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BIBLICAL & THEOLOGICAL STUDIES: Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Princeton Theological Seminary
The Faculty of Princeton Seminary, Including Machen, Warfield, Vos et al

This rare volume was compiled to celebrate the completion of 100 years of faithful service to the Church of Jesus Christ in May of 1912. The faculty submitted essays that demonstrated the spiritual atmosphere that permeated that beloved and blessed institution that trained men for gospel ministry from the world over.

Outstanding articles are here from men like B.B. Warfield, J. Gresham Machen, Geerhardus Vos, Robert Dick Wilson, Oswald Allis and many more.

New Introduction and Biographical Summaries by David B. Calhoun

"Here is scholarship at its best, written with a passion for the truth and a deep concern to instruct, nourish and guard the church of Christ. A 'must-have' addition to the bookshelves of thoughtful 21st century Christians!" -Sinclair Ferguson

"Biblical & Theological Studies is an overlooked gem in the world of reprints. I'm grateful it is finally being brought back into circulation. The chapters on seminary training and homiletics are timeless, as is Warfield's moving testimony on Christ's emotional life. This is a must read for seminary students and ministers, and will be of great value to thoughtful believers."- Joel R. Beeke

"Throughout its first century, Princeton Theological Seminary was the only American seminary which any significant number of students from outside the United States attended. The care in biblical exegesis, intellectual engagement, and theological argumentation displayed by the articles in this book demonstrates how that high reputation was won." -Mark Noll

650 pages available in both paperback and hardcover with dust jacket





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Additional Information
Table of Contents
Introduction and Biographical Summaries


"The reprinting of this great work will be greeted with widespread enthusiasm by American Christians with any sense of appreciation for the tradition of biblical scholarship and evangelical faith which marked Princeton Seminary one hundred years ago. The table of contents reads like a guest list at a theological award ceremony; the chapters themselves include studies which have left an enduring mark on a whole century of theologians and pastors. Here is scholarship at its best, written with a passion for the truth and a deep concern to instruct, nourish and guard the church of Christ. A 'must-have' addition to the bookshelves of thoughtful 21st century Christians!" -Sinclair Ferguson

"I am happy to commend Biblical and Theological Studies. I am pleased it includes B. B. Warfield's, The Emotional Life of Our Lord, a subject that is not often considered, but will prove very helpful, particularly to ministers. This volume deserves a careful read because the subjects are very relevant to the contemporary scene." -Ernie Reisinger

"It is heartening to see that SGCB are about to bring out the commemorative volume of Biblical and Theological Studies which first came out in 1912 to mark one hundred years of faithful witness at Princeton. We wish this reprint a wide readership. May the spirirt that animated these old Princeton men become increasingly visible in time to come in all our evangelical colleges and in our pulpits." -Maurice Roberts

"I'm delighted that Solid Ground Christian Books is republishing the collection Biblical and Theological Studies. These are some of the best articles from the giants of Old Princeton Seminary and others who walked in their paths. Warfield, Vos, Machen, Allis, and others have some of their most representative work in this collection. It's a great way to become acquainted with these important writers and to learn some foundational truths about God's Word." -John Frame

"This volume contains material pertinent for all who are convinced that the timeless truths of divine revelation have immediate relevance in any cultural or intellectual context. Some of the most profound and faithful servants of the Word in American evangelicalism labored together at the beginning of the twentieth century to apply these unassailable truths to the diverse needs and challenges of their day. Polemical, theological, exegetical, historical, biographical and apologetic concerns drive the various authors in their erudite and spiritually invigorating discussions. Encouragement and instruction for heart and soul flow freely from the pens of these Princetonians from back when." - Tom J. Nettles

"Good literature is hard to find. What we need are well-informed folks to pick out some of the diamonds. This volume accomplishes just that. It's a delight to commend this reprint!" -Michael Horton

"The reprinting of this work is long overdue and Solid Ground Christian Books are to be commended for the wisdom in making this work available once more. It contains articles that are rich in biblical and theological content and that reflect the best of Old Princeton. The essays by Warfield, Vos, Machen, and de Witt alone would warrant a reprint! Good Christian scholarship is never dated." -Michael Haykin