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The Conflicts they Waged and the Martyrdoms they Endured in Defense of their Faith and Liberty
James A. Wylie

The Waldeneses hold a special place in our Christian heritage. Their defense of the faith of Jesus despite persecution and martyrdom is unique in the christian church. During the long centries of papal supremacy, they defied the crushing power of Rome and rejected its false doctines and human traditions. This stalwart people cherished and preserved the pure Word of God. Throughout this time, despite the great danger involved, Waldensian missionaries left their rocky fortresses to share portions of scripture with those searching for the light of God's Word.

"This book, taken from the larger volumes of 'The History of Protestantism', recounts the sufferings of the evangelical Waldenses under the cruel hands of their persecutors. Birthed as a separatistic holiness movement in the middle ages, in the sixteenth century the Waldenees embraced Reformed theology. Their struggles and sorrows remind us that in this world we will have tribulation, but Christ has overcome the world." --Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Table of Contents

THE WALDENSES --Their Valleys

THE WALDENSES--- Their Theology and Missionary Labors

First Persecutions of the Waldenses

Cataneo's Expedition Against the Dauphinese and Piedmontese Confessors

Failure of Cataneo's Expedition

Synod in the Waldensian Valleys

Persecution and Martyrdoms

Preparation for a War of Extermination

The Great Campaign of 1561

Waldensian Colonies in Calabria and Apulia

Extinction of Waldenses in Calabria

The Great Massacre

Exploits of Gianavello--Massacre and Pillage of Rora

The Exile

Return to the Valleys

Final Reestablishment in the Valleys

Condition of the Waldenses from 1690

SPECIAL FEATURE: This edition includes a series of review questions at the end of each chapter to aid in the teaching of this material in a group setting.


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The Evangelical Witness of Charles Pettit McIlvaine
Thomas Garrett Isham

"Charles Pettit McIlvaine, who lived from 1799-1873, embodied the evangelical creed of the nineteenth century. A clear-thinking, intellectually rigorous Episcopalian, he exemplified the deep emotional currents of revival and rebirth, of the 'conviction of sin,' of the need to be born again into new life. An aristocrat by birth and bearing and a bishop by consecration of the Episcopal Church, he knew himself to be a common sinner in God's sight, as much in need of rescue as the folk to whom he ministered." - from the Author's Preface

"This valuable work on the great Victorian Evangelical bishop of Ohio brings to life the story of an eminent theologian, revivalist and churchman. McIlvaine ought to be better known in our day. It is a great omission among Episcopalians in North America that he is not. By his many works and contributions he speaks today." - The Late Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, author of 'The End of Liberal Theology' and former president of the Prayer Book Society of the U. S. A.

"Bishop Charles Pettit McIlvaine deserves to be far better known among 21st century North American Anglicans. Thomas Isham's biography is a significant contribution to understanding the 19th century roots of contemporary Anglican witness and resurgence." - The Most Reverend Robert W. Duncan, Jr., Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America

"A very welcome biography of an influential evangelical Episcopalian leader. Isham's study is accessible and well researched; it deserves a wide audience." - Gillis J. Harp, author of Brahmin Prophet: Phillips Brooks and the Path of Liberal Protestantism




1. Man and Mission

2. The Divided Self

3. Birth of a Controversialist

4. Meaning It

5. The Revivalist

6. Confuting the Tractarians

7. Refuting the Rationalists

8. Social Issues

9. Churchman

10. Facing Death

Afterword: McIlvaine's Relevance for Today

Appendix: Charlotte Elliott's "Just as I Am"




SGCB Price: $12.95 (list price $24.00)

Add a copy of TRUTH & LIFE: 22 Christ-Centered Sermons by Mc'Ilvaine
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Eschatology for Young People
Steve Daniels

"Steve Daniels has written a fine book on the last things for young people. It is easy to read, within reach of teenagers, and (best of all) consistently and profoundly biblical in what it teaches. This book would be a fine basis for all sorts of youth Bible studies, youth group situations, and Sunday School classes. One more thing--many older Christians would profit from its teaching as well."--Dr. Sam Waldron, Author of "The End Times Made Simple"

"This is a good book. Steve Daniels answers perplexing questions in plain language and sheds light on difficult passages of Scripture. This work is fast-paced, aptly illustrated and easy to understand. It is true to Scripture and honoring to Christ. It informs the mind and warms the heart with hope. I highly recommend it." - Roger Ellsworth, Pastor and Author

Preface - What About Camping and the Mayans?


1. He is coming back!

2. When will he return?

3. Isn't there more to this age?

4. The Last Days - Already and Not Yet

5. Will there be signs before he returns?

6. Can we determine the order of future events?

7. The Resurrection

8. The New Body

9. Meeting Christ in the Air

10. The Judgment, Part 1: The Judge, the Accused, and the Accusations

11. The Judgment, Part 2: Timing and Location

12. Why There Will Be a Judgment

13. Hell - Unending Torment

14. Heaven, Part 1: Is it heaven, or is it God?

15. Heaven, Part 2: Heaven is more like earth than you think.

16. Heaven, Part 3: A New Earth

17. Heaven, Part 4: What will it be like?


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How Men Can Have Devotional Lives That Will Actually Affect Their Real Lives
Gregg Hodge



This book is written especially for men who long to enjoy their relationship with the true and living God, but who find themselves floundering in their daily devotional life. Gregg Hodge has a peculiar burden for men who are in the second half of their lives, and he desires to help them prepare their hearts each day for the glory that is promised to every child of God.

In the introduction, the author writes:

"Every time I find myself languishing in self-pity, smoldering in anger or sinking in doubt; every time another failure strips my last hope or fatigue squelches my best intentions; whenever distractions jar my focus; whenever circumstances challenge my beliefs, or when my pain eclipses my joy, I begin, not by tending to my emotions, but by minding my faith. So my hope is to help you do the same for your own satisfaction and for God's Glory."



Chapter One - Specific Knowledge: A Missing Link Between Your Real Life, Empowering Joy, And God's Glory.

Chapter Two - Seven Obstacles To Minding Your Faith

Chapter Three - Maintaining Forward Motion: How To Get Past The Seven Obstacles

Chapter Four - Four Plays; One Goal

Chapter Five - How To Study Passages (Biblical Theology)

Chapter Six - How To Study Propositions (Systematic Theology)

Chapter Seven - How To Study Persons (Historical Theology)

Chapter Eight - How To Study Practices (Practical Theology)




"As one who regularly reads and teaches books related to the history of biblical spirituality, I believe that I have some idea of wheat and chaff in this ever-growing field of thought and reflection. This new book by Gregg Hodge is definitely in the category of wheat, for here is solid, practical wisdom on how best to nourish the soul. So buy this book - ponder it - and do not be afraid to do what it says!" - Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin

You have been created to glorify God through enjoyment, which differs from the rest of God's creations. Glorifying God involves acknowledging our enjoyment of Him in the various ways He has made Himself known to us. However, you cannot fully enjoy Him and thereby glorify Him without essential specific knowledge about Him that is found only in the Bible. The effective life-changing process for gaining this knowledge is what this book calls minding your faith.


GREGG HODGE grew up in Syracuse, New York and studied percussion with Gordon Stout at Ithaca Conservatory of Music. He wrote the #1 CCM single 'Father' with Morgan Cryar and 'If He Goes Before Me' with Barry Graul, which was a #2 hit for White Cross. He is a graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. He now serves as singer-songwriter for Nashville-based Princeton Revival, which was created to promote and facilitate Christian manhood through teaching and music that is informed and empowered by historic Christian beliefs. After more than twenty-five years of preaching and teaching, Gregg felt compelled to put on paper a provocative challenge to himself and other men as they face the realities of the second half of their lives. Gregg is married to MaryAnn and they have three children: Dalton, Kalianne and Averi.

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GOD CHOSE TO SAVE: Why Man Cannot and Will Not be Saved Apart from Election
Joseph M. Bianchi

In God Chose to Save, God's wonderful plan of election is explained in a clear and readable fashion. Rather than stacking a dizzying array of verses together to 'prove a point,' the author explains various texts as they pertain to the overall themes of the Bible. Charitable, yet completely honest, this book needs to be read by all Christians who desire to walk more closely with the Sovereign Lord of the Universe!

“Simple, clear, biblical, Reformed, and persuasive, Bianchi’s book is a great resource for those seeking to know God’s answer to the question, ‘Why is one person saved, but another is not?’” --Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids

"Joseph M Bianchi's 'God Chose to Save' is more than a useful introduction to the Reformed doctrines of salvation.  It is, moreover, an insightful and biblically clear exposition from which both inquirers and defenders of the doctrines of grace may benefit richly.  In setting forth man's total depravity, God's sovereign election, and Christ's effectual atonement, Bianchi brings us as worshipers before the God of all grace and leaves us with a solid ground of joyful assurance through our union with Christ in faith." -Richard Phillips, is the senior minister of Second Presbyterian Church of Greenville, South Carolina. He is a council member of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, chairman of the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, and Adjunct Professor at Westminster Theological Seminary.

"In 'God Chose to Save', author Joe Bianchi presents an irenic, easy-to-follow discussion of the nature of the gospel and the necessity of God's gracious act of divine election. By raising thematic issues (rather than lists of texts), Bianchi invites the reader to consider well the consistency of their own view of the gospel. This work will find its place among those books we offer to others who have sincere questions about what it means to be Reformed." - James White, Director, Alpha and Omega Ministries, author of more than a dozen books including 'The Potters' Freedom,' 'Pulpit Crimes' and 'The God Who Justifies'

ELTR BNTSG 5pt B50 10l 5nt stst

SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $12.00)

SGCB Price: $15.00 (list price $34.00)
Includes 'God Chose to Save' (Bianchi), '12 What Abouts' (Samson) and 'Toughts on Predestination & Election' (Warfield)

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SAINT PAUL: Changing Our World For Christ
Adolphe Monod, with New Translation by Constance K. Walker, Editor


"In 'Saint Paul', we discern the heart and soul behind much of Adolphe Monod's ministry. Yes, he wanted to lead his listeners and especially his own parishioners to the foot of the cross so that they would commit their lives to Christ, but that was just the beginning. He also wanted to raise up a generation of young people who would, through their faith and action, bring renewal to the church. Beyond that, even, his ultimate goal was to see the renewed church transform society and change the world. That was the need in nineteenth century France, and it is still the need today." -from the Translator's Preface

Endorsements -

"Sustained study of the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul over the past thirty years has convinced me that his work was utterly essential to the foundation of the church in the Apostolic era. And it is tremendous to have this old classic study of Paul by Adolphe Monod, the great French preacher of the nineteenth-century, lay out for us the importance of Paul's teaching and life. I am thrilled to recommend this old classic newly translated into English." - Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin, Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

"In this classic work entitled 'Saint Paul, Changing our World for Christ,' Adolphe Monod (1802-1856) masterfully paints a portrait of Paul with a Scripture brush showing us the apostle in the richness and fullness of his person. In this book, Monod shows himself to be a profound Pauline scholar of the highest order, setting forth the life of the great apostle as a worthy example for us learn from and follow. This insightful and challenging volume is a must read for every lover of the apostle Paul, but more importantly, every lover of Christ, whom Paul sought to imitate so closely." - Rob Ventura, Pastor, Grace Community Baptist Church, North Providence, RI; Co-author of "A Portrait of Paul"

"Imagine the world had not the Apostle Paul existed. Adolphe Monod, the spearhead of the French RTveil, asks and answers this question with pertinence. The world would be incomparably poorer. Though writing in the nineteenth century, he has brought the Apostle Paul to life for our own times, and indeed for all the ages. Contrary to popular images of Paul, this chief of the Apostles was a deeply feeling person, yet also a messenger of the Gospel whose God-given courage helped lay the foundation for the church as we know it. Once again, Constance K. Walker has faithfully translated this text in a way that loses nothing of the vividness of the original. This gem of a book is historically fascinating, theologically balanced, and a compelling inspiration for us to draw closer to the God of the Apostle Paul." - William Edgar, Professor of Apologetics, Westminster Seminary, Philadelphia, PA

"The Christian Church in the West is in desperate need of revival. No argument there. Yet what shall we do to seek the life of Christ and allow it to reanimate our lives? Why not go back to St. Paul, whose theology became his biography? Why not return to the soul-stirring preaching of one man - a man called out by the risen Christ Himself - to guide us back to robust preaching, to fearless ministry, and to expectations that God will bless His Word, anoint our lips, save souls, transform lives, and establish His Kingdom? Why not return to a classic long due for translation and distribution for the English speaking church? Constance Walker's new translation and editing of the classic Saint Paul by Adolphe Monod, a godly 19th century French divine who was influenced so powerfully by Erskine of Scotland, is exactly what we need to be reading. You will find that the nutrients of the Gospel in Monod's work on the Apostle provide instant relief from the current, Old Christendom, feckless theological contaminants. This is powerful stuff. It is the power unto salvation. My thanks to Solid Ground and to Constance Walker for lifting this up. We need it now more than ever." - Michael A. Milton, Chancellor/CEO and The James M. Baird Jr. Professor of Pastoral Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary

"Read this book! You will grow in Christ in new and different ways. You will see vividly what God's calling to you looks like. It's Constance Walker's translation and editing of Adolphe Monod's Saint Paul. Monod was 'the Voice of the [19th century French] Awakening,' and as you read you'll know why. He asks the simple but arresting question: What was it that made Paul who he was? Why was he able to accomplish so much, so deeply? Are you thinking, it must have been just the right time for the gospel? Or, he must have had an amazing gift-package? Well, you're wrong, both times. It was a terrible time for the gospel, and Paul was weak in so many ways. He said that, over and over - yet we struggle to accept it. But this book will do it for you. Then, you can look at your own calling, but not by looking at your gifts. You'll learn how the Lord delights to use you in your humanity, as he did Paul, weaknesses and all." - D. Clair Davis, Professor and Chaplain, Redeemer Seminary, Dallas, TX

When James Stalker was asked by B.B. Warfield to list, in his opinion, the most helpful books on practical religion that existed he named the following: Thomas a Kempis' 'Imitation of Christ,' Richard Baxter's 'The Reformed Pastor,' Jeremy Taylor's 'Life of Christ,' John Owen's 'Holy Spirit,' and Adolphe Monod's 'Saint Paul.'

J.H. Myers, the initial translator of this work, said the following about SAINT PAUL by Monod: "This book is unsurpassed in its department, in any language, for manly eloquence, thorough research, profound reflection, --a most earnest, glowing, and winning Christian spirit, united to an exact appreciation of the great Apostle's character and work,--and a wise and cautious, but bold and unflinching, application of his teachings to the times in which we live."


Biographical Sketch

Translator's Preface

Saint Paul - Monod's Preface

Rise Up, O Men of God






Adolphe Monod (1802-1856) was a well known preacher and leader in the French Reformed Church. He was a pastor of various French congregations, including the prominent Reformed Church of Paris, and a professor at FRC Seminary, Montauban. His published sermons and essays have been widely circulated for over 150 years.



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READING "RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS" A Study Guide to Jonathan Edwards' Classic on the Nature of True Christianity
Craig Biehl

"Have you ever put abook down and thought, 'Wow, that's deep. I wish I had a friend who could walk me through this book and explain it point by point'? Craig Biehl has done precisely that. Furthermore, he has done it for one of the most important books ever written: 'Religious Affections'. No one since the apostles had more insight into authentic godliness than Jonathan Edwards. But his books can be difficult to read. Biehl's study guide helps you to understand the historical situation of Edwards's day. It walks you through Edwards's teachings in easy-to-follow outlines mingled with choice quotes from Edwards. After each section he presents several questions for personal meditation or small group discussion. I regularly assign 'Religious Affections' to my students and heartily recommend Biehl's book as a companion to all who would read,understand, and apply Edwards's masterpiece." --Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"This is a very helpful study guide to one of the most important spiritual texts inall of history. If you read 'ReligiousAffections' with patience, care, and fervent prayer, using this simple textual aid, you will find yourself reflecting on the state of your heart, mind, and soul like never before in your life. I guarantee that you will never be the same." - Douglas A. Sweeney, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"With exacting rigor and care, Jonathan Edwards' Treatise Concerning Religious Affections provides both a diagnosis of the Great Awakening and good medicine for what ails Christian piety. In this unique study guide, Craig Biehl here dispenses twenty manageable and carefully referenced doses drawn from the Treatise for the health of true religion in the church of the Great Physician. " - R. Daniel Knox, Pastor, Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Sewickley, PA

"Few books have the profound depth and insight as Jonathan Edwards's 'The Religious Affections'--which is both good news and bad. The good news is that the book well repays reading and study. The bad news is the book can be rather daunting. Craig Biehl's study guide comes to the rescue. This deft guide by a capable scholar will lead you by the hand (and head and heart) to a clear understanding and deep appreciation for this classic text by Jonathan Edwards." - Stephen J. Nichols, Research Professor of Christianity and Culture, Lancaster Bible College, Author, 'Jonathan Edwards: A Guided Tour of His Life and Thought'

Table of Contents

Analytical Outline

SECTION ONE: Introduction, Background, and Central Issues

Session One: Introduction to Jonathan and Sarah Edwards

Session Two: The Context and Occasion of The Religious Affections: The Great Awakening

SECTION TWO: The Religious Affections

Part One: The Nature and Importance of Religious Affections

Session Three: Definition, Nature, Importance, and Scripture Support of Religious Affections

Part Two: Uncertain Signs that Religious Affections are the Work of God in a True Believer

Session Four - Introduction

Sign I: Religious Fervor or Zeal

Sign II: Great Physical Affects on the Body

Sign III: Fluent, Fervent, and Abundant Religious Talk

Session Five

Sign IV: That Affections Seem To Be from an External Supernatural Source

Sign V: That Religious Affections Come with Texts of Scripture in the Mind

Sign VI: The Presence of Love

Sign VII: The Presence of Many Kinds of Religious Affections Accompanying Each Other

Session Six

Sign VIII: That Joy and Comfort Follow Conviction and Mourning for Sin.

Sign IX: Great Time and Energy Spent in Religious Activity and Worship

Sign X: Abundant Praise to God

Session Seven - Sign XI: Great Assurance of One's Own Salvation

Session Eight - Sign XII: That One's Religious Affections and Testimonies Move the Hearts of Saints

PART THREE: Signs that Religious Affections are the Work of God in a True Believer

Session Nine: Qualifications and the Fruit of the Permanent Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

Introduction and Necessary Qualifications

Sign I: Gracious Affections (Religious Affections that Are a Work of God in a True

Believer) Are the Fruit of the Holy Spirit that Dwells Permanently in the Believer

Session Ten - Sign II: Gracious Affections Are Founded Primarily upon the Greatness of God and His Works, Apart from Self-Interest

Session Eleven - Sign III: Gracious Affections Are Founded upon the 'Loveliness' of the Holiness of God and His Works

Session Twelve - Sign IV: Gracious Affections Arise from Divine Illumination.

Session Thirteen - Sign V: Gracious Affections Are Accompanied by the Conviction that the Gospel Is True

Session Fourteen - Sign VI: Gracious Affections Are Accompanied by True Humility.

Session Fifteen

Sign VII: Gracious Affections Accompany a Change of Nature

Sign VIII: Gracious Affections Promote and Are Attended with a Christ-Like Demeanor

Session Sixteen

Sign IX: Gracious Affections 'Soften the Heart'

Sign X: Gracious Affections Have a Beautiful Symmetry and Balance.

Sign XI: The Higher Gracious Affections Are Raised, the Greater the Desire for Spiritual

Growth, Whereas False Affections Rest Satisfied in Themselves

Session Seventeen - Sign XII: Gracious Affections Generate Christian Practice and Fruit (Part 1)

Session Eighteen - Sign XII: Gracious Affections Generate Christian Practice and Fruit (Part 2)

Session Nineteen - Sign XII: Gracious Affections Generate Christian Practice and Fruit (Part 3)

Session Twenty - Sign XII: Gracious Affections Generate Christian Practice and Fruit (Part 4)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The pagination of the entire Study Guide is based upon BOTH the Yale University edition and the Banner of Truth edition.


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THE GOSPEL FOR THE PEOPLE: Sixty Short Sermons for Personal, Family or Corporate Worship
Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Selected by Thomas Spurgeon


Sixty Short Sermons, with a 34 page Skech of Mr. Spurgeon's Life, and Fourteen Portraits and Engravings, with a Preface by Pastor Thomas Spurgeon.

These Short Sermons were selected by Thomas Spurgeon (his son) from the Series with a view to their being used in Mission Halls, and other similar places. They are about half the length of the ordinary Sermons.

496 Page Large Paperback Volume

1) Jesus, the Substitute for His People - Romans 8:34

2) Jesus, the Stumbling Stone of Unbelievers - 1 Peter 2:7,8

3) Jesus, the Delight of Heaven - Revelation 5:9,10

4) This Year Also - A Short Sermon for the New Year - Luke 13:8

5) The Covenant Pleaded - Psalm 74:20

6) The Empty Seat - A Sermon When Away from his People - 1 Samuel 20:27

7) The Poor Man's Prayer - Psalm 106:4,5

8) Every Man's Necessity - John 3:7

9) Satan's Punctuality, Power & Purpose - Luke 8:12

10) The Dual Nature and the Duel Within - Romans 7:23

11) The Meat and Drink of the New Nature - John 6:55

12) The Seven Sneezes - 2 Kings 4:34

13) Eyes Opened - Genesis 21:19

14) The Roes and the Hinds - Song of Solomon 2:7

15) The Risen Sun - Malachi 4:2

16) The Oil and the Vessels - 2 Kings 4:6

17) Two Sorts of Hearers - James 1:22-25

18) The Best of all Sights - Hebrews 2:9

19) The Hunger-Bite - Job 18:12

20) Questions which Ought to be Asked - Job 35:10,11

21) Loyal to the Core - 2 Samuel 15:21

22) Beloved, and yet Afflicted - Preached before invalid ladies - John 11:3

23) At School - Psalm 143:10

24) Pressing Questions of an Awakened Mind - Acts 9:5,6

25) A Plain Answer to an Important Inquiry - John 6:29

26) Expected Proof of Professed Love - 2 Corinthians 8:24

27) Men Bewitched - Galatians 3:1

28) Samuel and the Young Man Saul - 1 Samuel 9:27

29) John and Herod - Mark 6:20

30) Taught that we may Teach - Ezekiel 40:4

31) Roads Cleared - Isaiah 57:14

32) An Indictment of Four Counts - Zephaniah 3:2

33) Till We Meet Again - Revelation 22:21

34) Two Good Things - Psalm 119:71; Psalm 73:28

35) Four Choice Sentences - Genesis 28:15; 31:3-5; 48:21

36) The History of Sundry Fools - Psalm 107:17-20

37) An Inscription for the Mausoleum of the Saints - Hebrews 11:13,14

38) The Horns of the Altar - 1 Kings 2:30

39) All or None; or, Compromise Refused - Exodus 8:25,28; 10:8,24,26

40) Smoking Flax - Isaiah 42:3

41) Elijah's Plea - 1 Kings 18:36

42) But a Step - 1 Samuel 20:3

43) Love's Transformation - A Communion Meditation - John 14:28

44) My Comfort in Affliction - Psalm 119:50

45) Where are the Nine? Or, Praise Neglected - Luke 17:15-19

46) The Unkept Vineyard; or, Personal Work Neglected - Song of Solomon 1:6

47) A Mingled Strain - Psalm 51:7

48) Grace for Communion - Song of Solomon 4:16

49) Salt for the Sacrifice - Leviticus 2:13

50) Love Joying in Love - Song of Solomon 5:1

51) Might Have Been, or May Be - John 11:37

52) The Heart a Gift for God - Proverbs 23:26

53) Public Testimony; or, A Debt to God and Man - 2 Kings 7:9

54) God's Longsuffering: An Appeal to the Conscience - 2 Peter 3:15

55) The Miracles of our Lord's Death - Matthew 27:50-53

56) The Messages of our Lord's Love - Mark 16:7

57) The Evidence of our Lord's Wounds - John 20:27

58) Witnesses Against You - Nehemiah 5:7

59) Help for your Sickness - Matthew 8:16,17

60) Hope for your Future - Ezekiel 36:11

"Spurgeon was the consummate preacher and his sermons were mightily used of God in converting sinners and blessing his people. His sermons are the most reprinted and read in history, and justly so. This collection, selected by his son Thomas, will be a valuable addition to any family's library." - Dr. Robert P. Martin, Pastor, Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church, Seattle, WA, and author of A Guide to the Puritans

"Spurgeon was anointed by the Holy Spirit with such an extraordinary anointing that he was always a fountain of life in opening up the Scripture. He loved the Puritans and dug gold galore out of their writings." - Erroll Hulse, Pastor and Author of numerous books

"Something 'new' by Spurgeon. What else do you need to know? And Spurgeon on the gospel? That should seal the deal for anyone. Sometimes it is difficult to get people who are skeptical of the Reformed faith to read someone of whom they might be suspect due to ignorant associations. "By MacArthur? By Sproul? I've heard that they believe______." But no one is doubtful about Spurgeon. They will get the biblical gospel, and Spurgeon is a name people trust. Don't miss the opportunity to obtain this scarce volume." - Dr. Don Kistler, founder of Northampton Press

"Whenever there is a way to get Charles Spurgeon's writing into the hands of more people there is great reason to rejoice. The treasure that Solid Ground Christian Books is making available is one that Christians everywhere will want to own for themselves and get for others. I have heard of people who read a Spurgeon sermon each morning during their private worship. While a wonderful practice, that task would be daunting to many people. However, 'The Gospel for the People' is just right for such a discipline. Imagine reading a Spurgeon sermon for the next 60 days and taking a summary of that sermon and using for family worship each evening! Well, no need to imagine; just order 'The Gospel for the People' today and you will have such a tool." - Ray Rhodes is a well-known conference speaker and is the author of numerous books including a Family Worship series produced by Solid Ground Christian Books

puritan family classic

Spurgeon New


ISBN: 978-159925-2841

cs2 mds 6-15 os6 ms8 sss fw5 TDM css

SGCB Price: $16.00 (list price $36.00)

Order with THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL by Spurgeon at NEARLY 60% Discount
SGCB Price: $30.00 (list price $70.00)
THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL of the Old and New Testaments
Charles H. Spurgeon, Selected by Sir Robert Phayre

Original Publishers' Note

Only a few days before Sir Robert Phayre received his Lord's summons, "Come up higher," he had completed the selection of Sermons here published, and given instructions for them to be bound in a volume for his own use. He had also chosen the title as printed on the present title-page, and the passage of Scripture (1 Peter 1:18-25) which he wished to have inserted there as a kind of motto for the whole series of discourses. The gallant general was a regular reader and an ardent admirer of Mr. Spurgeon's Sermons, and in his opinion the thirty-six here collected formed by themselves a most timely testimony against many of the prominent and pernicious errors and heresies of the present day. It is thought that many will wish to possess the volume compiled by this eminent Protestant and Evangelical leader so shortly before he went to join the beloved preacher in the presence of their Lord.


1) Foundation Work - 1 Kings 5:17

2) The Serpent's Sentence - Genesis 3:14,15

3) Christ, The Conqueror of Satan - Genesis 3:15

4) The Incarnation and Birth of Christ - Micah 5:2

5) "God With Us" - Matthew 1:23

6) The Great Mystery of Godliness - 1 Timothy 3:16

7) The Hexapla of Mystery - 1 Timothy 3:16

8) The Man Christ Jesus - Hebrews 7:4

9) Found By Jesus, And Finding Jesus - John 1:43-45

10) The Essence of Simplicity - John 9:35,36

11) Salvation By Works, A Criminal Doctrine - Galatians 2:21

12) The Gospel of the Glory of Christ - 2 Corinthians 4:4

13) The Common Salvation - Jude 3

14) Lifting Up The Brazen Serpent - Numbers 21:9

15) The Blood of Sprinkling - Hebrews 12:24,25

16) The Blood of Sprinkling - (2nd sermon) - Hebrews 12:24,25

17) The Teaching of the Foot-Washing - John 13:3-5

18) Jesus, The King of Truth - John 18:37

19) The Indwelling and Outflowing of the Holy Spirit - John 7:38,39; 16:7

20) The Holy Spirit's Chief Office - John 16:14,15

21) The Leading of the Spirit, the Secret Token of the Sons of God - Romans 8:14

22) The Greatest Exhibition of the Age - 1 Corinthians 11:26

23) The Winnowing Fan - Hebrews 12:14,15

24) The Fainting Warrior - Romans 7:24,25

25) Onward! - Philippians 3:13,14

26) The Child of Light Walking in Light - 1 John 1:6,7

27) Walking in the Light, and Washed in the Blood - 1 John 1:7

28) The Ascension and the Second Advent Practically Considered - Acts 1:10,11

29) The Lamb in Glory - Revelation 5:6,7

30) The Heavenly Singers and Their Song - Revelation 5:8-10

31) "The Marriage of the Lamb"- Revelation 19:7,8

32) The Followers of the Lamb - Revelation 14:4,5

33) A Voice from Heaven - Revelation 14:12,13

34) The Barrier - Revelation 21:27

35) Early and Late; or, Horae Gratae - Matthew 20:1,3,5,6

36) Entrance and Exclusion - Matthew 25:10

Spurgeon New

ISBN: 978-159925-2858

cs2 mds 6-15 os6 ms8 sss DTM css

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WANDERING STARS: Contending for the Faith with the New Apostles and Prophets
Keith Gibson, with Foreword by Craig Branch

"The author of 'Wandering Stars', Keith Gibson is both a pastor and a staff-member with us at the Apologetics Resource Center, where I am the director. These two callings provide Keith with a healthy blend of sound doctrine (and correcting heresy, 1 Tim. 1:3-7), and its application in shepherding the flock.

Early on in the book Keith addresses the first hurdle of the opposing views on whether miraculous spiritual gifts continue today or have ceased. Keith explains the positions but moves past that to the fact that even non-cessationists should be of great concern for them as well.

We want Christians to better understand the reality of the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit in and through His church and that we don't only have academic head knowledge of Biblical principles to follow. But the Church must understand the dangers of false doctrines. Keith addresses the numerous errors and practices that flow out of the basic Apostolic and Prophetic error as well.

The Scripture instructs us to 'be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth' (2 Tim. 2:15). I strongly commend studying through this book carefully as it corrects the errors and presents the truth. Jesus said, 'abide in My word and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free' (Jn. 8:31-31)." - Craig Branch, Director of The Apologetics Resource Center, Birmingham, AL

"It is a serious thing to claim to speak for God. So serious, in fact, that a prophet who claimed to speak for God and whose words did not come to pass was to be put to death according to the Old Testament. God takes both His Name and His word so seriously that He gave some of the harshest rebukes in all the Old Testament to those who were claiming to bring revelation from Him that He had not sent.

One final note. There is always the temptation when dealing with a subject of this nature, to pull out the most outlandish quotes in an attempt to make one's point more forcefully. Though it is certain that some will feel that this is exactly what has been done, I have attempted to resist this temptation. While an extreme example has occasionally been used in order to demonstrate how heretical the movement is at its fringes, for the most part, I have attempted to use quotes from those considered more 'mainstream' within the apostolic and prophetic movement. It is my desire to demonstrate that the issues addressed in this book are rampant within the community and not isolated in one or two marginal teachers.

It is my sincere prayer that this book will be used in some small measure to awaken the church to the seriousness of the errors being propagated within the apostolic/prophetic movement and to call the church back to the truth." - Keith Gibson


Foreword by Craig Branch

Introduction: Don't Skip this Section

Chapter One: Are These the Days of Elijah? - Cessassionism vs Continualism

Chapter Two: Did Jesus Fail? - The Five-fold Ministry and Christian Restorationism

Chapter Three: Catch Me if You Can - The Need to Test Prophets

Chapter Four: We're Not Listening and You Can't Make Us - Answering the Objections of Modern Apostles, Prophets and Their Defenders

Chapter Five: What if it Means What it Says? - Modern Apostles and the Bible

Chapter Six: The Dumbing-Down of the Church - Modern Prophets and the Decline of Doctrine

Chapter Seven: Poor God and Other Heresies - Modern Apostles and the Nature of God

Chapter Eight: Jesus: Your Personal Boyfriend? - Modern Prophets and Jesus

Chapter Nine: What Did the Cross Accomplish? - Modern Prophets and the Atonement

Chapter Ten: Onward Christian Monarch? - Modern Prophets and Dominion Theology

Chapter Eleven: A New Doctrine a Day Keeps the Truth Away - Modern Apostles and New Revelation

Chapter Twelve: Oops! They Did it Again - Modern Apostles and False Prophecy

Chapter Thirteen: Must We Follow Modern Apostles and Prophets? - The Authority of Modern Apostles and Prophets

Appendix A: Patron Saints of the Prophetic

Appendix B: The Occultic Mindset of Spiritual Warfare

End Notes





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TWELVE WHAT ABOUTS: Answering Common Objections Concerning God's Sovereignty in Election
John Samson, Foreword by John Hendryx of Monergism.com

DR. R.C. SPROUL becomes our latest endorser of "Twelve What Abouts" - "It is a privilege to have received your book, 'Twelve What Abouts.' The title is great as are your 'what abouts,' and your responses. Thank you for your ministry in Christ's kingdom and for the clear and thoughtful work that has gone into your book."

John Samson went from being a convinced Arminian to a grace loving, Christ-honoring, Calvinist. He shares some of his journey and winsomely answers many of the questions he himself grappled with. 'Twelve What Abouts' by John Samson is the perfect book for those seeking truth about God's sovereign grace in salvation. Straightforward, easy to read, concise, and most of all Biblical, this is a unique book, providing answers for the twelve most common objections raised against the doctrine of Divine election. Pastor Samson's gracious spirit provides an excellent reading environment for those struggling with these great truths of Scripture.

"After finishing a sermon from Ephesians 1, I was immediately confronted by three hostile young visitors who asked the question, 'What about John 3:16?'; as if the Bible contradicted itself. This non-thinking, non-theological, feelings-oriented mindset is typical of today's postmodern generation. Pastor Samson has given us a warm and simple (without being simplistic) introduction to the Doctrines of Grace, so this type of ignorance can be biblically combated.This book is a very helpful tool to give to a young Christian or to someone newly encountering the truths of free and sovereign grace. Distribute it widely." - Earl M. Blackburn, Heritage Baptist Church, Shreveport, Louisiana

"Sometimes a single misapprehension or sticky question stands in the way of an honest believer's examination of the doctrines of grace. John Samson answers those questions with a pastoral heart, yet with biblical fidelity." - Dr. James White, Alpha & Omega Ministries

One man said, "This book helped me enormously. My understanding of God's grace has soared to new heights." Another said, "This is the one book I wish had been placed in my hands as a new Christian. There is a lifetime of insight here." Still another revealed, "There were times reading this when I just had to stop, fall to my knees and thank God for His measureless grace in my life." Whether you are brand new to the subject, or still wrestling with these weighty concepts, Twelve What Abouts will prove to be an indispensable resource in your search for the truth.

"I want to commend, to all readers seeking an honest look into these matters, this very fine treatment in which Pastor John Samson carefully answers the most common objections to the biblical doctrine of divine election. John is one of the most passionate Christians I know, whose number one purpose is to make Christ known. This work on the doctrine of election is no exception. In it you will find that the purpose of election is to bring all glory to Jesus Christ in our salvation." - John Hendryx, from the Foreword

"Whether you are new to the doctrines of grace or simply seeking greater clarity on the sovereign grace of God in salvation, this book will be beneficial. In 'Twelve What Abouts', John tackles common objections regarding the doctrine of election in a concise and biblical way. His charitable spirit coupled with his broad based biblical knowledge make for a joyful learning experience. As someone who teaches the doctrines of grace to the women at our church, I've turned to Samson's teachings multiple times. Do yourself a favor and add this little gem to your library -- it will be one of the best investments you've ever made!" - a satisfied reader from Amazon


Foreword by John Hendryx

A Word to the Reader

Chapter One: The Place to Start - Amazed by Common Grace

Chapter Two: The Wind Blows Where it Wishes

Chapter Three: A Surprising Journey

Chapter Four: What About the Love of God? (Part One)

Chapter Five: What About the Love of God? (Part Two)

Chapter Six: What About Free Will?

Chapter Seven: What About God's Foreknowledge?

Chapter Eight: What About John 3:16?

Chapter Nine: What About 2 Peter 3:9?

Chapter Ten: What About 1 Timothy 2:4?

Chapter Eleven: What About Matthew 23:37

Chapter Twelve: What About 1 Timothy 4:10?

Chapter Thirteen: What About John 12:32?

Chapter Fourteen: What About Reprobation?

Chapter Fifteen: What About Lost Loved Ones?

Chapter Sixteen: What About Prayer and Evangelism?

Chapter Seventeen: Saving Faith

Chapter Eighteen: The Flaming Missiles of the Devil

Chapter Nineteen: Spiritual Dyslexia

Chapter Twenty: As the King's Herald

Further Recommended Resources




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Includes 'God Chose to Save' (Bianchi), '12 What Abouts' (Samson) and 'Toughts on Predestination & Election' (Warfield)

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Lessons for Teens from History, Sports and Odds and Ends
Peter Jeffery

Peter Jeffery has a special gift of saying a great deal in a few words. Once again he has hit the mark in this brand new title intended for young people. There are 52 very brief chapters covering a great variety of subjects from Kings and Presidents to athletes and animals. Young pople (and the not so young) will find the author an able guide to lead them into lessons that will stick and stay. This can be given as a gift to young people, and also used in Family Worship by moms and dads. The first time I heard Peter Jeffery preach I was immediately struck with his uncany ability to illustrate profound truth in simple words. It is a true honor for Solid Ground Christian Books to be asked to publish the latest book from the heart of a dear friend who loves Christ Jesus more than life.

"Peter Jeffrey is a man who is rooted. He is rooted in who he was before he became a believer in Jesus Christ. He is rooted in who he became by the grace of God after becoming a Christian. And he is growing his roots in who he will be in glory. I see all three phases of Peter's life in this remarkable book. He has not strayed far from his roots. His genius is keeping us connected to the foundational issues of life. This new book will be perfect for young Christians of all ages--teens and seniors, men or women. Sunday School teachers, parents for family devotions, home schoolers and those who want to see how to communicate truth in small bites that get eaten need to read this book! If my grown up children were still home, I would use this book for family devotions. If I were teaching a Sunday School class for boys or girls, I would use this book. If I were starting a beginners class for new converts, I would use this book. If I wanted to help a non-reader get started reading good things that create a thirst for more, I would give them this book. Each section is just the right size and grabs thought. If I were living in an estate or if I was a soldier at war or if I were a student off at school or if I were a busy businessman who knew my way around business but not the Bible yet, I would want this book." - Steve Martin (retired after 31 years of pastoral ministry in Atlanta, Georgia, now has a ministry of encouragement to other, younger pastors and speaks at churches, conferences, and retreats.)

1. King Canute

2. Robert the Bruce

3. George Washington

4. Teddy Roosevelt

5. George W. Bush

6. Gelert

7. Manasseh

8. Josiah

9. Mary Tudor

10 Henry VIII

11 King Edward 1 and the Prince of Wales

12 King Solomon

13 Constantine

14 Alfred the Great

15 King Offa

16 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

17 Right and Wrong

18 The Anchor Holds

19 You climb and I'll pull

20 Beware of Rattlesnakes

21 Run your car on Water

22 It's a Battle

23 No limits

24 Guy Fawkes

25 No Waiting lists with God

26 Written off

27 Big Words

28 What if Christmas was in June

29 Whitsun

30 Truth or Tradition

31 Hot Cross Buns

32 De-Icing

33 By Faith

34 Becoming a Christian

35 William Webb Ellis

36 The Beautiful Game

37 The Hand of God

38 Out for a Duck

39 You cannot be Serious

40 Inga the Winger

41 Video Ref

42 Counterfeit Tickets

43 England's Rugby World Cup Win

44 Hole on One

45 Join the Library

46 A favourite hymn

47 One gospel

48 Superstar

49 Who is Jesus?

50 Incarnation

51 Why did Jesus die?

52 Only one way

"Destiny beats in the heart of man. Each of us were born for a purpose bigger than ourselves. We know instinctively that life matters. The things done on earth matter eternally. In the race of life, the opposition is not the people around us, but the mediocrity that so many seem to settle for. This is a book your heart will love and your soul will cherish, revealing what it takes to win, both in sport and in life; and more than that, the most important news we could ever hear, the Gospel of Jesus Christ." - John Samson, author of "Twelve What Abouts" by Solid Ground

"Twenty years ago, Robin Leech had a television program, LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS. Peter's book could well be called LIFE-LESSONS FROM THE FAMOUS AND OBSCURE because he skillfully shows time after time that we can learn profound truths in some of the most unusual ways from all kinds of people if we are humble and observant." - Steve Martin, Fayetteville, GA


Soon Coming Title

Jeffery Five-Pack pj5 ms8

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John Calvin

A Very rare volume originally entitled A SELECTION OF THE MOST CELEBRATED SERMONS OF JOHN CALVIN (Never Before Published in the United States).

First published by T. Desilver in Philadelphia, PA in 1831. Copies of this book are sold for more than $250.00 when they can be found, but we are now offering a new edition for JUST $9.75.

"Calvin's sermons from the Pastoral Epistles are rich indeed! In these sermons you see Calvin the pastor applying Scripture to his people, pointedly rebuking sin, warmly encouraging his people to resting the gospel, and calling for the evangelization of the nations. This is valuable reading." - Ray Van Neste, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Christian Studies, Director, R. C. Ryan Center for Biblical Studies, Union University


Biography of John Calvin (Extracted from John Mackenzie's Memoirs of the Life & Writings of Calvin)

SERMON 1 - 1 Timothy 3:16 "Great is the Mystery of Godliness: God Was Manifest in the Flesh"

SERMON 2 - 2 Timothy 1:8,9 "Be Not Ashamed of the Testimony of our Lord"

SERMON 3 - 2 Timothy 1:9,10 "The Appearing of our Savior Jesus Christ"

SERMON 4 - 2 Timothy 2:16-18 "Shun Profane and Vain Babblings"

SERMON 5 - Titus 1:15,16 "To the Defiled and Unbelieving Nothing is Pure"

SERMON 6 - 2 Timothy 2:19 "The Foundation of God Standeth Sure"

SERMON 7 - 1 Timothy 2:3-5 "There is One Mediator Between God and Man"

SERMON 8 - 1 Timothy 3:14,15 "The Pillar and Ground of the Truth"

SERMON 9 - 2 Timothy 3:16,17 "All Scripture Given By Inspiration of God"

SERMON 10 - 2 Timothy 2:20,21 "A Vessel Unto Honor, Sanctified, and Meet for the Master's Use"

SERMON 11 - Titus 1:7-9 "A Bishop Must be Blameless, as the Steward of God"

SERMON 12 - Titus 1:10-12 "There are Many Unruly and Vain Talkers whose Mouths Must be Stopped"

SERMON 13 - 1 Timothy 2:8 "I Will therefore that Men Pray Everywhere"

SERMON 14 - 1 Timothy 2:5,6 "The Man Christ Jesus Gave Himself a Ransom for All"

THE 1831 ADVERTISEMENT - In offering this selection of Sermons to the publick, the publisher has not been governed by Sectarian principles, but has selected Sermons upon various subjects, that the reader may understand the general doctrine held forth by this eminent divine. Calvin's Sermons were translated and published in England, about the year 1580; since which date we have no account of an edition having been published. In consequence of the imperfection of the English Language when these Sermons were formerly published, it was found necessary to revise them, and correct the language; but in so doing, particular care has been taken to preserve precisely the original meaning."

SGCB CALVIN SERMON FOUR-PACK sss jcs 1212 botjc bf12 jcc

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Includes "Pastoral Epistles," "Sermons from Job", "On the Ten Commandments" and "The Saving Work of Christ"
THE JOHN THE BAPTIST OF THE REFORMATIONA Memoir of John Huss, the Bohemian Reformer and Martyr
Translated from the German by Thomas O. Summers with an Introductory Note by J.H. Merle d'Aubigne

John Huss (a.k.a. Jan Hus) is regarded to be one of the earliest known religious thinkers and reformers in the world. A philosopher and a Master at Charles University (Prague), Huss was greatly influenced by the writings and teachings of John Wyclife. He made a number of followers during his time, who came to be known as Hussites. Reformers, in the later years, looked up to Huss for his unswerving commitment in the face of the church's cunning brutality, due to which he had to face extreme consequences. Condemning Huss' uprising, the Church first excommunicated him and then burned him to death, after an unfair trial.

This brief account of his life will serve as a wonderful introduction to the life of this great hero of the faith. Despite incredible cruelty that lasted for many months, even some of his enemies acknowledged his humility and godliness. This book would be very useful to use in Family Worship as the chapters are all brief and to the point.

Famous Church Historian J.H. Merle d'Aubigne said the following about Huss - "John Huss preached in Bohemia a century before Luther preached in Saxony. He seems to have penetrated deeper than his predecessors into the essence of Christian truth. He prayed to Christ for grace to glory only in his cross and the the inestimable humiliation of his sufferings. But his attacks were directed less against the errors of the Romish church than against the scandalous lives of the clergy. Yet he was, if we may be allowed the expression, the John the Baptist of the Reformation. The flames of his pile kindled a fire in the church that cast a brilliant light into the surrounding darkness, and whose glimmerings were not to be so readily extinguished."

The following powerful testimony if found in Foxe's BOOK OF MARTYRS -

"The bishops appointed by the Council [of Constance] stripped him of his priestly garments, degraded him, put a paper mitre on his head, on which was painted devils, with this inscription, 'A ringleader of heretics.' Which when he saw, he said: 'My Lord Jesus Christ, for my sake, did wear a crown of thorns; why should not I then, for His sake, again wear this light crown, be it ever so ignominious? Truly I will do it, and that willingly.' When it was set upon his head, the bishop said: 'Now we commit thy soul unto the devil.' 'But I,' said John Huss, lifting his eyes towards the heaven, 'do commend into Thy hands, O Lord Jesus Christ, my spirit which Thou has redeemed.'

When the chain was put about him at the stake, he said, with a smiling countenance, 'My Lord Jesus Christ was bound with a harder chain than this for my sake, and why then should I be ashamed of this rusty one?'

When the faggots were piled up to his very neck, the duke of Bavaria was so officious as to desire him to abjure. 'No,' said Huss, 'I never preached any doctrine of an evil tendency; and what I taught with my lips I now seal with my blood.' He then said to the executioner, 'You are now going to burn a goose, (Huss signifying 'goose' in the Bohemian language) but in a century you will have a 'swan' which you can neither roast nor boil.' If he were prophetic, he must have meant Martin Luther, who shone about a hundred years after, and who had a swan for his arms.

The flames were now applied to the faggots, when our martyr sung a hymn with so loud and cheerful a voice that he was heard through all the cracklings of the combustibles, and the noise of the multitude. At length his voice was interrupted by the severity of the flames, which soon closed his existence.

Then, with great diligence, gathering the ashes together, they cast them into the river Rhine, that the least remnant of that man should not be left upon the earth, whose memory, notwithstanding, cannot be abolished out of the minds of the godly, neither by fire, neither by water, neither by any kind of torment."


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Includes Biographies of Huss, Farel & Zwingli

Add a copy of THE ITALIAN REFORMER by W.M. Blackburn
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THE GLORIOUS HISTORY OF REDEMPTION: A Compact Survey of the Old and New Testaments
by James Oscar Boyd and J. Gresham Machen

"Did you ever want to read a short book that unveils in an informative, sound, edifying, Reformed way the entire narrative of redemptive history from Genesis through Revelation? The OT scholar James Boyd and his NT counterpart, J. Gresham Machen, composed this book for you nearly a century ago, and I am grateful that Solid Ground Christian Books is unearthing and reprinting it. With helpful questions appended to each of its thirty-eight lessons, this little book makes an ideal tool for family worship so that you can lead your children quickly through the main redemptive thoughts of Bible history." --Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"This book surveys the history of God's redeeming grace. It reviews Old Testament history, disclosing the stream of God's redeeming purposes flowing down through older times. It also reviews New Testament history, disclosing the broadening and deepening of that purpose for us men and for mankind in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his Church." - Harold McA. Robinson

First published in 1922, this volume is one of the most precise and concise books I have ever seen that covers the entire narrative of redemptive history from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22. James Boyd, the Old Testament scholar, and J. Gresham Machen, the New Testament scholar, join their efforts to reach the simple and the learned in one book. This book would be perfect as a tool in the family and the church, as it concludes each of the 38 chapters with a series of Questions on the Lesson.


James O. Boyd introduces the earliest chapters of the Bible immediately following man's Fall with these words: "God's tender love for his foolish, rebellious creatures 'will not let them go.' At the gates of the garden from which their sin has forever banished them, God already declares his purpose to 'bruise' the head of that serpent, Rom. 16:20, who had brought 'sin into the world and death by sin,' Gen. 3:15. Through the 'seed of the woman'---a 'Son of Man' of some future day---sinful man can escape the death he has brought on himself. And from Seth, the child 'appointed instead of' murdered Abel, a line of men descends, who believe this promise of God. Ch. 5. In Enoch we find them 'walking with God,' v. 24, in a fellowship that seemed lost when paradise was lost."

J. Gresham Machen opens Lesson II of his material entitled "The Coming of the Lord" with these powerful words: "When the Son of God came to earth for our salvation, the world was ready for his coming. The whole course of history had been made to lead up to him. And he was well worthy of being thus the goal of history. For the One who came was none other than the eternal Son of God, the Word who was with God and who was God. He had existed from all eternity; he had been the instrument in creating the world. He was himself truly God, the same in substance with the Father, and equal in power and glory. Yet the One who was so great humbled himself to be born as a man and finally to suffer and die. His coming was a voluntary act, an act of the Father in giving him for the sins of the world, and his own act which he performed because he loved us. It was an act of infinite condescension. The Son of God humbled himself to lead a true human life; he took upon himself our nature. He was born, he grew in wisdom and stature, he suffered, he died. He was always God, but he became also man. Who can measure the depth of such condescending love?"

SECTION I: The Development of the Church in Old Testament Times

By James Oscar Boyd, Ph.D., D.D.

Chapter 1: Before Abraham - Genesis, Chapters 1 to 11

Chapter 2: The Patriarchs

Chapter 3 : Egyptian Bondage and Deliverance

Chapter 4 : Moses as Leader and Lawgiver

Chapter 5 : The Conquest and Settlement of Canaan

Chapter 6 : The Period of the Judges

Chapter 7 : Samuel and Saul: Prophecy and Monarchy

Chapter 8: David and Solomon: Psalms and Wisdom

Chapter 10 : The Kingdom of Judah, to Hezekiah

Chapter 12 : The Exile and the Restoration

Chapter 13 : The Jewish State Under Persia

Chapter 14 : Israel's Religious Life

Chapter 15 : "The Coming One"

SECTION II: The Life of Christ and the Development of the Church in New Testament Times

By John Gresham Machen, D.D.

Chapter 1: The Preparation.

Chapter 2: The Coming of the Lord.

Chapter 3: The Baptism.

Chapter 4: The Early Judean Ministry

Chapter 5: The Beginning of the Galilaean Ministry

Chapter 6: The Period of Popularity

Chapter 7: The Turning Point

Chapter 8: Jesus as Messiah

Chapter 9: The Prediction of the Cross

Chapter 10 : The Last Journeys

Chapter 11: Teaching in the Temple

Chapter 12: The Crucifixion

Chapter 13: The Resurrection

Chapter 14: The Beginnings of the Christian Church

Chapter 15: The First Persecution

Chapter 16: The Conversion of Paul

Chapter 17 : The Gospel Given to the Gentiles

Chapter 18 : The First Missionary Journey and the Apostolic Council

Chapter 19 : The Second Missionary Journey

Chapter 20 : The Third Missionary Journey

Chapter 21 : The Third Missionary Journey

Chapter 22 : The First Imprisonment of Paul

Chapter 23 : The Close of the Apostolic Age


Machen five



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THE GOSPEL OF THE GRACE OF GODSermons Delivered at the Metropolitan Tabernacle During His Father's Illness
Thomas Spurgeon, with a Preface by C.H. Spurgeon

This precious little volume was published in 1884 with the hearty approval of all those who heard the sermons preached by Thomas Spurgeon (son of Charles H. Spurgeon) during an illness of his father. The Publishers asked Charles to write a Preface to help the circulation of the work, and he wrote the following:

"These sermons have given great delight to the friends at the Metropolitan Tabernacle. Their pastor was laid low by that painful infirmity that often attacks him, and his son occupied the pulpit, to his father's great comfort. When the father expressed in public his hearty thanks to Almighty God that his lack of service had been so well supplied by his own son, there was a general assent to the thanksgiving. The verdict of the church was unanimous: the people of God had been fed, and there were not lacking testimonies that sinners had been converted. Old believers, who know the taste of heavenly food, declared that they had been well fed; while the younger folk, with their natural enthusiasm, expressed their delight at what they had heard. The praise rendered unto the Lord by many was an offering of sweet savour. So precious a result made it good to have been afflicted, good to have received help from the Lord out of one's own house, and, best of all, to have kindled thousands of hearts with the fire of holy praise and sympathetic gratitude.

Precious things will sell themselves; and all that is required of us is just to say, -- here are pearls, examine them and estimate them after the worth of merchants who care for nothing but intrinsic worth. Yours truly, C.H. Spurgeon, Westwood, September 1884


1) "IF THOU CANS'T" - Mark 9:23


3) LYDIA AND THE JAILOR - Acts 16:13-34

4) COMING TO JESUS - John 6:37

5) A WHITE STONE - Revelation 2:17


7) A FAIR WIND - Acts 28:13

THOMAS SPURGEON (1856-1917) was a British Reformed Baptist preacher of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, one of two non-identical twin sons of the famous Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892).

Thomas and his twin brother were born a month before the tragedy at the Royal Surrey Gardens Music Hall of 19 October 1856 while their father was preaching. Their mother, Susannah became an invalid at the age of 33 while the boys were still in their teens.

After serving some time to an engraver, Thomas Spurgeon, like his brother Charles, decided to give his life to preaching the gospel. But his health prevented him from remaining in England. While he was still young he sailed to Australia, and spent one year in evangelistic labors there. After his return to England it was decided that he must return to a better climate for his health. During the early 1880s he preached in many places in Australia, as well as in New Zealand ; and finally he decided to accept the pastorate of a Baptist church in Auckland, the Auckland Baptist Tabernacle, where his influence was already becoming widely felt.

Thomas returned to England after the death of his father and succeeded him in his pulpit ministry after a brief period under Arthur Tappan Pierson. During Thomas' fifteen-year pastorate, the Tabernacle burned in 1898 and was rebuilt along similar lines. His brother Charles was pastor of the Greenwich Baptist Church.



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WHAT IS CHRISTIANITY? A Selection of Notable Addresses by a Noble Defender of the Faith
J. Gresham Machen, edited by Ned B. Stonehouse


The original dust-jacket in 1951 began with these words: "The publication of a new collection of addresses by J. Gresham Machen is always an event. For this new volume the publishers have chosen twenty-seven addresses, papers and messages which are among Dr. Machen's very best apologetic efforts, and which will prove to be of enduring value in the defense of historic Christianity in any modern age. The addresses herein represent the most notable delivered by Dr. Machen during the last twenty years of his life; and now published together under the title of the opening address, 'What is Christianity?', are designed as a companion volume to his book of sermons, 'God Transcendant.'

It is always said of Machen's books that they are worth re-reading; that they can be consulted with profit over and over again. This is no less true of 'What is Christianity?' than it is of any of Dr. Machen's writings; for the threat from modernistic adversaries is ever the same, and the always cool, salient defense by Dr. Machen gives him an advantage that is, as H.L. Mencken put it, 'immense and obvious.'"

"People have asked me whether Machen taught me. I have to tell them that he died 18 months before I was born. They ask that not only because they know him to be a 20th century American but because they have read some of his books and his writings are utterly up to date, vital, lucid and convicting.. He was the acknowledged champion of historic Christianity and so his books are timeless and even recently a book of his family letters from his service in Europe in the First World War have appeared. Appreciation for him has never been higher and in 'What is Christianity?' you will find the best introduction to his convictions. I love the man and I love this book. Thank God for J. Gresham Machen." - Geoff Thomas

Ned B. Stonehouse, in his helpful Introduction, said, ""Machen was a singularly effective spokesman for Christianity for more than a score of years before his death on New Year's Day, 1937. Though his own books constitute the most significant record of what he had to say, they do not tell the complete story. Especially the public phases of his career as preacher, teacher, educator and citizen are illumined by the contents of the two volumes of sermons and addresses which are now made available to the general reader (the other volume being God Transcendant ). The present volume particularly discloses the rich diversity of his interests and activities as a Christian man and minister. . . May the publication of this volume serve, at least in a small way, to stimulate men to be concerned with the greatest questions, to mark the line where the truth lies, and to kindle love of the truth that they may be saved."


1. What is Christianity?

2. What the Bible Teaches about Jesus

3. The Witness of Paul

4. The Witness of the Gospels

5. The Virgin Birth of Christ

6. The Resurrection of Christ

7. Relations Between Jews and Christians

8. Christian Scholarship and Evangelism

9. Christian Scholarship and the Defense of the Gospel

10. Christian Scholarship and the Building Up of the Church

11. The Christian View of Missions

12. Christianity and Culture

13. History and Faith

14. The Modern Use of the Bible

15. The Christian and Human Relationships

16. The Church in the War

17. Facing the Facts Before God

18. Westminster Theological Seminary: Its Purpose and Plan

19. Consolations in the Midst of Battle

20. Servants of God or Servants of Men

21. Does Fundamentalism Obstruct Social Progress?

22. What Fundamentalism Stands for Now

23. Christianity and Liberty

24. The Responsibility of the Church in Our New Age

25. The Necessity of the Christian School

26. Mountains and Why We Love Them

27. The Benefits of Walking


Machen five


warfield-machen JGM

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THE RISEN CHRIST CONQUERS MARS HILL: Classic Discourses on Paul's Ministry in Athens
Manton, Watson, Edwards, Davies, Dick, Thornwell, Eadie, Ryle, Warfield, Stonehouse, Van Til & Bahnsen, Foreword by Sinclair Ferguson

We have gathered together a full dozen champions of the faith to expound upon Paul's ministry in Athens. It is believed that traversing this powerful passage in Acts 17 will deepen our faith in the risen and conquering Lord. We have decided to list these works in the order in which they were delivered, thus Thomas Manton is first and Greg Bahnsen is last. Although there will certainly be some repetition of thoughts and ideas, it is believed that the various gifts and approaches of each man will give a freshness to each discourse.

Sinclair Ferguson wrote the Foreword in which he says, "From the opening exposition of a seventeenth century Westminster Divine to the closing expositions of three twentieth century scholars associated with Westminster Seminary, 'The Risen Christ Conquers Mars Hill' is a brilliantly conceived compilation of studies calculated both to educate and to stimulate. Paul's great sermon to the intellectual elite of a declining Athens is one of the great moments in Church history. It well repays careful study for its foundational theology, its methodology as a presentation of the gospel of God to a pagan audience, and for the passion for Christ that lay behind it. Here is careful theological exegesis, biblical doctrine, practical application, and sharp-edged apologetics all in one volume. The result? A book that cannot fail to instruct the mind, encourage confidence in the gospel's integrity, and challenge the church to a new boldness in witnessing to our paganism-restoring culture."

Dr. Samuel Waldron said the following about this upcoming volume: "Few passages are as important as Acts 17 for the subjects of apologetics and evangelism in this post-modern age. And few passages have over the years been more badly misinterpreted than Paul's address to the Areopagus in Athens. Let me especially commend the articles by Stonehouse, Bahnsen, and Van Til towards the end of this volume. They are worth the price by themselves."

Dr. Robert Paul Martin added, "Paul's address at Mars Hill gives us a glimpse into how the gospel was effectively preached in a thoroughly pagan culture, such as the one in which we now live. Gleaning the best treatments of this address from past ages, Solid Ground has given us a primer on how to speak to our contemporaries."

(1) Thomas Manton (1620-1677) - Sermon Upon Acts 17:30-31

(2) Thomas Watson (1620-1686) - The Day of Judgment Asserted

(3) Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) - The Final Judgment: or, The World Judged Righteously by Jesus Christ

(4) Samuel Davies (1723-1761) - The Universal Judgment

(5) John Dick (1764-1833) - Paul in Athens, from 'Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles'

(6) James H. Thornwell (1812-1862) - The Necessity and Nature of Christianity

(7) John Eadie (1810-1876) - Paul at Athens, from Chapter 10, 'Paul the Preacher'

(8) J.C. Ryle (1816-1900) - Athens, from 'The Upper Room'

(9) B.B. Warfield (1851-1921) - False Religions and the True, from 'Biblical, Theological Studies'

(10) Ned B. Stonehouse: (1902-1962) - The Areopagus Address, from the Tyndale New Testament Lecture, 1949

(11) Cornelius Van Til (1895-1987) - Paul at Athens, a Booklet

(12) Greg Bahnsen (1948-1995) - The Encounter of Jerusalem with Athens, from 'Always Ready'


*A Pastor's Sketches (Double Volume) by Ichabod Spencer

Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss

*Counsels and Thoughts on the Spiritual Life of Believers by Thomas Moor

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit by Benjamin B. Warfield

The Risen Christ Conquers Mars Hill by Manton, Watson, Edwards, Davies, Dick, Thornwell, Eadie, Ryle, Warfield, Stonehouse, Van Til & Bahnsen

(* means it is a hardcover volume)




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SIN, AND THE UNFOLDING OF SALVATION: The Three Year's Course of Theological Lectures Delivered at Spurgeon's Pastor's College
David Gracey, Introduction by Thomas Spurgeon

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to attend the famous Pastor's College founded by Charles H. Spurgeon? We have had a good taste of that privilege as we have read and delighted in LECTURES TO MY STUDENTS by Spurgeon himself. But what about the other classes? What were they like? Thankfully, with this reprint of SIN, AND THE UNFOLDING OF SALVATION by David Gracey we are finally able to see and hear what the students were taught about the Doctrine of Systematic Theology, the Doctrine of Sin, the Doctrine of Christ, and the Doctrine of Salvation.

In the words of the Preface, "We are persuaded that the volume will be a valuable contribution to the Christological literature of the day. Mr. Gracey ever gives prominence to the Person and Work of the Saviour; though unfolding fully the dark and doleful character of sin, he does so under the light of the Gospel, and with the hope of the Gospel shining clear in view. Theology, in his treatment of it, is never a dry science, but a vital, palpitating reality, fresh and beautiful, attractive and inspiring. Having strong convictions, based upon the Word of God, which he hesitates not to express in clear and convincing language, he necessarily exposes and opposes with all his force the erroneous opinions which meet him in the way. He always, however, deals in a courteous and Christian spirit with those from whom he differs; always stating their case fairly, while with strong though gentle hand he demolishes their arguments." - Archibald McCaig

"I am absolutely shocked that this volume has been buried for more than 100 years. David Gracey was a man greatly gifted by God to train men for the ministry, and his passion for the Lord and for the lost pours forth on every page. His opening lecture to his students masterfully introduces the men to the significance of both Theology and Religion, and the intimate relationship they bear to each other. His survey of the intellectual movements which have acted and re-acted upon Christianity through the centuries is absolutely breathtaking. Upon completing the lecture, having read it aloud, I sat stunned. WHAT A TREASURE!! His lectures on Sin (of which there are seven) and Salvation (of which there are nine) are steeped in Scripture. What a distinct privilege to introduce this man and this volume to the people of God in such a dark and needy time. May the Lord use Professor Gracey once again to equip the saints for the works of service to the eternal good of their souls, and the everlasting blessing of lost sinners." - the Publisher


Introduction by Thomas Spurgeon

Preface by Archibald McCaig

Lecture I - Introduction to Theology

Lecture II - System, Method and Order in Theological Study

Lecture III - The Aim and Spirit of Theological Study

Lecture IV - Sin

Lecture V - Nature of Sin

Lecture VI - Sin in its Relation to the Law

Lecture VII - Sin in Man

Lecture VIII - The Cause of Total Depravity

Lecture IX - Imputation of Sin

Lecture X - The Outlook of Sinners

Lecture XI - Salvation

Lecture XII - Scriptural Expressions Relating to Salvation

Lecture XIII - The Unforlding of Salvation in Prophecy

Lecture XIV - The Saviour

Lecture XV - Ancient and Modern Views as to the Person of the Saviour

Lecture XVI - The Work of the Redeemer

Lecture XVII - The Relation Between Christ's Engagements

Lecture XVIII - The Effects of Christ's Reconciliation upon Men

Lecture XIX - The Aspects of the Atonement

DAVID GRACEY (1841-1893) was brought to the Lord during the great revival of 1859, and shortly entered Glasgow University, with a view of preparing himself for the work of the ministry. While studying at the university, and working as a city missionary, he had the privilege of hearing Mr. Spurgeon, on his visit to Glasgow, in 1861, and at once came under the spell of the great preacher, and rested not till be became associated with him in his noble work. Coming to the Pastor's College, as a student and assistant tutor, he soon became fully engaged in tutorial work, and upon the retirement of the late venerable George Rogers, in 1879, he became Principal and Theological Tutor, in which capacity he continued to serve the College with credit to himself, and untold benefit to the students, until his lamented death on February 9th, 1893.



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I CAN PLAY TOO! Life-Changing Lessons from a Three-Legged Dog
Sharman Martin, with Photographs from Karim Shamsi-Basha


Follow the adventures of Bo, a real-life, three-legged dog who lost his right leg in a terrible accident, but who persevered and won the heart of his new owner and the author of the book. Although this is written for young children, parents and teachers will find this story tugging at their hearts, as they see the value and integrity of all creatures of our God and King. You will learn how Bo persisted with his owner's other two dogs to finally convince them that "I Can Play Too." The primary purpose of this full color book is to teach children to treat all other children with respect no matter how different they may be. This is a powerful story!

The author wrote the following to explain how she plans to use the money she makes from the sale of her book: "Diversity...differences... and children. How do we teach our children to respect others and treat them equally, regardless of how they look? As an elementary school teacher for 24 years I see this as an important part of a child's social character. And with that concept in mind, I have written a picture book about a dog (my dog), who only has 3 legs. Throughout the story, Bo is shunned by the other dogs in the family because he looks different. As I teach Physical Education to Kindergarten through 3rd grade students daily, I know that the physically impaired children at my school just want to play with the other children. This book was written with those, and all special needs children who have some sort of impairment, in mind. I know that this book would be an asset in every elementary classroom and library. Any monies collected after the payment for the publishing of Bo's book will go toward getting Bo a front leg wheelchair, which will in turn take the stress off of his remaining front leg."


"Martin's 'I Can Play Too' is the PERFECT book that teaches so many different life lessons including acceptance, determination, and perseverance. As the guidance counselor in a school with over 750 children, I knew it was a book that all children could relate to the moment I read it for the first time. Bo, a sweet 3-legged lab, loved his two brothers so much, but they did not want to play with him because he was 'different' from them. It took them a little while to warm up to him. Once they did and let him play, they realized he could play too and was full of fun, regardless of his difference! All children can relate to Bo if they think about a time in their lives when they felt excluded or different in some way. Bo teaches us to celebrate these differences because being different is what makes us special. I would recommend this book to every teacher, counselor, and parent, as it is chock-full of wonderful life lessons at the turn of every page." - Dawn Norris, Guidance Counselor, Vestavia Hills Elementary West in Alabama




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ON THE WINGS OF GRACE ALONE: The Testimonies of Thirty Converted Roman Catholics
Edited by Richard M. Bennett and Glenn R. Diehl

It has often been said that all roads lead to Rome. That was true for those who contributed to the writing of this book. However, the road to Rome was a road that led them away from Jesus Christ. It was a road that led to a lack of peace with God and finally would have led them to eternal damnation. These thirty former Catholics discovered that the Roman Catholic Church was teaching things that were completely opposite to what the Bible taught.


1. Peter Slomski - From Polish Catholicism to Trusting Christ Alone

2. Bernie Hertel - Treadmills, Bondage, Tombstones, an Grace

3. Alexander Lennox - Snake Poisoned, Then More Than Revived

4. Jim Tetlow - From Religion to Relationship

5. Cynthia B. Lindstedt - A Matter of Life...and Death

6. John S. Lindstedt - Three Strikes and You're In!

7. A.J. Krause - From Darkness to Light

8. Laura Gorectke - Accepted in the Beloved

9. Michael F. Scotto - Do You Read the Scriptures?

10. Gearoid Marley - A Testimony of God's Sovereign Grace

11. Kirk Patrick Haggerty - The Turning Point

12. Arnold Urbonas - From the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light

13. Jackie Alnor - From Ritual to Relationship

14. Joe Mizzi - The Weight of Responsibility to Accountability in Christ

15. Matthew Cserhati - Grace in Christ in Hungary

16. Mary McGuigan - A Training Ground for Discernment

17. Stan P. Weber - Falling In Love with the Biblical Jesus

18. Johanna Alexander - The Holy Bible, the Word of God, Guides Me

19. Anthony Carosi - From Darkness to Light: The Testimony of a Philly Altar Boy

20. Jennifer Irvine - The Lord in Whom I Have Redemption

21. Joseph Bergamini - In Maximum Security Prison Yet Free in Christ

22. Robert Emmet Holmes - From Catholic to the Truth

23. Greg James - From Ritual to Regeneration

24. Paul Smith - From Confusion to Understanding

25. Randy M. Bourgeois - The Truth Shall Make You Free

26. Henry Nowakowski - A Catholic Priest Born from Above

27. Joe Flahive - A Great Sinner Coming to Know the Only Savior Jesus

28. John M. Turack - Saved from the Train to Destruction

29. Barbara A. Merz - Life from the Hand of My Father

30. Richard Bennett - The Rest of the Story: The Political Aspect of My Conversion


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STUDIES OF THE OLD TESTAMENTClassic Essays to Show the Perpetuity of the Old Testament as a Living Book for All Ages
Austin Phelps, author of 'The Still Hour'

Austin Phelps (1820-1890) was a congregational minister, a professor of sacred rhetoric and homiletics, and later a president of Andover Theological Seminary. He wrote several books which were widely read, but none as much as "The Still Hour." Some of the subjects covered are quite unique, such as "Absence of God, in Prayer", "Unhallowed Prayer", "Distrust in Prayer", "Indolence in Prayer" and "Idolatry in Prayer." This is a book that will both convict and encourage. It is perfect alike for the new believer and the aged saint who has walked with Christ for decades.

"Comforting, convicting, and correcting, Phelps's 'Still Hour' is the best short book a Christian can read to stir up his or her sluggish soul and lay hold of God afresh by means of biblical, heartfelt prayer." --Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

What is said about THE STILL HOUR deserves to be said about STUDIES OF THE OLD TESTAMENT. The opening essay on "The Prophet of the Broken Heart" and the closing chapter on "Christ the Centre of Biblical Thought" are truly worth the price of the book, but all of the other 22 chapters are soul-stirring and heart-warming as well.


I. The Prophet of the Broken Heart - Jeremiah 9:1

II. God works with Minorities who are working for Him - 2 Chronicles 20:15,17

III. A Model of Prayer in Emergencies - 2 Chronicles 14:11

IV. An Ancient Revival of Religion - 2 Chronicles 15:8,9,12-15

V. Christian Alliances with Wicked Men - 2 Chronicles 19:2

VI. Honoring God's House - 2 Chronicles 24:4,5,13

VII. Presumption in the Worship of God - 2 Chronicles 26:16-20

VIII. Fidelity to the Religion of a Godly Ancestry - 2 Chronicles 17:3-5

IX. The Lost Son of a Godly Father - 2 Chronicles 28:19,22,23,25

X. The Godly Son of an Ungodly Father - 2 Chronicles 29:1,2; 31:20,21

XI. The Prodigal Son of Godly Parents - 2 Chronicles 33:12,13

XII. The Twin Serpents - Genesis 4:8-13

XIII. Avowed Enemies of Religion - 2 Chronicles 32:9-16

XIV. A Talk with Young People about Josiah - 2 Chronicles 34:1-3

XV. An Ancient Model of Youthful Temperance - Daniel 1:8

XVI. The Lost Bible - 2 Chronicles 34:14,20,21

XVII. Good Men who are not Churchmen - Jeremiah 35:18,19

XVIII. Intertwining of God's Plans with the Plans of Men - Jeremiah 52:8-11

XIX. The Kingdoms that die, and the Kingdom that lives - Daniel 2:44,45

XX. Fruitless Convictions of Sin - Daniel 5:1,5,6,25-28,30

XXI. The Men in the Fire - Daniel 3:16-18

XXII. The Man in the Lions' Den - Daniel 6:21-23

XXIII. The Fulfillment of Prophecy in the Career of Cyrus - 2 Chronicles 36:22,23

XXIV. Christ the Centre of Biblical Thought - Daniel 7:13,14

In the Author's Introductory Note he explains the reason for publishing this work: "These studies of the Old Testament were originally published in one of our most widely-circulated religious papers. So many persons have expressed a wish for them in a more permanent form, that they are now gathered into this volume. Slight changes have been made, -- a change in the order of topics, an occasional enlargement or alteration of paragraphs, and a few corrections. If the volume serves to illustrate, in any degree, how ancient and neglected Scriptures may be revived in the popular interest, and thus to show the perpetuity of the Old Testament as a living book for all ages, the object of this republication will be accomplished." - Theological Seminary, Andover, Mass. - Oct. 1, 1878.




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THE NEW BIRTHThe Work of the Holy Spirit in True Conversion
Austin Phelps, the author of "The Still Hour"

According to the Author, "The first four chapters of this volume have appeared, substantially, in the 'Bibliotheca Sacra' for the current year. By special arrangement with the publisher of that Quarterly they are now reissued, with one additional chapter. If my brethren in the ministry, Sabbath-school teachers, and other thoughtful Christians, find suggestions in these pages which help them, either in their own Christian culture or in their efforts to win souls to Christ, my chief object in this publication will be gained. I cannot but hope, also, that thinking men who do not own the Christian name will find here the Way of Salvation, commended to them by the same intuitions and calm reasonings by which they are accustomed to judge of truth in other things." - Austin Phelps, Andover Theological Seminary, Nov. 15, 1866.

"It is thoroughly practical, appealing continuously to the religious sensibilities of every reader." - A Review of the Original Volume


1. Faith of Common Sense in the Necessity of Conversion

2. Biblical Emblems of Conversion

3. Conversion Not a Ritual Change

4. Conversion Not a Constitutional Change

5. Conversion Not a Mystical Change

6. Conversion a Radical Change

-Counterfeits of Conversion

-A Converted Man, a New Man

-Character Under the Law of Perpetuity

-Conversion the Supreme Change


1. What do we Mean by Divine Sovereignty in Regeneration?

2. Regeneration a Solitary Disclosure of God

3. Biblical View of the Supernatural in the New Birth

4. Experience of the New Birth Suggestive of a Supernatural Cause

-God Suggested by the Manner of Conversion

-God Suggested by the Magnitude of Conversion

-God Suggested by the Phenomena of Revivals

-God Suggested by Unconscious Conversion

5. Moral Uses of the Doctrine of Supernatural Regeneration

-The Profound Nature of Depravity

-The Harmony of Truth with Mind

-Man's Renewal, a Work Worthy of God

-The Lowliness of God

-The Holy Spirit a Personal Friend

-The Law of Dependence


1. Biblical View of Truth as Power

2. The Instrumentality of Truth a Fact in Regeneration

3. The Mode in which Truth Acts in Regeneration

4. The Simplicity of Regeneration

5. The Evidences of Conversion Intelligible to Common Sense

6. Creed Essential to Character

7. Christianity Independent of Fine Art

8. The True Ideal of the Pulpit


1. Difficulties of the Subject Practical

2. The Sense of Responsibility an Intuition

3. Responsibility not Destroyed by Depravity

4. Biblical Theory of Responsibility

5. Ability the Measure of Obligation

6. Responsibility and Sovereignty Harmonious

7. How to Answer the Inquiry, "What Must I do to be Saved?"

-Repentance and Faith Practicable, like other Duties

-The Dependence of Guilt more Absolute than the Dependence of Necessity

-Grace not Justice

-Encouragement to Immediate Repentance

-The Ruin of the Soul its own Work


1. The Sacredness of a Christian Being

2. The Restoration of Lost Self-Respect

3. The Intensity of Regenerate Love

4. The Working of the Spirit by Discoverable Laws

-The Law of Harmony with other Revelations of God

-The Law of Harmony with the Nature of Mind

-The Law of Co-operation

-The Law of Sanctification by Prayer

-The Law of Trust in a Divine Plan





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CROSS ENCOUNTERS: A Decade of Gospel Conversations
Tony Miano with a Foreword by Pastor Geoffrey Kirkland

"DO THE WORK OF AN EVANGELIST" were amongst the last words of admonition the Apostle Paul gave to his young son in the faith Timothy before he died. The church and all those in the ranks of her ministry have wrestled with these words ever since. TONY MIANO is a man with a deep and passionate desire to fulfill those words. In this book he seeks to take you along with him as he shares the glorious gospel with an incredible diversity of people. This is not a book for the faint of heart, but it is a book for those genuinely seeking to understand and obey Paul's words to Timothy. Take up and read!

"A resource such as 'Cross Encounters: A Decade of Gospel Conversations', where conversations are transcribed, proves to instruct, humble, and stir us up to zealous evangelism. Let God's people read this volume with gospel-believing gladness and with humble delight in observing how God uses faithful witnesses to speak His gospel to the lost so that the Spirit of grace may grant new birth!

The Word of God tells us that Jesus went about 'doing good' (Acts 10:38) and we also know from Scripture that Jesus relentlessly devoted Himself to preaching all over Israel (Luke 4:44; 9:6). May we read 'Cross Encounters' with a prayerful heart, a captivated spirit, a lowly gladness, and a renewed resolve, all shrouded with an indomitable confidence in the absolute sovereignty of God to save sinners through the faithful telling of the gospel. And in the end, let us faithfully proclaim Christ and Him crucified (1 Corinthians 2:2) and fervently pray that the Word of the Lord will spread rapidly and be glorified (2 Thessalonians 3:1). To God be the glory." - from the Foreword by Pastor Geoffrey Kirkland, Christ Fellowship Bible Church of St. Louis

"Tony Miano's book, 'Cross Encounters' is a gripping account of actual conversations between a gospel-pleading evangelist and those who desperately need to hear the good news that Jesus saves. Knowing myself personally about his ministry of open air preaching, I am genuinely thankful for Tony--and others like him--who stand boldly on the front lines of the world's hostile unbelief, and yet who remain, as Christian preachers, steadfastly unafraid to lovingly proclaim salvation by faith alone in Christ. Would to God that there were many more like Tony who risk inevitable ridicule for their faith (and soon perhaps even strong persecution for their very public testimony). They simply do this in the hopes of seeing sinners bow their knees in humble adoration to God the Father for the gift of His Son! I therefore encourage you, if indeed you are already a Christian, to scrutinize this volume and see for yourself how important and vital evangelism truly is to our decadent and dying culture. If you are not a Christian however, I nevertheless implore you to embark upon a careful reading of this book's many personal experiences of Tony's witnessing to others, and I earnestly pray that you may stake your own eternal destiny solely on the Lord Jesus Christ, personally encountering His glorious cross." - Lance Quinn, Senior Pastor, Thousand Oaks Bible Church, Thousand Oaks, California

"Tony Miano provides something that few do. He provides real life examples from a real life evangelist regarding real life evangelism encounters. Miano is not someone who speaks primarily to professed Christians inside church meeting houses, but is someone who has spent many years proclaiming good news to the lost in the open air. This volume provides just a taste of those many Gospel encounters. From the aspiring evangelist desiring to know how, to the veteran preacher who needs encouragement, this book will be a blessing. Here, a man leaves his footprints in the poorly traveled path of guts-and-grit evangelism, in the hopes that others follow. They should." - Pastor Jordan (JD) Hall, Fellowship Church of Sidney, MT

"'Cross Encounters: A Decade of Gospel Conversations' should be in the hands of every Christian, and in the hands of every lost person those Christians desperately desire to see rescued from the tight and relentless clutches of Satan and his minions. It is an invaluable blueprint for public evangelism, and a captivating clarion for those still in darkness who need to know that others before them, ensnared in the same trap, have been delivered from captivity and death by a gracious, merciful and loving Emancipator, the sinless and holy and righteous King who is a friend of sinners, Jesus the Christ." - Chris Arnzen, Host of Iron Sharpens Iron Radio

"Sadly, there are incalculable amounts of churches in America that are heedlessly abandoning the practice of evangelism. Tony Miano's new book carefully elucidates the necessity of evangelism and adjures his readers to yield and obey the indispensable command of Matthew 28:18-20. Miano provides innumerable illustrations and personal anecdotes of more than a decade of evangelistic ventures that are analogous to Ichabod Spencer's historical classic, 'Pastor's Sketches.' Without reservation, I highly recommend Tony's new book to anyone who has an inexpressible love for sinners, and aspires to see the fruition of evangelism." - Dr. Sonny L. Hernandez, Military Chaplain and Evangelist for JeremiahCry Ministries

"I recently read, with great delight and enjoyment, Tony Miano's latest book entitled 'Cross Encounters: A Decade of Gospel Conversations.' I had a hard time putting down the book. 'Cross Encounters' is a practical, biblical, and theologically accurate book on all sorts of evangelistic methodologies: from open-air preaching, to passing out gospel tracts, to sharing Christ at the local shopping mall. If you are looking for practical ways to do the work of an evangelist and how to engage people in gospel conversations, then this book is for you. Anyone considering the somewhat fearful task of wading into the unknown waters of evangelistic outreach will be inspired, instructed, and motivated to plunge right in and see what God will choose to do. I wholeheartedly commend 'Cross Encounters: A Decade of Gospel Conversations' to you. You will love this book!" - Al Baker, Ordained preacher in the Presbyterian Church in America; Revival and evangelistic preacher with Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship




Foreword by Pastor Geoffrey Kirkland

The Burglar: A Parable of the Gospel

Section I: Street Corner Conversations

Evangelism Tip #1: 'Why Do You Carry a Cross?'

Gaia Defeated at the Cross

Russ and Chanelle: It Doesn't Take a Long Time

Tricia's Trauma and False Hope

Jared's Dinosaur Defense Dismissed

'Should I Still Honor My Father?'

Evangelism Tip #2: Friendship Evangelism

Spiritual Tug-of- War

Wayne Was Compelled to Stop

Section II: Fishing at the Local Mall

Evangelism Tip #3: Mall Evangelism

All He Wanted Was 60 Cents

'I Want to Talk about God'

Did Timothy Become a 'Timothy'?

Maria's Theological Mess

Ten Words in ASL

Section III: The Power of a Bible

400 Bibles Delivered and One Received

Was It the Sound of Salvation?

Section IV: Abortion Clinic (Abortuary) Ministry

My First Abortuary Conversation

Evangelism Tip #4: The 'Parachute' Analogy

Maggie's Informed Decision

Part V: Planes, Trains, and College Campuses - Evangelism Anywhere

Burt, a Broken Man

The Quittance of Quisha

It Happened for Jocelyn's Sake

Evangelism Tip #5: 'Hello, Officer!'

Isaac's Search for Forgiveness

Discipleship at 30,000

Lost Between Catholicism and Christianity

Section VI: Loving Our Muslim Neighbors

Nargis Knows the Way

Making Much of the Messiah to Mohammed


Appendix 1: The Gospel According to Satan

Appendix 2: Starting an Abortuary Ministry

Appendix 3: Scriptures for Abortion Clinic Ministry

Appendix 4: Pastor Chuck O'Neal's Roman Catholicism Notes



NEW6 os6

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Order with A PASTOR'S SKETCHES by Ichabod Spencer
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THE HISTORY OF PROTESTANTISM: A Glorious Record of the Grand Drama of Revived Christianity (3 Volume Set)
James A. Wylie


This Large Three Volume set, 'The History of Protestantism' by J. A. Wylie, is an incredibly inspiring work. It pulls back the divine curtain and reveals God's hand in the affairs of His church during the Protestant Reformation. Through the centuries, the sacrifices and victories of God's faithful people have often been obscured and forgotten. Now once again, you can read the fascinating story of how truth triumphed over error, principle over falsehood, and light over darkness. Your heart will be stirred by the lives of Protestant heroes, and your mind captivated by God's simple means to counteract the intrigues of its enemies in both church and state. Though this book reads like you are right there, it often lets you watch from heaven's perspective, and opens to your mind to the highest thoughts and feelings. You will sense the unfolding drama as told in the lives and work of God fearing and courageous men and women.

"This set of books about our forgotten heritage will fascinate readers and strengthen faith. James Aitken Wylie (1808-1890) tells the story of the Reformation with detail and vigor. 'The History of Protestantism' draws you in with accounts of faithful preaching, martyrdom, revival, war, and liberty from Wycliffe to William of Orange." --Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"A right view of the present and the future requires a reflective look back to the people and key events of yesteryear. The past gives us a framework for interpreting our present situation and the wisdom to plan for the future. Read the Bible! Read Biography! Read Church History! And, may I suggestàread Wylie's History of Protestantism! In these three volumes you will not only learn the history of the Protestantism but you will also become well aquainted with the theology of Protestantism. Thank you Solid Ground for 'uncovering' another 'buried treasure.' - Ray Rhodes, President of 'Nourished in the Word Ministries' and author of seven books including three Family Worship titles published by SGCB



Book 1 Progress From the First to the Fourteenth Century

Book 2 Wicliffe and His Times, or Advent of Protestantism

Book 3 John Huss and the Hussite Wars

Book 4 Christendom at the Opening of the Sixteenth Century

Book 5 History of Protestantism in Germany to the Leipsic Disputation, 1519

Book 6 From the Leipsic Disputation to the Diet at Worms, 1521

Book 7 Protestantism in England, From the Times of Wicliffe to Those of Henry VIII

Book 8 History of Protestantism in Switzerland From A.D. 1516 to Its Establishment at Zurich, 1525

Book 9 History of Protestantism From the Diet of Worms, 1521, to the Augsburg Confession, 1530


Book 10 Rise and Establishment of Protestantism in Sweden and Denmark

Book 11 Protestantism in Switzerland From Its Establishment in Zurich (1525)

to the Death of Zwingli (1531)

Book 12 Protestantism in Germany From the Augsburg Confession to the Peace of Passau

Book 13 From Rise of Protestantism in France (1510) to Publication of the Institutes (1536)

Book 14 Rise and Establishment of Protestantism at Geneva

Book 15 The Jesuits

Book 16 Protestantism in the Waldensian Valleys

Book 17 Protestantism in France From Death of Francis I (1547) to Edict of Nantes (1598)


Book 18 History of Protestantism in the Netherlands

Book 19 Protestantism in Poland and Bohemia

Book 20 Protestantism in Hungary and Transylvania

Book 21 The Thirty Years' War

Book 22 Protestantism in France From Death of Henry IV (1610) to the Revolution (1789)

Book 23 Protestantism in England From the Times of Henry VIII

Book 24 Protestantism in Scotland




Three Volume Large Paperback Set - Over 52% Discount
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THE CHILD'S PREACHER: A Series of Sermons on Systematic Theology for the Young
Alexander Fletcher, J.C. Ryle, John Crawshaw, Lyman A. Eddy, and Lowther J. Barrington with Introductory Lesson by C.H. Spurgeon


Every family should have a copy of this marvelous volume of over 450 pages containing 33 sermons intended for the instruction of the heart and mind of children within the household and the church. Alexander Fletcher (1787-1860) was known as "the Children's Friend" and the man chosen to perform the marriage of Charles Haddon Spurgeon and Susannah Thompson. John Charles Ryle (1816-1900) was the gifted Bishop of Liverpool and author of numerous books, including his Expository Thoughts on the Gospels, intended to be used for Family Worship. Although not as well-known, Revs. Lowther Barrington, John Crawshaw, and Lyman A. Eddy were also men gifted and faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and especially concerned about the sound instruction of the little lambs of Christ's flock.

The Editor wrote the following in his Preface: "One important object of the present volume is to furnish practical hints, which may serve to encourage yonng ministers, and others who imagine it a difficult thing to preach to children, to make the attempt more frequently. It will be found that the variety of texts and subjects which may be adapted to children's capacities is almost endless.

The great requisites, in order to interest children, are plainness of speech and fertility of illustration. When these are employed, low and silly expressions are worse than useless, and trifling thoughts and foolish imaginations are a positive offense. It is perfectly practicable to adapt every essential, or strictly important religious topic, not only to the capacity, but even to the tastes of children; yea, to interest them deeply in such suhjects, and at the same time to preserve dignity of expression and purity of thought. How vastly important, therefore, is it for every minister to qualify himself for, and to habituate himself to, preaching the Gospel to children."

Rev. Lowther Barrington, preacher of the opening sermon of the book, was the author of a book by the same title. Of that book we are told, "These are a series of little sermons to children, delivered at a separate service instituted for them. They are, in our opinion, quite perfect in their way: we can hardly lay down the volume. Let all mothers by all means get this little tome, and read it to their children."

Introductory Lesson by C.H. Spurgeon: CHILDHOOD AND HOLY SCRIPTURE

Among the sermons are the following:

CREATION by Rev. L. Barrington

GOD'S WISDOM by Alexander Fletcher

GOD'S OMNIPRESENCE by Alexander Fletcher

GOD'S OMNISCIENCE by Alexander Fletcher

GOD'S LOVE by Alexander Fletcher

GOD'S JUSTICE by Alexander Fletcher

GOD'S HOLINESS by Alexander Fletcher

THE WORD OF GOD by John Crawshaw

THE HOUSE OF GOD by John Crawshaw




A HARD WAY by L.A. Eddy



CUP OF SALVATION by Alexander Fletcher


CHILDREN IN HEAVEN by Alexander Fletcher


THE BIGGEST STORY: How the Snake Crusher Brings us back to the Garden by Kevin DeYoung (new hardcover book)

THE CHILD'S PREACHER by Alexander Fletcher and J.C. Ryle

TRUTH MADE SIMPLE: The Attributes of God for Children by John Todd


NC3 6-15

c50 sss

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LIFE IN THE PSALMS: Reflections on the Greatest Devotional Book in the World
Peter Jeffery

"I wish someone had given me a book like LIFE IN THE PSLAMS when I was a young Christian in my twenties. With the simple clarity and straight-forward honesty that reminds me of the great J. C. Ryle, Peter Jeffrey's devotional introduction to many of the psalms is a tonic for the heart and a primer on how to get good out of the Scripture. Peter aims to help the new Christian of any age and he almost always succeeds. I plan to purchase a copy and make sure that I use it for my devotional reading in the psalms and as a pastor, I will use it in my sermon preparation to remind me how to make practical application. And I will keep copies on hand to give away to young Christians reading the psalms." - Pastor Steve Martin

Peter Jeffery has walked with God for more than 50 years, and he has found great personal help from the Book of Psalms. In recent years his failing health has caused him to spend much of his time in bed reflecting upon God's faithfulness to him all his days. These words come from a man who has seen God work in mighty ways throughout his life and who desires to share his joy with others as long as he has breath.

Peter opens his introduction with the following words:

"Christians love the psalms. These 150 gems are a delight to any believer because they are the joys and sorrows of God's people of the past that exactly mirror our present experiences. The psalmists were not theorising about God but recording their experiences for the enrichment of believers in all generations. The ups and downs of life are here and that is why Christians love them. We can identify with them and they may encourage or rebuke us but they never leave us empty.

The psalmists all demonstrate the reality of life with God. Sometimes this life is known in all its delights, but sometimes it is lost sight of and has to be sought again. Not that we ever lose it but we can lose the reality of it. There is nothing nominal or formal about the psalmist's religion. Everywhere it vibrates with life. It is this life in all its glorious hues that we look at in this book.

Life is not all plain sailing and spiritual life is no different. The essential mark of a Christian is that he has spiritual life. It is not natural to any of us and comes as a gift of God in regeneration. Spiritual life is to know and love God. It enables us to understand and respond to the word of God. Often it is a sheer delight but sometimes it is a battle. It can bring us into situations that are painful and would be avoided if we were not Christians, but as believers there is no avoiding some difficulties. Psalm 59 records such a situation. The problems were real but David is still able to end the psalm with confidence in God, 'O my strength. I will sing praise to you; you, O God, are my fortress, my loving God.'"


Psalm 1 - A happy life

Psalm 3 - A troubled life

Psalm 16 - A safe life

Psalm 19 - A thrilling life

Psalm 22 - A Life in Christ

Psalm 23 - A life absorbed in Christ

Psalm 34 - A restored life

Psalm 49 - A life that transcends death

Psalm 51 - A repentant life

Psalm 59 - A difficult life

Psalm 62 - A stressful life

Psalm 63 - A life that finds rest

Psalm 66 - A joyful life

Psalm 73 - A life of problems

Psalm 81 - A life of worship

Psalm 96 - A practical life

Psalm 103 - A life in step with God

Psalm 119 - A life grounded in the word of God

Psalm 130 - A penitent life

Psalm 150 - A life of praise



Jeffery Five-Pack pj5 ms8 psj

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John Whitecross

A rare and wondertful volume that gives a rich variety of anecdotes and illustrations on nearly every chapter in the entire Bible. It is a tool that can be used by every Pastor, Teacher and Parent as they seek to bring windows of light into their lessons. You will marvel at the riches contained within the pages of this volume.

"John Whitecross's user-friendly 'Instructive Anecdotes Illustrative of the Old and New Testaments' is the best anecdotal volume for pulpit preparation that I have ever used. Most anecdotal volumes are packed with shallow theology, but this one contains great anecdotes that are dipped in the riches of Reformed theology. I recommend it wholeheartedly." --Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids


Many persons will perhaps be ready to acknowledge that, while almost the whole of a sermon, or other discourse, has been forgotten, some striking incident related in it, besides making a peculiar impression at the moment, has been long afterwards remembered. In the course of reading New Testament Scripture in a family or school, the parent or teacher is furnished, in the present work, with an anecdote or two, under each chapter, by relating which, he may fix and enliven the attention of his children or pupils, and, at the same time, by agreeable associations, impress the passages illustrated more deeply on their youthful recollections. The publication, though chiefly intended for the benefit of the young, may not, however, be uninteresting to more advanced readers.

The author is sensible that the anecdotes are not all of equally direct bearing on ths passages to which they are applied. This in any case could not reasonably be expected, and more particularly as the compiler has been precluded from the use of upwards of five hundred anecdotes in the enlarged editions of his work illustrative of the Assembly's Shorter Catechism, most of which would have suited this volume, but which it was deemed improper to admit." - John Whitecross


Matt. Ii, ver. 16.- Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently inquired of the wise men.

In 1641, Sir Phelim O'Neal, and other Papists, commenced an universal massacre of the Protestants in Ireland. " No age," says Hume," no sex, no condition, was spared. The wife, weeping for her butchered hushand, and embracing her helpless children, was pierced with them, and perished by the same stroke. In vain did flight save from the first assault. Destruction was everywhere let loose, aud met the hunted victims at every turn. They were stripped of their very clothes, and turned out naked and defenceless in all the rigors of winter. The feeble age of children, the tender sex of women, soon sunk under the multiplied rigors of cold and hunger. Here the hushand, bidding a final adieu to his expiring family, envied them that fate which he himself expected so soon to share! There the son, having long supported his aged parent, with reluctance obeyed his last command, and abandoning him in his uttermost distress, reserved himself to the hopes of avenging that death which all his efforts could not prevent or delay." 40,000 persons, according to the lowest computation, perished in these massacres!

Matt. Iii, ver. 7."But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, Oh generation of vipers! Who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?"

An irreligious young man went to hear Mr. Whitefield, who took the above passage for his text: "Mr. Whitefield," said the young man,"described the Sadducean character; this did not touch me, I thought myself as good a Christian as any man in England. From this he went to that of the Pharisees. He described their exterior decency, but observed that the poison of the viper rankled in their hearts. This rather shook me. At length, in the course of his sermon, he abruptly broke off, paused for a few moments, then burst into a flood of tears; lifted up his hands and eyes, and exclaimed, 'Oh my hearers! The wrath to come! The wrath to come!' These words sunk deep into my heart, like lead in the waters. I wept, and, when the sermon was ended, retired alone. For days and weeks I could think of little else. Those awful words would follow me wherever I went, 'The wrath to come! The wrath to come!'" The result was, that the young man soon after made a public profession of religion, and in a short time became a very eminent preacher.


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500 Pages of Wonderful Illustrations from Both the Old & New Testament

Add a Copy of John Whitecross' THE SHORTER CATECHISM ILLUSTRATED (paperback)
SGCB Price: $7.50 (list price $15.00)

Add a Copy of John Whitecross' THE SHORTER CATECHISM ILLUSTRATED (hardcover)
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THE GOLDEN SCEPTRE Held Forth to the HumbleA Classic Exposition and Application of 2nd Chronicles 7:14 to the People of God
John Preston

JOHN PRESTON (1587-1628) John Preston was an English Puritan minister of the church, and master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

On Sunday, 20 July 1628, when he lay dying, they asked him if he feared death, now that it was so close. "No," whispered Preston; "I shall change my place, but I shall not change my company."

"Based on the well-known text, 2nd Chronicles 7:14, 'The Golden Sceptre' discusses several major practical subjects related to Christian living in a biblical, doctrinal, practical, and experiential manner. These subjects include affliction, humiliation, seeking God's face, turning from evil, forgiveness of sin, and sin itself. Like all of his other books, John Preston writes in a powerful and moving way, excelling in illustrations. Highly recommended! -Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI

"A vigorous of the probe, accompanied with abundance of healing balsam, is the general character of works on divinity that bear the date of our young Protestantism, even where the controversy is not so much as touched upon. So it is in this instance. We are covetous of such books. They startle by boldness of expression, by the stern energy of reproff and expostulation. They terrify, by the unvarnished display of those 'terrors of the Lord' which modern refinement love to wrap in circumlocution: and they win, by their striking views of Christ, in all the tenderness, all the fulness of his glorious character. Dr. Preston may be sasfely placed on the same shelf with Flavel, so far as this book enables us to judge." - Charlotte Elizabeth, from 'The Christian Lady's Magazine

"If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." - 2nd Chronicles 7:14


1) On Affliction

2) On Humiliation

3) On Seeking God's Face

4) On Turning from Evil.

5) Forgiveness to those who are Humble and Forsake Sin

6) Sin the Cause of All Calamities


PPT $5o



6-15 os6 n12 12-5 6g jkp

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Includes 'The Still Hour' by Phelps and 'Prayer of a Broken Heart' by Candlish