a threefold ingredient: 1. Self-reflection, " Remember from," &c. 2. Holy contrition and humiliation before the Lord, " Repent." 3. Thorough reformation, " Do thy first works."

5- William Jenkyn - Morning Sermon on Hebrews 11:38 - "The apostle in this excellent chapter, (that by some is deservedly called a little book of martyrs) discovers the triumph of faith, or victory against all difficulty we meet with."

6- William Jenkyn - Afternoon Sermon on Exodus 3:2-5 - "First then, for explanation, I shall here endeavour to open these two things to you: first, what it is for a place to be holy, or wherein the nature of the holiness of the places consists ; secondly, what that is, that is the foundation or cause of the holiness of places; and both these must in our discourse, and likewise apprehension, be accurately distinguished."

7- Richard Baxter - Sermon on Colossians 2:6,7 - "Omitting the division, and in part the opening of the words, the observation is ; - " That those that have received Christ Jesus the Lord, must accordingly be rooted, built Up in him, and established in the faith; and walk in him as they have been taught, and abound therein with thanksgiving."

8- Thomas Jacombe - Morning Sermon on John 8:29 - The observation I intend to speak to, shall be this: They that please God, and endeavour always to do the things that please God, such God will be with; such the Father will not leave alone; especially in times of suffering and trouble, for I will bring it to that case.

9- Thomas Jacombe - Afternoon Sermon on John 8:29 - Let me endeavour to prevail with every one of you, so to carry yourselves in your several places and capacities, that whatever you do, you may please God.

10- William Bates - Morning Sermon on Hebrews 12:20,21 - Now in these two verses he sums up, by way of recapitulation, all that which he had discoursed of at large, and in them you may observe these two things. 1. A description of God, to whom he addresses this prayer: The God of Peace. 2. The substance of the prayer itself.

11- William Bates - Afternoon Sermon on Hebrews 12:20,21 - It follows " that great Shepherd of the sheep." For the opening of this, 1. We will consider the title of Christ. 2. The person for whom this title relates.

12- Thomas Watson - Morning Sermon on John 13:34 - Doctrine. Christians ought to make conscience of this duty of loving one another. Confident I am, we shall never see religion thrive in the world, until we see this grace of love flourish in the heart of christians.

13- Thomas Watson - Afternoon Sermon on 2 Corinthians 7:1 - It is the title that I intend now, by the help of God, to insist upon, that sweet parenthesis in the text, "dearly beloved," wherein you have the apostle breathing forth his affections unto this people. He speaks now as a pastor, and he speaks to them as his spiritual children.

14- Thomas Watson - Farewell Sermon on Isaiah 3:10,11 - This text is like Israel's pillar or cloud; it hath a light side, and a dark side: it hath a light side unto the godly, "Say unto the righteous, it shall be well with him;" and it hath a dark side unto the wicked, "Woe unto the wicked, it shall be ill with him." Both you see are rewarded, righteous and wicked; but here is a vast difference, the one hath a reward of mercy, the other a reward of j ustice.

15- Thomas Lye - First Sermon on Philippians 4:1 - I shall without any more ado enter upon the text; in which you have two things considerable. A most melting compellation, and a most serious exhortation. 1. A melting compellation, "my brethren, dearly beloved," &c. 2. A serious exhortation; and in it first, the matter of the duty, stand, and stand it out, and stand fast. Secondly, the manner. First, so stand, so as you have stood, stand fast. Second, in the Lord; stand so, and stand in the Lord, in the Lord's strength, and in the Lord's cause.

16- Thomas Lye - Second Sermon on Philippians 4:1 - "It is the grand and indispepsable duty of all sincere saints, in the most black and shaking seasons, to stand fast fixed and stedfast in the Lord."

17- Matthew Mead - Sermon on 1 Corinthians 1:3 - Being therefore now to part, I thought to go to the top of the mount, and leave with you grace and peace from God our Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ. In which words there are two generals. 1. A double blessing desired: Grace and Peace 2. A double spring discovered: that is the Father and the Son, God and Christ.

18- Matthew Newcomen - Sermon on Revelation 3:3 - There are three doctrines obvious in the text; Doctrine 1. That it is the duty of christians, to remember those truths that they have heard and received. Doctrine 2. That it is the duty of christians to hold fast the truth that they have heard and received. Doctrine 3. That continued repentance is the duty of christians, as well as initial repentance. Remember therefore how thou hast received, and heard, and hold fast and repent.

19- Thomas Brooks - Sermon on Questions Asked and Answered followed by 27 Legacies that Brooks Left to his Beloved People

20- John Collins - Sermon on Jude 3 - These words contain two parts. 1. A duty exhorted to. 2. The manner of the management of duty. The duty exhorted to, is, to retain the faith delivered to the saints. The manner of its management is, that we should earnestly contend to keep it.

21- Edmund Calamy - Sermons 1 Samuel 4:13 - I shall gather two observations from the words. 1. That when the ark of God is in danger of being lost, the people of God have thoughtful heads and trembling hearts. 2. That a true child of God is more troubled, and more solicitous what shall become of the ark, than what shall become of wife and children or estate.

22- John Gaspine - Sermon on Luke 12:32 - The text contains that exhortation of Christ, wherein he exhorts them to undauntedness and resolution in the ways of God. " Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." The words may be divided into these two parts. First, Here is an exhortation: "Fear not, little flock." Secondly, The reason of this exhortation: "for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."

23- Lazarus Seaman - Sermon on Hebrews 13:20,21 - In which words, there are two two things considerable. 1. The matter of the apostle's prayer. 2. The grounds, which he doth insinuate for audience.

24- George Evanke - Sermon on Matthew 26:39 - Doct. A gracious soul will endeavour the crossing his own will, when be sees that it crosses God's. Or, thus, A true Christian dare not, at least ought not, to gratify his own humour when it stands in opposition, or cometh in competition with God's honour.


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Over 470 Pages

SGCB Price: $75.00 (list price $155.00)
Includes 'Body of Divinity', 'Farewell Sermons', 'Heaven Taken by Storm', 'Christian on the Mount' & 'Religion, Our True Interest'

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FIRST THINGS:Lectures in the First Lessons God Revealed to Mankind
Gardiner Spring

This is a two volume set that is very rare. Spring is best known in our day for the Banner of Truth works "The Power of the Pulpit" and "The Attraction of the Cross." He is also known to many by his small volume "The Distinguishing Traits of Christian Character." Soli Deo Gloria has recently reprinted his treatise entitled "The Mercy Seat."

These volumes, "First Things", bring before our minds the foundation upon which all life is built, as recorded in the opening chapters of Genesis. In a day in which these chapters are being challenged even in so-called evangelical churches and seminaries, Spring takes us back with absolute assurance that we are reading genuine history. Every page is filled with pure spiritual gold. You cannot read these pages without being strengthened in your faith in Holy Scripture.



50% OFF Volumes 1 & 2 in One Volume Large Paperback
SGCB Price: $25.00 (list price $50.00)

SGCB Price: $180.00 (list price $455.00)

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THE SCRIPTURE GUIDE: A Familiar Introduction to the Study of the Bible
James W. Alexander

"The great end of all religious teaching would be attained, if men could be brought to read the Bible aright. No books, therefore, are unimportant, which point to the Holy Scriptures. Such is the present attempt, which is expressly dedicated to the YOUNG. It is intended for excitement as well as instruction; not only to communicate information and explain difficulties, but to offer inducements for the study of the Bible." - from the author's Preface

"This fascinating book by a superb theologian and pastor provides a wealth of information about the Bible and serves as an able introductory guide to Bible study as well as an effective evangelistic tool. The directions given in the last chapters on how to read the Bible are themselves worth the price of the book." - Dr. Joel R. Beeke

James W. Alexander (1804-1859) was the oldest son of Archibald Alexander. In addition to being a brilliant lecturer and preacher in college, seminary and the local church, Alexander labored to write books that would speak to the hearts and minds of the simple. He wrote numerous volumes for The American Sunday School Union that were unusually popular with all ages and all classes of people. THIS MAY BE HIS BEST CONTRIBUTION TO THAT DISTINGUISHED MINISTRY.

Written in the form of a story, Alexander has two young boys spend the Christmas holiday with their elderly Uncle Austin, who has earned the nickname "The Bible Man." Follow these young fellows as they enjoy their vacation by learning life-changing lessons from the Holy Scriptures. The final three chapters set forth 30 Directions for Studying the Bible. These are worth the price of the book!


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SGCB Price: $180.00 (list price $455.00)
Over 60% discount

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MY BROTHER'S KEEPER: Letters to a Younger Brother on the Virtues and Vices, Duties and Dangers of Youth
James W. Alexander

This is the second in our series of "American Sunday School Union Classic Reprints." It first appeared in 1838 written by J.W. Alexander (1804-1859). It is a timeless example of how an older brother should admonish and encourage a younger brother.

Topics covered in the letters include:

On Reading the Scriptures, Gratitude to Parents

Shortness of Life, Early Rising, Bodily Exercise

Habits of Diligence, Friendships & the Danger of Evil Companions

Truth and Falsehood, Evil Speaking, Secret Prayer

The Great Concern: the Salvation of your Soul

Although a brilliant pastor and professor, Alexander wrote each letter with his youngest brother in mind, and thus in simple, straightforward language. Superbly written!

"My Brother's Keeper is a most helpful book, containing practical, godly advice for older children and early teens on a great variety of subjects. Though a bit dated at times, most of Alexander's advice is packed with wisdom and will greatly assist those youth who desire to dedicate their lives to God. His advice on reading the Scriptures, showing gratitude to parents, and avoiding bad friendships is particularly clear and beneficial. Every young person should read this book and pray for strength to implement its wise counsel." - Joel Beeke

"These letters are wonderful! Not only are they overflowing with practical wisdom for young men but they also exemplify the kind of fraternal love that ought to characterize our Lord's disciples. This is a useful tool for men who want to encour-age and help younger men become faithful followers of Christ." - Tom Ascol

$6.00 BOOK c50

SGCB Price: $6.50 (list price $13.00)

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More Sermons from J.A. Alexander
Joseph Addison Alexander

Twenty-two more complete sermons from Joseph Addison Alexander (1809-1860), the brilliant and godly giant from Old Princeton, are here published for the first time in more than a century.

Charles Hodge said of his colleague, "In the death of Joseph Addison Alexander we have lost our great glory and defense. Permit me to express my own individual convictions. I regard Dr. Joseph Addison Alexander as incomparably the greatest man I ever knew--as incomparably the greatest man our church has ever produced. His thorough orthodoxy, his fervent piety, humility, faithfulness in the discharge of his duties, and reverence for the Word of God, consecrated all his other gifts. He glorified the Word of God in the sight of his pupils beyond what any man I ever saw had the power of doing."



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52% - Order Both Volumes of "Theology on Fire"
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THE EXCELLENT WOMAN: As Described in the Book of Proverbs
Anne Pratt, Introduction by W.B. Sprague

In the language of Dr. Sprague, "This is a work that will bear to be read more than once, and each successive reading wiil be likely to reveal some new gem of thought, which, in the general mass of excellence, had been overlooked before. It is a book suitable for the husband to present to his wife, the mother to her daughter, and the brother to his sister; and the more widely it is circulated, the better for the country and the world."

"It is not sufficient praise to say that we have been interested in the perusal of this book. It is just such a book as the times demand. It presents to the female mind incentives to live for something more noble than to flit like a butterfly in the sunshine of capricious admiration. 'The Excellent Woman, described in the Book of Proverbs,' is the text by which the writer enforces the truth that, true dignity and honor are alone attained by a thorough knowledge, and continued practice of the relative duties of life. We recommend it to the careful perusal of all our patrons.' - The Mothers' Journal.

"An excellent book, elegantly printed, and embellished with some twenty-four beautiful engravings. We commend the work most cordially to mothers, sisters, and daughters." Philadelphia Christian Observer

"We have commended no book with more heartiness and good will, and shall be glad if our commendation places it in the families of our readers, as a book to be read." - Watchman and Reflector.

wmn tw2

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Edwin Charles Dargan

This two volume hardcover set was first published in 1905, and was written as a tribute to Dargan's homiletics professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, John Albert Broadus. Dargan later became a colleague and then the successor to Broadus in the chair of Homiletics at SBTS in Louisville, KY. The inspiration for these volumes came from the yearly "delightful lectures on the History of Preaching" from Broadus. "Under his inspiring teaching my interest as a student was awakened in the subject, and when years afterward it fell to me first to share his labors of instruction and then to succeed them, I became more and more deeply interested in the historical part of the course in homiletics."

VOLUME ONE: From AD 70 - 1572

VOLUME TWO: From 1572 - 1900

Both volumes are hardcover and approximately 600 pages

sss B50

SGCB Price: $60.00 (list price $120.00)

Volume One: From AD 70 - 1572
SGCB Price: $32.50 (list price $65.00)
Save: 50%

Volume Two: From 1572 - 1900
SGCB Price: $32.50 (list price $65.00)
Save: 50%

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The Three Ways of Making a Happy World
Classic Treatment of a Christian's Duty to the Poor
James W. Alexander with Introductory Note by Robert S. Candlish

This book presents J.W. Alexander's apologetic for the only proper way for the Christian to make a lasting impact upon the world around, especially those trapped in poverty and ignorance. He does this by telling a story of Herbert and Edith Lee, a brother and sister in the early 20's who have come to saving faith in Christ and who desire to do good to those in great need.

Herbert and Edith have come to live with their godly and wise uncle Dr. Lee, who is intent upon these sincere converts learning "by experience" the three ways of making a happy world. These may be classed under three heads: Good - Better - Best. The story is filled with wisdom as Herbert and Edith learn, often the hard way, that their uncle is right. You will follow them into the hovels of drunkards and gamblers and watch them as they seek to do good in the name of the Lord.

Anyone who desires to follow the admonition of Hebrews 13:16 will want to read this book. Anyone who desires to practice true religion as defined by James in James 1:27 will desire to read this book. Anyone who desires to follow the counsel of the aposles in Galatians 2:10, or the words of our Lord as reported by Paul in Acts 20:35 will want to get and read this book.

How do we reach out to the poor and homeless around us all? What is the very best way to do them good that will last beyond the moment? These questions and many more are all answered in GOOD - BETTER - BEST, a new-old title by the gifted and godly J.W. Alexander.


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A Collection of Discourses on Christian Missions
Francis Wayland, Samuel Miller, Edward Dorr Griffin, Lyman Beecher, Richard Fuller etc.

Fifteen outstanding addresses by leading gospel ministers on the critical subject of missions.

"The Moral Dignity of the Missionary Enterprise" by Francis Wayland

"Arguments for Missions" by Edward Dorr Griffin

"The Theory of Missions to the Heathen" by Rufus Anderson

"The Earth Filled with the Glory of the Lord" by Samuel Miller

"The Cross" by Richard Fuller

"Jesus the Great Missionary" by Edward N. Kirk

"Christ, A Home Missionary" by William B. Williams

"Messiah's Throne" by John M. Mason

and several more


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SGCB Price: $180.00 (list price $455.00)

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John A. Broadus

John A. Broadus (1827-1895) delivered these five lectures in May of 1876 at Newton Theological Institute near Boston, and they immediately caused a stir of interest for their publication. It was lectures like these which later moved his student E.C. Dargan to desire to spend his life studying the history of preaching. This eventually led Dargan to write his two volume massive work on "A History of Preaching" (recently published by Solid Ground).

Lecture 1: Specimens of Preaching in the Bible

Lecture 2: Preaching in the Early Christian Centuries

Lecture 3: Medieval and Reformation Preaching

Lecture 4: The Great French Preachers

Lecture 5: The English Pulpit

"This volume covers a most neglected field, and handles the subject with great skill." A.T. Robertson


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Save: $5.70

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Revival Sermons from the Second Great Awakening
Volumes One and Two (June 1826 - May 1828)
Edited by Austin Dickinson

This is a marvelous volume that contains some of the best sermons preached during a period of wide-spread revival in the young country of America. Rev. Austin Dickinson was burdened to gather sermons from able evangelical ministers "prepared in some of their happiest moments of thought and feeling, which, if concentrated in a Work of this kind, might reflect light on the desolate places, as well as the churches of our land."

"This is certainly a valuable collection of sermons preached before the end of the Second Great Awakening period and by eminent men. Some of the names are now unknown to us, others have come down through history as preachers who were instruments in great blessing. This now rare volume cannot but quicken desire for awakening in our own day and it shows very clearly the kind of truths and the nature of the preaching that was so used of God. In a day of many books this is one that has to stand out in importance."

- Iain H.Murray

"The National Preacher provides great preaching from great preachers on a great diversity of timeless subjects. Every minister should read and study this treasure trove of sermons prayerfully." - Joel R. Beeke

The response was truly extraordinary, and commencing in June 1826, these sermons sold into the hundreds of thousands and traveled to the ends of the earth. Less than ten years later the following testimony came from the Sandwich Islands:

"The National Preacher deserves the confidence of the world. May this high commissioned messenger of Christ be received with thankfulness and joy by tens of millions of our race. May the Divine Author of all valuable gifts in the church copiously shed down the graces of his Spirit upon the contributors to this evangelical publication, that their writings may be worthy of the enlightened age in which we live, and such as hundreds of millions may be edified to read, when the pens of the writers are exchanged for harps of gold."

Strong support poured in from Princeton Theological Seminary, Yale College, the President and Professors at Amherst College, and Asahel Nettleton, who said , "I have read, as I have had opportunity, the Numbers of the National Preacher with great satisfaction. I regard it as a work peculiarly desirable to Clergymen, and, at the same time, as worthy of a place in every intelligent family."



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SGCB Price: $180.00 (list price $455.00)
Classic Discourses on Truth
James H. Thornwell

These seven Discourses on Truth were written and preached in the Spring of 1851 from the text, "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, think on these things." Philippians 4:8. They were delievered at the Chapel of the College at Columbia, South Carolina, by James Henley Thornwell who was serving as both President and Chaplain.

"Thornwell is a giant and nowhere is his mental and spiritual strength seen better than in his treatment of ethics. His application of Scripture to all of life is illuminating and exemplary.

Discourses on Truth deserves to be a standard reference." - Dr. Nick Willborn

"Thornwell abounds with riches of multifaceted brilliance. Theology, biblical interpretation, philosophy, ethics all take on an attractive hue under the pen of Thornwell. His essays on truth perhaps are more relevant now than when he first wrote them. An age that sees truth as personal, subjective, and existential [therefore relative] needs the clear light of Thornwell's Discourses. Christian will learn to think about the glory of having truth, living by truth, and receive new conviction in the task of the propagation of truth." - Dr. Tom J. Nettles

Of Thornwell the following two statements should suffice:

J.W. Alexander once wrote the following of one of Thornwell's sermons, "His sermon was a model of what is rare, viz.: burning hot argument, logic in ignition, and glowing more and more to the end."

Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said of him, "Thornwell was one of the greatest preachers that America has ever produced."



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